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June 03, 2013


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Julie Tucker-Wolek

Great pages!!! I am loving the story of the teddy bear!!


love this, Layle! wish i could see it all in person! :)

Rhiannon Metzger

Love it!! I agree documenting life's "ordinary moments" is essential! ;)


I love this! You have given me some great inspiration - as I sit here with an empty @snap album waiting to be filled! Thank you :-)


LOVE these pages and I agree that the everyday things are some of the best events or non-events to document! Love the graphic patterns and crisp look!



natalie murphy

This is my all time favorite line - I would love to win anything from this line - hope to hear from you.

Anelsie Ramos

Love this project! I'm one of the lucky students that will take this class this Saturday at the Puerto Rico Scrapbook event, 5th edition!!! Can't wait!!!! :D

sharon gullikson

I LOVE the earth tones. They go so great together---very earthy.

Natasha Poteraj

This is my favorite, seriously. I like the colors, patterns, the natural look of it all.


I am loving this. Looks fabulous!

Penny Casburn

Oh my goodness, this is cute! Thanks for the creative ideas & inspiration.😊


Your last sentence is so very true... I did a "Week in the Life" project 2 years ago, and it is fun to look through; and see how different things are around my house in only two years! These @snap products are pretty cool...

Christine c

Great ideas, fabulous products

Karen L K

Really fun album. I love Simple Stories product!!!

lynne moore

I love that you journaled in the 2x8 pocket. i never know what to do with it besides a border strip. Perfect spot.

Alissa Dillon

I really like the smaller pocket pages, will be fun to use for smaller long weekend trips! I also used the 24/7 collection for a couple of Christmas pages the other night, they looked fabulous!!

Jacky S

Beautifully done.


I just love the reminder to keep it SIMPLE by picking a few products to work with. We tend to collect and collect and collect. Then it's overwhelming to pick from everything. Thanks for the reminder that it's ok to keep it simple!

Jeaunes Viljoen

Really love your project!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am SO happy to see more posts dedicated to the smaller 6x8 books! Please keep them coming!

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