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June 24, 2013


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Vicki Parker

I start my albums at the beginning of each year and so far have always needed 2 for the year. I have used different page protectors but it does annoy me at times trying then to work out photo orientation for the back side. I tend to mainly use the one you showed in the post. As for the storage of everything its a work in progress and currently all in a basket which isn't working that well.

Laura G.Turcotte

I haven't started yet.....(hanging head in shame)..but I will...soon...maybe in Jan.2014.

LOVE that tape holder idea!! And we won't say what our age, because I remember the tapes, and 8 tracks...we'll leave it at there!;)
Great ideas--thanks for sharing!

Peggy A

Wow, could I ever relate to your need for organization! Funny, too, as I had a box like the one you are using and was beginning to think about doing the same thing. Only trouble is I put it somewhere in a fit of cleaning and don't remember where. So, I think I will start putting all my cards in a photo box for now. I do appreciate your idea tho!
Currently I have my two lines in a 12x12 plastic box and the element/journal cards in two different envelopes and plastic bags. Your idea would make them much more accessible! Love it!
As for using 2 different page designs - I actually like it since they are all squared off. But, to "help" my little quirkish self, I make sure I use color elements, cardstock or themes that flow together. Not sure if that makes sense but I look at it as a two page spread - sort of!
Oh, and thank you so much for "allowing" me to mix different Simple Stories lines. I am working on my first album(not a Project Life or I might have insight into starting in the middle of the year) and found I'm using Go Take a Hike and my favorite, Destinations. And, I just ordered Urban Traveler which will make it in there, too.
Like you, I hung back using this system and am so hooked! I have just about completed a big camping trip with close to 200 pics and only started a few weeks ago. That would never have happened without this great system.
Sure appreciate your fun post!

Julie Tucker-Wolek

I can soooooooo relate to your personality! LOL! My friends call me LANA ... which is ANAL backwards!! HA!!! I am LOVING what you did with that cassette tape holder... that is PURE genius!!! Next time I go to my local antique store ... I am totally scoping one of those out!! FABULOUS!!!


Very cool! I am TOTALLY with you there! I have been on the fence for a long time and I guess I technically am as I haven't gotten a "system" yet.
I have started taking daily pictures and thought I would start with a mini album to start- I may or may not change my mind on this. I do know I want to start and I hope whatever way I go...I'm as organized as you!

Diane Anthony

My first album was begun in June one year. I finished that album in Dec. and only had half the year. I have begun my other albums with January. I think where ever you choose to start is great! The point is to record and document the everyday, it doesn't matter when you begin! Enjoyed seeing your organization!

Wendy Orme

LOVE the cassette tape holder idea! I think it's great that you're starting in the middle of the year!

Stephanie Pezolet

You are hilarious! I think it's so funny to me because I could recognize myself through your quirks and personality traits. ;-)
I LOVE Simple Stories and use it in and out of the page protector system.


"Now I'm faced with the dilemma of how to "handle" having one design/style Pocket Page on the left side of the spread and a different design/style on the right side."

This is EXACTLY what I have been freaking out about...and how do I incorporated a mix of style pockets with standard 12x12 layouts.

I am in the planning stages (well in my head anyway) of a Heritage/Family Tree album for my Dad - and this is where I keep getting stuck.

Any ideas would be VERY much appreciated!


My daughters and I are starting PL/pocket page style scrapbooking together...in January 2014. I just can't do the middle of the year thing! I relate to so many of your "unique qualities" with regard to organization and scrapbooking. :-) I have my growing stash of prep product in a Close to My Heart box (saw this idea on Pinterest) and, because the spaces inside can be customized by removing the dividers, I can put many different products in it and it holds A LOT! This keeps my items portable for when I go to retreats and still easily accessible when I am in my crop space at home. As for the "mismatch" of the page layouts when you mix different pocket page designs together, I found that made for really interesting double pages, as long as I ran a coordinating or matching element throughout both. I discovered this when I made an album for a wedding shower gift - it was suprisingly pleasing to the eye and did not freak me out at all. Too much matchy-matchy in these type albums seems to reduce the aesthetic appeal. LOL! (By the way, love the cassette rack and I fondly remember my 8 tracks and cassettes - AND record stores!)

Dorina D

wow! Wonderful job on your first page. Looking forward to seeing more of your pages. Loved your idea of storage for your supplies for the project. athanks for sharing.

lynne moore

I don't mind the different pages left and right. It makes it more interesting and keeps the creativity flowing instead of the plunk the next thing here. I tend to not clutter up the view with too many small things. There is nothing wrong with keeping the same color scheme in the extra pockets. If I really need a break, I will add a regular 12x12 or smaller page in between. (Think a Sn@p! one or esp. a 6x12 - which we need to get for Simple Stories! Hint!)

Janice Hopkins

I had to read your #3 Confession to my husband so that he would know I'm not the only organizing lover ... I, too, have the Ikea Cart and have it organized identical to yours. How funny is that ... bet we are not alone! :)


I start my album at the beginning of the year because I'm a diagnosed OCD patient (as in almost Monk-ish, if you remember that TV show). If my album isn't full at the end of the year, I continue with another year and I'm okay with that. I have one album that has two years in it and my 2013 album will only have this year in it -- thanks to many pages of the Justin Bieber concert with my older girls early this year, LOL (we were only six feet from the stage so we got AWESOME pictures). ANYWAY, because of my OCD, I can't stand to have portrait pictures in a landscape orientation so I will not hesitate to use different page layouts on a two-page spread. I also will not hesitate to fill in with decorative or even plain paper so that I don't have April's stuff bleeding onto March's pages (I do my photos by month, not by week like a lot of people).

And I'm going to Ikea in ATL later this year. I'm *totally* buying one of those carts while I'm there!! That thing is AWESOME!

Debby Riendeau

I tried doing a Project 365 a few years ago and found it too difficult to try and do a photo a day. My children are grown and I seriously do NOT want 365 pictures of my cats and my food. So I started the pocket page scrapping with an event; building our house. From there I have been doing pages by event or month depending on which I have enough photos of.

I don't mind having two different styles of pocket pages facing each other AS LONG AS the colors coordinate across the spread. A word of caution though... The more choices you have sometimes the harder it is to choose a format and actually scrap. I suggest starting with just a couple of choices.

We have formed a Project Life Meet-up group at my LSS (www.the-inspiration-station.com) and it is so much fun to swap supplies and share ideas.


I'm not sure if anyone hes mentioned this yet or not...but the way I deal with the different protectors is to use a mix of different sized photos. If some of your photos are a 3x3 or 4x4 square the vertical or horizonral pocket orientation is not an issue. Using the same pocket design gives you a very unified, rhythmic look but for me..I like the organized chaos of using the different designs. All depends what appeals to you the most...just my two cents. :)


Great idea with the tape holder, Layle! Perfect!

Erika @ Scrapbook Obsession Blog

Layle, thank you so much for sharing the start of your Life Documented album and how you're organizing (for now, hee hee). Was the cassette holder your genius idea or did you find that on Pinterest? I never would've thought of that - but I sure will be looking for one now! I think we're about the same age ... I might just have one in the attic, LOL.

As for your questions:

1. Do you begin your albums at the start of the year? What if your album isn't full at the end of the year? Do you start a new album, even if one isn't full or do you just continue in that album?

I'm a newb at it this year (tried once before in 2009 and failed miserably). I did start with 1-1-13 and felt pretty anal about waiting for that date even though I was ready to go in late '12. But to me 7-1-13 seems like a nice round date to start with too. It's the start of the fiscal year, if that helps! I'm sure my album will be full at the end of the year and if it fills more than that, I'll divide the pages evenly into 2 matching albums.

2. Do you use different style/design Pocket Pages on the same two page spread (one design on the left and a different design on the right)? Why or why not?

I've done a LOT of divided page protector scrapping using Simple Stories. So I already know what a challenge it can be to make a variety of protectors match up with your photos. So for my first year, I committed to using only the BH Design A pages (which I will replace with the Sn@p! version you used above when they're available; can't wait!). I have very little free time and need to K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Scrapper!) It has worked out great. I take all my photos for this project in horizontal mode and have found the 'white space' that creates sometimes (in a photo you would normally take vertically) has been fun to play with - embellish, journal, add some washi, use a punch and back it with paper, etc. It works for me!

3. How do you organize your products, tools and supplies for Life Documented/divided page protector scrapbooking?

I have a white plastic tray from the kitchen section to hold all my 3x4 and 4x6 cards, washi, wood veneers, etc. But I have to confess, I'm on Organizational Method #3 already and it's only June, LOL. I want one of those Raskog carts you have too.

PLEASE keep posting your LIfe Documented pages. I can't wait to see more! And like Lain said, we'll be checking on you (wink).



Great post! Love your page and your cassette idea

Emily Adams

I absolutely love your cover page and cassette holder idea! I think it's fine to start halfway through the year, but understand your apprehension. I finally decided to do PL in mid-Feb but had been keeping notes since January... I went back and did the first 6 weeks of the year :) I think it's much more fun to use different pocket pages each week. There are so many great ones to choose from!

Carol W.

Fabulous organization tips and ideas! I am a newbie with project life too

Sandy McClay

I can SO relate to this post!!! I have been doing the same thing, I just went to my favorite scrapbook store and only bought card stock patterns that were the little cards! This is huge and it is only going to get bigger, my sons are 29 and 34 and I am just starting....I know crazy...:) I will be on the lookout for one of those cassette holders at Goodwill from now on! :) Thank you for this post! I found you via Pinterest!

 Gia Lau

I linked to you on my blog today- I feel really bad saying I found the same cassette organizer from napa valley wood at my local salvation army for $5 and they had 2 !

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