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February 28, 2014


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I would choose the Travel card. But then I saw the cat - love it.

Julie Tucker-Wolek

I loveeeeeeeee the Lucky/Friend card!!!!!!!

Amy W

The baby cards are so cute (I'm using the boy version now) - but I would choose the Travel card. I love that it's really good for anything - and not a specific type of trip (road trip, too beachy/tropical, etc ...).

Peggy A

LOVE the travel card! Anything with a map catches my eye since most of my scrapbooking is about our travels. Cute sentiment, too!


Love the Love you to the moon and back. Love it's colour and perfect for pages I usually do for my DD.

Lu L.

The cat in the bicycle basket is my favorite! My cats love to squeeze into all kinds of baskets, boxes, nooks and crannies to feel safe and secure. I think the Cat Snap cards are the cat's meow!! ;)

Patty C

Travel cards definitely - I love anything with a map!

kristin greenwood

Love You To The Moon and Back! That is what my little boy tells me everyday!

Rebecca Burnsworth

I love all of the cards because the colors are so beautiful. The quotes are awesome. I love every bit of it.


I love the months card. Could fit that into a pocket on pretty much any type of page!


I love the one with the cat! Mostly because I put my dog in my bicycle basket and take her for rides :-D

Heather Thompson

I love you to the moon and back, It reminds me of my kidos, True love happens when you become a parent. I never understood that until I became one. It is an endless love.....I just love the saying.

Jillian Austin

I love the friends/lucky card! The saying is so true and a perfect got for all of my friends :)

Janetta Zeimetz

All of those picked cards are sweet! My favorite is the Travel card..."I'll go anywhere with you." This was not an easy pick! Thanks for the chance to win!

Tanya Wilson

I'm not a huge Cat loved but I giggled when I saw that card!! I'm would totally use it for a birthday card for all my cat loving friends!!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

sandy sh

The Cat card is my favorite...it put a smile on my face when I saw it.

We use to have an orange cat and he was the sweetest and coolest cat I have EVER met :)

Ashley Counts

I love the friends card! The green is an eye catcher and the saying is so true!

Kacy Tewell

I love the cat card! It seems like something my dad would do - taking his cat Daisy on a bike ride.

Amy Cooley

My favorite card is the Daily Grind card with the months printed on it! It's so versatile for lots of projects!

Jessica Yoder-Jones

I have three favorites this time!!! Love the travel one, the kitty in the basket, and the 'moon and back' one. So great!!

Laurie D.

I love the I'll go anywhere with you card.

Debbie S.

I love Emily's friends card. I'm very lucky to have good friends that stick by me!

Judy Stiles

My favorite card is the Love You to the Moon and Back! This is a saying that my grandkids have heard a lot from me!


I love the travel card, so cool and versatile for any travel themed crafting project!!

Lara Read

Travel cards are versatile as well. face it love all your cards!

Miriam Prantner

The cat riding the bicycle just made me smile. My daughter LOVES cats!

Kelly Massman

The cats are so cute but I don't have one so I'd definitely pick travel! That is my favorite besides scrapbooking! :-) Thanks!


Love, love, love the cat card!! I actually am in love with the whole cat set and can't wait to get my hands on the whole kit-kat and kaboodle!! Hee!Hee! The set is going to be the perfect backdrop for our cat, Caillou, who is settling quite nicely into our family.

Karen L K

I like the pie chart card! I love the color combination & and the fact that they are journaling cards. Thanks for offering up a nice prize of all those cards!

Jennifer O.

Love the journaling cards!

Vanessa Babin

I love the pie chart journaling card. That is a cleaver idea for journaling. I love the baby girl cards too. I am using those for my granddaughters baby book.

Denise Key

I adore the lucky card! Great sentiment! Thanks for the chance to win! :)

Nicole McNamara

Pie chart! I agree with everything Heather says about it!


I love the journaling cards elements with the pie chart! This pack is beautiful and would be versatile, STUNNING! Love it love love love it!

Joann Aasman

I love the travel card. We're a military family and that's a great theme for us!


Travel card


Kitty in the bike basket gets my vote!! Too cute!!

christi in ma

The LUCKY card from Charmed Life is my favorite. I am so fortunate to still have my best friends from high school in my life. Our high school mascot is the shamrock! So that doubles the luck!


Travel card it is!

Denise Bryant

Gotta be the cat card! My cat, Coco, would bite me if I didn't pick it! .... :)


travel map card!


definitely have to be one of the cat cards!! love them!!!


I absolutely love the travel sn@p set so I'm definitely going to have to go with the 'I'll go anywhere with you' card!!!! That's my favorite!!

Elaine W.

The 'I'll go anywhere with you' travel card is my favorite. It pretty much sums up all my travel experiences with my husband.

Sue Kirby

I love the charmed life.... I'm very bad at journaling. This would make me stop, think and complete my page. Thank you!

Julie Shearer

I like the " I'll go Anywhere With You " card. I like because my hubby and I have been saying that for the last 25 years. Thanks for a chance.

Bethany Becker

I love the cat on the bike.

CallyAnn Cornwell

the pie chart is awesome with all the colors!


I like the "Friends are Like Four Leaf Clovers" card

Simone Mc

I have to agree with Kristine as I am also a cat lover. However a friend just had her 1st baby girl so I am thinking of making her a Snap baby album with the baby cards!

Christine odum

I love the moon and back! It's super cute.


 Kristine Davidson's Cat SN@P! Card is too cute for words! (:

Beth N.

I would love the travel card! Thanks for the chance!!


Love You to the Moon and Back is my favorite because I said it to my two children when they were young and I continue to say it to my Kindergarten class at the end of each day as part of our goodbyes.


Love the travel theme since I love to travel. So many places to go and so little time.


The first two cards would get used right away in my PL album, but it's the cat card that steals my heart!

Kim Pritchard

I love the "I'll go anywhere with you" card, because I say this to my husband all the time. :)

Janet MacKay

Love the cat card. My cat happens to be named Chaos.


Love the Travel card!

Lisa S.

Hard to choose, but the travel is my favorite


That cat on the bike just made me laugh!


I love the baby girl cards but, I have to say the travel set speaks to me!!!!

Joan N

The CAT cards are so adorable, makes me want to get a cat!

Lynn Hamm

I love the friend /lucky card and the pie chart.

LouAnn V.

Tough choice this month. I love the travel card but I also love the quote on the baby card.

Wendy Orme

I love the cat on the bike just because it's so very cute!


I really like Love you to the Moon and Back, I can see me using that for something fun.


i love the travel card - so wonderful - and i am going to be traveling - going on a big trip soon so anything travel is on the brain. I would love to get these cards for the album I'll be making. (#2 is that cat on a bike card - so adorable- i've got three cats!)

Natalia Palmer

Oh they are all lovely ....but the cat one is just so cute! I love it.

dannelle y.

all the choices were awesome, but i have to say "i'll go anywhere with you"/travel card is my favorite, i love to travel and i enjoy remembering all the fun adventures i had and dreaming about all the new adventures i have yet to take. :) thank you for the chance to win! :)


Love the Travel cards, i can use them for our trip this summer to italy!!!

Kim Dellow

I adore the Kitties!

Kam Sturm

I love the first card, the monthly one. It is simple yet has color. I love that. I also love the four leaf clover/friend card.

Theresa Grdina

THE CAT!!! IT is ADORABLE!!!!! (But I love the travel ones, too!!)

Kathy P.

Pick one? You've GOT to be kidding! i need them all!! But to choose one today, it would be the travel card. I'm with Donna....drawn to all the travel sets. DH and I are able to travel quite a bit, and so I am finding myself making more and more travel pages! Thanks for the chance to win a collection!

Karrie L

I love the baby girl card, this set would be perfect for my daughters album.


Love Layle's pick. It can be used on any page :)

Lauren E

I was immediately drawn to the travel card, as I am a sucker for map prints, but the kraft card with the months and the Lucky card, ooh they are all fab, but my fave is still the travel card!


Absolutely love the whole Cat Sn@p collection, especially since the loss of one of my beloved kitties is what got me interested in scrapbooking in the first place. So if you send me some furry love cards, I'd be most grateful! Great giveaway!

Deb Wohlleben

Oooh, difficult choice.....the cat, of course, because I am a cat lady.....but love the pie chart because it is so versatile and Just used the "to the moon and back," so love that!

Brande@ Scrapstorian

Oh so hard to pick - can I admit I love them all?! Ok ok picking my most favorite ... Travel SN@P Set for sure! The set is perfect for travel but it is also wonderful for every day events and cards!

Jaiden Jameson

The Daily Grind card is my favorite due to the colors and versatility. I did however chuckle at Kristine's story about the man on the bike and the cat. =^_^=

Michelle Price

Love to the moon and back. The yellow and gray color combo is my favorite!


I choose the "love you to the moon and back" card...although they are all awesome. We recently had a baby girl so this card would fit perfect into her new baby book as well as the daily album for the week of her birth. Can't wait to get the entire package for her!!

Sandi Pressley

I love all the cards from the Travel Sn@p Set especially the black and white camera card.

Vicki Parker

I just love the travel card especially as we are planning to travel a bit this year. Can't wait for it to be in our shops here :)

Amber M.

My fave card is the "I'll go anywhere with you" because it can mean different things - such as, you would travel anywhere with someone or that you'll go everywhere with them in life. I love that card! Thanks so much for this amazing give-away!


These are beautiful! I love the "to the moon and back card!"!


I love the travel snap card. I would travel any where with my family. I like when we go places making memories to last a life time. The colors in that set are so nice.

Maria B.

I choose the Travel Snap Cards. I love the sentiment.

Pam Makis

I love the Snap Dog. You don't find a lot of cordinating pet set very often. This is perfect.

Jeanna Cata

I would choose the travel card because I love travel, and I LOVE taking trips with family & friends, and most specifically my husband. We are actually planning our next trip right now, to see my sister in Louisiana.
Thanks for such a fund giveaway! I'm kind of addicted to Simple Stories. :)

Robin B.

I love the colors and sentiment on the "love you to the moon and back" card.


I've used the baby moon one for a baby girl mini album I'm making for my best friend's new baby - so I love that one in real life. But, the kitty in the bicycle basket cracks me up - I'm a cat lover!

Melinda Wilson

My favorite is "I'll go anywhere with you"!! My husband and I love to go on cruises and this one is perfect for us!!

Taunya Butler

Love for sure the Lucky friend card from A Charmed Life - awesome cuz I am so lucky to have some very dear friends!!

Janine W

I will love you to the moon and back, i know it is a girl card but I say it all the time to my little men - I really do love them :) and that cat on a bike is just sooo damn adorable too :)


I don't usually go for the baby stuff but this collection is making me want to get out all those old photos and FINALLY get it done!


I would say the Friend one because my friends are SO important to me. They are such a support.

Tegan C

Cant decide between love you to the moon and back or I'll go anywhere with you.

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