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January 03, 2014


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Loving the overlays. The Photo crops and Photo flips...SO SMART!!

Lynn F

Definitely those burlap albums.


most excited about the dog snap items, second would be stickers and third would be instagram sized pockets--fourth is the Design your own....but in reality, I will be buying it all anyway. :>

Anna Chulkova

Photo crops and binders and DOTS!!! And homespun please!)))

tammy b

photo flips and burlap, yay!


SO....MUCH....GOODNESS!!!!! Can't wait to see all of it!!!

Deborah Johnson

All of these are just fantastic!!! Cannot wait to see more!!!

Janetta Zeimetz

Looking amazing!! Can't wait until Monday!

Theresa Grdina

Of course I am LOVING EVERYTHING Simple Stories but....This sneak peek is making me drool over the new clear stickers!!! They look fabulous!

Yvette Sanders

Looks great! I use a ton of enamel dots so i'm really looking forward to those~

Marcia Scantlin

I want the enamel dots in every single color.

Karin Boschaart

looks great

Kelley Sweitzer

Insta-pockets and the clear photo stickers have me most intrigued but let's be honest, I love just about anything that Simple Stories does.

Susie Draper

Wow such a great collection! Can't wait to play!

rebecca keppel

So, so excited for every bit of it!!

Cristine Redmond

Enamel dots, photo crops and clear photo stickers...OH MY! Can't wait to see more!


Wow - it looks amazing! Can't wait to see the full reveal!

lara read

DIY looks way cool! but so does the rest. Now that Archivers in Orem is closing i'm not sure where in Utah to get my SS fix. Do you have a list of stores that sell your product?


Love the look of the photo stickers, and the photo lifts too.

Carol (ScrapMomOf2)

Enamel dots and clear photo stickers! Looks like A LOT of fun goodies! Can't wait to see more!

Beth E.

I can't decide!! LOVE everything I'm seeing from SS! Wowzers! Great boy colors. Enamel dots! Clear photo stickers!


Enamel dots and photo crops appeal to me. I also like the looks of the green and navy papers.


You people are amazing!! I love the photo crops, flips, and dots the most but very excited to see it all!


Six new snap sets!

Vicki Parker

Definitely the overlays and the new snap sets. Great idea for the photo crops too. :)

Pam Makis

These all looks so exciting!!!! Overlays, photo crops, and flips!!!

April W

Enamel dots!!!!!

Jean Marmo


Gina Eggebrecht

Overlays look cool. Flips, do, too (love that idea). And enamel dots!!!! Yay!!!!


The photo flips look pretty amazing.


love the photo stickers and overlays!!

Janis in ID

I'm intrigued by the photo overlays and the clear photo stickers. Looking fwd to next week!!!
<3 J

jwoolbright at gmail dot com

Kathy P

So cool...love every little bit of it. So innovative!!! Can't wait to get them into my supplies!

Andrea Garland

OH MY GOD!!! I'm so excited with all the new products that are so cool and you really think in innovative ideas. Thanks!!!


Photo flips, clear photo stickers and photo crops look to be pretty handy! Also looking forward to seeing themes of the new mini kits. Can't wait to see more.

Sandra Lugo

Intriguing! Can not wait to see the full reveal!

Lisa P

I am drooling over the burlap binders. Fabulous idea. I can't wait for the clear photo stickers too. Great additions to your already fabulous lines.


Love everything especially the overlays

Julie Tucker-Wolek

So exciting!! Can't wait to see all the new collections!!!!

Bernice J

I am excited to see the clear photo stickers!

Gia Lau

The burlap albums, the clear photo stickers, the snap album pages with squares-love them!


Everything! I simply love it all!


OMG!! I see a dog snap collection! I met you in your crop at archivers scrapfest and suggested you do a dog collection!! thank you so much!!! Now do I see washi tape!! lol!!


Enamel dots and insta-square pockets!

Heather Thompson

so many neat things coming out, I cant wait, thanks for the inspiration

Sandi Pressley

Love those burlap albums and the clear photo stickers and overlays are must haves for me. Thanks for giving us a peek....can't wait for your full reveal.

Patty C

The burlap albums are so cute!

Katherine L

I love the photo crops and enamel dots. I really could have used the crops yesterday. Lol!


LOVE the clear photo stickers! Heck, I LOVE IT ALL! Start saving my pennies NOW! ;)

Dorina D

Love the enamel dots and the clear photo stickers. What the heck - love it all and can't wait to get my hands on some. LOVE IT ALL!

Denise Parcells

Omg. Srool. I can't wait to see it all. Beautiful!

Pat Zukowski-Address is 3000-35 st Ponoka AB T4J1A7

SO COOL -- photo flips , burlap and dots ---looking good --got to be ready to go shopping --- saving my pennies- oops -Canada is getting rid of pennies -- will have to save my nickels--

Janine W

ALL OF IT !! The overlays, the new kits, the cutting templates, the clear stickers - fantastic !!!


looking forward to the new collections.


Love everything Simple Stories!! Excited to see the new product releases!

Jenny B.

What would make me super happy would be for you all to announce that the 4x6 and 3x4 cards are going to be released in digital format! Even if it's just pdf... I can work with that! :) I absolutely LOVED the free printable 2013 set from last January and used it for my digital album title page, which I have since had printed in a photo book from Shutterfly. Love it! Please, please, please make all your cards digital. :) :) :)

Jenny B.

P.S. Here's a link to the digital page I made using the 2013 cards:


Heather Thompson

I'm really interested in seeing the photo covers, I think that just adds a little to the photos. I cant wait till the sneak peaks are over!!! lol

jan m

Photo overlays and canvas albums!!

Lisa m Zepponi

Excited about the photo crops and hidden pictures! Can't wait!

Linda Johnson

I think that the DIY - Design It Yourself looks like it would really be fun!

Karen L K

I am looking forward to the photo stickers, overlays and Charmed Life. It looks like you have some different and new exciting things coming out.

Melinda Wilson

Woohoo! There are some awesome goodies coming out soon!!

Me-Ma Kim

WOW!! It ALL looks AWESOME!! I can't wait to get a closer look at Homespun and the Sn@p Sets!!! Have a GREAT Day,
Me-Ma Kim

Nicole McNamara

Photo Flips for sure!

Stacy V

I think you guys are pretty darn smart with those photo crop templates. Simple, yet very effective :D

Joy Orlando

Love it all.

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