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June 05, 2013


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Love seeing how your albums come together!

Jen Harkema

I'm so excited about these albums. I am so happy I switched from post bound to D rings. I love the colors! :) Thanks for sharing the process, very interesting!

Lisa DeVore

Are they made in America? I would love that even more!


Okay -- now I'm confused. You said "leather adhered to outside .." then later you said "same faux leather..." adhered to inside.
I'm fine with the material -- but it does make a difference as to maintenance!

Mendi Yoshikawa

This is so cool! Love the white faux stitching, the fun shaped metal label and the YUMMY colors. :)

Mendi Yoshikawa

Sorry I just meant "white stitching". I had faux on the brain from the previous comment. ;)


Fun seeing how they're made :)

Amber M.

This was a really cool "tour"! I am excited to see how the pocket pages are produced too :). I love the colours of your albums and also the white stitching. And, like Jen noted above, I also am happy to have made the switch from post-bound to ring albums. Those posts are SO HARD to deal with!!! And rings are just so easy and handy!!!

Julie Tucker-Wolek

So awesome to see how the albums are made! LOVE it!!


Wow, that was really cool to see the detail that goes into each album and how it's put together. Thanks for sharing this.

Jeaunes Viljoen

This is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

karen keiper

very cool. love them even more now!!


Love this peek into the process! Very interesting!

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