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June 02, 2013


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Melanie Marsh

I LOVE all the different photograph options.

Missy B.

Wow...I didn't think you could keep getting better and better, but you DO! I have so many pictures that I cannot wait to get into these albums. My son starts high school this fall and I am looking forward to documenting the next four years with your products. Yahoooooo!

Rita Timmons

love the albums... and all the different sizes &options for the pages. allows for lots of creativity!

Suzann N.

I'm in love with all of the colors of the 12x12 binders - so bright and fun. And the pocket pages have amazing variety!! Love them - can't wait to have them.

Cyndee K.

Awesome! Love the colors and all the different page protector configurations! I love your current 6x8 Snap albums, so can't wait to see the 12x12s!


I love the colors and the choice of sizes!and the variety pack of pages is a great idea. thanks for the chance to win!

Ellie Augustin

More like WHAT doesn't excite Me! I'm expecting a baby come September & I would love to use a 12x12 album to document our little one's 1st year I am in awe and IN LOVE w/it all! Crossing my fingers & thanks for the chance.

cindy k

I love simple stories, i can mix and match and do several layouts with LOTS of pictures (which is how I like to scrap) in an hour. I will sometimes fill the pages with the design elements I like then take a picture to finish the page. Keep up the fun...love it

Kristina Paschalis

I love your products and now that you have the complete line it is just great! I am so excited that everything comes in 6x8.

Adele Hogarth

Love the colours..

Lisa Posthumus

I would love to win a 12x12 set, the endless possibilities...

Leigh Card

The variety is so cool and fun!

Laurie Henry

Love the different pocket page options!!

Anne-Marie Cox

Variety IS the spice of life... yep, I'm excited by all the different combos and gorgeous colours... would love a complete set sitting on my book shelf ;)


I am so excited, these will make documenting life super easy! Love both sizes.

Vanessa Babin

I love the colors and the options the pages give me. Simple Stories makes scrapbooking a SNAP! LOVE SS! Thanks for the chance to win some of these great products.

lynne moore

Yeah! I have been waiting to get some of the leather albums (BOTH!) ... So happy to see they are available. I love the new protector varieties.


Congratulations ladies! I'm loving these albums and pocket pages. I think they would be perfect for summer vacations or other travel minis that don't fit in my Project Life. Thanks for the chance to win!


I am so excited for all of the options you have with the new pocket pages. The colors are awesome, the sizes are fabulous, and I can't waif to start using them to record memories! Thank you!!

Kate Vickers

Awesome new albums! I love the colours and different pocket configurations! Looks like fun!

Karyn Siegel

Love your stuff - looking forward to the new albums!

Marisa t

love the variety, always looking for good quality albums to hold the tons of pages I make also any way to make documenting the events that have tons of pictures easier I am all for! thanks for a chance to win!


I love all the albums and glad there is a 12x12. Also love the different pocket pages too!

Lisa P

Super cool. Love that I can continue with my traditional 12x12 layouts but add some of the pocket pages to spice it up for pics I don't want to make a traditional layout for or for extra journaling or things I collect along the way. Love the simple look of the albums.


I like the set and the color options. Thanks for creating this.

Candi S.

I love the bright colored albums and the variety of the pages that can be used.


I love the new albums, the 12x12 and the inserts are excellent for Project Life! Thanks for the opportunity to win SS! Love your products!

McKenzie Meuleveld

I absolutely LOVE the colors of your new albums and the hundreds of different ways I can lay out my pictures and document cards with your page protectors. I have bought many different brands of binders and page protectors over the years but yours have defiantly trumpet them all. Thank you for the AMAZING opportunity to aid me in keeping my life documented in a sn@p.


I love the many different page options!

Ketta Lubberstedt-Arjes

I love the colors and the 12x12 pocket pages! This line is making me start scrapbooking again!


I LOVE the colors and flexibility this line provides! Keeping my fingers crossed!

Tammy Davis

Love the variety in pocket pages. Love that I can still have my 12 x 12 pages within the pocket style layouts for those misc. pictures that don't need a whole page! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

Wendy Crowe

LOVE all the different options! So many to choose from! And with so many different subjects and projects to work on, I really love that I can choose just the right one. This is an amazing concept and I really love the versatility. I can't wait to see what's next!!!


I like the loose leaf type binder that it offers, I find the post type too cumbersome and too difficult to add pages, love this!


I love all of the color choices for the albums and all of the different size options for the pocket pages! Thanks for the chance to win these awesome products!

JoAnn Marrell

i'm a "snap" junkie and what excites me the most is that now i can snap in 12 x 12 format!! i've already contacted my lss and have preordered one 12 x 12 and one 6 x 8 new leather album... but hey i still wouldn't mind winning one too!!


Wow, super exciting news. I love SS & these albums look delicious. Loving the idea of scrapping cute pages in a flash!

Cherri Simon

I think the albums are pretty and I think the pocket pages could be fun to do - quick, especially for vacation and special event pages where there are lots of photos.

Lauren Sawchyn

I've been patiently waiting for a 12x12 album and I'm VERy excited about finally creating a project using them!! Pick me!!

Kelly Malacko

I love the flexibility! Love it!


I love the option of using 6X8 or 12X12 - such versatility!!

jackie a xxx

I ove the different sized page protectors that will be available and the colours of the albums are very refreshing.

Linda Auclair

Some of my favorite scrappers on the planet are on your Life Documented team! Awesome! :)

Nicolle Kramer

Wow this is awesome! Love the variety of options to choose from!! I work in 12x12 but would love to try the 6x8..:)


I like the fact that i can still do my 12x12 layouts but also add all the extra pictures that don't fit into another sleeve with pockets. Also the colors are awesome of the binders.

Gail E.

Love everything about this collection!!!!


I really love these products! I love the 12x12 because you can add the 6x8 when you need that little bit of extra space.


Love all the different unique designs in page protectors!

Debbie Ford

I can actually get things done with the pocket pages and papers

Leeanna P

I love that it is a quick and easy way to scrap the kids pictures and have journaling without spending all the time I use to on layouts, etc. Once the kids hit elementary age, all the time just disappeared!

Lisa Jamerson

Well I love Simple Stories clean, fresh look! I think my favorite part is the design of your pocket pages. Thanks for the opportunity to win.


I am so happy to see the release of 6x8 albums in leather. I love the 6x8 format and have been longing for leather albums (and that they are coming soon)!


I love all of the products... Can't wait to see the new products in person!!

jennifer alatorre

Variety. Variety. Variety!


I love the 12x12 albums very simple storie style! !!!

Tammy Folk

I'm loving the color schemes as well as all of the different pocket page options.


So excited to use all of these different options! Also love that Kelly G. and Vick are part of your team. They are both incredibly talented and SO friendly. Love it!

Amelia Harris

Love everything! The colors are fantastic and I think my favorite. :)

Shana Tedrick

I love the wide variety of photo layout options!


I'm loving the turquiose and all the 3x4 pocket sizes within the pages! Perfect!


Love all the options for the 12x12! Just finished a trip album using the urban traveller line! T was so easy and fun to do


Love the colors and them being 3 ring binders. I have several 6x8 Sn@p books, and looking forward to the 12x12 size.

Trudy Reed

I am working on my third Snap Album. I am so excited about the 12x12 albums. The colors and pocket pages are awesome. Thanks!

Laura C.

I love all the fun variations of photo sizes and placement of them in the pocket pages. Also, the colors/sizes of the SN@P! albums are wonderful!!! I would be so excited to win them and thanks for the chance!! Simple Stories ROCKS!! :)

Simone Mc

A pink leather album? Died and gone to heaven! How super cute! Love all the options of the pocket pages. You can use them all!

michelle schimpf

I'm a busy mom who works from time and I have two young boys! I love all the options for different lay outs and being able to quickly and stylishly document my family and events! So glad I found these products, I'm in love!


I love SS! So many options, colors, just so exciting. I love the ease of use.

Regina White

I love the 12x12 layouts.
Simple Stories are my favorite line.


I love the quality of your products and the vibrant colors just can't be beat! There are several new pocket page designs that I am excited to try. Thanks for another great release of products!

And...your Life Documented team has many of my favorite faces!


What's not to love! I think my favorite is all the different options you have with the pocket pages. It makes it so easy to create a layout. I am so excited about the new line!


I love that they are versatile and basic, they can adapt. the colors are perfect and any photo can finds its place


I may finally have a chance to catch up. I love all the coordinating pieces and the colors are just my style. I love that I can mix traditional 12x12 scrapping with the other so that I can get more done in less time. Oh what I wouldn't give to be scrapping 2013:)

Amy A

I love all of the colors! Also, love the pocket pages especially when you want to keep photos but not necessarily scrap them.


Thanks for making me LOVE scrapbooking again. I'm excited about filling a 12x12 with my memories and the I Heart Summer collection I just bought.


So awesome! Love that you're getting back to the basics! Those new 12 x 12 albums are my absolute fav- the colors are too perfect ! I can't wait to pick one up in every color :) thanks for the chance to win some of your amazing products!!

Heather H

I love the colours and the many new pocket page arrangements. Simple Stories has change the way I scrapbook and I love it!! I love getting a variety of the pages so that I can create a range of different pages within my albums. I <3 Simple Stories!!


I am so wanting to join in on doing this, I have for a long while...my DD is starting school and I would love to start it up by then! I think with the fabulous design teams help I may just be able to pull this off!
(I just picked up a Snap SS paper pad and I LOVE it! It already helped me do a LO that was being stubborn, I just happened to throw a header down on my CS and the rest just fell together!

Bernadette F

The pocket pages are going to jump start me on getting caught up on my scrapbooking. So much easier when a page layout is in front of you.
Love it!!


Two things, immediately, interest me a lot -- so I guess that means I've excited about them
1) I like the layout of the 12x12 pocket pages -- mostly a 4x6 size with a good sprinkling of orientation;
2) I like a "nicer" 6x8 size album. The chipboard have a wonderful casual feel to them and the new ones add a bit more formal look.

I have really been enjoying the SNAP and Simple Stories lines for vacation photos. I have have a full fledged, old fashioned 12x12 layout with all the "overflow" pix put into pockets with quicker, but still attractive and coordinated, journaling and embellishment!


wonderful! love the leather albums - I'm a fan of the 12x12 black :-) and the pocket pages - just the sheer variety - so wonderful for making scrapbooking easy! with all those choices you can't go wrong and can get things done fast -so there's lots of time for embellishing if you want. Sometimes I have pages I want to spend time on adding those extras. I have decades of photos I'm working on so I'm looking for easy but I also enjoy making them pretty!

sharon gullikson

What excites me most is the colors. We are going to Europe, and I'll need some albums and inserts!! These are great--and this is the only scrapbooking I'll ever do since it's easy.

Natasha Poteraj

I just love the ocean colors. I go to Hawaii frequently and need those sorts of colors for my photos.

Paula Cook

I love Simple Stories and all your new albums and page protectors. It makes Scrapbooking fun, not work!

Amber Kroening

Amazing products! Love the green album!!!


I love the colors and all the cute things available to tell the story!

Ruth G

I love all the fabulous colors the albums come in along with the options for different sizes! The pocket page layouts are awesome! So many choices for how to do each page! Thanks so much for inspiring and making products that allow for such easy and fun creating!


The small binder size excites me the most as I will not overwhelmed by the size of it all. And me and my kiddos can whip up something fast that can keep them excited about creating memories and holding it in their little hands and looking back the work that they created.


I love the new albums, with the great colors and the spine bookplates for easy organization. I also love the variety of pocket sizes to fit the different sized Simple Stories cut-aparts. Can't wait to get my hands on these!

Diana A

I'm really excited for your new page protector designs and having albums in your beautiful colors!

Kelly Massman

I love the colors of the new albums and the pockets are so versatile. They'd make it so easy to scrap!!!! Thanks!

Nicole B

I have been looking at the new albums for a few months now and can't wait for them to be released! I have looked at several different lines of pocket pages and your design layouts look the best to me! Looking forward to starting my 12x12 pages!!! Simple Stories is by far my favorite paper line!

Cheryl F

Oh my gosh - this makes memory keeping so easy! Love all of the options available and the colors are fantastic! I love how you can incorporate full page traditional layouts with all of the other page options. Fabulous!

Sara Westhead

I'm desperate to get my hands on an album - these are absolutely perfect for my boys to document their summers, from books read, to places visited and souvenirs kept! Plus, the colours are simply gorgeous!


I love this great variations providing us LOTS of opprtunities to keep our memories! Sometimes I want to insert more photos and more options for locations and new albums with pockets are just right what I was looking for!

Sue Alg

I scrap in 12x12 and I'm so delighted to see the variety of plastic page protectors. I love to "mix it up" with all styles of pages, so this variety is perfect.


I love all the colors the binders come in!

Vicki Wigton

The versatility of the pages, albums and designs. It allows the imagination to run wild!!! :)

Joann Aasman

I love that Life Documented gives the feel of scrapbooking but keeps it uncomplicated. It's a quick and easy way to manage my photos but yet leaves room for creativity and personal style with "pleasing to the eye" results!

katherine charron

love the simplicity


What an awesome giveaway! Using Simple Stories products is my favorite way to scrapbook!

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