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July 17, 2013


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Tina C

Love the baby kits! Will know the sex of the new grandbaby soon and I know exactly what I'm getting the Mom

Carla Hundley

Great sets. Love the complete
colored albums. The Love set
would be a lot of fun to use.
Next set would have to do with
Carla from Utah

Elaine U.

I just started using the snap line. I LOVE the 6x8 albums -- they're the perfect size to showcase a single event or short period of time!
Love the new designs here!! Eeep! So excited for them to hit stores.

Sandra Lugo

Absolutely must have SNAP Everyday! Love the colors!


I really love the fact that you offer each part separately rather than having to buy a whole complete set so you can mix and match as your little heart desires! I am so HAPPY with your Baby Girl theme...love love love it all. My very first granddaughter was just born and would love to make an album to take with me when I go and meet her for the very first time!!!

Linda Schmidt

I have to say I LOVE it all!! Super collections, I WANT it all too!!

Valerie Sovie

The New SN@P Sets are phenomenal! I am keeping my fingers crossed for a December Documented set ... I have already started daydreaming about how perfect that red Sn@p Binder would be for my December Daily album!

Maggie G.

love them all. Would love to see a Food/Cooking line

Peggy Allen

Lovin' the Snap sets.
God bless,
Peggy Allen

Dee Cruz-Pabon

I love all the sneak peaks, but I must admit the love and everyday are my favorites! Thanks for the chance to win


These new snap sets are AMAZING!!! I love especially love everyday & love sets!! Can't wait to get my hands on these :)


Fun and fantastic!


Love all of the new Sn@p! sets. I hope to see a Halloween and/or autumn theme. Thanks for the chance to win.


Snap Everyday would be great for me, love the colors and cards.
New theme... something Xmass or winter maybe. And I need more travel themes))

Andrea R.

I am having a boy mid September...perfect time for the release! I love them all!

Carolyn J.

These are all great collections! My favorite may be the Love, followed by Everyday!!

Christine A

I love the everyday and love! Can't wait to get these and start using them!


These are fabulous!! Love the Love in a Snap one!! I would LOVE to see some Christmas and Halloween sets!! I always have a ton of pics from those holidays!

Dana K

I love the SNAP Everyday set. So pretty. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you have a travel set and a summer set coming out.

Christine S.

There has to be a holiday one or two I would think and maybe a winter one. The other two maybe kitties and puppies? Lovin' the Snap Love! Thanks 4 the chance!


I could use all those sets. I think a winter theme, Halloween/thanksgiving new year and sports. Random ramblings

Ashley Counts

Loving the Everyday set. Lots I could use those for.

deb routledge

Wow, totally spoilt for choice here! Loving all the gorgeous snap themes!

Janet MacKay

Love the love set. Can't wait to scrap DH with it.


I'd love to see a wedding/honeymoon snap set. These are all great. So easy to make a baby book :)

Jen S

WOW! My life is complete! The cards are my favorite! Everyday...can't wait!

Wendy A

Love, Love, Love these!!!

Andrea Green

WOW!! ANd WOW!!!! So in love with anything SN@P! and these are all amazing!!! Love Everyday SN@P!!! :-)

Jennifer B

Love the last one for a wedding guest book!!!!!!

Cynthia Baldwin

Awesome addition to your already-stellar lineup!
Everyday will be a HUGE seller, if everyone loves it like I do. :)
My guesses for the other sets? Maybe one for each season of the year? Birthday? Christmas? Can't wait to see!

Carol Greenwald

Very nice. Thanks for the chance to win.

Darlene Saucier

So cute! I love the Everyday set's colors! Cant wait to see the next 4!


can't wait to buy them!


Love these new sets! Fabulous! I really need the baby ones.

Kathy Wittlock

I love these sets , also like that you don't end up 818 from the same kit (lol)


what wonderful collection. Snap everyday is perfect the bold patterns are fab!

Ava Gavloski

wow, great sets. additional seasonal sets would be good too. A music /rock masculine set would be nice as well.

Carolyn Staat

Sooo much good stuff, I don't know where to start. I love it all, and need to buy it all. Keep it coming!

Tammy Lens

I love this! I can't wait to get my hands on these! Thank you for the chance to win them!

Tish S.

Grandson #5 is on the way! No question as to what paper line I will be using for this album! Looking forward to the release!


I just love them, thinking about doing my 14 yr old baby album with the baby kit....

Ines Cooper

Super nice, they are all great, cant wait to start with my kids baby albums

Liliana P

I love the Love and Baby snap cards! Absolutely adorable!!

patricia perez

just loved the love set! and everyday ! as always SS with great products. Congratulations!


OMG.. I just had a baby girl and I NEEEEED this to do her baby book :) Can't wait!!


I am so in love with the baby girl set that it is not even funny! I love the colors and graphics!

Penny Casburn

Every single set is amazing, but what is so cool is that you can mix & match. You guys thought of everything!

Amber M.

Oh my ... these are FANTASTIC and will definitely be worth the wait! Their arrival in stores will help ease the pain of summer ending!! I seriously am swooning over the Everyday and Love sets ... want, need, must have!!! As for the other 4 sets to be revealed tomorrow ... maybe a School Days set? And maybe Travel and Pet sets? Oooooh, the suspense is going to kill me!!!!!

Jessica Toulmin

Great idea. My first purchase would be the 'Everyday' elements. My guess for the next 4? A school theme, seasons, holidays.

Alexia Misso

Amazing release!! I'm in love with it! Got to have them all!

Denise Coulter

I have so been fighting the week by week journaling type of scrapping. But I am totally going to have to cave...I just love all your new collections and they are so perfect for it.

Sarah Biswabic

These sets are awesome!

sandra m

Love these mini sets! Baby girl will be my first purchase, but think i will need all of them!

sandra m

Love all the coordinating "in a snap!" Show me more,very awesome.

Robin B.

Wow, these new collections are amazing! I love all of them.

Gina Baj

As with all simple stories products, i love them all!!!!! The new snap sets are all so cute, the only problem is wi
which one do I choose????? Oh well ill just have to have them all. I wondering if the new sets will be.... Childhood, School, Travel and Celebrations

Carol Riley

Really like the everyday & love sets. Maybe next up might be wedding or all seasons.


Oh my goodness! I love the sn@p Everyday collection! Can't wait to see the others...My guess is a Seasons line and perhaps a travel line...

Suzann N.

Amazing sets. How do you continue to create so many adorable sets that I need to buy each one! Love all of these sets. Can't wait to get them.


I love Love and Everyday! And I since I still need to do my 2nd and 3rd daughter's baby books and my son's baby book...Baby Girl and Baby Boy could most definitely come in handy!!! :)

Irma W.

Fabulous new lines! Although I must say I wish there would be some paper to go with it, but that might be just me.
I'm still hoping for a PET COLLECTION (dog/cat)!!!! And a mean a FULL collection, not just the sn@p theme set... Maybe that would be an idea for upcoming collections (pretty pleeeeeease)?! Keep 'm coming!

Cele Schaffer

Love the new collections and the new leather binders! Would love to see an all Holiday theme set and college life theme set.

Lisa P

Fabulous! Love the first one so much. Definitely looking at that for a new album.

Lori S

Oh my word! Love every one of these new sets!


Super fun! I love the colors of the everyday ones and the baby ives are sooooooo cute!


I am so excited about the Snap Sets! I love the Baby Girl and Baby Boy sets. I'll finally be able to get my kids' baby albums finished. I'm guessing a Christmas or Pets themed snap set? :) Thanks for the chance to win.

Lisa M.. Zepponi

I love Everyday & Love Snap! hmm...4 other sets what do I hope to see???halloween/fall thanksgiving; family: cousin/dad/mom/friend, etc.

Anita Wills

Loving these cards and stickers...so cool.

Barbara B

Love the Everyday set! Can't wait to be able to buy it!

Jennifer Hibdon

This is a neat concept! The Sn@p Everyone looks like good one to start with. The albums are rich looking, love the vibrant colors!

Laurie Ferguson

Every set is so amazing!!! I want it all!!

Melinda Wilson

Totally love these collections and I think you might have a vacation set coming up next!!


Simple stories was a great discovery, but oh SNAP how I love you!!!!!


Hmmm got my thinking cap on....a travel theme? Today's releases are fantastic too btw.

Cecelia Smith

Sign me up, it's unanimous! I love them all!!! Where's the line? I need to stand in line for these now! Incredible designs=awesome design team! Kudos.


Hmmm... 4 more sets? I am guessing pets, sports, travel, holidays?


OH snap--there is some awesome goodness in this post! LOL Love the new albums, and all of those cards--I can't wait to get some! Hmm...the next four themes???? Maybe a holiday set? Autumn?


oooh! i would love to see a snap set for older (tween) boys and a christmas set would be lovely. that everyday set is really great!


So cool, love these! Especially the baby girl since my youngest just turned 5 mths! Guessing another set might be fall themed!

Leisa W

Sn@p Everyday and Love are my favs. My "baby" is 11, so even though they baby collections are DARLING, I wouldn't have a use for them


Love them all! Would love to see a recipe/cooking related set, something pet related and a Halloween set. Thanx for sharing.

Paula Sullivan

Love all the snap sets! The baby boy would be awesome to get my three boys pages done! Cannot wait to be able to purchase these items! Thanks for a chance to win!

April W

Eeeeek!! I looooove the Love set! I hope there's a family one coming. ;)
- April W

Leah Grannison

I'm guessing Halloween and maybe a Thanksgiving or a general fall set.

Caryn S. (Scrapnsing)

Love all of these...how do you pick just one? Probably everyone has pictures that will fit any of these sets.

tricia baker

oh my gosh- I love all of it-everything Is awesome.

Katrina Nance

I am loving all of the new items.......I can not wait to start incorporating these items into my albums

Sue s ellsworth

these are amazing. can't wait to see the other four.

Carmel Keane

Love all your products. Can't wait to be able to purchase the Everyday set. The baby sets ake gift giving so easy too. A travel set would be great.


Love every bit.


Awesome sets, the love one and everyday one are right up my alley! Your albums are always very nice, and in lovely colors!

For the next 4, maybe vacation, fall/ winter holidays, teen/college/school type thing and maybe a work one?


Everything is wonderful!!!!

Kim M

What great sets! Loving the baby boy one, since I got a new grandson this year, those are PERFECT!

Bernice J

I love the everyday snap set...perfect for just about anything! I'm guessing there will be a travel set in there somewhere.

Misty M

ugh...you guys are really gonna make me go broke!!! that's cool though...keep up the good work ;)

there really isn't anything more to ask for...you just keep hitting the nail right smack dab on the head with every single release!!!

Alicia Cross

I hope there's a pet themed set!

Laura Stewart

LOVE the new snap cards!!

Jasmine Marie

Love these sets! Can't wait to buy them!


So super cute! Can't wait to get my hands on some!


I LOVE that there is baby boy and baby girl! I hope there is a Halloween theme coming up... :)

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