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November 02, 2013


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Christine A

Such fun cards, hard to choose just one but I would have to go with "Just Be Yourself." That is a statement I try to instill in my teenage daughter and so far she lives by it.


i love that chalkboard card that says hello everyday life....very cool!!!

Vicki Parker

I love the Everyday checklist card. Am also a list maker and sometimes you just want to be able to tick a box and call it done. :)

Anna Chulkova

I love Sn@p everyday set, so optimistic and vivid!


I love the checklist card - sometimes that's all the journaling you need (or want). :)

Melissa C.

It was hard to chose because they're all great. But, i think i'm going to pick Shellye's card from the Everyday Sn@p set. The bright pops of color from the hearts sold me!

Julie Tucker-Wolek

"I'll look back on this" is my fave!!!!!


Love the bold Hello Life card. This is a great giveaway. These collections are full of bold colors and fun quotes. TFS


I like the "today was", since it's got choices of not so bright and happy - since not all days are bright and happy. :)


My favourite is the last one with the "Hello Everyday Life" speech bubble, because I tend to document the everyday moments and the little things, so it fits perfectly! :)


The second one - it would look good with almost any photo.


I like the this day was card. Love the design and the check list!

Cynthia Baldwin

The Daily Grind card is my favorite! Love the wood grain plus multicolored days of the week - just my style. :)


I like the checklist card. I don't scrapbook much so a lot of these cards wouldn't work into my greeting cards. The checklist would be great for a thank you card or "just because" card to send to someone after you spent a day together.

Kayla F.

I love the hello life on the chalkboard with the colorful hearts!I am loving the chalkboard trend right now and I love how their is the bit of color mixed in with the hearts.

Alexia Misso

Love the Everyday Snap Set and Hello Life Set, both good for everyday's crafting!

Jeannie Phillips

I love the Daily Grind set! Woodgrain yumminess!


I have to agree with Nichol!! I love anything with chalkboard and word bubbles! Love the "Hello Everyday Life" card!!

Nita K.

I like the Everyday Snap set card for the exact reason that you don't have to journal. The checklist makes it easy.


Love the "today was" card. Works for just about any page!

Miriam Prantner

My favorite is the I'll Look back on this card....I definitely need that reminder sometimes!

LouAnn V.

These are all great but I really like "I'll look back on this and smile." What a great reminder.


I'm with Teri on the fact that her card choice means she doesn't have to journal anything further. I have a hard time finding stuff to journal on some of my pages and filling out a checklist like this one would be just perfect for those type of layouts.

Sharlene Piscitelli

Love them all but I would choose the Daily Grind days of the week. I think the woodgrain and colors are fantastic and there are so many uses for this card.


I think I like Shellye's choice 'Hello Life' the most... chalkboard what not to love and the cute hearts give the card just a little colour pop!

Little Nat

I love the checklist card that Teri chose! The bright chevron arrows are the simple, graphic look that I love from @snap and I LOVE that there are check boxes other than 'best day ever'! I have plenty of days that fit 'typical' and 'no comment' - I'll need to stock up on several packs! LOL - thanks for the chance to win.

Kathy P

Well, I love every single one this month! But my fave is the Vintage Bliss card....I just love that saying. Great picks today....and congrats to all those winners!


I'm like Teri, the list maker. I've made lists obsessively since I was a child. My husband is always making fun of me because I'll say it was the best day ever. This card would help me branch out a little in my daily assessments. As a side note I love SN@P and just finished completing my first book. It's time to start a new one. I'll definitely be looking for The Daily Grind to appear at my local scrapbook store.

Ronna E

Decisions, decisions...but I love the Hello Life card!


oooooh, I love the Today Was..... especially the last two options on the list! So cool

Marcia Scantlin

I like the Hello Life card. I like the punches of color.

Jessica Yoder-Jones

I love the "Just Be You". It's a great saying and I love all the nice colors!!


I like the checklist the best of this group. Great colors and easy.

Sue D

I would pick the checklist that Teri picked--makes it so easy!
slrdowney at hotmail dot com

Amber M.

All of these cards are awesome! But the "hello life" one is my fave ... It goes perfectly with the layouts that are about things that may not have gone as planned because hey, life happens!!


WOW.. great card choices by everyone... but I have to go with my favorite one being Rebecca's choice, "Just be YOU" because growing up in today's day is so very hard on our young kids. Our children are the future. The future doctors to help and heal, future teachers to educate and mentor, future President to help our country and free us from deficit, and our future PERIOD. IN order for our children to strive and be the best they can be, they need to be true to themselves and just be themselves. This card's message, "Just be You" is very powerful and sometimes it is hard for our children to just be themselves because of the way society is and how cruel this world can be at times. I feel like our children get lost in this big world and succumb to peer pressure and try to do what they think is the "in" thing to fit in or be "cool" even if they aren't being who they really are out of fear of rejection or hate crime. As teachers, mentors and most importantly parents; I think it's extremely important to STRESS to our children that it is okay to be YOU! Great, great and powerful message and by far, the truest and most important card in my opinion. Sorry for writing a book. I just had to explain why that card was my favorite and I couldn't justify that answer in just a few words. Thanks for the chance!

Jo's Scrap Shack

Pam Sanders

Love I'll look back on this and smile! It reminds me of my children when they were small. It brings back wonderful memories!! Plus it's a pretty card!

stephanie hines

All these cards are so fun! I love the vintage bliss one...so pretty. Loving the arrows right now :)

Deb Wohlleben

Loving the "just be you" card - because it's so true and exactly what I want my daughters to know and to be!

Rachel V

The "Hello Life" card is my favorite. Love that sentiment! I too, love the chalkboard look and the rainbow hearts are so fun and make me happy!

Sue Alg

Love the Chalkboard look "Hello Everyday Life", but I also like the checklist too.

Cecilia Reyes

These cards all are so wonderful and fun to use. But I choose I will look back on this and smile, because that's what I do every time I look at a scrapbook! Thanks for the chance to win

Foxy Lafon

My favorite is the 3x4 Everyday card. I too don't journal a lot, and I think the ease of this card is awesome! It's perfect ~ Journaling done in a Sn@p!

Melissa S

Love them all but if I have to pick just one it would be the Hello Life card. Just love the chalkboard look. Thanks for the chance to win!

Mary-Anne V.

I really like the "I'll look back on this and smile" because it reminds me that all memories have some happiness in it even if it may not be evident at the time.

Jamie Greene

I love the Vintage Bliss card! The color design and sentiment are perfect:)

Emily Todd

I love the "Today Was" checklist card. I really like how it has a range of adjectives to describe your day, from epic to "no comment"! Not everyday is a winner, thanks for remembering that in your products!

Joan VanCourt

I love "I'll look back on this day and SMILE". It reminds me that it is the little things that means so much in life. Plus, I just love that color. I am just getting into the simple stories cards and find that they just hit the right spot when I am journaling.

Janet MacKay

I the Checklist card since it will work with so many different situations since life is not always awesome (but always memorable). Thanks for the chance to win the cards.

Heather Dreith

I like the chalkboard Hello Life card. The chalkboard look is fantastic and the saying is so versatile...not to mention the possible colors that would coordinate with the hearts. Thanks for the chance to win


I love the card from vintage bliss, it is just a simple statement, but one with a huge truth.

Vanessa Messetti

I love the vintage bliss card, it has a great color and an awsome phrase. As Natasja said, it is great to just look at the picture and remember how great that moment was!!!

Barbara Staradumsky

Since I have to choose one card. I agree with Teri..I'm nuts over checklists! so...I choose the checklist for the 3x4 Everyday Collection!

Lynn F

Love that new 3 x 4 Daily Grind card. The wood grain combined with the colorful days of the week. Wouldn't it be pretty with red stitching around the green Thursday or blue Friday? Or a little red heart stitched in the corner!

jaimee h

I love the card Layle picked from Daily Grind. I am a sucker for anything woodgrain and love the combination of that texture with the bright colors of the days of the week. Can't wait for this new collection.


It was so hard to choose! I love them all, but the cute card that says, "I'll look back on this and smile" really did make me smile!

Beth E.

I love the checklist card (although they are all great!). Not everyday is the "best day ever" and we don't document/scrap just the best. Life is a mix of things, so I like scrapping products that are incorporating those 'real life' feelings.

Julie A. Shearer

I like the Hello Life card it's so cute . I love the black with the rainbow of colors . TFS and a chance to win .

April W

I love the Just Be You card...such a great sentiment!!
- April W

Monica L.

There all so awesome! Im going to have to go with Teri Anderson's choice of the 3x4 card from the Everyday Snap set. I just love the phrases, their perfect and easy to start up a journal tag that can be tucked in the back of the card to read later on. Or perfect on their own, to let the pictures do the talking:)lol. I would love to win, Im just getting into Snap albums and need all the help in starting up I can get lol. Thanks for a chance to win something so awesome!:)

Peace, Love, & Cricut Hugs!
Monica L.

Crafty Moni


I would have to pick the hello everyday life card. Love the bubble and black and white combo. All the cards are great!

Tonya Morgan

I really like the Vintage Bliss card. I can see using it for so many different occasions, from the embarrassing to the sentimental.

Jennifer Wymore

I really love the wood grain on the daily grind! I just love all of these cards and I can't wait to get my hands on some!

Robin B.

I'm loving that hello life card. I like the chalkboard look and those colorful hearts.

Kimberli Bean

I love the checklist card, it fits perfectly with my to-do lists everywhere personality!


Teri Anderson's choice is my favorite since it gives the opportunity for some fun journaling. Life isn't always roses, and I thing we should document the "no comment" type of days.
Thanks so much for the chance to win!

Maddie @ Go Crafty

I love the hello life card as well! Something about the colors with the black make it seem cheerful!

Melonie colon

If I had to pick one it would be the card that Terri chose from the everyday collection. I love the options it has and that I can use it more than once!!!! But in reality I love them all!!!

Janis in ID

Love the Just Be You card with all its bright and fresh colors!!
<3 J

jwoolbright at gmail dot com

Vanessa Babin

I love the vintage bliss card. Love the soft color and the sentiment is so fitting for some events. All the cards are really nice too.

Stacie Jameson

Tough decision! I'll have to go with the 4x6 Hello Life with the hearts. I love the bold, yet simplistic look of it. The colors are just the right amount and the chalkboard does a great job at making it jump out at you.

Lea Lawson

Those are all awesome!! My fave is the first one....LOVE the woodgrain background, and as a card maker, I thought of the cutest sentiment that could go with it!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

Jasmine Marie

I love all the cards bc they're just so bright and cheery. The Hello Life one is very cute though!

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