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January 06, 2014


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all the options are wonderful. Many amazing looks can be created.


Love the label stickers. Have been looking for something like that! YEA

Shanita K.

What a great idea!

Tanya Napier

Oh my goodness! I love it all!

Patti Veeraplin

This collection is amazing!

Patti Veeraplin

Also pinned http://www.pinterest.com/pin/212724782373065018/


The stickers are amazing! Love it!!!


The DIY build it yourself is a really neat concept and the bright colors in the collection kid are GORGEOUS!!! I have pinned, my name is Sheila Leone Burns

Amy Kersten

Love the versatility of this line. Love being able to personalize so its not as cookie cutter. Love the new items.

Robin B.

I love the variety of products for DIY! I pinned and my username is Dfdsilky.


Simple stories is my favorite scrapbook line! I love how easy it makes recording memories and the style is just right for me!

Tatiana Oliveira

Love it all!!! Can't wait to see this in Brazil =D

Audrey Markham

Love the endless possibilities!

Claude Campeau

I will be getting every single pack of these stickers!

Del Marie Riley

The colors, pocket foundations, embellishments, stamps.... Oh shoot, I just love it all. This is the most adorable collection.

Claude Campeau

Pinned as Claude Campeau


LOVE all the sticker choices! Great line :)

Becky Scott

LOVE everything single one!!

Jeanette Seward

Pinned! (Pinterest name: JL MacKay)
Loved the colours and the choice. There is so much you can do with this set.

Patricia Perez

omg omg! loved the stickers! they add some much to the layout without bulking it ♥
my pin user patycperez


I love DIY! I pinned on my CHA W-14 board under Dolly Foote

Jennifer McMurtrey

This is my favorite reveal thus far.


Really love the fun and bold colors.. and also with some basic patterns included, there are tons of possibilities with this set!


Just pinned the stamp set to my CHA 2014 Board! Hope to win!!


OMG!!!Love all the new elements, fun papers, stickers, envelopes, tags, etc... I love DIY :)
Have a wonderful day!

Katrina N.

I love the new line and all of your products


Pinned: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/25543922860835847/. love the new DIY line!!! So fun!
Have a wonderful day!

CallyAnn Cornwell

I am gonna go bankrupt! I freakin LOVE!!!!!!

cindy b

Could those instaframes be any cuter??


LOve this new line!! ESpecially i love burlap elements and stickers!!! Pinned here http://www.pinterest.com/pin/98938523037842585/

Amy Ulen

This is a whole lot of scrappy goodness and it's only day 1 of your releases!

Amy Ulen

I started a Simple Stories board at http://www.pinterest.com/studioscrapping/ and know that I'm going to fill it up this week!


Pinned!! Loving this line!! Odette Vaccaro

Anna Chulkova

Pinned the stickers, love the variety!

Savanna Carson

This is the most awesome line EVER!!! I love all the options you have!!!

Karen W

Wow! My resolve not to buy many new products this year flew right out the window with this reveal! My Pinterest name is Karen514. I only pinned a few, but would buy a lot more than those!


I love the idea of layering on top of foundations. Fun idea.


Oh my WOW! So many possibilities!

Julie A. Shearer

I love burlap , lately. So yea I love the burlap stickers and pretty much All Of This !!!

Dawn McFarland

I love it all!

Julie A. Shearer

Love it All!! You all are the best !!

Kristine in WA

Pinned it! Raytucci

Erin Edwards

Awesome new products!!

stephanie hines

You have been pinned! www.pinterest.com/stephaniehines


Love the card foundations! I make my own journaling cards for PL, and these will be so handy!

Kelley Hartnett

Can I please have it all? Pinned to "kelleyhartnett". No really, can I please have it all?!!


I pinned your new date stamp. My pinterest name is Rashidah. I love this new collection


Very cool- I love how bright and fun everything is!!! I pinned it to my paper crafting board- craftyscrapmom :-)

Jemma @ Just-Jimjams

I'm going to have to win the lottery this week because I *need* it all! What a great idea - I'm especially loving the kraft backgrounds with those bright sn@p colours!

Penny Pudge

love the foundations... and all the choices, now deciding what I want? LOL thanks again


Love the new lines! Great use of adapting social media!

Karen Moss

WOW - This is just up my street - I love to layer and make my own embellishments and now it will be so easy.


The possibilities are endless!


What a cool idea! Mix and match to fit your needs but coordinating!! Love it!!

Jessica Toulmin

I think DIY is brilliant. It will make it so easy to create Journal cards and embellished cards to add to pockets, and everything is flat and a perfect size to actually do so. This is a way to have personalised and layered cards. Brilliant.
DIY Boutique is so bright and fun and eclectic. Something for everyone and every occasion there!
Thanks :-)

Jessica Toulmin

Pinned some of this brilliant DIY system here: http://www.pinterest.com/jessicatoulmin/


I LOVE this collection!!! I can't wait!!! :D

Julie Koets

I love everything about the new collection, especially the burlap!

dannelle y.

love love love the DIY line!!! all of it!!! i can't wait to create with it!! love love love!!!

Julie {CalleLillyCafe}

I cannot pick just one! Really love it all & those stamps!!

Julie {CalleLillyCafe}

Just pinned this fab collection!


Julie {CalleLillyCafe}

Another fave pinned!



super rad colors and style!!!

Jen D

Incredible, just trying to breathe here- so many versatile and USEFUL products!

Jen D

Pinned the label stickers! Jen Day on pinterest

Lisa L. ( Lisa's Creative Niche)

This line just makes me so happy with all it's beautiful and bright colors.... so excited for this one!

Sheri Feypel

I shouldn't have waited to check out all of the new simple stories at one time, my mind is blown! I love it all!!!!



Michelle Liimatainen

I pinned it baby. I am SO FLIPPING EXCITED for this line to hit shelves. I just went broke....ha!

Jessi Brown

Love the DIY collection, especially the chevron papers, pinned it my username is jlbrown316.


Pinning! User name is Jennifer Erickson


Coucou, c'est coloré à souhait, le printemps va être bien peps, trop beau ! bravooooooo


Love the new colors!!

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever

This is the kit that never ends!!! It goes on and on my friends...

You are going to keep us all busy for a VERY long time Simple Stories - LOL!

I've pinned under bobbysgirl (Linda Walton) here:



I love this collection, the stamps especially. The design it yourself concept is amazing. Can't wait to get my hands on all of it. 😍

Leonie Bartlett

So excited to find this. Can't wait to experiment ;)
Thanks for your generosity

Maria B.

Love the bright colors of this line. I am Giselle B. in Pinterest.

Lara Walker

Happily Pinned this exciting news! http://www.pinterest.com/stampinlara/


I love those stickers. Can I have them please.

Stacey Hahn

Love the colors and chevrons!


I love the DIY concept! Keep coming out with more.

JoAnn Pollock

I think DIY is a great way to personalize pocket scrapbooking.

Earleen M

The DIY Boutique is the #1 collection on my list of this to buy, The new bright colors are fabulous!


Love the new colorful stickers and the stamps.


So colorful, and I love the burlap!

Dakotah Maben

Omgosh! This collection is amazing! I'm already planning cards in my head!


DIY I have my scrapbook tool belt loaded and ready for use!

Kate W.

All the colors in the Boutique line are gorgeous! I can't wait to own this new collection!

Caryn S. (Scrapnsing)

Wow seriously awesome! What else could you possibly need?!? You've thought of everything.

Caryn S. (Scrapnsing)


My pinterest name is 4kidsandacat

Patricia Moussatche

What a great set of embellishments!

Sarah M

DIY looks great (and so do all the other new lines!)

Megan Di Mattia

Oh the possibilities! Such fun stuff this could keep me busy for ages!

Christine A

Love DIY. The colors pop and I love bring able to have freedom to design my pocket cards like never before.

Christine A

I pinned! Pinterest name Christine Abad


This is clearly one of the most awesome lines that I've seen. You get to go create and do things the way you want them but you still have enough guide you along.

Shannon Branscum Winters

FABULOUS new line! SOOOO versatile!

pinterest ID - Shannon Winters

Karen Freeman

This is an awesome collection. So many amazing products.


such awesome concepts here,totally drooling !!!!

Earleen M

Lovin' the new bright colors of this collection, neon is hot!!!

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