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July 18, 2013


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Andrea R.

I need the boy line and the Christmas line! So awesome!


I love the family and Christmas sets! Can't wait for them to come out!!

Jennifer E

These are all great, I can see using the boy one for my twin boys, but the family one has to be my all time favorite!! Thanks so much for all the inspiration - go get 'em at CHA!


The family set is really cute!


These are awesome! I can see finally getting 30 yrs worth of pictures in albums. Love the size of these packs and the bright colors!


LOVE the family set. It's so sweet and what I need for my scrapbook projects. :) Can't wait to see it on the shelves.

Connie O.

Love them all! Although I have no use for the boys set the other 3 Wow!..The zebra print on the girls set...so my DD! Can't wait for all the new releases to be out....Awesome job SS!!!!

Merrilee Wheaton

Love the 'him' and 'her' sets'! Finally lines that will work with teenagers not just little kids!


The boy line is great for me... Orange and blue are his team colours, yay!! And the Christmas line is great, too. I already have my binder. :)

Carol Greenwald

Love them. Thanks for the chance to win.


Love all the new Snap line especially the Christmas! Thanks for the chance to win!

betty lou

Hard to pick a fave but lovin' the Christmas collection! Thanks for the chance to win!!

Sharon Gullikson

I like the Christmas one. It would be great.

Sharmon Savoie

The Christmas collection is going to be perfect for my December Daily album! The other collections are awesome, too! I need it all! LOL!!

Taunya Butler

I cannot believe how ya'll keep amazing me - love them all and want them all - thanks so much for fabulous products - I am a big and loyal fan!!


Love the boys AND girls sets! I have two boys and two girls...lots of scrapping to do! :) Thank you for the opportunity to see the sneak peeks!!!

Natasha Poteraj

The girly snap line is the one I'm looking forward to the most.

Carol B

I love them all but could really use the BOY set!!

Carol B


In love with the family line....wonderful for everything and everyone!!!


love the family pack :)


I love the Christmas set, but with two boys the Boy set will definitely need to come home with me.

Christine D

I am doing a happy dance because those sn@p sets are awesome!! Love them all but that Christmas one ROCKS!! Thank you I enjoyed the week of sneak peaks!! I have my want list already made! I want them all!! :)

Leslie Murphy

Great, great products! Must have the family and Christmas sets.

Amber D

Love the sn@p him and christmas sets! Nice job on the boy line, it can cover a wide age range... The girl set has a young feel to it.

Ashley Counts

Loving the girl set, so bright and fun!


Oh my!! Love them all but especially the Sn@p Christmas and Him sets! The Him set is so different from so many of the boy things out there.

Nadine L.

I absolutely love the girl collection. It is perfect for my pictures of my 14 year old daughter and her friends. All of the new collections are awesome! I want them all. Thank You Simple Stories.


Wow...these are absolutely amazing..perfect for pocket scrapbooking. Love the Snap Him and the family themed one..

Barb Leffeler

I love them all! But my favorite in this release is: Your Family.


Awesome! They are all fantastic, but if I had to pick, I'd pick one of the top 3. rofl I really don't know which one I want more.

Heather V

So excited about these new lines! I really love the Girl and Family themed ones.


Really like the family and the Christmas! The images on the Christmas collection are so cute! Love 'em!

Michelle Huegel

Wow, so excited about these!! Will definitely be adding boy, family, and Christmas to my stash!

Lisa P

Ok, I love them all. First I was going to say I loved the Him but then I scrolled down and I loved the Her. And then came Family and Christmas? I am going to be a busy little scrapper :)

Rhiannon Metzger

Luv them all!! The Family would be great for a Project365 :)

Kate Vernon

LOVE "Sn@p HIM"!! Your designers sure do deserve a high five! With 12 grandsons, I often have trouble finding cool boy themed products...but not any more! This is awesome!

Janetta Zeimetz

Wow!! I love all of the snap sets! I think what I like most about the Snap sets is the small square sticker alphabets on all of them! And I am glad to see the tween/teen Snap collections!! Another fantastic job!

Martha Lowry

Love them all! I especially like Family, Christmas and Him. I think I need them all! I will be getting Him first though. My grandson is growing up so fast and outgrowing the little boy collections, especially the embellishments. I will be able to mix this in with other collections I already have.

Lu Loy

The Family set is my favorite, but what I REALLY like is that all the goodies are sold separately and are so affordable!!


I need the Christmas set for sure!

Amanda Parham-Hall

I need SN@P! Him, I have 2 boys (ages 5 & 8) & SN@P! Family:) Thanks 4 the giveaway!

Kristin Y.

I'm so glad to see the "Girl" & "Family" sets! Do you think a Travel set is in the works? :)

Raegan Lalli

Oh I am so excited about the for Him set! It's so hard to find boy sets of anything that are tween/teen!!! Can't wait!!

Cynthia B.

Love them all, but the Family set is a must-have!! Love the funny sayings and cool colors. Can't wait to see these in person. :)

mel u

I can't pick which collection I like best! I love all of them!

tammy b

fantastic! even though i have girls, i really like the 'him' set and think i could make a lot of it work for us!


My favorit this time was the family "set", but I would love to mix and match with the others. ;)
Looking forward to getting my hands on many of the new products.

Tiffany O'Grady

You guys are killing me! I thought I wasn't going to get much this release but I need it all!

Mary-Anne V.

Love the the Snap him and family sets. I am also impressed with the colours in the girl pack...not too girly esp the pink.


SUCH BEAUTIFUL lines...hard to choose a favorite!! Love that they're double sided!!! FANTASTIC!!!

Ashley W

Yay! I'm so glad that there is a Christmas set...I love it!

Shelly Santos

Have to have the Snap Christmas!

Tiffany Grant

Can not wait to get my hands on them!!!


Love the family and christmas snap collections!! Can't wait to start creating!!! Thank you Simple Stories!!

Carol Riley

How long before these sets will be available in stores? I love the Christmas set. The SN@P pockets are darling. The collection would be perfect with the red leather album.

Jamie Greene

I love the boy set!!

Irma W.

Fun! My favorite is definitely the Christmas one, followed by the Family and My Girl ones. As for new product in the making, I'm still wishing for a FULL COLLECTION of PET themed (dog/cat) product... as well as maybe a Halloween themed collection. Pretty please? :)

Cecilia Coleman

LOVE the Snap Her -- my daughter may only be 5, but that lil diva has the attitude of a preteen! : )

Beth E.

SNAP!Him......perfect for my two little guys and even my big guy!! Can't wait to see these in person!


I especially love the girl and family sets! You hit it out of the park, Simple Stories!

Lisa m Zepponi

Ha! Just what I asked for yesterday! Boy, family and Christmas! Yahoo! Can't wait!


I love the versatility of the family one... But since I have both boys and girls I think I need BOTH those first! ;) great "sets"!

Carrie T

I'm totally loving the boy set! Sometimes it can be so hard to scrap for my son, but this set will make it easy peasy!

Megan G

I really like the HIM set just because I have 2 sons. I see so many possibilities with all the new sets! Can't wait to get my hands on them!!

Andrea Garland

oh my you think in everything when you were making these sets, loooove the christmas one.


Perfect!! I will be buying the Family and Christmas sets for sure! Thanks!!

Nathalia Sistiva

OMG!!! I love the Family, Girl and Christmas ones!!! Can't wait to get them all!!!! :)

Julia Casell

So cute!!! My fav is Cmas :)


I'm certain I'm buying ALL of these, buy I'll pick the boy line as my fave because it's harder to find boy lines :)

Christine A

I can't wait for the him, her and family. These sets will be perfect for my two teens and tween!


Can't Wait to get my hands on these, especially the boys sn@ap set.

Lorna Ellis

I love the colours of the Snap Him range and also love snap family. These are just the best collections ever and love that you still come up with new ideas. Cant wait to get my hands on them.

LouAnn V.

I am loving everything that you have shown this week. My favorite today is the boy set.

Olesya K

love the masculine line - hope it will be stocked in my LSS soon!

Marsha F

I love all the new collections, especially the Family & Christmas sets!


Oh, I adore the family line & the Christmas one and the girl one too!


LOVE the family and Christmas cards-so versatile!!!


love the boy set and the christmas set. my wallet is groaning!


Ik vind het erg leuk. I like all THE sets. Are they also coming to Holland???

Lise H

I NEED Snap Christmas cards :)

Mendi Yoshikawa

Oh man! I LOVE, LOVE the colors and prints of every single one of these (especially the "Snap her"), but I don't scrap this way. I'm begging for you to release some full sized papers to coordinate to make it more versatile for everyone. You've already pretty much designed it so you might as well capitalize on it. ;) Either way I love it so much that I could find a way to use it if I won. Thanks for the awesome giveaway. :)

Lara Read

Love the Christmas set! Well love them all. Can't wait to see all of these in the stores! Thanks for sharing and have fun at CHA

Vanessa Babin

I don't know which one I love more... I really love them all! Thanks for making such great products!


hmmmmmm hard to decide .... but I'll choose Family, because soon my family will be bigger :) 7 months left ... and there will be 4 of us! :)


These are so cool love he letter stickers!

Bri Johnson

Oh, these are fantastic! I love the Him and am crazy about the Family! Gotta get me some of these! So fab!

Tammy Luiz

Love them all, but no use for the boy line. Love the bright colors.

Kelly Bertram

these are GREAT! LOVE the boys themed one. blue and orange house here!

Bernice J

I cannot wait for the Your Family set...I have to have it! It would be so versatile for any type of scrapbooking and cardmaking!


I love the colors of these! They are so bright!

Sheena P

love, love, LOVE, the Christmas set! Perfect for a December Daily Album!


I love them all! If I have to pick a favorite it would have to be the family snap set. I love the colors and designs. I can't wait till September! Thanks for the chance to win.

Sharlene Piscitelli

I love the colors and designs in these collections especially the Family collection!

Gina Baj

How do you do it, you just get better and better, I love them ALL. The christmas set will be perfect for my December Daily.....can't wait!!!


Wow! Loving them all nut the Christmas is just too cute! Love the new albums and all the fun colors!

Thanx for sharing and for all the great samples.

Julie Koets

I love the boy and family sets!


I'm a sucker for Christmas but want them all!! Awesome job!


I can't wait!! I have boys and I love the SNAP boys and wish I could use them today :)

tricia baker

oh this is too much! I want them all!

sue s ellsworth

these collections are just great and am sure everyone is excited about seeing them and being able to purchase them

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