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January 30, 2014


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I love them all.. my favorite is the everyday sn@p lines.. i can use them alot..

LouAnn V.

These are all great cards. I love the one with the Everyday quote as it's a great reminder and what's not to love about chevrons.


Love the Everyday... card

Rachel V

My favorite is the devil cat card! I've always had kitties and I love them. That card made me laugh out loud with the innocent smile on the kitty's face and the devil horns and pitchfork!


The cat cards for sure. suit my two kitties to a t ;)

Melissa Carlin

My favorite is the "US" chalkboard square card! Simple, but says A LOT! I think it would be great to use on a Valentines Day card.


Love the snappy life card!


I love the split dog card!

Lyne B.

I like the everyday card as I'm trying to be more positive this year and it really speaks to that goal.

Kristine in WA

I adore your snap cards! My fav is from Say Cheese and its the camera. so fun to use on an "insta" page.


I am torn between the cat one and the chalkboard square. We just got a kitten, and I've discovered just how mischevious kittens are. But, I also LOVE the chalkboard trend and would love to add that to my scrapbooking supplies!


Love the Say Cheese Cards!!!!

Jeannine H

I love "It's a snappy life" because i love the rainbow of colours and it captures the fact that everyday life is worth capturing. I also adore the dog cards, even though i have never had a dog! So cute that the dog covers 2 cards!

Charlene G

Love the everyday snaps, very creative.

Sue Kirby

I love the mini book.... You can do so much with them! Great idea!

Nadine L.

I love the Say Cheese Snap Cuts they are so versatile and can be used with almost any project. Angella's house mini is fabulous!

Olesya K

Dog card for sure!! I can seriously see playing it up in the album, separating by the pics, it would be soo fun!

snazzy jj

The devil cat card, as that is so our kitty Snazzy!

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