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July 14, 2013


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Moira Coward

Love the Say Cheese line! Definitely on my "must have" list.


Oh so MAGICAL!! Absolutely love it! The possibilities are endless. So nice to have a fresh new collection focused on Disney...simply fabulous and fun!

Teresa Horner

I need this... all of it today :) I have a Disney pass and have lots and lots of photos to scrap and this set is ideal.. Thanks for creating such beautiful papers to scrap with and hope you pull my name!!!! Thanks for the chance to win love, love, love your papers :)

Lisa P

I have Disney pics from our family vacation a couple of years ago that I have just not found the inspiration to scrap yet. this has just completely done it. Not cutesy, very classy and totally magical. this will be happening for me!

Lisa C.

I'm so in love!! I have so many Disney photos yet to scrap and I've been waiting on a line like this!! LOVE it all!!

Jennifer Grace

This is so fun, I love how it can be used for Disney related pages (we love Disney and my son is obsessed with Mickey Mouse right now) but you can use it all for so much more too! I especially love the journal card elements and the basics papers. Thanks for the chance to win! x

Merrilee Wheaton

Love the bold colours and designs! I've never been to Disney by I can definitely see me us in this line!

Cher K.

This line is so perfect to scrap all of my Disney photos! I love it and can't wait to get me hot scrapping hand on it! Thanks for the chance to win!


So excited for this to come out!! I have a few Disney trips to scrapbook from years past as well as two from this year. My daughter is finishing up her internship at Disney as well so we have lots to do!! Thanks for the opportunity to win it before I go broke!!

Kara Anderson

SO SO awesome! I need this one for our big trip next year.


In total love with this new collection, wicked versatile! Like it all!!!

Gerda Persson

Oh, I'm just hooked on Simple Stories products. Loved them from the firt time I layed eyes on them.
I'm so impressed how you manage to produce so inspirational material all the time.
It provide so many opportunities and makes it so easy and they're soooo stylish!


I love, love, love this line! Thank you! I have two Disney trips to scrap and I can't wait to get my hands on this.

Cathy Tibbetts

WOW WOW WOW!!! This collection is fabulous! Love the colors and elements and love how you have the collection in different sizes for all SS fans!!! DD and familly go to WDW every 2 years, so I have plenty of pics to scrap for them! Can't wait to see what other surprizes you have for us!

Cindy deRosier

Without a question, #1 on my must-have list from 2013.

Jacky S

Love this mix of colours....so versatile.


As soon as I saw the sneak peak... I fell in love with this collection... its truly awesome and the colours are absolutely gorgeous!

Amy Suess

I have 8 Disneyworld/Disnland trips to scrapbook and this line is PERFECT for them all! I Heart Simple Stories!

Kathy R

My family is going to Disney in January, so I will definitely be picking up this collection. Love that it's perfect for Disney but not too themey.

Jen Harkema

I am beyond excited! What I am so impressed with is that it is perfect for "Disney" pics however, if you look closely you don't have to use it for "Disney" at all! To me, that means you all have some super talented designers! I thought I was your biggest fan, but it looks like you have many, lol. Anyway, thank you for the chance to win! Oh and I must say, I love the first sketch book and am so excited to see yet another! It is a MUST HAVE in my book!


Love it! I need it all!

Connie O.

Oh My! I need at least triples of everything and more!!!! Absolutely an AMAZING new collection...I have two in process albums form previous trips to the Big Cheese himself and haven't touched our last trip form April because I just couldn't find a collection I liked. Needless to say I cannot wait till August! So excited to see the new Sketch book as well what a perfect combination SS and SG! I love the Allison's and Debbies sketch books and use everytime I scrap.... the last one with SS was amazing I know this will be too! August can't come soon enough!
BTW wished I had that autograph book for the last trip...guess I will have to go again....

Michelle Salazar

I have to have it so perfect for my Disney moments!

Janetta Zeimetz

Another absolutely sweet collection!! You guys have done it again!! Say Cheese is a wonderful collection!! I so love Simple Stories!


As of this moment, I'm saving up for the entire collection. It's a must to finally get all of the treasured trip photos scrapped. Love the introduction of the kraft paper color.

Missy B.

Y'all rock! I always think it can't get any better...but it does...it does! <3<3<3


Wonderful and oh so Magical!! Love it!

Cyndee K.

Such fun patterns and colors! And so very versatile - love it!

Lynn F

Love this!
My neice (age 9) has been begging for 2 years for help scrapbooking Disney pictures. The task has always seemed overwhelming. Until now!!!!
This line, an album, and printed pictures will definitely be a Birthday Present for her. LOVE IT!!!

Jessi brown

Omg I absolutely adore this line. I do believe i will need every single piece of it! Hopefully we will go to Disney world next year just so I can use it!

Debbie Letourneau

Love this! I don't normally want to order everything in a collection but I have to get it all this time!


Wow!! A perfect collection for Disney adventures AND versatile enough for other projects. Well done!

Amber D

Love that this line can be used on anything! i have some amusement park pictures that will get great use out of this!

LuAnn M

Love it! This line is perfect for Disney photo's and many other occasions. It makes me want to get out all those old Disney pictures and scrap away!

Gloria Williams

I absolutely love this line. I need it for the day when we finally get around to visiting Disney. Can't wait to see it in the stores!


great products! love it!


This is probably the most amazing collection I've ever seen... I love it !

Barb Leffeler

These are the best yet. Can't wait to see them live.

Cheryl K

I love all Simple Stories products! But, I have been hoping and waiting for this one! So excited!

Lisa in AL

Perfection!! : ) I looove this new line! Great for Disney, but will go with anything!

lynne moore

I love the excited energy of the theme! I agree it goes well with other life events... I think it would do well making my kids graduation pages and even the trip taking my youngest to college later in the summer.
I can't wait to see the sketchbook. The SG sketches are go well done!


I'm soooo exited aboute the new Say Cheese collection. Super cute! I love the bright and viberant colours mixed with the black (love black!). I really cant wait to have this collection here right in front of me.
*Wishing for winner luck*

lisa in okc

Heaven on earth. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Hooray to Simple Stories and the SG sketch duo for such fabulousness!!!


OMGosh!!! So cute! The stripes, chevrons, dots and colours ... all my faves! You've really knocked it out of the park with this line - love it all! Thanks for the chance to win :)

Dorina D

Magical, Colorful, Wonderful, Fabulous, Amazing, Fun. Did I say wonderful? Love, Love, Love this collection that is so versatile for any event. Can't wait for this to come out. Such a fun way to scrap a girls week at the best place on earth with the best product on earth. Can't get any better than this. Simple Stories hit it out of the park with this collection.

Sherry H.

I LOVE it all so much! This is a fabulous collection. I need every piece of it!! :)

Suzy Gray

Cute collection. I always love your letter and image stickers. They are a great value and add lots of style

maritza G

I love that this collection is perfect for the amusement park but can be used for so much more. Thank you!


The papers and embellishments are just perfect! Then a SG Sketchbook to go with! Drooling, can not wait! Thx for the chance to win! I have so many Disney photos to scrap. I can't wait!

Shauna K

oh my word! SO perfect for scrapbooking our Disney trips!!! Can't wait to purchase this WHOLE line :D

Lara Read

I was going to try to skip sneak peaks this release but I just couldn't resist. So glad I did this is awesome and I love the sketch books!

jennifer h

WOW!! What an AWESOME COLLECTION!! I have been looking for something like this for forever- this is perfect!!

Kim Boken

Love it! I have a Disney trip that needs documenting!!

Martha Lowry

I can't even express how much I LOVE THIS! I love it all! I have 3 WDW trips that I have never scrapped and this line ill be wonderful to do them!


I'm so so excited about this. Can't wait to see this in person. I have to have every single thing in this collection.

This is so AWESOME!!!!!!!!

Beth E.

What a great collection! So versatile. Would work well for my guys! Well done!

Alexia Misso

Love your collections, your products have been my all time favorite! Thanks for the chance!

Lois Radford

I'd say this is Disneyland photo perfect! My family went in December of 2012 and I would love to have this line to help me with my albums! I love the Sketch Magic Book as well to put all our autographs we collected on our trip! I really love everything about this line! And thank you for a chance to win this outstanding line!! Brings out the kid in all of us! :)

Lynne Rudolph

I cannot tell you how excited I am to see this collection! I love Simple Stories and the Scrapbook Generation girls and their sketches...Thank you for the chance to win!!!

Johni Komisak

Love this new line! Some of my favorite colors. Great for D amusement photos but really love that I can use for any layouts or albums! Living within 1/2 hour of D-Land I do have many photos - 3 generations, me, my kids, and my grandkids. Love that it will be easy peasy to do with this new line. Thanks!

Christine C.

I am intrigued by your scrapbooking collection. It looks like a different way to scrapbook than what I have been doing up to now. I like all the coordinating pieces.

Judy S.

This collection came at the perfect moment - just received photos back from recent Disney trip! Looks like papers etc can be used for other pages also.

Jamie Greene

I LOVE this!! I have a disney album that I have been working on for the last 4 years now. This is going to be perfect for finishing it:) Finally;)

Ava Gavloski

I love how versatile this line is. We can definitely use it for our Disney trips and party themed events.


Love it! Thank you for the chance at winning! :o)

Stephanie @ Bee Tree Studios

Oh this would be great for my son's Disney SN@P album! I've been trying to pick up SN@P products that would work for a boy and for Disney pictures… not easy lol! I'm so excited! He will love filling in his album with the Say Cheese products! Is it August yet? =)

Stephanie @ Bee Tree Studios

Dawn Cheshire

Love the colour scheme and the cut apart sheets. One to add to the wishlist

Andiette d

OMG! I must have it all! So adorable!

Cheri P.

Oh my!!! You have really outdone yourselves with this line!! I really love it and is a must have on my list. I can't wait to see what else you have in store for us :)

Michelle Mounts

LOVE it! Makes me want to go back to Disney and make a scrapbook with this beautiful collection!

Claudia Mitchell

So perfect for all the Disney trips! Great job SS!!!


I like so much about this: it's very versatile-- it's not too juvenile or themey and could be used for a multitude of topics. I also like the red/ black/ yellow colors. They are so bold & cheerful. So much fun potential with this line!

jakki W

very cool collection, I think I might need it.


LOVE the new black binder and all the fun colors in this new collection

Tracy Eau Claire

Adorable line!!! Would love to win this.


This is perfect, versatile, yet just right for the Disney vacation I still need to scrap. Love it, thank you.


I've never been to Disney, but this collection makes me want to buy myself a ticket :)

Paula Cook

This new line is so special! I can't wait to start working on a Mickey scrapbook for my grandson that went to Disney World in June. Papers and embellishments are perfect!

Michelle Price

Such an adorable collection! Love that it can be themed or everyday!

Carrie M

Love all the Simple Stories lines but this might be my favorite. Great bright (but not too bright) colors perfect for those park trips!

Kristina A

I LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! And I NEED to have it (big disney fan here :)...when will it be available?

Margie Visnick

I love it!! A must have!

Leanne in CA

Absolutely love this first sneak peek! Great colors and coordinating pieces. Love it!!

Wanda Duchien

I love Simple Stories!!Once again you have created a great line!!I have been recommending Simple Stories to my friends who have not scrapbooked for a while because they felt over whelmed! Simple Stories offers great solutions!!

Mel Martin

LOVE this new collection- especially that it is versatile between vacation/Disney photos and everyday fun memories. Great fun colors!!

Linda Purcel

this is wonderful! would love to win it!! Love it when you all share stuff from CHA!!!

Alicia Westerman

I love it! Finally a super cute and easy way to document a trip that I usually have taken hundreds of pictures to scrapbook.


Omg!! Love this collection!

Kelly B.

Been waiting SO long from someone to come out with a fabulous collection I could use for Disney. Absolutely love it! Thank you!!!

Pernilla J

This collection is perfect for the photos from our vacation at Disneyland Paris, so now I'll have to put that project aside for a while... Did I say that I love it?

Nadine L.

I love this collection it is so versatile. Would make really cute Disney, birthday or just everyday fun with your kids layouts. I can hardly wait to start playing. Love all the wonderful primary colors!!!

Tammy D

Such a fun collection! I live in Central Florida and make trips to see the mouse often. This is a fab collection! :)


So cool! Love it! Perfect for Disney and versatile for anything else! The chipboard is my favorite!!

Sharon Gullikson

The stars are my favorite!! Such cute papers. I love the view master card, too!! Too cute.

natasha poteraj

What a great collection of bright colors. Nice.

beatrice lawson

This is perfect for our upcoming Orlando trip!! Great timing and what a fabulous, magical collection! The 3"x4" are so versatile, I always get multiples and this will be no exception!


ooooooooo! i love it all, might have to plan another trip just so i can buy it

Lisa Oliva

Need all of it! Just returned from Disneyworld and this will be perfect for a PL trip album. So excited to hear the leather snap albums have finally arrived too as need some of those too. Perfect line for my family right now.

Ashley W

I love everything about this collection! Hopefully it will help inspire me to scrapbook my Disney pictures from YEARS ago!


Wow! This is awesome.. a MUST buy!

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