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July 09, 2013


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WOW! Can't wait to see them all next week. I am new to Snap Simple Stories, but so far I love what you have to offer. Will be purchasing when collections are released. Thanks

Carol Greenwald

Looks very interesting. Can't wait to see more.

Melissa S

WOW! Love the sneaks and can't wait to see the full reveals next week :)

Laura G.Turcotte

oooohhh--how exciting! Simple Stories never disappoint!

Julie Tucker-Wolek

Loving the sneaks!! Can't wait to see more!!!!


I can't wait to see the full collections -- I know I'm going to love them. Simple Stories has been my favorite scrapping line for a long time now!

Beth E.

So excited to see the full reveals! I can't wait! Simple Stories has quickly become a favorite.


Oh ! Very fun these new collections !

Becky F

Very fun sneak peeks! I CANNOT wait to see the full reveals, especially of December Documented!


So looking forward to seeing the new collections. I can already tell that I am going to purchase the Say Cheese collection. You should make sure you put in a big order for that collection since I see it selling very fast once it it's the shops.

Connie O.

Cannot wait!!!!! I have several Disney trips unscripted one I started putting pics in divided page protectors just no paper or embellies yet so I super excited for this! And the Christmas...wow you always hit the mark!!! Please don't keep us waiting long!

Connie O.

sorry spelling error...darn auto correct....Unscrapped


Ooh I can't choose wich one I like most. The red, yellow en black one fits perfect with the outfit of Mickey Mouse who we hope to meet this fall in Paris. The Smarty pants collection for all the schoolpictures of our two sons and december is always my favorite time of the year.... what if I also like the other new things that we get to see next week.... I think I'll have to check my savings-account desperately.


Say Cheese looks like FUN!!! Can not wait to see what the lines look like! Love your stuff!!

Laura Stewart

cannot wait, I love all your collections!

Leah Burgett

Can't wait to see more!!

Katie Jones

Your killing me here! I want to see more! I hope they are out soon - I need that Smarty Pants collection to make the "Welcome Back to School" cards that I send out to my third graders in August!

Kirsten B in MN

How did you know I still haven't scrapped my Disney photos?!?! Thanks, I can't wait!


Oh these will be fabulous I'm sure!!! Can't wait ;-)


Can't wait to see all of it! Looks fabulous!

Cathy Tibbetts

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Simple Stories! Can't wait!

rebecca keppel

So, SO exciting! I LOVE them all :)


Can't wait!

Shelly Bailey

Yay for a new school collection and it looks like it is a great fit for older children. I need a new collection for my daughters school albums! Excited!! Shelly


I love them all!! I'm your biggest fan, and have loved each of your collections ever since you very first started. Each year I pick one line and make that the focus of my scrapbook, and then add in a generous helping of the awesome summer lines!

Mostly excited for the Say Cheese collection as I have a Disney trip waiting to be scrapped!

Peggy Hacker

I am having trouble purchasing Simple Stories is there a catalog that I can receive by mail? Or is there a site where everything is listed for sale, I have ordered some from Amazon, but it seems so complicated, I need to see exactly what I want to purchase..I appreciate any help you can send me..please send a reply to my E-Mail..

Renee Hoffer

Such a tease :)
Love the bright colors--can't wait to see more!

Mel Hand

Loving the look of Say Cheese - can't wait to start creating with it. I also think December Documented is going to work great as a starting point for recording all the business of December and the run up to Christmas. Awesome :)

Angela A

There aren't any of your collections that I don't love, so I am just waiting on pins and needles for the full reveal! The Say Cheese Line I think is going to be my favorite! I love all things Disney and this looks like it will not disappoint!

Misty M

oh, I sooo plan to get my hands on these fun lines!!!




@Peggy Hacker - We had pretty much everything Simple Stories has made in our online store - although, some of it is gone or on clearance now. But you can check out our online store at www.awdml.com

Simple Stories - you've knocked it out of the park again! You guys know I love your stuff, but I'm so very excited for the Magic and Smarty Pants lines!! I want to see the green in the Christmas line as it seems a bit "off" for Simple Stories :)

julie e

Fun sneaks - can't wait to see more.

Mendi Yoshikawa

Yay for sneak peeks! I'm super excited by what I see so far of the Say Cheese and Smarty Pants collections! Can't wait to see them all fully revealed! :)


I'm excited for all three but can't wait for the bright Christmas line!

Julia Lee/Scrappiola

Bring on the full reveals - waiting anxiously!


I can't wait to see the rest. I ♥ Simple Stories.

j rosenmarkle

think I just found my daily December collection


The anticipation is killing me! Can't wait to see more!!

Nadine L.

Can't wait to see the full lines. The sneak peeks are awesome. Simple Stories never disappoints so I know I will love them.

Nicole Bennett

Wow! Can't wait for the full reveal!!

Kim S (nerdgrl)

December Documented???? YES!!!!!!!!!


Oh...December Documented made me catch my breath. And I'm loving the colors in these little teasers!

Samantha T.

I'm excited for all of these! I can't wait to see more!!!!

Jen Wright

I"M IN LOVE!!!!! Show me more!!!!


Can't wait till the fill reveal!

Jacky S

They look great


LOVE LOVE IT!!! these collections look awesome!! Thanks for the sneak peek- can't wait till Monday!

Donna Coughlin

Wow super excited about the new collections!


Love love love! Hoping one of those mini set reveals is Halloween. Simple Stories is by far my favorite scrapbook line. :)

Wendy Orme

Can't wait to see the whole shabang!


Can't wait to see more....

Savanna Carson

I am already in love... I see a December Daily album in my near future!!!

Amber M.

Ohhhhh, I don't know if I can wait until next week!!! I'm in major suspense!!! They look so awesome and I am especially intrigued by the Say Cheese line!!!!!!!


I am now using the Sn@p Life Collection. The colors and designs are amazing. I am excited about the Smarty Pants Collection. I will be using it with my class.

Liz Startz

love them all!!!! Can't wait to see the December one!

Diana Waite

SO exciting!!


I can think of plenty to do with Say Cheese that doesn't involve The Mouse. Yay!

Alexia Misso

I love all your collections!


can't wait to see more! they look great :)

Kim M

Being a huge Disney fan, I can't wait to see the full reveal of the Say Cheese line!

Gail L

LOVE all of these! So excited!


Love the Snap collections. Printing on your Snap cards is easy peasy with Photoshop and Word templates by



Dorina D

December Documented sounds fabulous and the Smarty Pants collection looks adorable. Can't wait to see everything, especially the December Documented.

Lisa Webb

Love love love SS. You never ever fail

Theresa G.

This is such a TEASE!!! They look wonderful! The names of the lines just grab ya!! Can't wait for the full reveal.


Such a teaser!!! I can't wait to see them ALL, but I think my favorite might just be Say Cheese!!! :) So excited!!!

Ava Gavloski

congrat's to the designers on this collection, should be a great seller this coming season

stacie d

love them! Can't wait to see more


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these!!! Can't wait to buy :)

cindy wolfe

How exciting!!! I am new to the Simple Stories papers,but love them!!! Can't wait to see more.


I am so excited to see them.


They are all adorable-when will they be released-I want them all!

Connie H

Smarty Pants looks very interesting as well as the others. Love Simple Stories format.

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