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January 07, 2014


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i love clear Photo Stickers!!!

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever

As with my six children, I have NO favorites! I love EVERYTHING Simple Stories and purchased SNAP albums this past Christmas for both of my daughters, my daughter-in-law and myself. Using mine for my very first December Daily album!!!

I had been in search of the 2x2 inserts that I saw by another brand. THANK YOU for bringing these to fruition for SS!!!

Loving. It. All.

I have pinned to Instagram under the name bobbysgirl (Linda Walton). Here is the link to my pin:


Looking forward to more reveals!!!

Jessi Brown

Love it all, the albums, phot flips and 2x2 page protectors. Pinned it, my username is jlbrown316.

Suzy Gray

kraft is my favorite glad to see lots of that in collection


Pinning! User name: Jennifer Erickson


Carol (ScrapMomOf2)

LOVE the clear photo stickers and the overlays are amazing!!! Love the new releases!


Coucou, wow que de belles nouveautés, j'aime beaucoup l'idée de gabarit pour découper les photos, c'est pratique, bravoooooo

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever

Pinned these adorable Burlap Albums under bobbysgirl (Linda Walton) here:


Can it get any better???

Lindsay Hiller

I love this line! I seriously want everything!

Maria B.

The New SNAP products is something to look forward to. Good job! Pinterest name: Giselle B.

Lara Walker

I'm going freaking CRAZY over here with this new stuff!!!!! Yes I have the old albums, Yes I'm getting the NEW albums! LOVE those photo croppers. AMAZING new stuff.

Lara Walker

Pinned! Here's my link: http://www.pinterest.com/stampinlara/

Karen L K

You guys are knocking it out of the ballpark. This stuff is just great all of it and I mean all of it. I don't use Instagram either but I think it is great that you offer that size for those that do and you can get your photos printed that size from certain places. I am really liking the stickers to put on photos what a great idea.


Love the lot again.Hope you ship to France.


I'm not normally a fan of chevron patterns, but I love the new albums!

LouAnn V.

Love the new snap pages and the clear stickers.


I really like this. I've been considering getting into the pocket scrapbooking and this looks like a great line to start with.

Dolly B.

Wow!!! I love so many of these great new products! Between the Photo Crops, Photo Flips and the Clear Photo stickers - I'm in Simple Story heaven! Thanks for the chance to win!

Judi Taylor

I am not a snap scrapper but if I win stuff I guess I will become a snap scrapper. All this looks like fun!


Love the new page protectors in all the new sizes. Hope they are out in stores soon.





Do I need a spécial photo pictures to do some Instagram photos if I don't have cell or a smart phone.
I like all the new templates. I don't know how I can order some Simple stories products or where if I live in the province of Quebec, Canada. Thanks for your answers. Carmelle

Karen L K

I pinned it!! kchsb is my user name in Pinterest.


I love the photo phrases!! And those albums!!! To die for!!! And the photo flip!!! Wow!! Can't wait!!


I cant believe no one ever thought of the photo clips before! That is a problem I always have, cutting pictures the right size! Love it!

Caryn S. (Scrapnsing)

Ooh love the photocrops, photoflips, and overlays!

Caryn S. (Scrapnsing)


My pinterest name is 4kidsandacat

Kelly Massman

i really love those binders!

Dakotah Maben

Can't wait to find all of these new products!

Dawn M

Oh WOW! I love all the new goodies!

Christine A

I love the new Sn@p products, especially the new insta-pages!

Christine A

i pinned! Pinterest name Christine Abad


I absolutely love the Photo Flips - what a great idea!

Shannon Branscum Winters


pinterest ID - Shannon Wintrers

Sonja Hunter

Looking forward to everything but especially the Photo Flips, Clear Stickers and Overlays. LOVE new stuff!!

Kim L

Love the photo flips!

Carmen M.

I love how simple you have made everything from the photo templates to the various sized pockets. Those canvas albums wow

Carmen M.


Sandy Lewis

You are making my wishlist grow by leaps and bounds :). I pinned my favorite: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/174514554284980068/. My Pinterest name is Sandy Lewis

kimberly park

I cant wait for these to hit the stores!! So happy to see new page designs. Thank You!!


Can't wait to get the overlays. I'll have to save up until march- so much on my wish list

sveta albert

I love Simple Stories. Everything is so cool!

Laura Stewart

adore those photo stickers!

Ruth Tacoma

I love every little part of this collection!


those chevron binders, oh so cute!

Carolyn E

Love the Photo Flips, can't wait to see them in person!


Everything in this post makes me happy! My 9 year old daughter has recently asked to start a photo book of her own. This seems like the perfect way for her to get started! I am so excited! :D


Pinned! pixelposy


Beautiful collection, love it!


I love the tools!

Lynn H

I love the photo crop!

Jaiden Jameson

Put it all on my MUST HAVE list. =D


I love the new page protctor with 2x2 every where, super cute and that photo crop thingy is what I neeeed!! :D

Amanda D.

Loving those burlap albums and I can't wait to get my hands on those photo stickers!


Oh my goodness! Love it all but I really must have the new page protectors and clear stickers!


I have pinned pretty much all of this today! I'm Michelle Bond on Pinterest.


Excited about the overlays!

CLaudia Mitchell

I LOVE the overlays and the flips! Amazing!

Melissa Cook

I can't just pick one simple thing...they are AWESOME and wonderful and I cannot wait to get all of them.

Lisa LaRocque

Love the photo stickers , photo flips and the burlap albums! :)

Steffanie S

These all look so fun! What great ideas, especially the overlays!


Love the photo crops, great idea!

Alyce {Blossom Heart Quilts}

I am in LOVE with the photo crop templates! What a brilliant idea!!

Alyce {Blossom Heart Quilts}

Pinned those amazing Photo Crops. Username alyceb.

Zoe Nemburt

Love it all!!! how genius!!!

Kristan Wun

I love everything in this reveal! The new page configurations, the flips...love it all!

Jamie larsen

These new products look like they'd be lots of fun to use


YAY for 2x2! Wahoo!!!! So excited for it all!!!


There are sooo many fun & fab new products that I cannot wait to get my hot little hands on!!!!! The burlap chevron albums! Brilliant! - The instagram photo pockets, the photo flips and the photo overlays!! So going to change the way we document life. Can't wait for them to come out, although I will have to wait a bit longer for them to get to the shores of the UK


Squares! Love it!




So excited about the photo overlays and photo stickers!

Toia S.

Love all the new products!


Wow! So much to love!
The new Flips are probably my fav but I also like the overlays and stickers too!
Great Job! These are wonderful new products!


I pinned a flip on Roberta's Interests

Mary-Anne V.

Very smart photo crop product and I also love the photo flip.

Cheryl Ellison

Just Love the new pockets! Can't wait to get my hands on them!

Laura T.

Love the products ... especially love those overlays.


Love it all!!
Hope it arrives in Australia soon.

maria garcia

Gorgeous new collection!!

Heather Call

I love everything Sn@p! hehe I am so excited to get all the new stuff when it comes out. I really love that it's available at Michaels now but what I'm dying to buy are the Photo Flips because now I can fit in that one extra photo w/out having to go on to second page yippee! Thanks Sn@p! for being so darn innovative.


Love them all....!!!!
Here's the link;

Juliana Hall

I love it!

Jeaunes Viljoen

Really love those Burlap Binder, I can feel the texture just by looking at the pictures! Really awesome! Also love those photo overlays!!!!!!!!


i am so excited about these square inserts I've been needing something like this in my life, thank you simple stories!


I've pinned the pictures that i liked form the new snap release! my name on pinterest is serenabee


and i followed on instagram!


Love the you trim overlays!

Morag Cutts

I love the idea of the photo stickers - so cool!


Love those instagram pocket pages!!

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