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July 18, 2013


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Margaret Lewis

I like the Christmas collection. The colors are some of my faves and I can't wait for that 12 X12 leather album.


I am so addicted to Sn@p. I can't wait to get my hands on the Christmas line. I may actually complete a Christmas album with these !


Love all the sets. These collection is perfect and will be amazing in my Project Life. Can´t wait to get it!

Amy Kolling

I'm most excited about the Christmas Snap products!!!! Love this line!

Charleen Reese

I love all these sets! Simple Stories is awesome!

pam makis

Love all the new stuff, especially the boy sets!

Rachel V

I have been away from my email for a bit so I'm just catching up now. What a great release! Simple Stories and the Sn@p! products have rocketed to the top of my wish/must-haves list! Just added 4 more sets to that list! Now I'm going to go back and check out the older posts! I'm excited!


The family set would have to be my choice, although I do love them all. I just think that the family set could be used for everything.


You are so right!! I need them all!! I cannot pick a fav I know I will get them all! My problem is the patience part lol. I need to distract myself otherwise Ill go crazy thinking I need them now!

Debbie Frank

OMG! I love all of the collections and can't wait to get my hands on these. I definitely want the Christmas collection. Great for my December Daily.


Cuckoo Belgium ohhhhhhhhhhh all cards are fabulous, as usual, I hope they will arrive well in my small country! Congratulations to the creators!

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Andrea g



I love girl snaps!

Lisa C.

I love the Boy one! I would love to see a whole line of papers to match!!

Susan H

Girl, Christmas and Family are my favorites! I love Snap products. Sue

Jeannine H

These are superb! I love them all but especially the family set.


I love them all, but if i had to pick just two it would be christmas and family.


The girlie cards are awesome!! They really poured awesomeness over it!! love it!


Wooohooo! I am so happy to see the Boy in a Snap set that is perfect for all ages! There are definitely not enough lines out there that are perfect for slightly older boys :) Love, love, love Family too, just perfect, I can't wait for these to start arriving in shops! :)

Alison S

I'm wanting Sn@p Christmas and sn@p Everyday ASAP. Love them all and think that they're the perfect size!

AndreaJ in Virginia

The family set is amazing! I think all of these sets are going to be great for so many projects as well. Thanks for a chance to win!

Misty M

Love. SIMPLE as that.

Silvia Diaz

The boy and family sets are awesome!

Gloria Williams

I love all of these. Can't wait to find them in my stores.

Amy Ulen

I can't wait to SN@P my Christmas! How fun!


Love them all!!


Love them all! Don't know which one i would choose if i had to pick just one.


I love the Christmas line!!

Michelle Laulu

The family snaps are my favorite!

Dawn F.

These sets are great! Can't wait till our store gets them. Of course I'd love to win them too! Thanks for the chance.


I'm in love with Simple Stories. It's true. You are now my official source for Project Life. Best part of these cards: no rounded corners! My favorites are the Family and Christmas sets. Keep the themed sets coming as I can't get enough of them!

Anna M

I like all. But Family is the best.
Thank you for the chance


Will you guys stop making such cutes stuff!! I am going to be broke! LOVE THEM ALL!!! I can't wait until they are released!!!-

Nancy M

Awesome designs...LOVE, LOVE the sets for BOY and HOLIDAY. Can't wait to get creative with these!! So fun.

Mary Valenta

Oh..decisions, decisions!! Can't decide between the new Boy line (since I have 2 of them) or Christmas. But then again Say Cheese and the others are awesome also. Would LOVE to win some of your awesome goodies packs : )


Love them all especially the family and Christmas sets -- can't wait to get them!!!


Always amazing sets !! Love you Simple stories. In this post, I felt in love with the SN@P! family and the SN@P! Christmas

Hazel Hamman

Get it on the shelves!!! And .......... make it Snappy!! I can't wait to get my hands on them. Love the new Family one.

Melissa H.

I really love these, especially the Christmas one!

bedroom furniture

great man :D


I love the Girl set! I can't wait til they come out!

Kate aka stinkydudette

You've outdone yourselves this time! I want every single set and I have grand ideas for these already! Haha...

Andrea E.

These are so fun! Love the new collections!

Kamara Dickson

This looks fabulous! Can't wait to see it in person!!!


I love all of it! Love the new colors you have come out with. Since I have two daughters, I love the Snap HER, and I am thinking about using a Snap! to do a December Daily, so I love the Christmas collection too! Thanks for the chance to win!

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