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September 27, 2013


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I also live in a house of boys. Five in fact, so I love the "Oh Boy"card too.I don't know how many times a day I say "oh boy"! I love the colour combo too. I can't wait till they arrive in Australia!!!


Ooh love the choiches from the girl! Favo is the first one and the walt disney card!! Xx Tamara


I have to say Marie's card....for the same reasons :-) I am (im)patiently waiting for the new sets to arrive at my local stores. Hopefully they'll get them in.

Julie Tucker-Wolek

So fun!!!!


Yep, almost October. And not long ago we were making summer plans.
The second one is my choice - cause there is a place to write. Or maybe the third one - cause it's pretty.


I'd pick Melissa's High Voltage card--as long as I can get some of her bottled energy too!! ;-)

Miriam Prantner

My favorite is that first You + Me = Love card, so sweet!


My favourite is the first one - the chalkboard card saying "you + me = love". I do like the chalkboard trend and I like that there is enough space on the card to add a picture of me and my love or to add some writing :)

Sonja Hunter

I love the He said She said cards as I have both a son and a daughter with very different views on the world! :)


Loving that pie chart, so many ways to use it. I would document how my time is spent on any given day.

Debbie Ford

I like Marie's card

Christine W.

My favorite is the Walt Disney Quote Card...I love the cloud but my favorite part of it is the heart at the end of the quote. Since we are fans of all things Disney (we even got married at a Disney resort!), this one really pulls at me.

Melanie G

Marie's card is my favourite - I love the quote and it is oh so true!

Jamie Greene

I love the chalkboard you + me = love. Just my style:)


You + me= love! Definitely!

Nicole Poirier

I like the Chalkboard card that says you + me = love. It kind of brings me back to when I was little and we used to write notes asking if someone liked you and you had to check off the yes or no box. These cards should spark feeling in order for them to be truly special.

Cindy Trimble

You + Me = Love

So cute!


♡ the "He said, She said" cards from the Love SN@P! Set .
Love how I can dictate our promises to each other; or even just those simple words that we say to each other that would make us smile. (;


Marie's card has my favorite sentiment and some of my favorite colors

Jessi Brown

Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age...definitely my favorite card! I love all the Disney cards but this one is special!


The high voltage card is my fave. I love the colors!

Gail Schmitt

I like Kay's card
You +me =love
I raelly like the chalkboard look

Kim M

My favorite? Definitely "Oh Boy!" ...for all the same reasons that Kelly picked it! Can't wait for that set to show up in the stores!

Staci G.

I pick the 'Oh Boy!' - love this color combo for my boy!

Terrilyn Moore-Taylor

I love the Laughter card. It's what the world needs more of.


I love the first one because I'm working on my wedding scrapbook right now :) Wish there were more varieties of the 6x8 pages :( Can't use 4x6 vertical cards in my spreads without using a whole empty pocket.


How to choose? I'm gonna go with the last one. Perfect for my boys!!!

Aussie Deb

Love the Disney card. <3

Julia Auer, Osnabrück, Germany

I love the first one, just for the same reason. So great to have space for a photo to prove the correctness of that dweet little equation :-)


You+Me=Love. Like the chalboard!

Janetta Zeimetz

You+Me=Love card. I like it because it is simple, but yet sweet and to the point. I love it!!

Tonya Morgan

I love the Walt Disney quote card. I like the clean and simple design and the quote itself cannot be beat.


Oh boy.. though I really like the "he said" and the high voltage cards too..


My favorite is the one with the quote from Walt Disney. I'm a true Disney fan, through and through. I love to be able to put little Disney touches on any page and this quote card certainly fills that desire.

LouAnn V.

My favorite is the Oh boy card. I have 3 boys and am a sucker for anything boy and I love chevrons too.

Kathy P

Love every single card pick....makes me so happy that I pre-ordered every one of these sets! :))

Cathy Mischuck

I like the black "you + me" card. So many ways to use it!

Leah Burgett

I love the He Said card. My son says some of the cutest things that I never want to forget. This would be great to use in my Project Life.

Deb Wohlleben

Tough to pick....but I'm addicted to the chalkboard trend, so I have to pick that one. :) Can't wait to use it myself!!

Graciw Williams

I like the she said one, you can fill out what ever you want, plus it reminds me of the guys at work who are always saying "That's what she said".....

Andrea Garland

I love all but my favorite is the chalkboard card is so simple but has a powerful message and you can write or but s photo in the blank space

Holly E

My favorite is the "laughter is timeless" card. I love the saying and the font!

Amy Ulen

The You + Me = Love is perfect and can be used for so many projects!

Beatrice Lawson

Marie's choice from Say Cheese is perfect!


I like the card by Marie using "Say Cheese" collection. I love the saying and the color combination.

Wendy A

Since we have 5 boys I think I am going to say my favorite card is the high voltage one, definitely describes our home! I've already used the Say Cheese pack of cards - love them too!

TracyM #6773

They're all great!!!
My favourite is Kay's choice from "Say Cheese" collection because I love the colours (which go with anything, especially masculine moments), the stripes and the bullet points which have room to journal key words :)

Carrie Erickson

All the cards are great so had trouble choosing but I think my fave is Marie's. I love the colors and the saying.

Cynthia B.

I love Kim's choice of cards - not only for the cute cards themselves, but also for the reason! :) How true it is that one thing I say comes out so differently than what my hubby will say!
Thanks for the chance to win! Love Simple Stories!


Several great cards, but with 2 boys I have to go with the Oh Boy card that Kelly picked.

Teresa Wilkins

Boy, Oh Boy, Oh, Boy....that is my life too. Raised three (four if you count the hubby) and have two grandson's ( and one little girl). I seem to scrap lots of boy pages! Love the whoe SNAP line. It is fabulous.


The piechart one is my favourite because you can personalise it to any occasion. I'd love to win these card sets as I haven't done nay project life/Snap/ divided page layouts before and I need help!

Robin B.

My favorite card is the Oh Boy one because I love the color combination.

stacie D

I love the pie chart and colors of the Say Cheese cards! I can't wait to use some of these in my Disney pages!

Christine A

My favorite is Marie's card. I love the timeless quote and the color scheme on the card-very versatile.

Jennifer Busselle-Dunn

I like the Oh Boy! card. My kids are grown and gone so this card speaks to the excitement I feel at learning a new skill, trying a new food or bringing home a new product to try.


oh boy! because i scrap the most of my son.can't wait to buy this cards...

Nicole McNamara

I can think of a page for each and everyone of those amazing cards! But I think the pie chart had the most potential.

Michelle Bittner

Love the Walt Disney quote card...super cute and love the blues and reds.

Julie A. Shearer

Oh Boy is my favorite , because I live with a house full of boys ...or should I say men . My boys are all grown up . Thank you for a chance to win .

Clauida Mitchell

I love the new chalkboard look going around so I have to go with the sweet chalkboard you + me card. Love them all though!

Wendy Orme

I love all the cards but "Oh Boy" speaks to me because I have 3 grandsons who are brothers and have many layouts I could use this card on for them.


I love the "high voltage" card. It is perfect for a mom of 4 boys who are all high voltage!

Abby P

Hands-down, the "Oh Boy" card...similar story as above: 1 husband, 2 boys, 4 male dogs, and threw 4 male turtles to keep things interesting! Any chance of digital products in the future?

Suzie Q

Love Kay's choice. Love the bright colors and the bullet points.

Emily Todd

I love the Disney card! This was actually my high school senior quote for the yearbook. Nice to see it on a scrapbook item!

Margaret Spencer

Oh Boy! I have two young grandsons and oh, boy is grandparenthood great!!

Elspeth Mann

I love the one with the Disney quote. It is cute, fun and inspirational! I know it is one of the cards from your lines that I have set aside for that one special layout! Thanks for this pick a card idea. Very cool!


Definitely the first one for me. Love that simplicity of the simple writing on the chalkboard background.

Heather V

The first one because it would look great on any page!

Heather Dreith

I like all of the cards, but my favorite is the "High Voltage" one because it fits my son so well. Not only is he "high voltage", but he is in to electricity. Thanks for the chance to win these awesome cards!


I love Kay Roger's choice...the piechart in the Say Cheese collection. So fun to make a list on.

Melissa S

My favourite is the You + Me = Love card. Love the chalkboard background.

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