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November 29, 2013


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They are all so fun and this is a great way to highlight the product, but I adore the "insta love" card.


i love the insta card one!!!! so so fun!!!

Anna Chulkova

My fav is http://simplestories.typepad.com/.a/6a0120a6a1e222970c019104496859970c-popup
It's so cute and warm and very cosy!

Nicole McNamara

'Love you a ton' for sure!! It's super cute and awesome! Could be used for either of my kids!

Pernilla J

The "Everyday" card is my favorite. It would fit any week in my album and expresses well what my PL/Life documented is about.


I think that the Everyday card is my favourite, because it reminds us to value what we have every day. Then we can document how blessed we truly are.

Julie Tucker-Wolek

E for Everyday is my fave! And I love love love the lo ... that sentiment is PERFECTION and loving the hearts!!


I love the E/Everyday - it's what I capture most and those are the memories I want to preserve. :)


LOVE the elephants!!! Soooooooo adorable!!
<3 J

jwoolbright at gmail dot com


Such cute cards, my favorite is the E for Everyday.

Jessica Yoder-Jones

I love the first one: Our love story is my fave. SUCH a nice card and you can use it for almost anything!!


The ones I like are the Daily Grind because I used to everything.


I enjoy all of the cards by simple stories, I couldn't pick just one favorite! Thanks for the chance to win them.


I love the 'love story' card! I'm making a scrapbook for my upcoming 10th anniversary (to suprise hubby) and that card will be a perfect addition! Thanks so much for the chance to win! :o)

Darla Weber

My favorite is the love story card. It is perfect for me and my husband.

Grace W

I've recently found Simple Stories and I have fallen head over heels! I like the elephant card, it's darling and yet extremely versitile

holly martin

I have to agree with Yuki! The cup reminds me of friendship. I love being with my friends sharing a cup of coffee. My heart filled with love as soon as I saw it. Thanks for the chance to win.

Andrea Garland

I'm between the first one so perfect to put with your photos with your love one and the elephant card is so cute and I love cute things lol. Thanks for the chance to win :)

Kayla F.

I love the chalkboard card from the Love Snap! I love the way chalkboard elements look on projects involving love and hearts!


I love the Christmas Snap Cards It will perfect for my December Daily project


I like the everyday snap cards . It would be nice to have it for project life


Insta love is LOVE!!! It's so Fun!!


Elephants are cuties!! They would be nice to be included in my little ones album! I love simple stories

Wendy A

I really love the elephant and it would be perfect for our newest addition! But the love one at the top, was amazing too!

izzy anderson

These are all just adorable. My favorite is the coffee mug because we are such big coffee and hot chocolate drinkers here and this card totally represents us!


Insta love for me. I recently got myself a new phone and now I like to do some insta photos because I can!

Ruth G

Love you a ton is my favorite. I love puns and elephants, so it's a perfect match for me!
Thanks for the chance to win!


Call me maybe is my favorite.

Cynthia B.

My fave is the "warm wishes" card. Reminds me of a cup of hot cocoa w/ whipped cream on top...one of my favorite cold-weather treats!

Miriam Prantner

E for Everyday is my favorite because those are my favorite moments to scrap right now.

Sandra L.

My favorite is the Love snap card. I love the sentiment and the chalkboard. I love how easily you can make a layout with it as Layle demonstrated.

Bernice J

I like the last one, E Everyday the best. I don't do project life but I think this would be very appropriate for the many everyday events I scrapbook in my layouts.

Robin B.

I'm loving the colors in the Insta Love card. Thanks for a great giveaway!

Sue Alg

Insta Love is my favorite. The colors are terrific


Aww, I loved this months picks!! My favourite card is the first one, the chalkboard style plus the cute saying - it's perfect!


I love the elephants card. It could be used for so many things - Valentine's Day will be here before we know it.


All though I love all of your products it was hard to narrow it down to just one but for this round I am gonna say loveset3!! I love the "everybody's love story is beautiful, but ours is my family"


Love Simple Stories, and these cards are absolutely fabulous! Selecting a favourite is such a challenge, however, the Love You A Ton is super cute; perfect for my niece, who's 3, and nephew, who's 1 1/2. Wonderful give away opportunity! Thank you!

LouAnn V.

The first one is my favorite. That is such a great quote.

Jenny J.

I love the love story one.


I love all the cards but my favorite is the first one...Our Love Story. The minute I saw it I had a vision of the page with the photos that will go with it :) I know I will be able to use it with a lot of pages!!!

Melinda Wilson

The love story is my favorite because of all the wonderful memories I have with my husband.


The Her cards fit my teenage daughter perfectly.


I really like them all, but my fav is the everyday snap one that says Insta Love!! Like Vicki, I love my photo apps.

Wendy Orme

I like "Love you a Ton" best because it reminds me of how much I love my new little grandson and it would look so cute on a layout of him.

Janet MacKay

My favourite card is the "love story" The little red heart at the end makes it just perfect.

Carol Greenwald

I like the Warm Wishes card. It is si cute.
Thanks for the chance to win.

Denise Coulter

I love the very first from the love snap set. It's just soooo romantic! And, after 12 years of marriage ,still rings true for me :)

sandy sh

love the telephone card...the retro telephone reminds me of my childhood

Denise Luscan

I love the Love Snap card. It's simple but looks wonderful on that layout!

Kelli Panique

I love the Our Story is My Favorite. Such a sweet sentiment and I love the page you created with it!

Pam Spradlin

I like Layle's the most. I am loving the chalkboard collections in scrapbooking right now. I can't get enough of it.

Marcia Scantlin

I love the Everyday life set with its print colors.


Love the "love" snap set!!!! Anything with chalkboard is adorable!


Everday cards is my choice because I can surely use it in many projects...Very versatile

Judy Sy

I love Baby boy cards as I am giving birth to my boy.. This would be perfect for his album


Christmas snap cards! Because Christmas is my favorite time of the year!!!


I like the Everyday cards because I document everyday moments. This cards will be be a nice embellishments to my pages


Our love story is my favorite. I can use it in many of my projects. Love the colors !

Joanne Y

Everyday card is my favorite. I love its colors and designs. I want it to be included in my life documentations.

Trista B

Her 3x4 cars are my choice as I can use them in my personal album. Everything abut ME!

Jackie Ong

I want them all! But, what I like most is the everyday cards. It's very versatile for any layout about documenting life's moments

Ashley T.

I love the Christmas snap cards as it would be nice for December Daily and Christmas moments lay outs. Awesome cards!


I like Daily Grind because it's perfect for any projects specially on everyday layouts

Vanessa Babin

My favorite is Warm Wishes. Love coffee and hot chocolate and this is the best time of the year for both. Plus the card is simple and to the point. Lovely.


I love the E Everyday Card!! But the insta love one is so cute as well!! :)


The Insta love are my fav because I love anything with a camera on it!

Mary-Anne V.

I love the elephant image one Love you a Ton..because with our kids I usually tell them I am the Mama Elephant and that I will always take care of my baby elephants!


My choice is baby boy and everyday! So versatile!


Love the Christmas Snap card. The hot chocolate just evokes cozy and warm!


I like the insta love card! So fun!

Lara Read

love the insta love just cause I'm digging camera patterns now.

Maria Giselle B.

My favorite is the Love SN@P set since I have my own favorite love story as well.


I ADORE the Love You a Ton card! Cute and clever - who can resist! I could see myself using it on a baby or little boy album, or even or a card for my honey!

Shauna M

Love the everyday cards! You can use it in lay-outs or Life albums!

Kyrie B

Love all the cards.. But, my super favorite is the baby boy cards for my little boy.

Remy Larick

I love Everyday. I am a busy mom..juggling between work and being a homemaker. Documenting life should be easy and fast since time is limited. I need embellishments like everyday card to fill-in my pages...

James L

I like the cards about LOVE. It's cute and sweet!

dirk c.

Everyday card and daily grind are my choices because they can easily be used in any lay outs and life documentation pages.

Karen Gail

Baby Boy would be something I would want as it would be great in my baby boy's album .


I love them all but my brother and sister in law just had a little baby boy so I guess I am drawn to the baby boy collection

Christine A

I love all of them but having to choose one I would say it's the love story one. It's very simple, love the chalkboard design and the little heart for the period gives it a touch of color.

Jeannine H

I love the love story card - such a neat saying! That being said, they are all really neat.


I love the love story card. It reminds me that I need to document my love story with mt husband.

barbara macaskill

They are all great cards but "Everybody's Love Story Is Beautiful..." is my favorite! My hubby literally brought me back from the dead a few years ago and things have been very chaotic health wise since then but our love has just grown stronger through it all. He shows me every single day how much he loves me. He does not say those three little words very often but his actions are what means the most to me!

Ray Lewis

All cards are awesome but I like the baby boy set best for my little one!!


The 'love you a ton' is adorable, I'd have to say it's my favorite.

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