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January 07, 2014


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Carla Hundley

Wonderful new additions
to your line. The little
templates are fun. I love
using Simple Stories
Carla from Utah

Melissa Hewitt

Thank you for the chance to win these AMAZING new products!! I can't wait to get my hands on each one of them!! :)

Kerry Rawlinson

I am thrilled with these new products - can't wait to use them!

Lynn McG.-E.

My Pinterest username is Penbleth. Here is a link to my board:



Wow! Wow! Wow! LOVING all the new page protector designs!!


Love all of it, especially the insta pages


I love everything revealed today! The photo flips, the new insta pockets, the photo stickers, the new albums...I love it all!!

Peggy A

Love the new Snap! albums. What pizzaz! Can't wait to fill one up!


Great new products. LOVE the photo flips--super idea. Can't wait to get them.



Pinned!!! Username: Chocogrl18

Claudia Mitchell

I CAN NOT Wait for all this to be in my pretty little hands!!!

Shanita K.

I seriously love it all. Especially the burlap albums and the photo crops. Those are must haves!


Wow!! So many awesome new goodies!! You have outdone yourself!!

Shanita K.

I pinned you guys. Username is shanitack


I just got my first SNAP album and can't wait to add the new goodies to it!

Mendi Yoshikawa

Loving the clear photo stickers!!! :)

Mendi Yoshikawa

I pinned my favorite here: :)

Patti Veeraplin

Love it all!!! The kraft base is my favorite.


Love everything, especially the new burlap binders & flip-it pages.

Patti Veeraplin

My Pinterest is PVMcHugh.


Amber M.

OH. MY. GOODNESS!!! I LOVE all of these products! My jaw was dropping further the more I read ... I think I have to say that the new photo flips are my favourite. I use a ton of photos on my pocket pages and have had to develop my own "creative" ways of including them - the new photo flips are going to save me a ton of time, look great, and allow me to use even MORE photos! Thank you :) But all of the other new products are fantastic too ... WOW, I say!!!

Jodie Banks

LOVE every single thing!

Sharon Smith Knerr

Can't wait to get my hands on these new things!! Thanks for the opportunity.

Susanne Giger

oh i love it all but especially love the flip pockets, cant wait to get my hands on them. have also pinned them on pinterest, thank you


Oh my! I love the photo overlays to crop. Why didn't I think of that???


I pinned the photo crops under Wendy Diem on Pinterest!!


Oh my! I love it all!!! Can't wait to see it all in person!


I love everything!! Photo crops are a great idea!


So much great stuff!!! My favs would be the templates and the flips - they look like so much fun :)

Julie Tucker-Wolek

Love love love love!! LOVING those chevron albums!!

Denise Parcells

OMG! Those flips are awesome!

Denise Parcells


Here is my pin, but my username is redsonic20

Michelle Smith

I love the photo overlays!

Joanne Bennet

Oh wow love them all!! So clever and fun and cute!!
Can't wait!!


I love the photo crops and the overlays. I am getting addicted to Simple Stories!

Judy lucas

Love love love. I need those protectors

Kim M

Love those overlays and clear stickers, yay, yay, yay!!


Love the photo flips and the Photo crop tool, What a fantastic idea!!


Love the transparent crop overlays!


Love the new page protectors!

Cassandra Harmon

OMG loving the new albums and the flip pockets are awesome as well. Just love all the new goodies cant wait till they hit the stores.

Janetta Zeimetz

Amazing!! I love it all! Thanks for sharing!

Leanne Balfour-Smith

Love it all, but especially the insta-pocket pages! They will definitely be coming to live at my house. :)

Janetta Zeimetz

I pinned the photo flips... http://www.pinterest.com/pin/279012139388328189/ My Pinterest name is jlzeimetz.

Wendy W

can't choose just one, love too many SN@P! products! Photo Flips (genius btw), photo overlays (yay) are just two of my favs today! (User: Wendy Kilburn-Ward)

Ellie Augustin

Oh this is just too much fun I am loving it! thanks so much for the chance.

Robin B.

I'm loving all of the new products, especially the photo flips! I pinned and my username is Dfdsilky.

Ellie Augustin

I pinned : http://www.pinterest.com/pin/43839796346713103/ thank you for the chance.

Tatiana Oliveira

Love it all =D Can't wait to see this in Brazil!!!


I love it all!! Can't wait for it to be released!!

Michelle Bittner

I love everything so far!! The photo flips are going to be super helpful to my Project Life...

Amy A

I am LOVING the photo crops!!! And the overlays...and the photo stickers....I love it all!

Audrey Markham

These reveals are amazing! I can't wait to get my crafty hands on them.

Ashley Z.

Again I will that it is cruel to show me this now and make me wait until March. :)

Guess that just gives me time to save some money.

I want it all.

janet sisk

Love it all! Love all the ways they can be used. Thanks for the inspiration. :D

Claude Campeau

I love everything! I think the clear photo stickers are my favorites!

janet sisk

I just "pinned" this collection. :D

Del Marie Rile.

I'm more of a card maker than a scrapbooker. However, this new DIY line is screaming at me to try it. I adore everything I've seen so far.

Yvette Sanders

I love the new 2x2 pockets, they are adorable!

Marcela Velazquez

I love everything!

Amy A

Pinned x3! And INSTAGRAM here I come!


Love it all!

Annie Kong

I love The new Sn@p product line, I started to do photo collage using InstaFrame, the insta-pockets & squares just come right on time. I love photo crops, it just make photo cropping really easy. Sometimes i just miss inserting that one or two photo in the pocket page spread, and you have to readjust the whole layout again, photo flips definitely a handy tool for me :)


I can't wait for those adorable albums!! Also love the photo overlays.

Claude Campeau

Pinned as Claude Campeau


those photo crops and chevron albums!!!!!

holly martin

Love the Burlap Albums...and the photo crops.....and the stickers. Wow..awesome products!

Wendy Orme

Fabulous new Sn@p goodies!

Wendy Orme

Pinned this new line here:

Julie Fiehler

Looking forward to the new goodies!

Darlene Ragon

Wow, I love the new products, sure hope I win. Thanks!

Kelly O

Live the Photo crops and clear Photo Stickers.


I was contemplating switching over to 6x8 scrapbooking and this just made my decision super easy! I am so excited for all the new goodies (especially the new page protector designs)! Can't wait!!! Thanks for the chance to win it early!

Judi Clapp

Pinned - user name Judi Clapp. Love the new 6x8 Insta Pocket Pages.


Love you guys so much! Can't wait to get one of everything, or two.. Lol.

Melinda Wilson

The DIY is such an awesome concept and love that I can design them my own way!!

Patricia Perez

awww i want the overlays, i want! it is sooo cute! such a special touch! love it!
my pin user patycperez

Marion S

Love the new products especially the photo crop tools and photo phrases... can't wait till they are available for purchase!

Court's Crafts

ACK!!! These are fantastic!! I am loving the 2x2 squares! So sweet - so chic!


Love it all.!!!!
Thanks for the chance to win


The clear photo stickers are fun, as are the 2x2 pocket pages.

Briana N.

Love the flips and the crop guides are genius! Why didn't I think of that?

Helene Monette

I love everything but mostly the photo crops.

Stephanie W

I love it all but I think I love the idea of the flips the most. What a great idea!

Tessa McSorley

These are so great!! I am obsessed with Instagram and just started putting together my SNAP! album for 2014 today, so these are perfect. :)

jackie harrison

Love this site, so many ideas. I have not started to instagram, because that is another thing that i would become addicted too.
Love, Love Love

Alma Rivera

Oh, I need them all!

Jennifer Bockenstedt

love the new page designs, the photo crops and the overlays!

Becky Moore/alwayscharlie

These new products are adorable!! I can't wait to try them.


Amazing line!!! I love DIY!!! Thanks for the sneaks and the chance to win,
Have a wonderful day!


Pinned it:http://www.pinterest.com/pin/25543922860835719/
Thanks for all you do and share!!!

Deb Wohlleben

Oooh, ooh, OOH! These are all so awesome!!!!!!! LOVE the albums. LOVE the pages. LOVE the stickers - shall I go on??? :)


wow, love the stickers.

Jenny B.

I'm most excited about the photo crops and photo flips!

Tiffany Johnson

Ooh, can't wait to try the Photo Crops! Takes away all the guesswork!

Jenny B.

I pinned the photo crops. :) Username: Jenny


Pinny Pin Pinned to: PuddleJoy

Love me some of them Photo Crops!!!

CallyAnn Cornwell

Not gonna lie!!!! It's fabulous and those binders!!!!! EEEk


I too have a Selphy I use to print my pictures and can create collages Love the new protector sizes.
I think DIY projects are the coolest thing ever!

Kimberly p

These sn@p items are blowing my mind. I love the photo overlays and the photo flips.

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