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January 07, 2014


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falan loranger

Wow amazing more then a few/favorites my list is growing bigger my the sec♥♥♥♥♥ thanks for the chance to win.

Jamie K

Looooove the stickers and overlays. I also love the stamps posted yesterday. Can't wait!


pinned the photo flips with user name seelysideoflife and kimmik.
Can't wait to start using new products!

Kam S

I Love all Snap products. they are super fun to work with!


Love all the new products! Always excited to see what's new with my favorite brand

Kam S

Pinned one of my many favorites!!!!!

lara read

love the stickers and overlays!

lara read

I pinned! http://www.pinterest.com/pin/222928250278879081/

Christina Heeren

Great new products. I love the insta pocket pages and clear stickers!

Kristin O.

I like the clear photo stickers and photo overlays best! Can't wait to get my hands on those. I absolutely pinned those. Hrhkris

Kim M

The new DIY line is amazing...I LOVE all the mix & match pieces!! And the new SN@P products are going to be great too - I love everything revealed today too! Can't wait for the Instagram-style page protectors and I MUST HAVE the Photo Crops, Clear Stickers & Photo Flips!!! I pinned them all! (user name: kimsmoran)

Kathy May

This is such a wonderful line. I ahve always wanted some products to make it all easier and I cannot wait to use them !

Jessi Brown

Omg love these albums and the 2x2 page protectors and photo flips. I love it all, I must have it!!

Kris Stice

Love this!


I love all these goodies sooooo much!!! The transparent stickers are awesome and the photo overlays are seriously the best idea ever !!!! I am definitely going to need to buy all of these products! Thanks for the chances to win!!!!


Love it all! Especially the photo flips!


Love the clear stickers and the new DIY stuff!

Kimberli Bean

Such a fun collection, I love the photo flips!!


fabulous new stuff! my favorite are the clear stickers!!!


Burlap albums sigh.... I love the pocket pages and photo flips and the photo crops tool... just brilliant! :)

Tonya Morgan

Another great day of new products!

Pines here: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/154389093449962959/

Tish Scargill

I am saving my money... Going to be doing some shopping soon!

Jessica Yoder-Jones

LOVE these new products. I'm so happy that you made new album inserts for pictures!!! Love all of these

Cheryl Hutcherson

What do I think? I think I LOVE IT!!!

Jessica Yoder-Jones

I pinned! http://www.pinterest.com/pin/283867582736650873/


Cheryl Hutcherson

You've been pinned! Cheryl Hutcherson

Cynthia B.

I love the photo overlays, the clear photo stickers, and those burlap albums - yum! Thanks, Simple Stories!

Cynthia B.

I pinned the clear photo stickers
Pinterest name: Cynthia Baldwin

Melissa Kaye

Another fantastic release! I love all the new page options and the photo flips!

Donna Cartner

I love all these new products. I cant wait to start using them.


Love the idea of the clear overlays -- hope the designs and sayings will be something I can use!

Amy C.

Loving it all! Those albums are so cute!

Amy C.

I pinned those adorable albums!
Amy Cooley


ok im a fan on facebook, i follow you on IG and ive pinned the stuff i like!!!


<3 clear b&w photo stickers!

Jeannie Phillips

Love the burlap binders! I am going to use your new "dog" items to create puppy books for the Seeing Eye dogs I raise. That way their visually impaired owners will have a records of their puppy years.


I love the new products!!! Hands down my fav is the DIY collection!!! Also like the idea of the mini photo flaps!!


Love the photo flips, stickers and crop templates. All will come in so handy. Wish I had them in my hot little hands right now for the Disney project life style album I'm trying to complete right now. Also love the new page protectors for square photos. Those are a must buy for me too.

Heather Robertson

lovin all the new goodies - can't wait to try them out

Paige Meyer

Loving the chevron albums!


I am loving the new products.


Love it! Can't wait to start my 2014 album.


I'll need one of each of those albums. Okay, maybe more than one!

Shari Larson

Love the new burlap albums and the clear photo stickers... keep the new stuff coming!

Nicole McNamara

Oh My! Thats a huge amount of greatness!!
I love the clear photo stickers and photo overlays the mostest!

Danette Munn

Oh, I am sooooo excited for all of these new products and Albums!!!! This years goal is to make one of these albums each month with each one it's own color and theme, so having all of these new and exciting style to choice from will make my shelf that they will line up on neatly at the end of the year, look great. Now if I could win some, that would help!!!

Nicole McNamara

Pinned it! nicycole

Danette Munn

You've been pinned at Danette Munn's Pinterest!!!


Oh I love those new products! I can't wait for the clear photo stickers, they are perfect!


Oh, I just love it all! The new photo seeves are awesome!


My Pinterest name is gskylesa. Love the Burlap albums, photo flips......also the clear photo stickers and overlays. Pretty much all of it :)


Love the new flip it pages too cute!!!


DIY looks fun! Can't wait to play.


I was just sewed a photo flip that I made to my sheet protector. So excited to use yours.

pinned, liked and followed


pinned to

Wendi R

how cool LOVE the mix of sizes!!!!!

Melissa Cook

I am thinking those clear stickers will just have to fall into my cart at some online store here in Australia, unless of course I win them here first.Love all your new stuff so far SS...I am going to be broke..LOL

Melissa S

Love it all! I'm most excited for the photo overlays and clear photo stickers. Thanks for the chance to win :)

Linda Auclair

Fantastic! I love the new sleeves that accommodate 2x2 and 4x4 photos!!

Sandra Lugo

Crazy about Simple Stories! Love the photo flips, page crops, photo phrases and most everything else!

Stacie d

Love those albums. All the new pages... Perfection!

Fleur Smith

Love the photo flips and the new Instagram page protectors :)

geri m

Love the word stickers! Is it March yet?

Stephanie Patterson

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the burlap albums and the photo flips and the photo shape guides...and really all of it!

Barb Mc

Love this line, especially the photo flips, cleat stickers and overlays!

Laura Turcotte

Good gracious! Talk about awesome!

Fleur Smith

I pinned - my handle is Fleusbydesign :)


Just love, love, love all the new goodness you are launching at CHA! Can't wait to get my hands on so many of the new pages, overlays and clear photo stickers! You're the best! Thank you!

Sharlene Piscitelli

I love DIY and all the products you've revealed so far!

Laura Turcotte

I pinned...so much!
Here's one: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/162622236518774933/

Barb Mc

I pinned the canvas covers and the photo flips @ beejaymc
My tablet won't give me the actual web addresses!

Carol Greenwald

Love it. Thanks for the chance to win.

Jacky S

Love the overlays

Sharlene Piscitelli

Pinned simplestories

Pinterest name shar22

Jean Marmo

Adore the albums!

Danielle Van Ekris-van Kasteren

love all these new sn@p products especially the clear photo stickers and the overlays.

Jean Marmo


Iris Soscia

Impressive array of products - I like the photo stickers.
isoscia at aol dot com

Nancy Barnes

I truly don't know what I love most! The burlap albums? Too cute!!! Love the new pocket pages! Squares? whoda thunk?!!

Melonie Colon-maldonado

OMG I Love it all!!! And MUST get it all lol So hard to pick a favorite they are all must haves!!!!

Amante del Papel

I love the new products, there are stunning!!!!

Larissa Heskett  =)

Yeah!! LOVING it all!! AMAZING Inspiration too!! THANKS for sharing and for the chances to win!! Have a Fabulous Week!! =)

Margaret Spencer

clear stickers, flip pages, cool 2X2 and 4X6 combo!!!

Ruth G

The photo stickers and overlays are drool-worthy! Thanks so much for creating so many fun ways to scrap!

Melonie Colon-maldonado

Pinned my Favorite my pinterest name is Melonie colon-Maldonado


Love the 2x2 !!!

Janet MacKay

Love the new burlap albums. So fun.

Joy Orlando

Love all the new additions. Those new albums are so cool with the burlap cover. The new page protectors with the 2x2 squares are awesome. Overlays are great too! I want it all.


I love the clear stickers! Already thinking of pics i want to put them on.

Barb Leffeler

DIY is cool. You get what you want and how many your need. Great idea.

Kathy P

Every one of these new items is to drool over and covet!! I want them all! I can't believe that you keep coming up with these awesome items that are going to be so useful to us scrappers! Love the new albums, the clear words, the flip pages....all of it. Simple Stories gang rocks!

Barb Leffeler

I pinned you: barbl484

Helen Lebrett

I pinned two of todays pics!! Love the photo overlay guides!!

Vanessa Babin

Love everything! pinned the instagram pockets, but for some reason I can paste the page, so I typed it out. Hope this works

Jasmine Ford

Great new products! Can't wait to see these in real life, loving the overlays and the new pocket pages! Pinned those new overlays! http://www.pinterest.com/pin/111464159501185466/

Lynn Hamm

Love, love the photo stickers, photo flips and photo crops.

Lucie Hale

The photo overlays are soooo cool. I think that is my favorite item for today, though everything is wonderful!

Jenny Kozar

Another amazing day! Love all the insta pockets for sure.

Lisa P

I am so so loving those burlap albums. Hope they come in 12x12 too.

Lynn McG.-E.

Oh my goodness, Snap and Simple Stories just keep getting better and better. I love the crop guides and the flip inserts and just all of it. The new albums are gorgeous. They're on my wish list.

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