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July 17, 2013


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These are amazing!!! love love love.... just had a grandson that I must use this boy collection!! I want it and I want it NOW! lol Can't wait to purchase!


Snap Everyday - love it! So glad I can simplify by having one go-to manufacturer that I can count on!


Your love in a snap is my must have. I love the colors of everyday in a snap too. The baby sets are adorable as well, but I know I would be wanting the love set for sure.


Love, love, love the new LOVE set!!! Awesome!!! The everyday set is amazing too...more added to my wish list!!!

Kayla F.

I love the snap sets! Those cards are perfect for easy scrapbooking with the albums but they would also be perfect for fast cards!


I really love the new sets of snap cards, especially the ones for babies! I think there might also be a set of snap cards with the theme school.


I'm very new to ALL of this. There are so many great options, however I think Sn@p Everyday would be an awesome start. Thank you so much for the inspiration!

Andrea Bethke

Ooooh! Need to get the Love Snap set and Everyday Snap set for sure! Would really love to see a Halloween Snap set since Halloween is my favorite holiday!

Annamarie Jones

Awesome! The Snap Set for Baby Girls is perfect for my daughter's album!


Great sets!! I love the Everyday set and the Love is sweet, too! :) My guesses for the other for.. hm, maybe a wedding-themed one? Or..Christmas? Hm..Halloween might be a good guess, too :D


Love the. Everyday set....but, the others will be on my list of great baby / engagement gifts.


love the baby sets, but my boy is almost 5 years old. So i can use the everyday sets more!!!

Tanya Sullivan

I love all these sets! As a cardmaker they are perfect for fast and gorgeous cards.

Amy K

I love the new Everyday set, and the new album colors.
I'm hoping for a sports theme, for the overabundance of youth sports photos I have.


I want it all!!! Love the idea that they are all desperate and that you can pick and choose - like a pick n mix without the calories :)


I just love all of these and you make it so easy.


oh for cuteness. Love love love the heart set. and the boy set. and ok, the girl set!


Love the new sets especially the baby ones. Thinking there might be a vacation one coming up!

Nicolle S

Wow wow wow!! I love the baby boy set. Perfect to make a gift for a mother of a new born baby boy - like my aunt! Can't wait to get my hands on these.

Also, I'm so impressed that the 3x4 and 4x6 cards don't have an duplicates. Way to go SS!


Sue Alg

These are so perfect...like the theme based card sets.

Esmee ML

Love, love, love it all! Hope they get shipped out soon to Holland!


I love Everyday Snap! It's going to work great with my stash of Snap products!

Dawn Cheshire

got to have it all, so versatile with great patterns

Jennifer D

Love those themes, I especially love the baby boy. I just a baby boy and those would come in handy since it's hard finding time to scrap. Can't wait and see what's next!


I love all!!!!!!!!


Mary-Anne V.

wow these new sets look awesome. I esp. like the boy set since i have 2 boys at home. i hope the upcoming sets would be sports, preteen/teen, various school subjects (eg. music, science, math...but not geared towards school)


I think a school snap set is next or a family snap set! I love these! I love snapping!!

Nicole McNamara

WOW! Just WOW!!!
I need to have both the baby boy and baby girl sets. NEED them!!
Maybe the next four sets will be the four seasons...

Laura G.Turcotte

Baby Boy, Baby Girl, Love?? AWESOME!! And I really love the colors!!


Oh I absolutely love all of these ranges! Simple Stories, you just keep getting better & better :)


Amazing release!! I'm in love with it!))

Theresa G.

I LOVE the LOVE set!! It is beautiful!!!! And I am hoping you show us a set for a DOG! Our Dog is the 4th kid in the family....and she would look great with some of these SNAP products!!!!


Wow! Loving all of the chalkboard accents and beautiful colors!

Julie Tucker-Wolek

OMYGOODNESS!!! These sets are fabulous!! I am LOVING those baby ones!!!

Julie Jones

Wow...I have to have that baby girl one for my soon-to-be-here granddaughter. Love it! I am hoping you have a school or sports themed one tomorrow. We shall see! Thanks for sharing!


I LOVE these! Can't wait until I see the next four sets! I've already seen
sneak peeks, so I know what's coming next! I also love how you streamlined the sets so there's not as much to have to buy!

Bettie Cross

Other than "Say Cheese" it's my favorite release, too! Love it!
I'm hoping the last four sets are for pets, school, travel, and sports. Fingers crossed!
Although I'm sure I'll love whatever SS's come up with.


love these coordinated sets!

Diane Anthony

With the coming of grand babies, I love the baby sets. I also like the fact that they are not totally filled with the words boy or girl as I have daughters that hate pink and could easily choose the baby boy set. I love the fact that there are so many designs with no repeats too. Great addition!


Wow these are all gorgeous! Everyday is my favourite! I was going to be ordering some other cards but I think maybe I will be waiting till September :)

Christine W.

Love these sets, especially the Everyday!! Can't wait to see them all in person!


Ooops forgot to say that my wishes for sets would be teen or vacations! :)


I am falling more and more in love with these Snap products every day. Have to get my hands on the baby boy stuff for my nephew who will be arriving this fall. Thanks for the chance to win a set!


I love the entire Everyday SNAP line. Gorgeous colors and designs. And my baby girl has a baby album, but I live the designs and the monthly cards you included. I hope to see a bright fun travel themed set.

Amber D

They are all so cute, but everyday is my fave... Lots of great colors and patterns, and love the cameras!

Ashley Hobbs

OH MY GOSH! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE! I have been a big fan of Sn@p from the start.. and now there is more??? AHHH!!! Can't wait for them to ship! .... so whats next?? Christmas and Halloween maybe?? Two of my favorites??


Love these set....especially Everyday! My guesses for tomorrow would be Christmas, School, Fall, Halloween.

Carol (ScrapMomOf2)

Oh my goodness, the everyday collection is AMAZING! I love it, love it, love it! I anticipate holiday and school collections!?! :) Can't wait!

Kathy R

Love the everyday collection and the love cllection and the new albums, Can't wait until Sept.


I LOVE the everyday collection and the love collection. My babies are not so little anymore...but they are both awesome collections!! A collection about sisters would be cool...maybe one for each of the seasons....the possibilities are ENDLESS!!! Can not wait to see what you have in store for us tomorrow!!

Jana P

LOVE LOVE LOVE them - especially the everyday set! Can't wait to see tomorrow's and go shopping!!

natalie murphy

I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it - I'm about to lose my mind and I like it - Being quoting songs lately and this seemed to fit - I so hope to win - call me maybe - p.s. my favorite is the love one, as All You Need is Love!

Amanda J

Love all of these! Will definitely be needing the baby boy set! I have no guesses for what tomorrow will bring, you covered good ones today....maybe a vacation set?


I love the Everyday set. The other sets are super cute, too. My guess for the other four sets are Fall, Christmas, Travel, and Pets maybe? Thanks for the chance!


So very cute!!! LOVE the new sets. I can see myself using the everyday set and the baby girl set for my daughter. Would love to see more! Can't wait for the next big reveal. :)


OMG!!! I want them all...now!

Bethany Becker

Great collections. I love the everyday set. I hope one of the the sets tomorrow is a seasons set.


AWESOME!!!! You guys amaze me with your incredible goodies!!!


OMG...LOVE THESE. Just had a baby girl so this is perfect!
Would love to see the 4 seasons as the next reveal.


I love them all!! Great job and can't wait to see the other ones that are on their way!! Thank you!

Pam Spradlin

Simple Stories is amazing...you make it so easy to tell our family story.


We are past the baby stage so I could pass on those sets. But I love the other two. Yes, I want ALL of the Everyday and Love sets!

My guess for the other four sets: boy, girl, holidays, and travel.

Michelle Huegel

Oh now i want to go back and do my kids baby albums finally! Adorable!!!


Squeal! Your products get more and more fantastic! Love the everyday set and the baby ones are super cute -- they might actually prompt me to (sigh) finish my Littles' baby books (even though they're preschoolers now)! Hoping for a kid-theme set for the Littles as they grow to be big kids or maybe even a family set to celebrate our times together.

Marcia Scantlin

Finally a baby line. This was much needed. I think there will be a birthday line next.

Melinda Maierhoffer

you have done it again, I LOVE everything you have posted this week! I can not wait this the everyday sn@p set hits the stores. super excited to start using the new stuff.

Angela A

Everything I see from you guys are amazing!!! Love the new collections! Very happy, fun colors! I am hoping for birthday, or maybe a vacation one next?

Elizabeth L

That everyday set is one of my all time favorites! Yeah!!! Can't wait to see that in stores! I hope there will be a childhood themed one next! Or maybe a Halloween?


I am in awe at what I just saw. I just bought my first album and know it wont be my last one. Thanks for the uniqueness and creativity in your sets. I am guessing the next four will be fall and winter themed???


Options! Options! Options! Can't wait to get my hands on the Everyday Sn@p Set and play with it.

Jennifer W.

i absolutely love them!! i cant wait to get the snap cards from the everyday set!!

Kelly S

Would love to see a pets version!


All the sports sets I've seen have been kind of cheesy, I'd love to see one done by you that has some girl elements like dance and gymnastics, I know you would do a fabulous job!


Love all the sets colors are wonderful and cute cute sayings will use alot thank you

Rosalie Vos Tulp

These are amazing. Have you thought about a Sports set?

Charissa M

Awesome! Love them! Would love a really awesome winter set!

Jayne Jones

Be still my heart! LOVE!!! I would love a road trip/travel set or fair/carnival type set :) Can't wait to see what you have for us tomorrow!


Ooh love the everyday! ... Maybe a Halloween collection? :)

Victoria Frail

Love them all, due in December and I don't know what I'm having but I can't wait, one of the first things I will do is get the girl or boy set, whichever I end up needing!!


These are awesome! I really love the brightly colored collections!

Gail Evans

Wow, I love the everyday and the love collections (love the baby too but since I dont have a baby.....lol) I was very disappointed in the new PL core kits...not my taste, so very glad that the everyday is much more my style! Thanks!!!!!

Angie ashuk

Love the Everyday Set. The Love set is great too....they all are!


Love the baby lines. Just did an empty Sn@p book for a mom to be and these would have come in handy. ;)
I'm hoping to see some seasonal stuff--fall/winter/spring/summer-not south holiday but seasonal. Wedding?

Ki Kruk

These are absolutely magnificent! Can't wait to get them in my hands! Now, my guess for the other four themes? Hmmm...seasons maybe?

Jessi Browm

The sneaks keep getting better! The everyday line is so versatile and I'm in love with the love line! The baby lines ALMOST make me want another baby to use them. My guess for the other reveals is fall/Halloween/thanksgiving/winter and hopefully a birthday one!

Pam K

These sets are beautiful ~ but I love the bold colors of the Everyday Set.

Alison Alexander

These new sets are awesome! I love the everyday collection because of the colors. I would love to see at pet set and a Halloween set.

Britt Bass

Yeay! Love the everyday set! The colors are just lovely!

Jennifer Moore

Love these, especially the Everyday collection! I'd love to see a baseball theme or school theme. I have tons of pics from both, so it would be great to finally get them all in albums with the ease of Sn@p! products!


Love all the new sets so far!! The colors are amazing!! I hope one of the remaining four will be a holiday set!!

Glorajean Beardall

SO super cute!!!! They are perfect. I'm hoping for an all inclusive holiday one, one that does a little for each holiday throughout the year. Thanks for the fun! Hugs- Glora

Melinda Koch

These are awesome... And so versatile! I love them all! As for the other 4... I would like a pet one, and then a boy birthday and a separate girl birthday.. I love all your set so I am sure I will love the new ones too!


So excited to see the boy /girl sets as I'm having a new grand baby in September. I can't wait to use one of these sets when the baby arrives! Love Sn@p!

Carol W.

Wonderful new collections. Love the patterns and designs from Sn@p Love and Sn@p Everyday.

Martha Lowry

Love all of them. I would like to see one for teens. There is so little out there just for teens. Or how about holidays? That would be fun. :)

Yvette Sanders

love, love, love the new snap cards - the addition of the black is fabulous!

Heidi LaChance

Amazing! Love Love Love, can't wait to get started!
I want them all!

Judy Chamberlain

Love the new snap cards. Can't wait to get my hands on all of these new Simple Stories/Snap lines.


I love these sets! Any chance you will sell a digital version? I would love it if you did!

Melissa S

Love these new sets. The baby boy set is perfect to scrap about my new little nephew. I wonder if one of the other themes might be Halloween. Thanks for the chance to win :)

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