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July 18, 2013


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Vicki Parker

Oh wow love the Christmas set and can't wait to see all the albums in our shops too. Loving the variety of the sets.

Jeaunes Viljoen

They are really all wow and awesome! but my favourites are definitely the HIM and FAMILIY snaps!!!!!!!!!!!!

Andrea Green

Fabulous, all of them!!! So impressed with all the SN@P! sets and can't wait!!! Love the albums too!!


Oh it just keeps getting better & better! My faves out of this lot are Girl & Family, but I'm sure I'll be buying them all :)


Absolutely adorable! My fav is a family set))

Kayla F.

I am in love with the snap Christmas set! Those would work fantastic in the albums but would also make really fast and simple cards! The designs are super cute too!

Denise Luscan

They are all great but BOY is perfect for the little guy I document most!


Cute! At least one of my guesses from yesterday was correct - the Christmas collection :) Love it!


Love the colors in family set!

Caryn S.

Oh yeah! I love them all but the family one is the clear front runner for me!


They're fabulous!!! I prefer Snap Him! Gorgeous colors and design!

Kate aka stinkydudette

I love the designs in these collections, especially the Christmas one.. I have ideas for them already!


Oh wow, I really love them all! The family snap collection is my favourite.


Love the boy and family lines

Laura G.Turcotte

What a great week! Him, Her, Family AND Christmas?? Someone pinch me--this is awesome. All my faves--you've saved the best for last!

Nicolle S

I like the family pack!


Great Job on the new releases! They look amazing and I can't wait to get to hands on Say Cheese and the new snap collections. I absolutely love all the new designs for the snap collections and love the albums. Can't wait for the release.

Esmee ML

Have to find a second job!!! Love the new sn@p collections. Lots of pictures making it is ;-)


Oh my gosh. Please just deliver the whole Snap Christmas line to my house. You knocked it out of the park :-)

Jennifer D

Love these snap collections. The family is my favorite. Perfect for all the pictures I take.


Love it all!! Thanks for the chance to win!

Sara Belgrove

I love all of the new SNAP collections. I want them all. :) Can't wait to see them IRL. Your Christmas set is the first Christmas release that has made me want it right now. Well done SS!


I love everything about these sets! Can't wait to do Project Life with them!! Thanks!!


The Christmas set is fabulous, and the Him set makes me wish that I had a boy. Great products!

Julie Tucker-Wolek

Sooooooooo gorgeous!!! I am LOVING those peace symbols!!!

Linda Auclair

I don't know which set I'm more anxious to get! Probably Christmas, because I'll be doing both my December Daily and Project Life for the first time this year. :) Loving all the sneak peeks for the new collections for the show!

Becky F

Snap Christmas is just what I've been waiting for! LOVE!

Ellie A

YOU Guys are making me hyperventilate YES I am In SOOOO LOVE that family collection is amazing I love it then the boy/girl collections I could see doing 2 albums for my kids to use in their school albums. JUST SWWWWWOOON!


All are so wonderful! Looking forward to the family set!

Linda Huber

Way too much cute Christmas stuff this year! I'm going to want it all! Decisions, decisions . . .

Bettie Cross

LOVE the boy set! I have a teen and this will be perfect. The family and Christmas sets are also spot on! Thanks - and don't forget about the dog set! :-)

Jayne Jones

Which one do I love? ALL of them! These are so cute - must have them asap!!

Christine W.

So hard to say which is my favorite....they are all so cute! The Family and Him sets are drawing me the most!!


Seriously! My wish list is busting!!! LOVE the Christmas set!! And the Family set!! PERFECT


Oh my goodness, what don't I want??!! Seriously, I wake up extra early (not something I usually do) to see what's on my Blog Lovin' feed. What a week it's been! With two girls, of course I'm drawn to those, but Christmas is close behind!! I would love to be a winner :)


yayayyayayay, love all four of these, they are really really dead-on for my scrapbooking needs. thank you for designing them so fabulously!!

Melinda M

All of the new sn@p collections are wonderful, but I would have to say the Christmas and Family collections are at the top of my shopping list! Can't wait till these are on the shelves!

Marcia Scantlin

Love the girl set. Must have, win, or buy.


Family and Christmas are must haves for me :) Can't wait!

Karin Boschaart

in love with the boy collection, have 2 sons and lot of childhoodpictures to scrap with. Family is great to. And the christmas is great for just buying some card for project life. so good job, no excelent job again

Amanda J

Love them all!! Definitely must haves!

Heather W.

I want them all!! I love the Him and Christmas sets though. Can't wait to get them.

Pam Spradlin

The boy set will be a must have but I am really loving that Family and Christmas. But I have been looking for new albums so I will for sure be trying out your new leather albums. Love that green shade for Christmas.


LOVE all of these...and all of yesterdays too! I will have to buy some of each, but I think my favourites are the Christmas sets...yum! Thanks so much for the chance to win!


I never buy any supplies with "Boy" or "Girl" int he title. Just FYI.

Tanya Sullivan

Love love love them all! But not sure I can live without the Christmas set. I just love your Snap sets, what a fantastic new idea!

Alicia Cross

I love that there aren't duplicates in these sets! Love the Him & Her!

Ruth G

So very fun! I'm loving the family set! The colors are fabulous and most of my scrapping is family stuff! Thanks so much for the great products and for the chance to win some!

Bethany Becker

I love Christmas and Family. Adorable! All of the new snap sets are fabulous. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

Laura Macdonald

Not gonna lie... I was devastated that there wasn't a fall/harvest collection. But the family set is amazing! Just enough bits and pieces. Sooooo exciting! And the Christmas Snap Collection--Thank you for making my Christmas Holidays just a little more "Simple"! (I need all the help I can get!)


I am in love!! I need it all!!!


I like all of the sets, but I have three boys, so really like the boy set. Thanks for these great sets.

Missy B.

Wow, wow, wow! Just when you think it can't get any better...you guys rock! Love them all and can't wait to start ordering!

Katie B

Love all of these sets! Can't wait!

Carol W.

Another fabulous release, love the leather albums and new collections!

Melissa S

WOW! I love all of these sets. What an amazing group of collections in this release. My favourites today are the Christmas and Family sets. Thanks for the chance to win :)

Melinda Koch

I again love them all, but especially the boy and girl and family sets!... They are great alone but all the mini set coordinate so well with each other too!

lynne moore

I definitely could use them all, but the family one is what caught me. I love the people stickers!

Suzann N.

I'm so in love with all of them, but family!

Amy Suess

I am in love with the Him sets and the Family sets. Him is perfect for my tween son, I agree that it's hard to find scrapbooking stuff for older boys. This is perfect! I cannot wait to have them in my hands!

Jill K.

I definitely have to have the Christmas line! I'm also debating the girl line or the family one...maybe I need both! Love it all and absolutely cannot wait!

Sue C.

I am so excited!! I love the Him set (boys only in this family), plus I absolutely love the Family set.


Christmas! I love it!!!


I love the Family set and an't wait to see it in the stores!!!
Of course winning it wild also make my day ;)

Lisa Posthumus

Wow, loving these sets! I am a Christmas fanatic so that one is number 1. Hope I win!

natalie murphy

Of course I can't wait for the Christmas one as I love getting started early - Christmas in July - perfect

Jenn Scalabrini

Family is my favorite!!! Love!!!!

Miriam Prantner

So much Sn@ppy goodness! I am especially loving the Family and Christmas versions!

deb routledge

I can't believe there were more! You really have outdone yourselves this time, all so fabulous, I am going to be bankrupt at this rate!

Claude Campeau

THey are all amazing! The Family set will definitely make its way home to me :)

Cristine Redmond

I just LOVE all of the new Sn@p sets! They will make it so easy to preserve memories from all kinds of occassions! Love!


Love the boy set, the family set and the Christmas set (no girls in the house, but me!)
Will definitely be watching for these.

Alison Alexander

Love that you did a line geared towards boys! It is very challenging to find nice things for boys that don't look too babyish.


Love them all and look forward to using so many of the pieces of these awesome collections. Christmas is ALWAYS a fave, but the FAMILY has some perfect quotes/sayings and I love the colors! Thanks for the chance to win and thanks for keeping it simple for our stories!!

Jessi Browm

Love them all! I most of all cant wait for the Christmas snap set its too cute. But since I have a boy&girl ill probably get both the him & her and every set along the way. Thanks again for creating my favorite products!


Oh, wow! I want all four of these. :)

Janet MacKay

Love, love, the new Snap Sets. I may be just a let more in love with the Christmas and Girl sets but they are all amazing.


OH MAN!! I want them all! I so hope all the collections will mix up well in an album because I do so seriously need them ALL! If I am gonna do this thing...I need variety or I'll soon get bored and BOY OH BOY did you guys provide the variety!! TFS!

Wendy Crowe

Dang! I don't know which one I like best!
They are all great! Makes me want to go out and SNAP more shots of my kids!

Judi Taylor

I must have the Christmas set. Please pick me! As always, Simple Stories Rocks!

Nancy Bailey

I like the Christmas set best. Thank you for the chance to win.


Love the Christmas set!

Karen Pilon

You guys just keep posting more goodies, and I will happily go broke buying them. Great collections, love them all.

Kristy M

I love all of these! I don't have girls, so that may be the only break for my wallet. :) I just love the SS style and simple graphics. I ADORE the Christmas and HIM sets. YAY!


I love the DUDE speech bubble in the boy set - totally something that is said around my house!


All of these are must have's!

Yvette Sanders

I love these sets! I must have at least 2 of these collections (ok, possibly more lol). That boy set is so perfect for my son!


Love every one! I'm a little partial to the SNAP Him set, as I have three sons...so many possibilities for creativity in this collection!

Tiffany Grant

Love these!!! The boy, family and Christmas would work so great for me!

Gwen H

So many fabulous choices. Christmas is always my favorite but the family collection is really cool.


I love girl snaps!


Alexia Misso

Love the Christmas set! totally wonderful!

Alicia Westerman

Love them all.
Cannot wait for the release.

cindy b

Good grief!! More goodness!! Really, really lovin' the BOY!!


Great new themes! My favorites being the one for Him and the Family. Thanks for the chance to win.

Dana K

I love the Family one!

Sharon K

Love the Christmas set! Thanks for the chance to win!


My my! Have to say they are all awesome. Congratulations on all the new themes. My favorites are Family and Christmas, which I have the most photos to scrap. Thanks for all the fun this week and have a great time in Vegas.


Love these new collections! especially love the new Family one!!

Jilena Paskett

I love them all! Can't wait for some more snap products to get scrappin' with!

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