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July 30, 2013


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Linda Huber

Got to go with the "Tinsel fixes everything". It just made me smile!

Pat Robertson

I 'heart' Summer is my favorite card because my scrapbooking club nickname is 'Sweeteart.' The little hearts caught my eye first. I really like it because it can be a journaling card or a mat for a single photo or for 2-3 tiny photos. It's many uses makes it so appealing. I do 'heart' this card.
Pat aka Sweetheart

Karin Boschaart

love the smile often.......
english is not my native language but love your quotes so much. and that green color is fab

Melody Pugh

I am loving the "Hello Life" card. Pretty much obsessed with all things chalkboard these days. And I love the "Tinsel..." card to but am so NOT ready for Christmas just yet. ;)

Carrie Bryant

I really love the Urban Traveler card. I just started using these Snap cards on my 12x12 layouts and I love how they can bring a traditional layout all together.

Natasha Poteraj

Status Update is my favorite. I love graph paper.

Sharon Gullikson

I like the Hello life one best because of the colors, but also love the Status update one.


I heart summer and vintage bliss! I cannot and will not pick one! No can do! :)
I love them both!

Jennifer Alatorre

"hello life"

gina o.

I love the Vintage Bliss card. Sometimes in the craziness of our everyday lives we forget that we have more good in our lives than bad. It is the way we choose to approach life that determines how we handle these things and this card is a reminder of that. Thanks for the chance
gina o

Kemi Forestieri

I love the blessed card because my life is truly blessed

Margie Visnick

I agree with Allison Davis!

Jacky S

At this time of year....the 'summer' one is my favourite.

Wendy Orme

I like the one that has two 3x4 cards together because you could do so much with it on a traditional layout or a pocket layout.

Anna Mueller

I love the Vintage Bliss card. What a great reminder since so often we get bogged down in life's challenges. We should all smile more!

Megan G

I like the Hello life card!! The chalkboard background and the colored hearts are great!!

Tammy Luiz

I like Hello Life because it could be used for just everyday things. You could easily use it to document the harder/down side life happenings that are usually harder to talk about. It's so much easier to find cards and photos to document the lighter more fun side of our lives, but it's sometimes the tough times that shape us more.

Mandy Daniel

Love the Status Update. I would love to use this with my teenage girls. :)


My favorite was Hello Life. I like the colors. It is simple in design but very effective in getting the message across.
I do have to pick a second - the remember you are blessed. I know I have been. thanks

Rita Brown

I like the status bubble because that's the way these days . . . in short status reports :-)

Jessica Yoder-Jones

I love the OH SN@P! card. I love that it can be used with a camera!


I LOVE the "tinsel fixes everything" card! I reminds me of our ugly Charlie Brown looking Christmas tree when I was a kid. All that seemed to make it look better was tinsel. :) All the others are really cute too! :)

Jamie Greene

I adore "Tinsel fixes everything". It is a fun!!!

Julia Auer, Osnabrück, Germany

Yay! What a great new blog event!
I think I would go with Allisons choice, the status update. I LOVE to have a card with some kind of frame on it for my tiny photos, so they don't feel lost on a plain white card. And mostly, there's also some space left for journaling :-)
Just perfect!

Jennifer Grace

Great idea for a feature! I love the 'Tinsel Fixes Everything' card, I hadn't noticed that before and it is awesome! And so true! x

lynn f

I love the "Tinsel fixes Everything" card. Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year and this card is a great stress-free way to approach the holidays.

Anneke V.

Love the vintage bliss quote card! So true!


Everyday SN@P! Set is my favorite. I can use them for my sweet boy, everyday i see him grow and want to remember all the days!
This cards are for normal but great memories during his life!


It is difficult to pick just one but since that is the question of the day, then I have to go with the vintage bliss. That message is powerful. I love the vintage bliss collection of cards. They are so fitting to my scrapping pages of my darling Granddaughter.

Court's Crafts

Added my email! Sounds super fun!!!

Favorite? Cari's. It's such a great life reminder AND the green color is really close to the color I want to paint my daughter's room!

Lisa Posthumus

Ok, this is a hard one. Each card reminds of something. "Summer" sunshine and happiness. "Hello Life" reminds me to get off the computer and go do something, like scrapbooking. "Tinsel fixes everything" reminds me of my Christmas tree which is a different color/theme every year, and how frustrating it is to make it just perfect. "Status Update" reminds me that I might be the only person on the planet that has a "smart" phone and uses it ONLY as a phone (data turned off), it drives my husband nuts. Which then reminds me of the other 2 cards, we spend a lot of time laughing together.
So my pick is going to be "hello life" based on how I love the wonderfully bright colors mixed with black.


"Tinsel fixes everything" is my favorite! Why you ask... well, lets just say that you should visit my house at Christmas time!!! This card says it all for me! Love it!!

Olesya K

if I had to choose, it would be the summer one! love journaling cards!

Elizabeth Sandin

I love the Vintage Bliss card. I have two grandsons and they help me smile often and smile a lot!

Margaret D.

My favorite is the "Smile Often.." because it is so true....I am so blessed and I need to be reminded everyday!


I love the card that says "I laughed so hard" because I love documenting the things my kids say that really do make me laugh so hard!

Angi Barrs

I just love that Everyday Snap card set. So super fun!!!


They are all great, but my favourite is the "Hello Life" card from the Everyday Sn@p set. I absolutely love the combo of chalkboard and bright colours!! :)

Paula Sullivan

The vintage bliss card is my favorite because I love sayings and quotes! Thanks for the chance to win!

Beatrice Lawson

The colourful I Heart Summer is my top pick, and I agree, you do not need to do PL to use these beauties. They pack a punch on cards or layouts or minis and I would love to give these cards a good home!

Taunya Butler

The I Heart Summer cards are my favorite - love the bright colors and all the fun that Summer always has in store!!! Thanks for great products!!!

Beth E.

We have a strong sense of humor in our home. However, I really like "Hello Life" with the strong contrast of colors. It just jumps and pops! There are times I have to work in a bit more serious content into my LOs. Great prize!

Erika @ Scrapbook Obsession Blog

I agree with Layle. I love the "hello life' card the best. The addition of black to the Sn@p! line has me so excited! It really makes the bright colors pop. And I {heart} hearts!


I love them all but probably "Tinsel Fixes Everything." Made me laugh.

Alexia Misso

Vintage Bliss SN@P! Happy colors!


I love the "Hello Life" card...the little colorful hearts are so fun!

Cynthia B.

Dang, that's a tough choice - so many great designs here, and actually I love them all! I guess I'd have to go with Alison's choice of the I heart Summer card - love the colors of this line, and summer is on my mind because we're enjoying the season, and school will start before we know it! Thanks for the chance - Simple Stories rocks!!


I love the Vintage Bliss cards!!!! The last 10 months or so have been very hard for me and I love the sayings on the cards!!!! I would love to pin some up in different places in my home to remind me that life is good and smiles are awesome!!!

Jackie Hughes

Love the "hello life". Love the saying and I'm a black and white fan.

MaryBeth Hudson

It's hard to choose, but I like the Vintage Bliss card the best. Reminds us to count our blessings everyday! I am blessed!


I like the I love Summer card the best. Love that it is colorful and gives me room to write or add pictures to it! Thanks for the giveaway!


for me it has to be the believe card in the christmas set. I believe that my daughter will still be with us this christmas, i believe that we are blessed as a family with her presence. Have to say, love all your cards and would find good ways to use any of them. Although, that probably involves just admiring them for a good few weeks first.

Denise Coulter

I love the Hello Life card. Having just started working out and getting fit, I feel like it's perfect for me.

Melissa S

Love the Hello Life card. Amazing colour combination. Thanks for the chance to win!

Suzann N.

This made me laugh- is my fave! I will use this card over and over again with things my 4 year old will say/do!
Awesome giveaway!


So hard to choose because they are all so great. i think the green Smile Often one is my favourite

lisa m

I like the 1st, last and summer card thanks for a chance to win

Vanessa Babin

Oh it's so hard to pick one, but I if I must, its the Tinsel Fixes Everything! Love Christmas, love the thought. I also love the summer card with the bright colors. Thanks for the opportunity to win these cards!

betty lou

Lovin' Vintage Bliss...and yes, I am very blessed!!!! Thanks for the chance to win!!


love them all , cant wait to tell we can buy them

Michelle Moore

I think I like Alison Landy's choice - "Status Update" I like the colors and it's very trendy.


Status update!

Nikki McAnary

Hello life was my fav until I saw the "tinsel fixes everything" ... I am a Christmas addict ! I must have this set :)))


These cards are awesome!! It is tough to pick a favourite but I am going with Allison's choice. I have a thing for chevrons at the moment and the colours are awesome!! A close second would be Cari's choice just because the saying makes my heart happy!!

Robin B.

I love the colors on the black background of the Hello Life card and I love the witty statement on the Tinsel Fixes everything card.


I love the "good day sunshine" from the "I {heart} summer" collection because it is trendy, and it is my nickname.
But from the 5 you posted here my favorite is "smile often, laugh a lot, and realize how bless you are" because I am known for laughing a lot (and loud) and always try to keep a positive attitude and thank God for the abundance in my life everyday. TFS

Sue s ellsworth

my fav has to be urban traveler I love, love the whole line


Realize how blessed you are says it all. It makes me smile, what could be better.


I like "tinsel fixes everything" because when you are decorating a tree with children...it's TRUE! :)

Rachel V

I love the "Hello Life" card! Love the white letters on black background and those colorful hearts just make me smile!

Janis in ID

Love the Smile Often card!!
<3 J


Well, I enjoy all of the cards, but I have to say, the smile...laugh...blessed one puts a smile on my face. I like the color and the font used. Thanks for the chance to win such a generous prize!


Those cards are amazing. I can't wait to use all of them on my digital profect life. You are so creative. Thanks for sharing. Tinsel fixes everithing is my fave because IS SO FUNNY!

Cecelia Smith

Love it all. You guys are so good at what you do. Being real. That's why we all can relate & connect with your products-- Making dreams come true & capturing big & little moments.

Cele Schaffer

Christmas! Tinsel does fix everything!


I like the I Heart Summer Sn@p card - the colors scream summer to me and for some reason I can't resist a grid background!

stacie d

I adore summer and being home with my kids. I'd choose the chevron summer card as it is pointing us towards our next adventure!

patricia perez

The "hello life" is so beautiful, love the colors, the font! ♥


the tinsel card is a favorite. would love to win.

Kimberly Fusselman

My favorite is the Vintage Bliss card. I love the colors of the whole line, but the card is especially meaningful to me. I have struggled with depression off and on for years, most recently since September of last year. I try to find the blessing in everything, every day, and doing that has really helped me work through the darker seasons. Earlier this week, one of my coworkers said "You sure are smiling a lot lately." I'm blessed. <3 Thank you for the chance to win, but thank you more for this awesome card.

Dorina D

Each card is fabulous and I love them all, but I have to say Christmas is my favorite holiday, so I have to choose "Tinsel fixes everything" because tinsel makes everyone smile, laugh and feel good....... Thanks for hosting a fun giveaway.


I love the Summer card the most!

AndreaJ in VA

Layla, your favorite is also my favorite of those cards. I love the pretty font combined with the pop of color!

Marsha F

I like the hello life card. Really cute!

April W

I love the blessed card because that saying is so true!! My fav color is green too. ;)
- April W

Emily Todd

I love the "Hello life" card! The colored hearts on the stark black background draw your eye immediatedly. Stunning!!

cheryl maucere

I love the I heart summer card. I take so many pictures in the summer, that it's just a natural for my scrapbooks.


Awesome...all awesomeness!!!

Margaret Spencer

hello life ~ love the sharp contrast between the black and the colors - love the font, too!

Jasmine Marie

Hello life is so colorful! Thanks for the giveaway!

Shirley B

I love the tinsel one, made me smile, but I think I am really drawn to the Urban traveller card. Maybe it's because I have so many little quotes from the kids that I like to keep.

Andrea g

The Smile often.... Card is my favorite. I just think its one of those things you need to remember and would go good in books since its not trendy, its classic

Lyn Meadows

My favourite is Tinsel fixes everything. I love everything Christmas and have used SS colections for the last 2 years in my JYC albums. I love how they are so easy to use and ths year will be no different. Love the new colours too.

Lori A. Geise

I agree with Emily I like the Life set of Snap cards. I think I just like the true to "life" quotes.

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