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July 15, 2013


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Esmee ML

Again Wow!! What a great line this is, perfect for my teenage daugther!! Also loving the basics so much!! Lots of ideas poppin' up... ;-)

Jennifer W.

I love this collection so much! Its very colourful! i cant wait to get the snap cards and stickers for my project life!!


Love it, love it, love it!!! I can't wait to scrapbook and do Project Life with this kit. Thanks!!


This is such a perfect school collection! I love the patterns and colors and just can't wait to get my hands on it!

Anna Chulkova

OMG!! It's awesome! I need it all!))) Thank you for the release, it's just right what I need! Love Simple Stories so much! You guys ROCKS!!

Julie A. Shearer

I love it !! The Composition Basics and the chipboard are my favorites . Thank you for another GREAT collection and a chance to win .

Angie ashuk

I love this collection, with all 3 of my kids starting school full time this fall, i need all of it. My favs are the stickers and chipboard!!

Leanne Bourassa

I absolutely LOVE this one!!! The colors are absolutely perfect. :) Thanks!!!!


WOW I totally love this collection and it will be so perfect for my boy's school albums :)


So cute! Perfect for getting me all caught up on all those school pictures.

Alexia Misso

Very fun school collection, love the bright colors!

Liana S.

Do I have to pick a favorite? It's all so wonderful! With 4 kids in elementary school, I would buy multiples of this set and use it all. Yippee!

A Brooks

What an awesome collection!! As a preschool teacher I am constantly on the lookout for papers and embellies for my student's end of the year scrapbooks and this will definitely be on my buy list!!


I am pretty sure that I love everything about this line! The colors are my favorite - I've always been drawn to primary colors. Plus, my baby girl starts school this fall, and I couldn't be more excited for her! I would LOVE to document her first year with this line - simple, quick and awesome!!!


Although i am not in need of this rite now, am going to stock them up as my son will soon be starting school and am just so impressed with this collection..i love the basics and the collection pack..

amanda gentry

so cute! I love the colors, patterns, and phrases. you guys are always top notch!

Deanna Misner

SS You've knocked it out of the ballpark with this one. Love the patterns, love the basic colors, and LOVE all the embellishments! This one's a must-have for me.


My daughter and I play bingo so I was happy to see the bingo cards. I make greeting cards so my friends will be getting bingo related greeting cards.

Tessa Iszler

Another great collection! I am especially loving the dot and the plaid paper!


All of it is fabulous but I love the SN@P cards :)

Danielle Stein

So cute I can't pick just one! I want it all!

Jodie Banks

I think the pockets are especially darling in this line. Love it all!


I absolutely love it! Makes me wish I was back in school! Hehehe! I love the double sided papers, the snap card! Thanks for a chance to win!

Paige Meyer

Love the line....especially the 3x4 and 4x6 cards...perfect for my PL style album. I love Simple Stories!

Melinda Wilson

Since I am a school bus driver, guess what my favorite thing is ... it is anything with the school bus!!! Awesome collection!


So cute! Love the color scheme and the embellies!

Andrea Garland

This collection is insane, oh my gosh! Love it, so card to pick favorite item. I love the 6x6 paper pad, the Stickers, and the journaling cards.


I love the colors and patterns in this line. And I can't wait to get my hands on that basic pack!


Very cute, clean lined new set. I love the simple shapes with the clean edges and white elements, makes for a nice, crisp contrast. Another winner!!

Glorajean Beardall

This is SO CUTE!!!! I love all of it but being the paper lover that I am the 6x6 paper pad is probably my fav. Seriously SO super cute! Hugs- Glora

Tammy Shelton

Florida Resident Season Pass Holder here... who LOVES Disney World. This was made for me.

Amie Lamm-Griffin

It looks awesome!


Oh I love the Papers! and the cards, and the embellishments...but the papers!!! Oh mY!

Leisa W

Such a fun collection!!! Love it!!!! the green composition notebook card is so cute :)

Jena Baker

This is my most favorite back to school line yet. The 12x12 Collection Pack is on my wish list!

Cindy deRosier

Another hit! I think I am going to be buying everything Simple Stories puts out this year!

Miriam Prantner

So excited about this collection! Perfect for back to school, loving all the great school images/embellishments/stickers! You guys totally knocked this out of the park!

Kim Donner

The whole package is amazing.. But to quickly choose one- the chipboards add some really cute embellishments!! Really adorable stuff would love to win!!

Janet MacKay

Love the chipboard pieces. Don't have any students in my life but I still want the collection.

Cristine Redmond

What a fantastic collection for back to school pictures and projects! Love it!

Katrina Nancne

Loving this collection as well.

Emilly M.

What a wonderful collection to get me scrapbooking my son's first year of school.

Carolyn Staat

I love them all, but I think I love "Summer" the most. I love the colors and the bike the most, I ride a beach cruiser all over my little town. But summer is when we do the most stuff and I take the most pictures.

Cher K.

This line ROCKS! All I can say it WOW! Thanks for the chance to win!


I love, love, love... the "Smarty Pants" collection. I have been looking for a simple kit that I can use with my class this year. I wanted to document our year. This kit is perfect for special events and field trips. In addition it can also be used to document each student's accomplishments throughout the year. I plan on having a student of the week this year. The 2 cool 4 school 12 x 12 page is perfect for that. Each student can fill out one of those pages which will be displayed along with their picture in the class for the week and then you can place it in the binder at the end of the week to share with students and parents throughout the year. At the end of the year this page can be given to students as a gift. Finally, the journaling cards are a great way to motivate students to write and document the history of the class. Students can take turns writing a summary of a special event that took place in class to go with the pictures.This collection has given me so many great ideas. Thanks Simple Stories! You sure make documenting our lives easier!

Jen Harkema

Well, I love it all but I really love the Take Note paper and the Snap Cuts. I'm excited because my daughter is a Senior this year so I am working like a mad woman on her school album so this is perfect timing for you to have done a new school line...Thank you! :)


If I had this maybe my 6 year old would be excited to start school this fall knowing she could use it during our Momma/Daughter craft time!

jackie c.

I love the map paper and the notebook/grid papers!! I'm so happy to see this school line! I have so many photos to scrap.

Sharlene Piscitelli

This entire collection is great but I especially love the journaling elements.

Ann Marie

The Basics is PERFECT for so many things! I think it's my favorite, but those little chuck taylors are hard to beat! :-)

Marcia Scantlin

Love your interpretation of school icons.

Denise Coulter

Smarty Pants is fabulous! My very favorite part of the collection is the gorgeous paper with the map. I just love maps. I can't believe it's only another six weeks until school starts again. It's going by way too fast!

Megan G

Love, Love, Love it!!!

Jeannie L

What a great collection! Just absolutely love everything although I do not have any kids that go to school etc. There's not 1 collection from Simple Stories that I've missed out on.

Kelly S

Love the composition and ledger pages!!

Joy Gainey

I Love the colors they are just gorgeous and will be great for my Grandchildren's albums.


Love it! Perfect for their school scrapbooks - cant wait! :)

Jennifer Wymore

Another fantastic collection! I can't wait to use this on all my sons school pages.

Jodie R

This collection is AWESOME!! This year I want to make a supply cake for my daughter's new teacher and this would be perfect for that!

Jenny Gilbert

What a great line! As a teacher I can definitely put this to good use!


I ♥ Simple Stories. Cutest school-themed collection EVER.

Nadine L.

I really like the SNAP pages and the SNAP cuts. Wait I can't leave out the pockets, oh, and the papers, the stickers and the journaling cards. I love this entire collection so it is really hard to choose a favorite. This entire collection is a winner :)

Deb Wohlleben

LOVE this!!!!! Seriously, it just gets better and better. Love all of the layouts and projects, too. Fantastic!

Mo Whitehurst

Love it! need it, want it, gotta have it......

Rose M Van Cleave

Love all the colors! It doesn't matter where you child goes to school I'm sure their school colors are there - well thought out !

Andrea Green

Love it all!!! Great school collection! I love the apple paper, the SN@P! cards and the basic paper collection - but I want it all :-)

Ashley Counts

Love the composition papers!

Stacie D

I am a teacher and adore doing my own kids' school scrapbook albums. This line is on the mark!


I don't use much school related stuff but I really like the basics papers! (The none notebook paper side) :)


Great school collection! I really like the composition pattern!


Love this line! I teach 5th grade and have a kinder at home so I would use this a lot! Can't wait for it to come to our craft store!

Christine D

I love all the smarty pants papers!! Those are awesome but I think I love the sn@p papers the most!! :)


So cute! I'm a teacher so I love anything school themed!!!

Marie D

As a teacher I just ADORE this line!! And as a newbie Sn@poholic the Sn@p cards & cut outs made me drool!!! Love!!!! Will have to wait to alter my teacher's planner until I get hold of this entire line....

Kathy P

This is the best school collection I've ever seen! Love the colors, the patterns, and great embellies! Must have it all.....will make some fab pages for my grandkids' school album pages! Come quickly, August!!!

Linda huber

I'll just add myself to the list of teachers who are saying how great this line is. You know you've got a hit when we can find so many ways to use it in our classrooms!

Gwen H

Scrapbooking back to school is one if my favorite seasons. This line is so full of bold colors. Can't wait to create with it.

Jamie Greene

Another GREAT "must have" collection!! This is a perfect school line, I love it:)

Melody Pugh

Wow! LOVE! You guys are knocking it out of the park! This line is going to make catching up my kids "School of Life" Albums so easy! Can't wait for school to start so I can get busy.

Jen Barkdull

Super cute collection!!!

Pam Gerdes

Beautiful! I wish I still had kids in school ... oh wait ... there are all those old unscrapped pictures!

Stacy Bosshamer

Fabulous! I love the colors!


Love the colors and the cutouts!! Thanks for the chance to win!

Patricia Molnar

Wow!! Awesome collection!! Fabulous colors!! I love The Simple Stories collections,they are so versatile!

Judi Taylor

FABULOUS paper line! Yes, I am 'shouting' my love of this paper line! Thanks for the chance to win some of this wonderful paper line.

Karen Pilon

Great school papers! Can't wait to scrap with this paper.

Nancy Bailey

Love the colors and the patterns of this paper. Would love to win some!

Casandra B.

I love it all! The colors are awesome and perfect for any back to school layout!

Irma W.

Oh my, Simple Stories has done it again! LOVE LOVE this new collection! I'm gonna be soooo broke!! Of course, again, I'll want at least two of each... I was so disappointed when the first school collection (Elementary) was discontinued (I just discovered SS and didn't get the chance to get it) but I must say, I like this collection even better!! I can't say I have a real favorite (love it all!) but I think the Dr. Seuss quote on the title strip is really fun! :)

Wendi R

this is a GREAT school line love the apples and pencil papers!!!!!

Aimee G.

Love love, love the Sn@p cards! My favorites are the School is Awesome in the speech balloons and the Smarty Pants card with the glasses. :) This is a must have collection for the kids' school photos!!


Love the 3x4 cards. The patterns look great to use throughout the school year.


Another winner!! Will also put this on my must have list!!


Oh my heart!!! I love everything about this line, but the patterned papers really make my heart go pitter-pat! Thank you! Can't wait to get my hands on it!

Amy G

My favs about this line is the cork, chalkboard, and the world map paper. Simple Stories is going to make me go broke!


I LOVE this collection SO MUCH!!! The ruled papers are totally my favorite! They rock!


I just love ALL the collections. I want them all. :D


What a great school collection! Love the cuts and the icons! Love the map print! Thanks for the chance to win!

Lu L.

I like the brads and bingo cards!

Michelle Leaf

I have to pick one thing? This line is amazing and since my daughter is starting school, I now have a reason to buy this awesome line! I think my one favorite thing is the snap cards, I am excited to make an album of my daughter's first year of school!

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