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July 17, 2013


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Shelly Santos

OMG!!! In LOVE!!!

Tammy Meuleveld

LOVE the sweetness of all your products new & old. Please, please, please make all your products available for us digital scrapbookers as well!

Laura Cox

That baby boy collection is adorable! Love the albums too...the teal, the red...can't wait for the release so I can see these in person! I'd love to see summer/beach and would love to see fall/Halloween!!


Love and will have them ALL... now Halloween, my favorite holiday...and I would LOVE a travel w/cruising accents, I had a great summer!!!

Sandy Lewis

Love these! The everyday and the baby boy are perfect for me. I have photos of my sons from 32 years ago that I have never scrapped - but would with these. Thank you for making these awesome (and affordable) sets!

Linda Huber

These are really cute, and add nice options to your existing lines. Maybe tomorrow we'll see Halloween or Thanksgiving? It would be nice to have sets for these, as I really don't need a whole collection for those two holidays.

Margie Visnick

Fantastic for embellishing!


Oh my word! Waiting is going to be torture for this!! I am SO jumping on the bandwagon now!!
I don't just want this one...I NEED IT!! TFS!


Cannot wait to get the baby sets! Perfect for making mini albums for the Grandmas! I just wish they also had Sn@p pages to coordinate!


Love love love!! I definitely want the baby girl collection, although my girls are teenagers! Must have ;) Everyday and Snap work so well for my girls! Thanks :)

Lynn F

LOVE that Snap Everyday set!

Lara Walker

That is the CUTEST "love" theme I've ever seen! ALL of the sets are adorable.... love love love them. I'm a huge fan!!!! Can't wait to see 4 more... swoon.


Love them all. I would hope there would be a line for work life as well.

Jamie Greene

They are all amazing!! The everyday set is the one I could use the most but boy do I wish I had a baby those are adorable:)

Stacie D

I love the baby boy snap set. I am just starting to work on my one year old's baby album! I'd think you'd have other sets about travel, holidays throughout the year, and maybe water/beach/nautical?


These are great! Love, love the first set! Perfect for everyday & really like that each card is different! :)


I love them all! Even the baby girl line and I don't have a baby girl to use it with.

Teresa Blue

Awesome! Can't wait to get my hands on the new stuff!

Jodie Banks

LOVE these, especially the Everyday Snap. Hurry September :)


These are fantastic! The baby sets make me want to tackle the mountain of pictures I have of my children. Since I never scrapped when the were little this might actually be something I could accomplish. My oldest is 24!! Yikes!! Some ideas I'd like to see: Fall theme to include Halloween and Thanksgiving.


I must say that I love them all for different reasons, but I would start with Snap Everyday. Because it so versatile.

I would love a Snap Bibliophile theme. I read a lot and would like to document it in a quick and easy way. And stylish off course. <3

Gwen H

The snap collections give you the chance to be creative in a short amount of time. It's so nice to pick and choose specific products and then let your imagination soar. I would have to say the Everyday Collection is my favorite out of today's release. Great colors.

Deedee Horton

I LOVE the colors of Everyday Sn@p! I want it all!!

Kristy M

I am going to be DROWNING in cards. :D Adorable!! All of them!!

Jennifer. Martin

Love the new peeks! Especially the everyday set, so bright and fun. I hope the new set has something to do with the great outdoors!


Love the baby boy set! I need it NOW! My new grandson is already 5 wks old. I would like to see a travel set (not road trip). Thanks for the chance to win!!!

Kelly Adams

I love the Everyday set! I'd love to see one of the new sets be an "all about me" set -- something for the single person. :-)

cindy b

WOWZERS!! i am really digging these! This is my first peek at the new Snap stuff so I'll have to look at the previous stuff but i gotta say... the colors and designs (and NO repeats) are definitely something I need to add to my collection!! ps. love the mix of black (not brown) with the bright colors...LOVE LOVE LOVE!!


Love the bright bold colors in the everyday set. Not sure what the next 4 might be.....maybe some holiday?

Jessica Kephart

Holy SMOKES! That is an entire CHA release in itself!! I LOVE the Sn@p Love set and the Everday life set!! I think the Sn@p Pockets and 3x4 cards are my favs!!!



Jessica Kephart

Tricia Romo

Okay, I might be slightly obsessed with you guys;) every line that has come out I just want it all!!! I'm hoping to see a fall snap line with beautiful leaf die cuts and all those golden colors.

Janetta Zeimetz

Layle, when you said that this sneak peek and tomorrows sneak peek are your favs for the entire sneak peek week, I thought, girl, you are crazy!! Nothing could beat the awesome "Say Cheese," "Smarty Pants," and "December Documented" lines. Absolutely NO WAY, but I stand corrected! Another awesome sneak peek!! I love, love, love the "Your Baby Boy in a Snap!" I love the other Snap products too, but I never was able to do a baby book for my 4th and last child. With this Snap collection, I just might getter done in a SNAP! Thanks!! You guys are truly AMAZING!

Lisa Posthumus

The everyday set is awesome! Can't wait till tomorrow. Hoping for a Christmas or \vacation set.


Love this! Especially the baby ones. The monthly cards are a must have!

Heather V

I love the Everyday and Love sets... I actually love the colors of the baby sets, too, but don't have kids to use them with! My guess for one of the other sets is a Wedding themed set.

Migdalia Roman

Let's Try!!!!!! i never win but let's try!!! LOVE ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jen E

You're spot on with all the details and colors, and themes. My guesses are: sports, wedding, guy stuff, and Americana/4th of July??


Love the everyday and love sets! The baby sets are cute as well but I don't have any, but I think they'd be great as layers. Hope there's a bright birthday set coming out too!

Kate Bennett-Davies

Oh my goodness! I love all of the kits, I am already planning a hundred and one albums in my head. I'd love to see a pet set somewhere in the mix though.

Love Katie x

P.s. Please enter me into the giveaway.

Miriam Prantner

Drooling over Sn@P Everyday and Sn@p Love! The cards are so much fun!


Would love to see more neutral sets, black, white and greys of the same snap designs. I love the color but also love the look of black and white :)


omg! what are you guys doing to me!!!!
i need them all.. awsome job on the collections. can't wait for the other 4 collections to come :)


oohh i would love to get my sister the baby boy set! she just had a baby boy a few weeks ago ^_^ and the love collection just may be what i need to start recording my relationship with my husband.

Mandie Wade

Love the new Sn@p sets!!! My fave is the Baby Girl because I have 2 daughters and a sweet niece! Can't wait to get it!!!

Liz Startz

I love it all!!!

Christine D

4 more snap sets I would say one has to be vacation, school, family and outdoors? MMMM You have my curiosity going! Can't wait till tomorrow to see what they are!!

Cathy Tibbetts

You just keep getting better and better! I fell in love with SS when I first saw it and love every new item that comes out! The colors, themes, the joyfulness reflected in each color scheme is just PERFECT! Great job SS, keep 'em coming!!!

Lynn C.

Fabulous release!!! All the snap sets are incredible. (Loving the view master graphics). For the future release - perhaps a holiday and special days Snap! collection. Bravo on this week's releases!

Wendy Crowe

These sets are awesome! I am hoping to see one more related to road trips or short travels. I have so many pictures of quick stops on our road trips. These albumes would be perfect for those pictures. Great pictures, just not enough to warrant a bunch of 12 x 12 pages. I need something like this!

Gloria Williams

Oh man... you are making my life miserable. Do you know how many hours I'm going to have to put in at work to afford all the new products (and I want them all)? Love these and can't wait to see the next four. Hmmm my guess will be Holidays, birthday, childhood? Any of these?

Deb Wohlleben

I am obsessed. Need this one, too. :)

Deb Wohlleben

Ooops, that was supposed to be need "these," too. All of them. :)

Karin Boschaart

wow again, what did we before sn@p. Can't think we manged without . Love the colors and the motivs. the stickersheet witj camera and a hip typewriter are perfect.
And a new chance to win. What more do we want

Samantha T.

These are fantastic! I'd love to see some birthday and holiday themes too.!

Suzy Gray

Love the colors of albums. I know you will do Christmas so I'm going to guess another line might be family thanksgiving fall theme


Love, love, love the baby girl line!!

Connie O.

Another great day on the ole' SS blog! Loving the Everyday, will need at least two of those sets!

Amanda Parham-Hall

The new SN@P! sets are awesomre! I love that you get everything that you need all coordinated together. 3x4 & 4x6 cards, stickers-labels, icons, alphabets & typesets plus both size of pockets:) It's great-can't wait 2 see the other 4 sets! I already know that I need the Everyday Life, Baby Boy & Love-lol:) Thanx 4 the chance 2 win!


Genius! I'll take 1 of each please!

Nadine L.

Love the new snap sets especially the everyday collection pack!!!

Sandi Pressley

Love these.....I am thinking the next 4 themes will be Christmas, teen, everyday and masculine

Julia Auer, Osnabrück, Germany

oh. my. god.
They're sooooo cute!
Tough i don't have a baby yet, these two are my favourites :-)
the next 4 sets? one of them for sure is halloween, an another one is for wedding. the others might be birthday, and, perhaps, some kind of 'home sweet home'?
who knows -
looking forward to tomorrow :-)

Pernilla J

Love the everyday set. Guessing for a Christmas set tomorrow and perhaps a travel set.


These are awesome!! I love the everyday and the love sets. The baby sets are cute just no babies here!!!

Pat C

Hoping to see sets for summer and travel!

Taunya Butler

Wow what a great offering of many choices - love them all but the love one is my favorite!! Thanks for such incredible products!!

Cecilia Coleman

Snap Everyday & Snap Love - OMG! LOVE IT!!!

Michelle Salazar


Maria A

WOW, these are all so cute! Love has to be my favorite so far though!!!

I hope the next reveal includes a travel set and can you please make 12 x 12 paper to match these!!! A girl can dream, right?

Michelle Leaf

Love the new sets, I would like to see a birthday or holiday pack. Can't wait to be able to purchase all this great new stuff.

Charlene O

My guess - Christmas!!! LOVE the Everyday collection. This is what I have been waiting for, the perfect products/ line to scrap my Disney World trip(s).


love the baby lines--can't wait for them to come out..

Kristina A

ooooohhhhh, love these sneak peaks too! I am guessing a "wedding" theme for tomorrow. thanks for a chance to win something!!

Carrie T

Wow is all I can say! I'm mostly just speechless!!! For the last four, I'm hoping to see Halloween, Easter, Thanksgiving, and 4th of July!

Lorraine Melin

Spectacular release!!! Can't wait to get them all!!!


These sets are SO cute! I love that there are no duplicate card patterns, too! My guess for next new product...birthday?!

Jennifer Wymore

I am loving the baby boy and love snap sets!! So very cute!

nana nassar

Awesome...love the colors!!

Ellie A

OH MY GOODNESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I NEED I NEED NO I MUST HAVE the baby girl collection! I am IN SUPER DUPER LOVE!! I need it for my little newborn sweet girl.

Lara Read

Love the Everyday Snap!!! Can't wait to see what you have tomorrow!

Marsha F

I love the new sets, especially the Everyday! Thanks for the chance to win!

Lu Loy

I'd love to see a Halloween set or a winter set...one that doesn't have anything to do with Christmas. Or a nature set!


I love these new sets. My favorite is the everyday set. The colors would be perfect for my Disney photos! Thanks for the chance to win!

Kim S

Love, love, love the new baby girl set. Thanks for the chance to win one!

Kathy P

Oh, *sigh*........these are just so awesome, I don't know if I can wait until September!!!

Donna Keeley

I love the new sets - I love Simple Stories! What a terrific scrapbooking and card making line. I can't wait to shop! Wondering if tomorrow's themes will include Recipe, Gardening, Vacation and Fall. Looking forward to tomorrow's reveal! Thank you for so many wonderful products.

Ashley W

I LOVE the everyday set! It's so awesome! I hope one of the other themes is a fall set or a winter set!

Jenn B.

These new sets are great. I especially like the Everyday set. I am guessing there is a Halloween set in the upcoming collection reveals!

K in PA

Love these so much! I'm guessing that birthday, travel, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Winter, Fourth of July, Dog, and Cat cards are all forthcoming. Thanks for the opportunity to win!


fantastic sets, love in a snap is my favourite as it's just what I love to scrap about LOVE!! Thanks for the great chance to win!


oh, i love the "love" set, very versatile can't wait to see it!

Dolly B.

I really do adore SN@P! Everyday!!! I love it so much - it has to be one of my favorites collections you have ever released! Thank you for the chance to win it!!!

Lisa L. ( Lisa's Creative Niche)

These are fabulous! I love how much easier you make life! Thanks!

Leanne in CA

The colors in the Everyday set are great! Love those items. Guessing the new sets might be holiday themes?


Ohmigosh!!! As if we needed SS to be any more perfect...but, this is SO perfect! Can't wait to get my hands on these SNAP sets - they are going to catapult me into Project Life with a sweetness. Thanks for the chance to win!


I cannot wait for the Snap Baby Girl set to hit the shelves.

Sharlene Piscitelli

Oh my gosh--I just love all these sets especially the everyday and boy themes! Can't wait to see more!

Jean Marmo


Wow - love all of the new sets!

Cristine Redmond

I have no clue what to expect for the next releases, but I am absolutely LOVING what I have seen so far. I am an aqua/pink addict when I craft, so I have been hesitant to do the whole Snap/PL thing, but seeing all of these new releases are making me a believer! Can't wait to see what's next!


Snap everyday!




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