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January 02, 2013


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Van Nguyen

Loving the color palate and all the versatile patterns in this new collection!

Amanda J

Oh my goodness!! Love everything about this! The colors, the fun icons, the patterns...so perfect for girl or boy layouts! Thanks for the chance!


So TOTALLY Awesome!! I was thrilled to pieces seeing the papers and joining SG....well that's like the big huge cherry on top with whipped cream!
The papers and cards...like the ice cream, nuts, chocolate, strawberry sauce and bananas all rolled up in one! SOOOO inspiring!

Cheryl (Shestamps)

I love this new collections! Great colors and graphics.

Sherry Eckblad


Diane Anthony

Love the colors in this new collection and would love to include it in my Project Life 2013! Very fun!


O M G just looooove it! the colors, the patterns, all the little details! just awesome! absolutely want it! could you please consoder going digital too? :) thank you for the chance to win it!


O M G just looooove it! the colors, the patterns, all the little details! just awesome! absolutely want it! could you please consider going digital too? :) thank you for the chance to win it!

Kathy Skou

This is such a fab collection!!! I love to scrap the everyday, and this would be a perfect match!!!

Sue Alg

Again, SS will be my first choice. Love the double sided 6x6, those pockets and journaling cards. The patterns, the colors---oh I could go on and on. I use SS so much in my Project Life scrapbook.


Great collection, and I'm really liking that 6x6 pad! It would be wonderful to win a book of SG sketches...I use them all the time!

Deni Johnson

This combo is better than peanut butter and chocolate!!!! Simple Stories is my favorite scrap company, and you add Scrapbook Generations to the mix ? SWOON! Wow, the new year is off with a bang!

Karen M. Andersen

Simple Stories, I fell in love with Sn@p, and now you have won me over again! I love absolutely everything in the new 24/7 line! Oh my gosh! I cannot wait until it's released!

Karen xx

Donna S.

Love the papers. Having a SG sketch book to go with it, would be the best! Smart thinking on your part.


This collection is so awesome! The colours are so pretty and happy and make this collection perfect for so many occasions.


Oh, it's a great collection! I love papres and stickers - they are my favs, and I also love the journal pages - they will be great for my travel book! i can't wait to have it in my hand! ))))

Frau Reinkarnationsfladen

I'm soooo in love with these colors! Adoreable!


colorful, fun, exciting!
And I love embellishments!

chris s

this collection is fabulous!! so SO many possibilities!! love the colors!


Love the new collection! I am so excited about the partnership with SG. I have several of Alison's sketch books. I can't wait to get this one!


LOVE it all, but especially love the 3x4 and 4x6 cards! Thanks for the chance to win!

Jules D

Wow! I absolutely love this collection, can't wait for it to hit the shops!

Marisa T

Awesome collaboration! Scrapbook Generation is my Local store and those ladies are amazing. Your lines are amazing also, once again thank you for making scrapping so easy.


You have outdone yourselves! As I scrolled through the new product I thought I will never be able to pick just some of it. Can't wait for the release and to see what else is coming.

elizabeth rempel

The combo of Simple Stories and Scrapbook Generation has me smiling! This will totally step up my grandsons' books!

adele robbetze

wow this is so cool!!! cant wait to get my hands on something like this


This is the best collaboration EVER!

Liz Tapelt

So excited about the product and layout book! I will be getting one as soon as it comes out!!!

Kim H

OMG!! I soooo love this kit!!! I've been trying to figure out what I wanted to use for my 2013 Album and when I saw this post I instantly thought PROBLEM SOLVED!!! :-) Needless to say I've already done some searching to see if it was available to purchase. Thank you Simple Stories for once again giving me the products I need to make wonderful pages to capture my family's memories.

Lisa W

The new colors are just BEAUTIFUL! To top it off, joining up with SG, how AWESOME!!

Amy Myers

Love it! I think the yellow chevron/hexagon paper is my favorite!


This is awesome! I love the new collection but am most excited about the partnership with Scrapbook Generation. It is an awesome store, great family and love their sketches. I am happy!

Laurel S

OH my I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this collection! The patterns, colors, images, everything is just so fabulous! I am hoping to do my first Project Life and these would be perfect!

Rebecca Boyd

Love Love Love It!!! Can't wait till its out and I can get it. My new scrapbook "staple"!! :-) Thanks for making scrapbooking "Simple" in my busy life!!

Denise T

SOLD!!! What a fun color pallet, the options look endless and I'm a SG local girl too and can't wait for the book it is sure to be awesome!!! Congrats!

Desiree @ Wee Share

oh my-- this is lovely. It's my first year of doing Project Life and I am SO excited!

Laura G

OMG---WOW!!! I'm stunned!This is great!

Miriam Prantner

LOVING this new line! It's kind of like a fun mix between the traditional Simple Stories lines and the Sn@p products, I'm loving all the embellishments and love the chances to the 6x6 pad!

Diane Racey

I love it!! all of it!! Simple.

Kathy W

Loe it all! Can't wait for the release!

Janet Zeppa

Oh my goodness you have nailed it with this collection!
The collaboration with SGD is going to be awesome!!!

Enza G

Love the colors...amazing lines. Once again...WOW!!!


Love it! Perfect for both Project Life and traditional scrapbooking!

Lacey Igo

Simply love this line!! Great color combos and designs!! (don't enter me into the contest to win)

Kerry C

I am in love with this new collection! The colors are fantastic and the graphics are off the hook! I cannot wait to get my hands on them for my regular scrapping and project life. I am not usually a book buyer but Simple Stories and Allison Davis together? I am there! Can't wait to get one of those! Thanks for the chance to win some of these fabulous new products.

Chanik Dumais

Oh wow, this is amazing!! Love this collection. I can't wait to see it in real :)


OMG...what an awesome collection!! Love it all!!

Megan B

How awesome! Love the colors and elements that are included in this new kit! :)

Tammy C.

This is a fantastic kit...but I'm really loving the SS and SG combination! I continued to be amazed at all the beautiful new products you guys keep developing! SIMPLY awesome! ;)

Cyndee K.

What a fun collection! Love the colors and what fun elements!

Mary Livermont

The new collection looks great! And the new books will be wonderful!

Lisa J

Love the collection! I especially love the patterns of the paper ~ I'm big fan of hexagons :-)


I LOVE this collection! I cannot wait to buy it!

Judy S

So excited to hear this news ... a great combination between two awesome companies! This totally rocks!

Samantha Abbott

When I use your papers, I know that my layout is gonnna look great and be easy to put together...I bet having some new sketches to use would add to the fun! AND> I really love the colors in 24seven!

Katie Jones

This new collection is GORGEOUS!!! I can't wait to play with all of the new elements, like the brads and the chipboard stickers! Such fun colors and designs!!!


Oh mercy - this line is amazing!! You just keep releasing the most beautiful pretties!!! This line is a must have - and to get it with the SG sketches would be awesome!!! Thanks SS!!


Love the new collection and cannot wait for the Scrapbook Generations book!


Oh man!! Yes please! I WANT IT ALL!!!!

Teresa S.

This collection is wonderful! Looking forward to adding it to my stash.

Janelle Hibbard

What a great combination - Simple Stories and Scrapbook Generation!! Can't wait to see the new collections as well as the book!

Jeanne Clements

Love the 24/7 color combo and the fact that you've added embellishments to the collection pack.

The partnership with Scrapbook Generation is fabulous. I've been using their sketches with your collections for a couple of years and they are perfect together. :)


I'm liking this collection! These are great, fun colors and phrases. SS and SG seem like a cool match up!

Misty M

OMGorgeous stuff!!! Seriously, Im gonna need every. single. piece.

Cant wait for the release!!!

Sharlene Piscitelli

Love the colors and all the different pieces--so much fun!


I love the colors and patterns in this 24/7 line - and I love the name, too! For those who do traditional scrapbooking, the new book will be a great bonus!

Mary Jo

Love, love, love!
Love the colors and all of the stickers!!

Heather Springer

This is exciting! I can't wait to get started!

Lori Poffenroth

This is a great collection. I love the new journal pages. I have not yet jumped onto the project life wagon; however, your products are great for all kinds of projects. Thank you for the chance to win.

Deanie Swynnerton

Unbelieveable! Every detail covered with a fantastic array of colours and patterns. The fusion represented in the books is mouthwatering too! Thank you.

Amy Jackson

ok...the new collection is amazing! I love everything...especially the new embellies. I can not wait to be able to get my hands on some. I already have a project in mind...lol...this is going to be perfect for my project life album! Yahoo!

Charissa M (Akihasmomma)

Adore the colors in this collection! The sn@p diecut papers are amazing! Thanks for the chance to win!!

Heather Sweet

This is such a fun collection! I love all the elements to it and I especially love the sn@p elements! I can't wait for the release!


love the primary color pallet. could prob just create with the simple basics papers for years to come due to the versatility. you guys continue to amaze!

Jessica Gaudette

O-M-G!!! I am new to the scrap/crafting world and have been getting to know each brand while building up my stash for this awesome, new addiction! I must say, especially after seeing this release that Simple Stories has got to be one of my absolute top favorites!! I would just LOVE to win this!! The colors, the textures, the versatility is just sheer genius! I can see that so much thought had to have gone into this line (like all the others I’ve seen from SS). I want to buy 2 of everthing! Great job!!

Beth Esterbrook

Wonderful collection. Love the idea of the collaboration with Scrapbook Generation. Thanks for the giveaway!
-Beth E.

Marilyn Nimmo

LOVE the versatility of this collection. It will work with Project Life or conventional scrapbooking. My favorite is the bingo cards!


I LOVE this new collection! It is perfect for everyday scrapbooking, and the new sketches will also be a favorite (I may have a few of their sketch books already LOL)

Tracy J

You never fail with your collections and I adore all of this, and I am especially excited about the idea book!


ooooh what a gorgeos line!! Love the colors camera's and quotes!! Great job simple stories!! xx Tamara


Oh wow, just simply got to have it ALL!! Love the new embellishment additions!

Theresa Grdina

LOVE the cork background with this line!!! I think my favorite thing is all of the cute embellies that go with it: chipboard, sticker, pockets, journaling cards! I LOVE IT ALL!!! AND, Allison Davis??? WOW. That's a MUST HAVE book for sure!!!!


Simple and lovely :D

lynne moore

I don't know how you do it, but each one is better and better. "This is my favorite!" is all I can say about it that says it all. I love the idea of a sketch book too. So many customers ask to see something. Yay!


LOVE it! what a FABULOUS collection!! I have never heard of SG, but sounds fun!


What do I think, I think the colors, designs and a new sketch book are fabulous. Seriously, great first peek.

Kelly Adams

I love the new collection! And I can't wait to see the sketchbook collaboration in person! :-)


I am so excited to see you paired up with Scrapbook Generation! Love their sketches and they always seem to be perfect with your products! Love the new collection. Love that is pairs nicely with Sn@p! Thanks for the chance to win!


Love the look of this line. Would prefer that you didnt hole punch the "SN@P" pages!

Olivia Martin

Love this collection! Perfect for documenting the daily-24/7 stuff of life. I think I will have to have the whole collection! Oh no! My wallet isn't happy with me!

Tiffany O'Grady

I absolutely adore this collection! It fits with the palette I am working with for this years album, and the addition of a few more colors (red) will just help me to mix things up a little. Love!


This is simply fabulous! Love the colors and new embellishments! Love, love, love!


Love Simple Stories, and Scrapbook Generation! With this collection I especially love the cameras!

Christina Collins

Wow! I love the combination of colors you used for this collection and how this collection could be used for anything/any event! The cork board paper is to cute!

Mandie Wade

LOVE the colors in this collection and could see using this in a huge variety of ways! I love the full sheets of patterned paper!!!!!! I often use a full sheet of pattern as my background so this is perfect for me! Loving the new sketch book too, I <3 SG books!


the colors in this collection are fabulous!

Kelly Massman

FABulous!!!! Love the camera, cork and all other papers!!! This is really fun and versatile! Thanks for a chance to win! I'd be ecstatic! kmassman gmail


Love this combo of colors and patterns! Simple Stories has done it again!


Wow! Another great line from Simple Stories!! I love the new embellishments and the new colors, looking forward to a simple scrapbook using the grids and the new layout ideas. Thanks so much!

Anne-Marie Cox

I just died and went to heaven... I've been a scrapbooker for 7 years (well I think I was born a scrapbooker really... have always jotted notes and kept "stuff")... maybe I should say 7 years of product addiction... and this collection my dear Simple Stories Team is THE BEST thing I have ever seen... I haven't been this excited about scrapping since I discovered online forums! Seriously, DIED. AND. WENT. TO. HEAVEN.

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