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November 19, 2013


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The whole familly will get together to have a nice meal. I plan on making a lot of pictures that i can use in my scrapbook. The scrapbook will be in my favorite colour red :)

Julie Tucker-Wolek

I loveeeeee DD's!! I never thought I would, but I started 3 years ago and have loved making them! I have learned from past mistakes and think (fingers crossed! LOL!) I finally have something that works for me! :)


Love the idea. I make a December daily every Christmas with your kit. Last year I left it unfinished and I was thinking not to make one this year. But I am hooked now, so let's the games begin!

Sue Alg

I'm incorporating my December daily into my Project Life Scrapbook. Did this last year and I really like it. I think I'm going to take some ideas from Monica using SS.

Janet MacKay

I have been intrigued by the idea of a
DD album but always chicken out maybe this class will be the way to get it done.

Laura G.Turcotte

I am still contemplating on whether to do a DD or not. I thin it's the daily thing that is stopping me...I think I need this class! :) Thanks!

tammy b

i've tried dd twice so far and have failed to complete it twice so far. in fairness though, last year i did it about twinkle, our shelf elf, and the girls lost interest about a week in so…..i need some cheerleading this year to help me reach that finish line!


I would love to have additional inspiration & help completing DD! Thank you for the chance to win :)

Karin Boschaart


Cheryl Hutcherson

Really want to do a december daily this year. Would love a spot in class!

Kellie Cherwenuk Dignean

I love the idea but not sure I can pull it off...mine would probably look more like a hockey daily project LOL!

Tatiana Ortega

I'm seriously thinking of doing DD this year, it would be the first one for me! So I would love to win, thanks for the chance!

Vanessa McPherson

I really want to do this, this year. My hubby is deployed and this would be an amazing way to document our young daughters this year!

Ross Plata

Thank you for the chance to win :)


Sounds like a great way to stay motivated! Thanks for the chance!


I am in the middle of a "30 days of thankful" album project and want to keep the momentum going leading up the Christmas. It's gratifying to watch my son look through the DD album that I completed 3 yrs ago. Time for another DD album this year...we've added some new traditions.


I'm doing one this year for the first time! Inspiration would be more than welcomed!

Cindy Reynolds

Love the album. Doing my first DD this year.

Ruth G

I'm thinking about making my December Daily about what I enjoy about the holidays. I've tried to do DD before focusing on my kids, but they just don't want me taking so many pictures of them, so I figure if I do it about me, hopefully I won't be bothering them too much! Thanks so much for the chance to win a spot in the class! Simple Stories would make DD so fun and easy!

Kellee Bluitt

I am going to a December Daily for the first time this year. My sister told me about it. The idea of taking pictures everyday sounds fun. I am so excited.


looks like a fun class!(love those cards!) thank you for the chance!

Jessica Yoder-Jones

I plan on spending time w/ my wonderful hubby, beautiful daughter and my great step-children!!

Jilena Paskett

The class looks so fun! This is the first year I'm going to make aDD album.


I am going to try a December daily this year...so I hope to be scrapping a lot this year...

Carla Hundley

I don't do a December
album as I do Project
Life and document every
day as it is. But there
are lots of beautiful
albums being shown.
Carla from Utah

Tonya Morgan

Your December Daily week inspired me to dig out my unscrapped 2012 pictures and create an album. I had a lot of fun putting it together and can't wait to do a daily this year.

Margaret B.

I'm thinking about taking a picture a day and then adding them to an album.
This would work wonderful with that and thank you for the chance to win


I will do a December Daily album this year. I am using a Snap album, as I love them, and that is what I used last year. Class sounds interesting. Roseann




What a Beautiful gesture!!!


This will be my third year doing the December Daily and the second year I will be using the Sn@p album(s) for it!!! This year I am using the green one.

orange gearle

This is a great giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win!


I would like to try to do a dd this year....wish my kids were little again so it would involve them more


I have never tried this kind of class and I would not mind having a go. I love December Daily, what a great project for scrapbookers.



I'd love some guidance to get my first December daily done. Don't know where to start!!

Ellie Augustin

working on a December daily this yr. Thanks for the chance.

Barbara Staradumsky

I am finishing up 4 simple stories snap albums for my daughters and daughter in law as a suprise for christmas. All they have to do is add pictures the decorating has already been done for them. I have had so much fun making these albums!

Karen Freeman

I haven't had a chance to do a December daily but hoping this year all those shots of decorating and fun can be put into an album!

Suzy Campos

Can't wait this will be my first December DAily and I have my Simple Stories December Documented products ready!!!So excited!

Lynn Wigren

I've got everything I need for my Sn@ap album for Christmas. The class would be very helpful!

Barbara Johnson

I just purchased my December Documented kit and album to make a December Daily. This will be my first, so I'm very exited to get started.


I love December Daily and I really love to see how others create theirs. There are so many different creative ideas out there.

Courtney Helen

I am just not a creative person but I love looking at all of the scrapping sites and buying the pretty products. I would love the opportunity to win a seat in the class to learn some techniques and then pass on what I have learnt to other friends. xx

E. Babcock

Winning this class would beagle at way to learn new techniques and ideas.


Winning this class would give me the incentive to start a scrapbook of this year's Christmas.

Jaime Clement

Love the idea of a december daily. I can't wait to get started.


I have tried to do a DD for the past 3 years. I get started & then never finish. Hope this is the year I get it done.


I have just decided that I am going to undertake a December Daily album for the first time...here goes nothing! :)

Carol Labuski

I would be so excited to win this class! It's exactly what I need to get a DD album done! Thanks for the chance!

Lisa m Zepponi

Sounds great! Thanks,

Jessica B.

My daughter and I are planning on doing a December Daily this year!

Cassandra Duchaine

I've never attempted a DD but I'm going to this year! I'm excited to try it out!

Kathy P

Love Monica's album cover, and the way she has already done her numbers. I am making my first DD this year....just having a hard time getting started. Thanks for the reminder about the previous posts...they were awesome and I am going back to check them out. Hopefully that will spur me on! Thanks for a chance to win a seat in this cool class!

Christina S.

I just hope to be able to scrapbook AT ALL in December!! I would love to get ambitious and do a DD... But it scares me! I think I'd do good til day 10ish :)

Becky Medley

I have never done December Daily, and decided to do this year. I have seen so many wonderful albums of DD over the years, and wanted to try this year. I am excited to get started!

Carol Greenwald

I always say I going to do a December Daily, but have not gotten around to it. This is the year I am going to do it. I am almost done shopping so, I will have the time for it this year. Happy Holidays!

Kimberli Bean

I haven't had much time to scrap lately, so
I have a simple goal...just to sit down and make some pages with the new pics I just ordered!! This class sounds so fun, I'm intrigued by a monthly daily project!

lakshmi muthina

looking forward to the class

Dorina D

What a great way to complete the project. Love this idea. It'd be fun to use this to document all our fun family traditions.

Jean Marmo

My kids are 25 and 30 so instead of a daily, i just do an album of our week or days together.


I am trying to follow through and actually do the album I always plan on doing! The class would be a great help!


I am making a December Documented book - that way if I miss a day, no guilt! I already have my red Sn@p binder and cards and am ready to go!

Sabrina Radican

This is one I really need to do and plan on doing this year one way or another!! I really need to be more organized!! I love to scrapbook but sometimes I do get lost along the way then I get bummed out and put it down and walk away from it hoping I will come back but sad to say I don't. So with that being sad this is a new year!!

Ashley W

How awesome! Would love to be able to participate in this class. Thanks for the chance to win!!!

[email protected]


I plan on having a December Daily album. I got a kit and have pland for each day. Those cards are so cute. Thanks.

Amante del Papel

wow this is an amazing!!!


Ty for a chance to win :D

Amanda Farlinger

Going to do a December Daily album this year but haven't planned anything so this would help!

Alexia Misso

Thanks for the chance!

Sandra L.

Plan on starting and actually completing my December Daily Album this year. Welcome the chance to be inspired by Monica's class.

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