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December 29, 2013


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I like the card "Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful" because it is what I am working on right now in terms of accepting myself as I am.

Julie Tucker-Wolek

I love "Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful"!! These are just awesome!!!


I love the "The Best Way to Bring Christmas Cheer" because of the script of it. And, of course I just love that line from Elf.


I love the Daily Grind 6x12 Page Elements - so versitile. Use the full page or just the cut up elements.

tammy b

"Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful" is my fave…..it's a great lesson for all of us, but especially for my 3 girls….I see a canvas in my future!

Michelle Mounts

I love the Christmas ones! Both of them.

Valerie Dubree

I like the love card, I'm a hopeless romantic and love all the great lines that come out for valentines day. I would use it in a mini book for my daughter

gina o.

Be your own kind of beautiful is mine......in this day and age body type is overly rated and many think they need to look a certain way to be beautiful...and this card just says it all!

Amy Kersten

I like the Santa Claus on as well its fun and puts a smile on your face. Plus I love aqua and red together.


Mine is the christmas card.i love the santa hanging his clothes


santa..is the one

Ruth G

I love the Audrey Hepburn quote from the Family Sn@p set! As a stay at home mom, it's been my mantra since my "job" started 14 1/2 years ago! Gotta love my motto so beautifully presented and ready to put to use in my scrapbooking projects! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

Heather Thompson

I love the "here comes Santa Clause"

Jessica Yoder-Jones

I love the one that was a quote from Elf!!! Such a great movie, and a great quote to make the holiday great!

Johanne Lacombe

They're all beautiful. My favorite is the Love one because I love Valentines Day. Thanks for the chance.


"Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful" is my favorite. I think it's a great message to share with my beautiful inside and out daughter and all her teenage friends! (plus, the chalkboard is always a favorite!)

Vicky O

"The best way to spread Christmas cheer is by singing loud for all to hear" This movie and most of it's saying, brings back the feelings of being a kid at Christmas. And the older you get the more you really need that feeling all year round.

Ashley W

My favorite card is the "People We Love" card. I see so many uses for this one! Thanks for the chance to win!


I like the ones from The Daily Grind. They can be used for any occasion, but I love how it was used in the December Documented album with "the people we love" !


"Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful" as it reminds us the all of us are special in our own way.

Janet MacKay

My favourite is the Audrey Hepburn quote since it reminds me of the love my DH and I share.


I LOVE the cards from Daily Grind. Great phrases to jump start your journaling.

Miriam Prantner

You gotta go with Buddy the Elf on this one. I love that quote!


Be your own kind of beautiful, because the text, love that and I love the hearts in all that color, its so useful in manyways

holly martin

All of the cards are adorable and I could easily use all of them. But the Santa is my favorite. :)

Vanessa Babin

I love "the best way to spread Christmas Cheer…" because I love Buddy the Elf and I think it says a lot, but I also love "the best thing to hold on to…" because sometimes that is my strength when life gets you down.

Vicki Parker

I love the "Love Snap" card. Would like to scrap more about hubby and me now that kids are getting older and leaving home. That quote says it all :)

Maria B.

The Love Snap set is my favorite. It seems convey what I feel.

Jamie Greene

Be your own kind of beautiful... Great saying!

Joann Aasman

I think Here Comes Santa Claus is adorable and would make a cute accent to a kid's Christmas page.


Love the Best Way to Spread Christmas Cheer! Love Elf!!


I love the "be your own kind of beautiful" card. I tell my niece this all the time!

Silvia Mendoza

I love them all but my favorite is the Hello my name is looking card. The possibilities are endless with this card.

Nicole McNamara

I think the 'be your own kinda beautiful' is just too sweet and love the colorful hearts under it.

Dorina D

So many great ones to chose. But I have to admit the "Best Way to spread Christmas Cheer' has to be my favorite and so appropriate for the Christmas albums. Although, I'd happily use each and everyone of the chards choosen.

Debra Armstrong

I like the Family Card. So true and very pretty.


Here comes Santa Claus! Mostly because I've got Christmas on the brain. Need to get to scrappin!
They are all really fun!

Cynthia B.

All the cards are great, but my favorite has to be the Santa clothesline one...love the clothesline image - reminds me so much of all the work goes into the holidays for that bit of "magic" for the kids...and then we have to do lots of laundry during the holiday break too! :)

Karin Boschaart

love the best thing to hold on to in live is each other. So true and so beautiful its a plesure to look at the card and the text makes it perfect. wish it to everybody, that the have someone to hold to

Carla Hundley

Wonderful cards,
and I really like
the Love SN@P! Set
card. I think the
saying is really
Carla from Utah

Janis in ID

I have to agree that the Here Comes Santa Claus with the Santa outfit hanging on the line is very clever and absolutely adorable!!!
<3 J

jwoolbright at gmail dot com


The one that says "The best thing to hold onto in life is each other" is my favorite. I have lots of photos of my sons when they were little hugging each other for the camera. They are my favorite pics.

Marcia Scantlin

I love the Daily Grind and that card People we love so great.


I love the card with the quote from Buddy the Elf. It's one of my all time favorites. Plus my son went on a wine tour last month dressed as Buddy. Hilarious!

Kathy P

I love the Here Comes Santa Claus...it is just too cute!! I am doing my very first pocket page album for 2014 and know I'll be using these cards throughout the coming year! Love them!


I am such a huge fan of ALL of the cards. I enjoy the unique sayings and how the colors blend well together. I would love to have more! Thanks for the chance to win these great cards.:)


Got to go with Buddy the Elf and the "Christmas Cheer" card. Actually I like them all, but that quote always makes me smile!


You are perfect for me! is my favorite one. So blessed with a great husband.


Be your own kind of beautiful is my favorite card. I love it because everyone needs to know they are beautiful!

Karrie L

I love the you are my kind of beautiful card. I am working on my daughters scrapbook and it would fit perfectly in there.

Teresa Wilkins

My favorite is the people we love card. All the cards are wonderful. I love SS and use the cards often in my scrapbooking.

Robin B.

Really?? You want me to just pick one?! All of these cards are great. I love the colors in the Santa Claus and beautiful cards and the sentiments on the Buddy the Elf and Audrey Hepburn cards.

Kimberli Bean

My favorite is "The best thing to hold onto in life is each other!" What a great sentiment!!

Carmen M.

I think I have to go with the her 4x6 set. I love all of the prints and that camera with the peace sign is the bomb.

Karen L K

My favorite is the "People We Love" card. I like that you can put a picture right on it. Second would be "Perfect for Me".


Floral card from Family SN@P! Set - I love this type of design.

Melissa S

Love all these cards, but my favourite is the here come Santa Claus one.

Carol Greenwald

I love the Spread Christmas Cheer one the best, but I really love them all. Thanks for the chance to win and Happy New Year to all.


Great cards. I love the one that says. You may not be perfect but you are perfect for me.

Christel Nall

Love them all! My favorite is "hold on" card. The card sums up how I feel about my husband. He is my rock! Happy holidays!

Wendy Orme

I like "Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful" because it's on a chalkboard background and it would look fabulous on layouts of my cute granddaughters.

Melinda Wilson

My favorite is "holding on to each other" because I recently lost my dad to cancer and my rock through this has been my loving husband who is helping me to hold on.

Okie Fields

My favorite card is the "You may not be Perfect" card. This a card that I would give to my husband. One of the first times I ever saw him, he was singing to a sandwich cooler. No, you didn't read that wrong! I was a clerk at a convenience store, and got to see this performance of sorts...He was always doing things like that. He was ALIVE, so unlike anyone else! A lot of people brushed him aside as an "ol' hippy," but not me. He was (and is) just what I needed! Now, 15 years later, he's still perfect for me!

Peggy A

My favorite is the Family Snap set about holding on to each other. It's beautiful! Our family has grown by three adopted grandchildren this year (yes, three!). I just started a new album and was thinking this set would be a perfect addition.


All of the Daily Grind cards work with so many projects! My faves.

Amber M.

It is never an easy decision to say which card is my favourite - I love them all!!! But today I will say it is the "People we love" card, since about 90% of my scrapbooking is about my family. Thanks so much for the chance to win this amazing Simple Stories prize and happy New Year!!

Suzann N.

Love Snap set - is my fave!

Christine W.

So hard to choose but I am going with Here Comes Santa Claus....I guess I am into cutesy!! Love it, but love pretty much anything Simple Stories puts out!!


Love the quote card from Elf - my favourite Christmas movie!


I like both the Christmas ones too! The Elf quote is def one of my favs@


I love the 'be your own kind of beautiful' as everyone should be reminded of that every once in a while.


I love the Be Your own Kind of Beautiful card!

LouAnn V.

My favorite is the last one. What a great quote.


Love them all but totally adore the Be your own kind of Beautiful one!
Love the chalkboard and offcourse that shiny colors!
Thanks for the chance!

Sarah C

The Her set is just lovely, what a gorgeous message!

Alicia H

I really like the colors and text of the Audry Hepburn quote.
And the Buddy the Elf one is great!

Kim Pritchard

I love the "be your own kind of beautiful" because it reminds me to love me for me. (But they are all cute!)

Melissa Carlin

Hard to pick a favorite! I love them all! Sense the rules say to pick one- I pick the Family SN@P card with the saying by Audrey Hepburn. I chose it because it's the best advice in this sometimes hard world we live in.


I love the Here Comes Santa Claus card - very cute :)

Tammy Luiz

Thank you very much Simple Stories. All of the collections are wonderful. Can't wait to see them in person!

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