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January 11, 2014


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Loving Sn@p! Travel this would be perfect to scrap the holiday we had in September!

izzy anderson

Oh my goodness! These are SO cute. How fun are the new pieces and squares! Love it all, especially the sunny new Summer Sn@P!


Oh my goodness! We met at archivers scrapfest. I was in your crop and you ask for suggestions and I said do a dog line and make it separate from the cats and you did it!!!! I am so happy!!!! thank you!!!!!! I can not wait to message my friend and tell her to check it out!!!

Susanne Giger

OMG!!! I NEED them all...NOW!!!! love it

Linda Hofacker

These are all amazing but I have to say I love the I DO the most as I have a daughter getting married 10/10/15 and this is just her style! In fact, we are heading off to a Bridal Expo today!

Nadine L.

I love the Snap Summer so great for pics of our trip to the beach!!!


I have a dog but I don't normally love dog products when it comes to scrapping - but I love this line of the Dog Snap line! It is super cute and I know that I would totally use it in my PL and my scrapbooking LO's!


Love LOVE these. The summer and dog ones would be my first pick!

Becky F

The Dog set is definitely my favorites! I love the Summer set too.

Becky F

I pinned those fabulous Dog sets straight to my shopping list pinterest board. My username is becky_fischer.

Linda Robinson

I really love the Travel set. I will be ordering everything in that set and everything that coordinates with it.


I love these! Especially summer and birthday! But, I do have a dog and 2 cats....... :-)


I love these!! Have to have all 6!!

Cassie Playford

I love them all! If I had to choose though I think I would go with the dog and cat collections to start off with. They are absolutely adorable! So fun!

Jen D

Definitely not sick of you yet Layle! :)

Love the pet sets- Can't think of all the times an everyday snapshot has been photo-bombed by a dog tail or a nosy kitty!


Loving the new range!!!

Julie Tucker-Wolek

Ohhhhhhhh I am IN LOVE with that puppy line!!!! MUST HAVE! :)


Oh the dog set is adorable!

Kelly O

The Snap Wedding is my favorite because it will match my wedding colors. The Travel set is not far behind though!

Anna Chulkova

Travel and summer sets are fantastic!))) oh and birthday seat too))


So darn cute. I love and must have Summer and Travel.


Love all the new collections you've been showing! Summer is adorable!


Love the travel and summer in particular! Greater stuff!


Snap Dog is amazing!! I scrap so many photos of my little dog so that would be perfect!!!

Charlotte Brochu

Well, there isn't one of these that I couldn't use and love! If I had to pick just one, I'd say the Summer collection! Love the bright, happy colors!

Kimberly Perez

Holy cow! These are so awesome. I want them all!


Love, love, love the summer set. A close second would be the birthday set. They are all great!

beth lemon

The Travel line is perfect. I have last year's and I love it. It's all over my NYC travel journal from our weekend trip. I am Beth Lemon on Pinterest.


Wow, they are all so beautiful and versatile! I love the wedding card set!

Dakotah Maben

These are so perfect for making handmade journaling cards! I can't wait to get my hands on them!

Theresa Grdina

OH MY GOSH!!!!! THE DOG! That SN@P DOG set is SOOOOOOO cute!!!!! *squeal*

sveta albert

Wow! I have a dog and I need a collection of SN@P! Dog. But I liked the other collections.

Darlene Saucier

I love the the Sn@p Travel and Cat lines. I will def be getting those

Carolyn E

Love them! The Birthday and Summer lines are so bright and cheerful! And I've got to have the travel line :)

Ruth Tacoma

My favorite is the Travel Line!


I *need* birthday and summer!!! Amazing!!


Pinned you here
and more here
and here


I see 4 sets that I absolutely must have, so I'll be finding them in mid March for sure - but the Snap! Dog set really has me squealling out loud! I have a new puppy and there isn't nearly enough out on the market for that topic at the moment... would love to get that set ASAP! Thanks for the chance to win ahead of stores!


Pinned that wedding set! Pinterest Username redscountrygirl


Loving all the snap sets! Super cute!!
REally love...snap summer, snap travel and snap birthday (like I said, love them all but that's my top three [right this second LOL])


Love them all! Especially, the travel ,dog and summer!

Gina J

I totally love the cat, travel and summer cards, but really I want all of it....

Shannon Branscum Winters

Loving the new snap sets - the dog set is going to be perfect in helping me get motivated to make a mini about our fur babies.


beautiful!!!love the travel line is fantastic!!!!

Rea Custer

I love the summer set. So many fun colors and graphics.

tammy b

what fun new sets, there are 4 that I will be saving my pennies for!

Caryn S. (Scrapnsing)

Oh I have several favorites among these! Top of the list is the Travel set.

tammy b

pinned this: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/199073246002613368/
tammy bierwagen

Caryn S. (Scrapnsing)

Pinned the travel set (4kidsandacat)

Laura Stewart

love the dog and travel!!


Super cute! Loving the dogs!


Hard to pick, but if I was just getting one (and it would be hard to stop at one), I'd get the dog one. Or the travel. And probably the summer and birthday....

Irma W.

The Travel and Dog sets are my absolute favorites (the Travel set goes perfectly with the Urban Traveler collection!) and the Summer set is a close 3rd. It's hard to pick just one, they're all cute!

Carla Hundley

So cute and I want
them all, but I truly
love the Summer set!
And the stickers look
Carla from Utah

Melinda R

Snap Summer looks very fun to use, nice bright colours.

Carla Hundley

I pinned at this location:

Carla from Utah


I totally love them all, and it's extremely difficult to pick just one. I'm going with the cat collection because they are the best cat themed scrapbook items I've seen in a very long time. But I also love the travel and summer. I will definitely own all 3!


I've also pinned my 3 favs! Here's the link to my pinterest profile: http://www.pinterest.com/mndtiiu/ on the Pin it To Win It board! :) Thanks for this awesome chance!


They're all cute, but I have a nephew getting married in June and the wedding kit would be super fun to use!

Kayla F.

I think the Snap Birthday set would make cute and easy cards! The Summer collection is my favorite though!

Yvette Sanders

The Dog set and the birthday set are wonderful (actually they all are lol) I can see several of these in my collection when they are released!

Jacky S

I love it all...but particularly the travel sets.


SUMMER! It's warm all year round here, so I have an endless number of outdoor and beach photos for scrapping :)

Iris Soscia

Snap Birthday is my favorite but Snap Dog is very cute too.
[email protected]

Kathy P

Ah, Layle, I will NEVER tire of seeing your posts!!!! Don't have any animals, but the Birthday, Travel, and Summer sets are all on my must have lists!!!


I pinned here:


So many great new sets! I love the cats and dogs collections! :)

Marja Wagemakers

The bithday line makers me want to go to the shop NOW! But they just closed till monday. oh, patience... How hard dan it be!!


I really can't decide which collection I love more. Good thing I'm taking a "pocket-page" class next weekend. I *need the Snoop/Snap dog collection, travel & summer straight away! :)

Dolly B.

I love the summer and birthday! Thanks for the chance to win!

Sharlene Piscitelli

Love these new Snap sets especially the travel one!


Love the summer set!
Wonderful new colors...can't wait for them to be available :)


I love DIY! We are constantly checking out pinterest for new ideas. The releases look amazing!


So many awesome cards! I love travel and summer sets most.


I like so many i might need to get another job to support the hobbie LOL!!! My favorites for today are Travel, birthday and Summer. Thanks for the chance to win!
Have a great weekend,

Pam C

So many great new Sn@p Sets...you did it again!!! I love both the dog and travel sets, but if I had to pick just one, the travel set would be my favorite. The dog set is just too cute as well! Thanks!

Tanya Wilson

Oh SNAP!!!! I want/need all of the collections!!! I'm loving the pet line!!! I'm going to pin it on Pinterest! My user name is tanyaaw


I love the travel set!

Pam Sohan

Love the Travel and Cat SNAPS !!!!

Tina C

Oh no! You got me with the dog line :) I'll be getting that one for sure

Pam Sohan

Pinned http://www.pinterest.com/pin/5699937002699044/


Mendi Yoshikawa

Loving all the squares and pieces sets. I think they will be awesome with so many sketches for traditional scrapbookers like myself. :)

Mendi Yoshikawa


Virginia A

I LOVE the Birthday set and how well the colors work with SNAP Everyday! I woulld love to win that one since I'm using the Everyday and Daily Grind to document my 2014! :)

Virginia A


username: virginiaadkins

Lucy Day

I love the Summer set xxxx
But they are all gorgeous xxx


Great stuff! LOVE the travel line and would love to work with Summer, Birthday and Cat as well.

Lisa L. ( Lisa's Creative Niche)

I always love your snap sets! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Suzann N.

All these new collections - I going to break open my piggy bank - because I need them all!


I love your travel and summer collection. I like the colors in both. I pinned both collections on my pintesest page. My pinterest name is Rashidah (yt mmdo112800)

Laurie D.

Love all the new collections!!! The colours in all of them are amazing. So adorable!


I love it all, especially that cheerful travel stuff!


Lots of fun in this post, but I really want the travel set! Love it!


You've been pinned! I'm Michelle Bond on Pinterest!


I am instagram stalker...I mean follower! LOL! I'm michellgb there.

Jessica Toulmin

I Love that you offer Stickers, squares & pieces along with 3x4 and 6x4 cards - because you don't just want the cards, you also want to do a little embellishing. And you know those extra bits will be flat and the perfect size because they were designed for pocket pages!
The pet collections are really cute (but I don't have any pets!), and I love the travel set.

Pam Makis

Log the Snap Dog. Got a new puppy in August and I have been looking for new paper to make my mini album with.

Tiffany Grant

I love the pet & travel!!!! So awesome!!!

Jessica Toulmin

Pinned the adorable dog 3x4 cards. My profile can be found here: http://www.pinterest.com/jessicatoulmin/

Laura Zuniga

I love them all, but especially the dog and summer

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