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July 17, 2013


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love, Love, LOVE the Everyday line!!! Especially the vintage cameras combined with the red and aqua -- lovely!


I love all the new products!! You're making it hard to choose, lol! For the remaining sets I would love to see:
- four seasons
- wedding, birthday, graduation, school
- teen, family, heritage, pets
- garden, recipes, camping/outdoor, sports


Love your products. These are great.


Wow, I adore the new everyday set - those cards are gorgeous! Love the bright colours and huge variety. I can so imagine using it right up!

Jeaunes Viljoen

oh my word these are really stunning! I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the baby boy snaps! They would be perfect for the album of our little boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Denise Luscan

Oh I love them all but the Snap Everyday is especially cute!


Wow! Love them! I prefer the Everiday collection. Bright colors!

Kate aka stinkydudette

These new sets are super fun, and definitely versatile.. Thanks for the chance to win!


omg, so happy to see more sn@p and even more still coming. my fave is the everyday line, and i plan on getting lots of it LOL, also love that there will be more alphas since those sets are terrific

Chanda Herndon

You guys hit another one out of the park. I am in love with the everyday ones. Love love love the bright colors. Can't wait to get my hands on these.

Ruth G

The colors in these collections are so wonderful!!! My favorite is the Everyday! Just love an "all-purpose" collection for capturing the ins and outs of our daily lives and what could be easier than using Sn@p! So very awesome! Thanks so for the chance to win!!!

Katie B

Loving these, especially the bright colors of the Everyday line!

Amy Suess

I love the Love set and Baby boy set! I cannot wait to use the love line for my engagement, wedding and honeymoon pictures I have yet to scrapbook! And the Baby boy sets is perfect for all baby boys that my friends had or are having!

Sue C.

These sets are so useful! My favorite is the everyday. I take a lot of everyday and this is going to be wonderful!


Very impressive! I love the sets and would not mind mixing and matching for different evens!

Jenn Scalabrini

Love the everyday collection!!! They are all fabulous!!!

Claude Campeau

Wow wow wow! The Everyday set is particularly amazing!


I need the baby boy set (or maybe two) for my two grandsons! Maybe the one of the other themes will be fall set--including Halloween and Thanksgiving.


Oh my goodness! I cannot wait for September to come - I am going to have to get my hands on all of this! Perfect!

Judi Taylor

(Sorry if this is a second post, I read through all the comments and did not see my name) I love these- Simple Stories is up at the top of my list of favorite paper lines!

Tiffany Grant

These new sets are awesome and I can see using them all!

Tiffany Grant

The new Sn@p cards are great! Have to have them! These products help me get my pages done quickly and cutely!

Tiffany Grant

Sn@p cards are great for Sn@p books and pages too! So adorable!!!

Tiffany Grant

The everyday set, baby boy and love would work for so many of my photos! Love these new sets!

Jilena Paskett

So excited for the baby boy set! Perfect way to finish scrapping photos of my baby boy (who is 3 now), and a perfect gift for my new little nephews!

Margaret D.

I have 5 grandsons ....love the Sn@p baby boy collection. Grandbaby #6 due in Feb 2014.....sure would love the Sn@p baby girl collection..he he!

betty lou

Love both baby collections...I have a grandson and a granddaughter!!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

Carol B

Amazing products to make scrapbooks easy and fun! I need Boy themed collections.

Carol B

Kate Vernon

Wow! Love the colors and the fact that there are no duplicate cards. LOVE all the sets!! Great job!

Rhiannon Metzger

Luv all 4 of these!!!

Kristin Y.

I like the Everyday and I'm hoping, there's a kiddo set. Not too babyish, but fun & playful.

Stephanie Hegland

Can't wait for the entire baby boy set!!

mel u

I really like the baby girl and baby boy snap collection!

Lindsay N.

I want one of each of everything please!

jan m

There is an elephant in the room! Love the characters and colors!

Megan G

I love the everyday and the baby boy sets!! So cute!!

Lorna Ellis

Those baby snap sets are just fantastic - I love them. But if I was buying I would buy the everyday set because it is just perfect for 'everyday'. A great set of products. Well done simple stories

Olesya K

the valentine cards will be a snap next year))

LouAnn V.

I love these new sets. I've told myself no more baby boy stuff but these are just too cute to pass up. The prices are great too!

Mendi Yoshikawa

Wow! I didn't think it was possible to love something more than the previously revealed sets, but this color combos for the everyday and love sets are stunning. Please consider adding full sized papers to these line to make them versatile for us traditional scrapbookers and cardmakers. I love Allison Davis' style of doing a regular page next to a pocket page and without those full size papers to match it's hard to do something like that. I love this so much and I feel sad and sort of left out...


babies sets are so CUTE !!! love them already!!!

Janet Pinho-Goldman

These are just adorable!!

Sheena P

Love the everyday set! Those cameras are so cute!


Love, love, love the new Snap sets and can't wait to get my hands on some as I just bought my first Snap album on Monday. I hope to see pet themed, fall holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving) and winter.

Julie Koets

I love the new sets! The everyday set is my favorite. I'd love to see more outdoor themes!


Absolutely LOVE the Everyday set! I love that all the cards are unique designs. :)

Fleur Smith

Love the Everyday line, I wish we had something like the baby lines when my kids were little, so cute. The love line is so sweet - would make great valentine's cards :)

Mary Ann Jenkins

Sn@p Love is soooooo very cute!!! OMGoodness, I must have it!!

Sandy Ang

SNAP LOVE is awesome, I can see wonderful valentine's day cards made with it


The baby girl line has stolen my heart!

Vera W. Yates

Ack... totally love Everyday and Love collection! Must have! I am guessing the next ones would be holidays, teenager boy, teenager girl and pets. Would love to have doggies collection. :)


September?!?!?! You're killing me!!! These sets are all so AWESOME!!! I was a Simple Stories fan before....I think I might just have an addiction forming!!!! Can't wait :)

Nita K.

These are so great! REally diggin' the everyday sets.

Leslee Cotterell-Barrow

Would love the baby boy for my new grandson.


I'd definitely like to see something boyish while not being overly so (robots, trucks, etc.) and not babyish (elephants, booties, etc.)


Still going for boyish, not babyish. LOVE the everyday set though!


I really think I need a second job just temporarily to purchase every new piece! Love love this!

Linn Rivera

oh my gosh wonderful new collections, I just simply love it and want it all, the albums colors and so yummy


Love all the sets. Amazing! Snap everyday is my favorite and the baby girl would be good too, I could make a book for my new niece!!


I love the everyday cards and the teal album is beautiful.

Kerry A

I love the Everyday and Love sets...so many great sentiments and perfect for all sorts of projects!


All so amazingly great!!! I won't need the baby ones but the rest just need to come home with me!

Janis in ID

LOVE the cards!! Perfect for all occasions!!
<3 J




Love Everyday b/c it is for everyday. Having a more generic one is great to have as it helps for those not specific theme photos. But the Love is so perfect for Valentines and the 'lovely' moments in your life! Thanks for the chance!!!


Love the family set, and the love set. Also would like to see Halloween, Thanksgiving and fall. Simple Stories is always one of my most favorites. Thanks for a chance to win.

Anita S

I see the Everyday set in my shopping cart as soon as they come out!


Love it! How's a girl to choose? Everyday, Snap Her, Document December, Say Cheese?!! All amazing!


Love these...perfect themes!

Kimberli Bean

I LOVE the baby boy snap set - with 2 little boys' scrapbooks to catch up on, this would be perfect!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

Kathi O

These are wonderful! I have my eye on the Everyday theme.

Sue D

Fantastic themes. I bet one of themes is Christmas.


Oh, my gosh! That everyday in a snap is perfect!


you really are my favorite scrapbook campany...like all the stuff you design!
Every day is here my favorit one!

Margaret Lewis

So Cute. Can't wait to get my hands on this product line.


i love the cute little baby sets...so precious!!!

Cris Mulezini

All I can say so far is I'm in album's paradise! Easy and sooooooooooooo beautiful!

Liesl Janse van Vuuren

I can't wait to get my scrappy hands on all of these!! You guys make scrapping sooo easy! Love it!!


love all the new sets, so cute!

Carrie Jile

They are all gorgeous--my fave is the family SNAP. Hope to get my hands on one of these sets before they hit the stores...by winning a set! Thanks for all the awesome designs.

Michele Pentes

I am in love with the new sets!! Beautiful job!!
I'd love to have a Fall / Autumn set, that
includes both Halloween & Thanksgiving, plus
leaves, fall artwork cards, fall sayings, etc.

Dolly B.

These are gorgeous - love them! My guess would be Christmas :) Thanks for the chance to win!

lisa m

I am new to snap and haven't started anything yet but I love the look of these products, I should probably start scrapbooking again

Wendy Tuchscherer

These are gorgeous! Thanks for the chance to win!!

heather k.

I love that there are no repeats! And the colors in each of the sets coordinate wonderfully!! Thanks for the sneak peeks!


I love SN@P! Everyday. I want it.

Kerry Rawlinson

These sets are so fun, happy, and totally usable! A Halloween set, or maybe a Holiday-combo set (Halloween/St. Patricks/Easter/Patriotic)? Thanks for the chance to win!

Karen L

Love the "Sn@p Love", Sn@p Everyday and OK the baby girl and baby boy. Would love to win any of them. thanks for the chance to win one of these fabulous new designs.


These 4 new sets are great! How do you choose between them?? I wonder if one of the new themese might be Fall/Thanksgiving, my favorite season.

Bobbie Brock

Great collections! I love that the Baby Girl collection has other colors besides pink.

niki k

Love, love. love the everyday collection and the love collection. All of the collections are so unique and inspire one to create. I love the use of black as a little pop of color.

Leona Folkerts

I really really need these! I have two baby books to make and these would be perfect! I need them before sept.

carmen smith

My grandson is due any day. Can't wait to get the baby boy collection to use with the gazillion pics I plan to take!

Nicole Norman

LOVE these. I'm having my first baby in February, so I'd love to win the baby girl or baby boy set! So cute!!

Nancy Goldstone

Simple Stories IS my fav! The coordinated possibilities are endless! I can easily create pages and cards effortlessly!


Love them all! I want the stickers from the Everyday version!

Lori S

I cannot wait for these! My daughter is pregnant with her first child and we find out next month what she is going to have. These baby sets will be the first thing I buy! Love all of these sets and I will own them all!

Christy P

I am in love with those super cute love pocket cards, I must have them!


Love them all!!! Thanks for the chance to win!

Amy Kolling

Oh how to choose?? I adore the LOVE collection shown!!!

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