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July 30, 2013


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Theresa D

The "tinsel fixes everything" card is my favorite! It reminds me if my childhood, my favorite part of putting up the Christmas tree every year was putting the tinsel on the tree!


i love 2...can i can i????

i love the status update cos that is so me!!!! but the tinsel fixes anything card is something i so need!! !love christmas!!!!


I like the one that says "pick a card any card" hehehe. I really love the way SS uses so much colour, so I think my fave is Allisons' summer card with Layles as a close second!

Cecilia Coleman

The card I pick is the Summer card. My daughter loves summer and living in WA we don't get much of it, so it's always extra special when it does warm up here.

Vicki Parker

I love the Status Update card for a lot of the same reasons that Allison said. Love the speech bubble, the grid, lots of space for journalling and especially love the blue. :)


I love the one from I heart Summer Collection, it's so bright and vivid, I love the colors. It's simply makes me smile)) I really HEART summer;)))

Denise Luscan

I love the Urban Traveler card the most for EXACTLY one of the reasons Allison stated! I have a four year old and they do come up with some doozies!

Kayla F.

I do love the Hello Life from the Everyday Snap Collection. I'm a fan of the chalkboard trend and I love the contrast of the colorful hearts!


It's really hard to choose !!! I love 2 but if I have to choose one, it would be the I {heart} summer and in the second place the "hello life" card from the Everyday SN@P set


I love the vintage bliss card the best...it is such a great reminder for us to realize our blessings and pictures are an amazing way to capture and share those blessings.

Nicole McNamara

I like the Everyday Set the best! I can see me using one on every single page I create!!! Love the black and bright colours combo!
But it is closely followed by Snappy Thoughts to put my jounalling on!

Nicolle S

I must agree with Allison - I love that status update card!


Sue Alg

My fav has to be the Hello Life Card. Love the contrast of black and white and the pops of color. It caught my attention immediately.

Dawn F.

I like the Vintage Bliss card the best. My family is going through a tough time right now and I need to remember truly how blessed I am.


I like most the one that says Status update.

Marcia Scantlin

I like the one that says I laughed so hard. This is such an unusual card that you don't see everyday.

Julie Tucker-Wolek

These are all fabulous!!! Off to sign up!!

Jackie Pocock

I love the Tinsel fixes Everything card. I always struggle to scrapbook christmas and hoping these set will help me out this year.


Love the vintage bliss card! I used it in my baby girl's photo album.


Got a big kick out of the "Tinsel fixes everything" card.
But my absolute favorite is Ashley's choice from "Urban Traveler". We get a little goofy around here and I've been including a lot of pictures of things that we get a chuckle out of.

Pam Spradlin

Tinsel fixes everything is my favorite. I will be thinking of this when I start to get stressed out this Holiday season. Anything bright and shiny and maybe glittery should bring a smile to anyones face.

Ilona van Soest - Stremme

"Tinsel fixes everything" cracks me up, so that would be my fav. Love all the cards to be honest. Started pocket scrapping just today with a fresh orange snap binder and the I heart summer series, so I'm off to a good start. Love te inspiration you provide here, 'cause making the change from traditional scrapping to the Snap systems is taking some adjustment in the way I scrap ;-) Love the challenge though.

Lu L

My favorite would have to be "tinsel fixes everything". It reflects my current attitude about Christmas...just deal with it and go on!!

Elizabeth D.

Everyday snap card. I love the cards I saw on the preview. The colors are nice and works for everyday. ;)

Judi Taylor

I like the Status Update card. It is so versatile.

Corinne S

'Tinsel fixes everything' is my favorite-- I like the dark background, the script font, and the funny statement. I love tinsel it my husband hates it so we don't get to put it on the tree :(


I love the "Smile often..." card because I believe smiling can really change your mood and gratitude is the key to happiness! Thanks for a chance to win such an awesome prize. This prize should keep somebody smiling for a good while!

Judy Chamberlain

Love them all, but like Cari's pick the most. Love the saying and the entire Vintage Bliss set.

Jacqueline R

I love the "hello life" card....the chalkboard mixed with bright colors is perfect! I can't wait for this set to be released!

Kelly S

I love the tinsel card! The holidays can be stressful and that quote is such a fun way to remind you to just roll with it :)


Tinsel fixes everything is my favorite. But Hello Life is a close second.

Thanks for making me smile!

Becky F

I love all of these, but I think the "Summer" 4x6 is my absolute favorite. What a fun new feature!


It's a tough choice but I think my favorite is hello life. I love the upbeat tone to the message and the bright colors really pop off of the black.

Diana Poirier

"This made me laugh" for the bright colours and the content on the card! Thanks for the chance to win!!!


My favorite has to be the Status Update card! <3 that!

Julie Jones

I love the summer one....because I am scrapping summer pictures now and LOVE that paper pack.

Kelley Sweitzer

Love that Hello Life one!! Can't wait to get my hands on all the new releases!

Kathy Adams

I like Smile Often,because with life's stresses it's good to count your blessings.

ryan ann

I love the status update card ... so versitle :)

Kris Stice

"tinsel fixes everything" is my favorite card! I also love vintage bliss.


I love the "this made me laugh" it is ideal for all those silly little moments that are so easily forgotten. Fabby giveaway!

Janet MacKay

My favourite is "Tinsel fixes Everything". Love all the beautiful cards.

Judy R

I really like 3x4 journaling cards and not just for pocket pages! The Status Update is my fav!

Terri Bradford

Status Update is my favorite... great to just copy/paste your FB status for the day and document the everyday. Fun! Would love to win them all!

Bobbie Brock

The "Smile often.." card - I thank God every night at prayer time for all that he has given us, no matter what troubles we face!

Heather - housesbuiltofcards

These are all gorgeous - but I especially LOVE the first one - reminds me of chalkboard!!!

Nancy Bailey

I love the saying on the "Smile Often..." card. I really have to admit I love them all!

Shelly Santos

hello life card!!! Love it!!!

Melinda M

Hello Life is my favorite, super excited about true scrap 5. Can't wait to see what SS will be doing for TS.

Cathy Tibbetts

I'd have to say my favorite is the Smile often from the Vintage Bliss collection. Love the colors in this collection and I realize every day how blessed I am. Thank you for the chance to win. I LOVE Simple Stories!

Karen Pilon

Who doesn't thing "tinsel fixes everything"?! Too cute.

Lisa U.

Loving the "Smile often...." Quote from the Vintage Bliss line.
When I'm long gone someone will be looking in my Sn@p album reading something as lovely and meaningful as that. It's a little treasure for people I love, and I wouldn't have thought of it myself.

Tiffany Grant

Love the Tinsel fixes everything!! Love any new cute different Christmas lines!


love the status update card. love the space to journal and the pop culture reference.


Love the Everyday "Hello Life" card, loving the chalkboard & bright colors!

Nancy Goldstone

Even if you don't do the pocket style of scrapbooking these cards would be "simple" to integrate into a regular style layout or card. The ease of building a page or card is so very "simple" because all of the lines coordinate so effortlessly! Please hurry them to our stores!

Dawn S

I am torn between "Smile often..." and "Status Update." I like them both so much...

I like the muted tones and the thoughtfulness of "Smile Often..." but I also like the originality afforded each card with the "Status Update" card.


LOVE the hello life card!

laura mm

i like the "this made me laugh" card :)
thanks for the giveaway!


my fav is the Vintage Bliss card because this is how I want to live my life and I know I am blessed!


Just an awesome idea!

Lisa P

I have to say that the hello life card is my fave just because of the black background that gives the colors pop. The saying on Cari's pick is fabulous though so it is a close second. The True Scrap event sounds incredible and something I could really benefit from because i love the cards you've come out with in your new snap sets.

laura plunk davis

LOVE "Hello Life" !!! but all are super cute...

Cheryl H-F

I do love the Hello Life from the Everyday Snap Collection. I love the chalkboard look of the card, plus the white and the colors just pop off the background. It reminds me of when chalkboards were still in use in school and gives me that vintage feel.


I love all things colorful and the "hello life" was made with me in mind! I makes me smile and caters to my inner child! Simple Stories collections are my fave!


love this new feature

Melinda Wilson

My favorite right now is "status update" because my dad just came home from the hospital this past weekend after being there for 73 days. I would keep family and friends updated through facebook with a "Daily Update from MICU" (48 days), "Daily Update from Cardiac Step Down Unit" (10 days), "Update from the Rehab Floor" (15 days) and FINALLY Sunday's "Update from HOME". As you can see, "status update" has a lot of meaning for me right now!!

Dan Long

I like "Tinsel", but it needs to be a blingy as tinsel is!

Nancy L

The vintage bliss one has to be my favorite. The quote on the card perfectly just sums up my life right now.


I love all these cards these will make a great addition to my scrapbooking!!

Christi in MA

I Heart Summer is my favorite because it's hard to find 4x6 journaling cards. And I really do heart summer!

Joann Aasman

My favorite is the hello life. I love the bold colors - so fun!

June M

I think the first one, hello life, has to be my favorite just because of the way the colors pop off of the black background. I love color! The I heart summer one would be my second favorite because living in Florida I have many reasons to use it.

Sonja Hunter

I love the 'Tinsel fixes everything' card because Christmas is my favorite time of year and this is just a wonderful saying. I will definitely use that one!

Jayne Jones

I love them all but if I have to pick one it would be the hello life card because it can be used in so many ways! Adorable!

Miriam Prantner

My favorite is the This Made Me Laugh card. My girls say funny things all the time, and this would be a perfect way to record some of my favorites quotes.

Andrea Garland

I love the I heart Summer card, because the colors are wonderful, those hearts are super cute and have a lot of space to put a mini photo or write.

Laura Cox

I have a toss up between two....the Tinsel Fixes Everything.....because let's face it....Christmas and it's pure shining joy do seem to make everything else pale in comparison! And the Status Update....it's just so versatile....goes for any event, any season! Thanks for the chance to win such an amazing prize!!


The Summer arrow card would be my fave. I also like that you can cover up the summer word and use it for anything really! Great colors and a good spot to journal! Thanks for the chance to win!


I like the tinsel one-so funny and cute!

Cherri Simon

I love the "this made me laugh" card. I love people/things that make me laugh and could see using the layout as a great theme for a scrapbook.

Deb Wohlleben

Loving them all, really...but I think my favorite is the "this made me laugh (hard)" - laughter is just essential to life and the (hard) add on made me laugh!

Jennifer Greer

I heart summer is simply beautiful. I LOVE the colors.

Kim M

It's hard to choose, but I think I like the Urban Traveler "Made me Laugh" card best because of it's versatility. I do Pocket-style scrapbooking & the fact that I could use this as-is for a 4x6 pocket, or as 2-3x5 cards or cut the one card into labels(and I would!)is awesome!

Suzanne Vaughan

I love the hello life card, I am so into anything chalkboard right now!

Janetta Zeimetz

It is not an easy choice to pick between all of those sweet cards. I love Hello Life and the Vintage Bliss card, but my fav is "this made me laugh (hard)" because first, I do so love to laugh (and hard which doesn't happen enough) and second,I could always use more laughter in my life!!


I personally like the I heart summer card for a bunch of reasons: I love the colors of it, they just make me happy, plus I could use the card for journaling as is,I could cut it in half and use it for journaling, I could use it for an instagram photo in a 4x6 pocket, with room for journaling or more embellishment if desired, I could use it as a "week /title card" for my PL week, or just slip it in as is, because it certainly is cute enough to stand on its own. I just LOVE your stuff!!! :-)


If I had to pick only one, I guess it would be urban traveler for it's versatility. But...I also like the speech bubble a lot because it's represents what is now.

Jeannie Phillips

I love the Urban Traveler card for the versatility it offers. I see using both sides separately, or the two together. I can see using the flags separately. It is also neutral enough it can be used for a non-travel layout. Lastly, I love to celebrate a moment that causes laughter.

Misty M

I have to go with Allison's pick for my #1 {for the same reason...so fun, bright!}, but Cari's pick is in a VERY close #2 spot!!!


Hello Life from Everyday Sn@p is my favorite as the bold typeface and fun hearts pop on the black background. I just want to frame it and put it up somewhere so I can smile daily when I see it.


Ok it's between I heart Summer and Hello Life from Everyday for me. I love the color and chevron arrows on the I heart Summer one, but I'm totally into the chalkboard look and love the pop of color on the Hello Life!

Brenda Horton

Oh my goodness...how do you choose? I think my favorite is the Everyday Life set just because, LIFE HAPPENS.

Emilly M

I really love the Summer card due to it's colours and versibitiy. It would be a perfect addition to any project!


the hello life is my fav card.


I'm loving the card that says "I laughed so hard" because there are times I can't stifle my laughter


How can you make us wait until late September! I have all the other card sets, what am I going to do with my life til then?
I'll have to go with the tinsel one as my favourite.

Sue D

I like the last one that Cari picked. I survive life with laughter.

Michelle Salazar

I love the vintage card because I have been going through a fight with cancer and I think everyday is a blessing and every moment should be happy!


"Tinsel fixes everything" is my fave because it made me literally LAUGH OUT LOUD!!! I LOVE it!!! And thanks for a fun giveaway!

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