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January 07, 2014


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So much goodness!!! Love Simple Stories!!!


wow I love this collection!!! love the SNAP and I'm thrilled to see all the new products!


I love the clear photo stickers and Insta pockets. I look forward to seeing all the new Simple Stories goodies in my local scrapbook store.

Núria (nunusite)

Amazingggggggg!!!! I love all the new things!

Gina J

Love these albums, and the new plastics. Allready made space for all the new embelies that are coming out.

Becca Hauck

Love the new clear photo stickers!!

TracyM #6773


My favourite and most exciting elements from today are Photo Crop, Photo Flip and Photo Overlays - WOW!!!

Oh, and I can't forget the Burlap Binders too :)

THANK YOU for making scrapping so fun & easy
AND for the chance to win some CRAFTY AWESOMENESS!!!


I'm loving it all but I really love the photo stickers :D TFS

TracyM #6773

My Pinterest name is Tracy Moloney and I Pinned about my favourite DIY products from today, here are some of them
Photo Crop http://www.pinterest.com/pin/247275835764517530/
Photo Flips http://www.pinterest.com/pin/247275835764517535/
Photo Overlays http://www.pinterest.com/pin/247275835764517537/

THANK YOU for the chance to win some CRAFTY AWESOMENESS :)

Darlene Saucier

I cant wait to try the photo crops and flips!

Connie Tacazon

Hi I pinned at connietacazon username. Thanks!

Kelly Freedline-Pfeifer

I would love to try out a smaller album! I love the designs!! Pinned user name dolphinlover23

Maria Herrero

I love your new products for instagramers!!!! Love it love it love it!!! <3

Maria Herrero

Just pinned my favorite photos!!!!

Maria Herrero

My punner name is Mariola Herrero

beth lemon

This new stuff is amazing. I had to pin the chevron binders. Beth Lemon. So glad you have Instagram!


Omg I loveeee your new items I have to have them. I really like the new 6x8 page protectors. I talk about your products in my youtube videos all the time. It is a goal of mines to be on your design team one day.

Charlotte Brochu

Love the new products! The albums are so sweet! Thanks for the chance!

Elisabeth B

This is the answer to my search for my little girl! She loves to scrapbook but 12x12 is too hard for her (she is only 8) This SNAP looks perfect - fun, easy, instant results and it looks so good!!!!!

deb routledge

So love the burlap albums and the convenience of being able to scrap even the smallest photos, these are my vacation albums this year for sure!


totally LOVE the look of the new clear stickers and overlays :) My pinterest username is Agnus Kasprzak and I've pinned here http://www.pinterest.com/aga04/project-life/ can't wait for these goodies to hit the stores!

Beatrice Lawson

Clear photo stickers and overlays-yes! Love them to bits! And still dreaming of the DYI collection. I love seeing the new releases, CHA is always so exciting.

Samantha T.

Love, love, love the photo flips and new albums!


Pinned some more great stuff...username Heather LaBond. The Photo Crops are very cool!

Helena Handbasket

I just got my first SN@P album for Christmas and I love it! I have never used pocket pages before but now I am scrapping faster than ever. Genius!

Kirsty D

Those photo stickers look fantastic! I pinned them (username mmmbisto)

Jennifer Greer

Definitely picking up the photo overlays!

Jennifer Greer

Pinned the overlays to Pintrest. User name: JenGreer13


I can't wait to get my hands on those overlays!


LOVE the new lines....the Photo Flips!! OMG perfect!!

Becky F

I love it! I'm so excited for new configurations of the Pocket Pages!!!

Becky F

I pinned some of my favorites from today! My username is becky_fischer


I HEART the clear overlays and photo stickers!!

Lacey Gasper

Now THIS is a release I've been waiting for! And product! I'm glad there are NEW page protector styles for the 6x8 album! It really opens up the possibility for creativity!! I can't wait to stock my collection with these products!

Theresa Grdina

The overlays and the photo stickers are WAY cool...but I have to say the page protector with the 4X6 pic in the middle and 2X2 pockets around it is really drawing me in!!! LOVE all of it!!! (I pinned the page protector....and my user name is: Theresa Grdina)

tammy b

I think DIY is going to break my moratorium on purchasing supplies!
quick question: how many pages are in the flips?


wonderful products

tammy b

pinned, pinned baby ;)
tammy bierwagen

Jamie Greene

I love it!

Debbie J. :)

Love, LOVE ALL of these new products!

Debbie J. :)

Pinned it!


So interested in those photo size croppers.


I had to have the last batch of clear stickers so definitely wanting these as well as those overlays. And the photo flips are pretty cool as well.


OH MY GOSH! I am so excited! I can't wait til its available for purchase.


Pinned here.....
theresa eckelberry


Liked, commented, pinned....LOVING ALL of this.....I may be in so much trouble!

Marcia Scantlin

I'm liking the new 2 x 2 size and burlap albums.


So much to be excited about in this post! I love the overlays, the 2x2 openings, and the clear stickers, too!! Eeek!

Pinned some of my favorite images!

Jennifer Wymore

I love all of these products!! I can't wait to get the new album and all of the fun goodies!!

April W

This looks amazing!!!!!

Amanda J

Love the burlap albums!! Must have for sure!! Thanks for the chance!

Jen Harkema

I'm SO bummed!!! I thought those burlap albums were going to be 12x12 binders! I was so excited about them. Maybe you could consider this for us traditional 12x12 scrappers in the future? I do love the clear stickers!

Sharon Frewen

OH LOVE the photo overlays love them so much! and the clear photo stickers are perfect too ..
Pinning this on my boards at scrappysharon

Shannon Blinn

With these cool overlays, I feel like I actually have a chance to FINISH an album!!!

Michelle Mounts

Love it all! I especially love the photo stickers!

Tiffany Grant

Love all of it!!!! Insta pages, burlap albums! Too much goodness!!!

Pat Zukowski-Address is 3000-35 st Ponoka AB T4J1A7

I really like the clear stickers but am a little uncertain about how to accomplish the rest , since I have never done it before and will have to experiment before I do any major project. Thanks for introducing it to me. Hope I win then I can really experiment.

Sandy Z

Wow - loving everything! The burlap albums are DARLING...and I love the new photo flips and cutting templates - genius!


Fun! Loving the photo overlays and clear stickers!!

Dana C

I LOVE all the new products!

April W

I pinned!
- April W (April Walker - scrapperforever @Pinterest)


Love love the stickers!

Betty Weaver

OMGosh!!! To DIE for!!!!!!!!!!! All of it...

Angela Fehr

Gorgeous! Would love to win a Sn@p binder or two!


Pinned! scrappyange

Laurie D.

OMG! So much new and amazing goodness!!! Love it.

Megan Di Mattia

Man oh man...LOVE those new burlap binders. I bet they are even more amazing in person once you can truly see and feel the texture!


Thank you for the chance to win! Really excite about the new sizes of page protectors!


Just pinned. Thanks for the chance to win! Anne Hall

Christi Potter

I love everything!!!!Must have everything..:)

Andrea Garland

Those instagram pockets will be perfect love them as the clear stickers for the photos.

Andrea Garland

Pinned the giveaway here: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/37084396905607317/


I love it all...but the clear photo stickers really have me swooning!!


I am SOO SOOO SOOO in love with the flips! MUST HAVE IT!

heather Thompson

very cool, i like


Ooh can't believe this is only day two! I simply love it all!

Erin Harmon

I love the new page options for the 6x8 albums and all of the new products!!


OOOOOHHHHH wow, this is awesome, love it! This is great, what a lot of inspiration! GO ON!
I shared it on pinterest:http://www.pinterest.com/anitahof79/snp/


oh man - those new clear stickers are amazing! I want them all :-D !!


I do not think there is anything you do that I do not like, but this collection is going to be top on my list!!!!


I love the new pocket pages! I really like the option of the smaller pockets for all sorts of things....ticket stubs, artwork, receipts, lists.....


The clear photo stickers are awesome! Actually,I love all the new products,they will be so helpful in making pocket pages!
Thank you so much for the chance to win!


Pinned!! http://www.pinterest.com/pin/172755335680509482/

kathryn young

OMG so excited to see all the new products! Love that you are making pocket pages even easier and more fun to do!

Taunya Butler

LOVE, LOVE those photo crops - total awesomeness, right there! Yessirree!!


LOVE the square pocket pages!

kim bristow

i love the simple stories line have a bunch but always have new things i want


Love the Blue Burlap Binders!

alissa dillon

Love the photo flips!! The great items just keep coming & coming!

Kayla F.

I love that photo crops tool! It's so simple yet ingenious at the same time. I love the sleeves with instagram pockets as well!

Lisa Johnson

I love that photo crop tool along w/ the Photo Flips. What GREAT & USEFUL products! :)

Gina Eggebrecht

You've been pinned by Gina E :)
Here's one of them: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/225531893813215515/ So excited about the chevron albums and the Insta... pages!

Colette DiBernardo

Love, love, love the square shape of the new insta pockets!


Love the new pages can not wait to play with the new size!

Vanessa McPherson

I am super excited for the photo flips!!


Love it all! Sn@p is awesome!

Shelley J

Love everything!! those chevron albums are awesome. also love the photo flips.

Janis in ID

Not sure how to add tags with Pinterest. Isn't that Instagram that you tag???? Hmmmm....

Pinned the Photo Stickers which I think are so cool:
Janis (j8234)

Thanks for the chance to win!
<3 J

jwoolbright at gmail dot com

Karen Abbey

I love the photo phrases - a wonderful idea!

Barbara Staradumsky

I love everything! I don't instagram because I do not have a smart phone. But..I do love the instagram size photos. And also love creating with this size of photos. My Selphy lets you collage on a 4x6 and it works perfect for me to get the size I need..But how cool that the templates you have will let me do this also! Love Love Love!

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