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January 30, 2014


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Ann T

The cat card for sure. That card describes my Riker so well.


snappy life - because I've been making lots of instagram photos lately)


My favorite one is from Say Cheese Set...it gives you so many options...

Julie Tucker-Wolek

My fave is the doggy!!!!! Adorable!!!!

theresa grdina

I am WILD for the dog cards!!! I think that may be my new favorite set of scrappy goodness!!!!!

Miriam Prantner

It's always a hard choice, but I think my favorite this time is the US card....the dog is a close second!


Great cards! While the stars may be the most useful to me, the devil cat just makes me laugh- he's a riot!

Connie Tacazon

Love the everyday may not be a good day card.

Kristan Wun

Devil cat...I have a couple of those myself!

Cynthia B.

My favorite is the Everyday SN@P! card - love the chevron background, the bright colors, and of course I agree - a great quote for everyday!

Chris Pereira

My Favorite is the card chosen by Cari from the Everyday SN@P set. I love real life quotes that make you stop and really think. I love to add them to my album in random places!

lynne moore

My favorite is the cat card, but I want the dog set -I am not a cat person either. Which is why the card is so cute & funny. LOL

Gina J

The cat, allways had cats at home and still do. So happy that you came out with these.

Carla Hundley

Lots of fun here.
I really like the
Say Cheese SN@P! Cuts
done up in the mini
house album. Great
idea using this card.
Carla from Utah


I pick the CAT....because CATs RULE! I especially love this card because all felines have a little devil in them from time to time....and this one is especially cute!

Becky F

I love Allison's choice of the two dog cards! I am drooling over the entire dog set though, so it was an easy choice for me. :)

grietje de jong

the dog is mij fave,so cute


The cat one for sure, I have three that I love more than anything, but sometimes, they do indeed do naughty things!

katy young

the cat! lol, bc I have 2!

Heidi Brawley

MY Fave is the Dog Snap set. We are huge doggie lovers in our household!!! They are all fabulous though.


My favorite is the dog cards. My daughter has a new puppy so I know there will be loads of dog layouts in our album :)

Jilena Paskett

I love the dog cards! Reminds me of my basett hound.


Love the dog cards!


My pick is the chevron card!

Linda T

My fav is It's a snappy life. It can relate to alot of things and sounds happy to me.

Roxanne Winheim

I Love the everyday quote card. It is so true and reminds me to look for the siver lining of the day:)

Lisa p

I love the Everyday Snap Set card. Love the quote and the colors.


Those 3X3 Homespun Insta Squares are AWESOME!!!


My favorite is the "Everyday may not..." quote card. Need that on my wall, in my wallet, in my albums...

Heather Robertson

I love the devil cat card too - we got two black ones of those!


The chevron and camera cards are my favs ;)

Sue Alg

I love the 3 dog cards...so neat

Alcaraz Valérie

Love the card from the everyday snap set !


Tuff to choose just one... I'm going with the 4x6 Everyday because the quote says it correctly! The colours are cheerful too which is a good thing in my day :)


I think the house album with the camera card is my favorite. You can stand it up as a decoration as well as being a place to store memories. All of the cards were great - hated to have to pick just one. thanks for the chance to win the house.

Olivia Cuadrado

I really like the "it's a snappy life cards".

Vanessa Babin

Love the Everyday…card it describes my life perfect! Great quote

Samantha T.

So fun! Must be hard to pick just one. I think the "It's a snappy life" one is my fave of the ones above, though.

Nicole Bell

I LOVE the one that Cari picked from the Everyday SN@P set... it is pretty much my daily motto. Love all the card picks!

Cathy Harper

The dog snap set...oh so cute!

Christine Kelly

So hard to pick just one as I LOVE all your products!! Am so eager to get my hands on all the new stuff!! I guess.... I'd have to choose the dog card - too cute, split on two cards, even cuter! Plus I can't wait to get the new dog kit so I can do an album on my adorable dog!!!

Janetta Zeimetz

May favorite card is from the Say Cheese collection. You can do so much with the open ended stars!!

Lynn McG.-E.

Oh I just love the Dachshund cards too. I have a Basset Hound, so although she would make several doxies the cards would look so sweet in my pocket album beside her photographs.

Amy Cooley

I love the "Everyday" card. What a great sentiment to send to others. We all need to be reminded to find the good in life when things are tough! Thanks for the chance to win some goodies!

Vicki Wigton

the dog card.

Lauren shiflett

I'm totally in love with the camera card because it's in color! And I take a million photos (like most ladies here I'm sure)

Mary-Anne V.

I like the Everyday may not be a good day...beacause of the rainbow colours and chevrons but also because of the truth to that saying.

Janet MacKay

Love the cat card. It would be perfect to document my fur baby, Capt Chaos. I think his name says it all. LOL!!

Lynn F

I LOVE that Devil Cat card!
I adopted a cat from our local shelter this past October. His name is Houdini!! I so love him, but he can definitely be the little devil sometimes!

Vicki Parker

I love the dog cards. My dog is in my Project life album more than the kids and can't wait until our shops start stocking this one. :)

Jo-Lee Kelly

My favourite is Cari's pick. The neutral background and multi coloured taxes means this card could go with anything.

Debra Armstrong

I like the dachshund cards. So cute and my friend has two chi-wieners.


i love the card in the cat set that says...the cat did it!!! she so did!!!

also love anything with instagram cameras on them!!! wahoooooo for square insta cards!!!


I love scrapbooking my dog so I loveanything dog related so I love those dog cards!!

Heather Thompson

i love the doge, but those stars are just as cute!!! great ideas!

Christine A

The two dog cards. When I was looking at the new release I was instantly drawn to those two cards and knew how I would use them.

Natalia Palmer

The cat one for sure! So cute.

Kayla F.

I love the colors in the Snappy Life card. The dog one is adorable but I wouldn't be able to use it though!

Kimberly Colliss

Love the kitty one :)

Karrie L

Oh I love the wiener doggy reminds me of my Maggie.

Wendy Orme

I like the Everyday card because I try to live by this saying and have it posted on my mirror.


Love the "snappy life" card!

Denise Bryant

Love the fun cat card! Looks kinda like my Coco!

Bethany Becker

I love the devil cat card. I'm a cat person and this fits our cat exactly!


The devil cat is awesome

Melinda S

My favourite is the Say Cheese card. Love yellow, love stars! They are all simply gorgeous though! Thanks for the chance!

Kathy P.

I love the card Cari chose from the Everyday Set. I too love the chevrons, but I especially love the verse...the colors and different sized fonts....I could design a whole layout around that verse!!!

Jaime C

I love the dog set asd I have 3 dogs right now, but that quote with the chevrons is great too


My favorite is the Say Cheese card because I'm a sucker for stars!! Love it!

Jessica Yoder-Jones

i LOVE all of these!! My favorite is the instagram one. Thank you so much for the chance to win!!!

Amber M.

The split dog cards are adorable! I can imagine using them in all sorts of fun ways! I sure hope I win so I can follow through :) Thanks for the chance to win and happy weekend!

Amelia Harris

I LOVE say cheese! Loving the cute stars! :)

Elaine W.

Love Cari's everyday card because that pretty well sums up most of my days :)

Tanya Wilson

I love the dog!!! So cute. But I don't think it was fair to pick only one!!! Thanks for the chane to win!!


absolutely the Cat! So adorable and yes I've got a black cat (actually 2 plus 1 buff colored one) and the little devil is an apt description. Course I looked at the whole collection and they are all so wonderful - love the illustrations and colors - would love to win to include in my books - got a lot of pics of my little devils. thanks so much


I love the rainbow of cameras card. Being a scrapbooker I take ALOT of pictures, so this is perfect for me.


I love the say cheese snap cards! The die cuts are perfect for me since I don't have a die cutting machine :) really greatful for them :)

tammy b

devil cat! devil cat! must have devil cat!

Holly E

I love Everyday, I could do tons with it!

Cindy Trimble

Homespun. Still loving the chalkboard. Love it for my husband!

TracyM #6773

SUCH A HARD choice - I have shortlisted it down to two:
Cari's EVERYDAY card because it makes me look for the goodness in everything
Angella's starry die cut card because it adds a touch of magic and dimension.
=> my favourite is Angella's starry card because I am new to die cutting, loving the dimension they add and these pretty stars are perfect to go with all of my family, who are the stars of my life!!!

THANK YOU for the chance to win SO MUCH CRAFTY AWESOMENESS - 180 pieces of CRAFTY AWESOMENESS :)

Tonya Morgan

Love the dog cards!


Love these cards, especially the dog one

Julie B

Love the doggie cards....will have to get them for my puppy album! Thank you for sharing.

Beth W

We have 3 dogs and 4 cats. Hard to pick-but the Cat Snap cards have me rolling-so I'm going with them. They are also so darn true!


Love the dog one! Just resuced a doggie just a month ago and need to do some scrappin with his pictures so far!

Karen Abbey

I love the dog - we so want to get a dog this year!


I love the cat card

Carol Greenwald

I like them all but if I need to pick just one it would have to be the Everyday card. It is a great reminder for what life reallly is.


Love the devil cat one - it's just fun!

Karin Boschaart

love the dogcards. for PL but also to make an 3 sectioncard. 2 with dog and 1 for the jopurnaling. And the colors are great


Great card selections. I love the EVERYDAY card and agree with it!! Thanks for the chance to win.

Julie A. Shearer

The " Everyday " is great I really like the quote because it relates to Real Life. The chevron pattern with bright colors is Awesome!
The " Snappy Life " is also awesome because without all of the photos we would not be scrapers.
Thanks for sharing and a chance to win.

Patricia F.

Love the pup! So cute!

alicia m.

The dog cards are my favorite, I love how it is slip into two cards. So cute!

Maria B.

I love the Homespun because it is about relationships. I love woodgrain patterns, too.

Geri M

I am having trouble deciding between the Dog set and the Homespun... Hmmmm I love them both so much I cant commit to just one!

Sarah Bailey

Love everything you make! Love!

Robin B.

Cute cards! I'm loving the it's a snappy life one and the star die cuts one.

Jeannie L

Love your snap cards! I'm in love with Dog Sn@p and Everyday Sn@p. We are dog lovers and have 3 dogs in my family. I'm also a sucker for meaning and cute sayings or quotes so I love the everyday sn@p.

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