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January 01, 2013


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Thanks! Love them!

Sandy Davis

These are awesome, thank you so much. Hopefully you guys will sell digital files in the future!!!


Thank you!

Renee T

Thank you!! :)

jaimee h.

am i missing something? How do I download the printables?


Thanks, love them!!
Happy New Year to you too!


Thanks for the printables! Love them!!!


I hate my new computer, I cant get any of your wonderful downloads to load :(.

Kim S (nerdgrl)

Thanks so much; love Simple Stories!


Thank you and Happy New Year!


Where do I go to get the snap printables?

Crystal aka Caitlynsmommy

Happy New Year! Thank you! Can't wait for the new sneaks, I have been saving my pennies for your new lines and Echo Parks!


never mind, got it! Thank you so much!!
(click on the picture above)


Thank you for your excitement! You can click on the card images or we just added another link under "Download Free SN@P Printables - hopefully this works for everyone now!

Jacky S

Thanks so much.

Jules G

Oooh, thank you so much! From a sn@p lover in Scotland!

Kathy Adams

These are wonderful. Thank you!


Thank you so much. My favorite is the brand new year card. Happy new year!


Thank you and Happy New Year!


Thank you so much!!!! love them. Happy New Year to all....LoVe Simple Stories!!!!


Thanks so much!

Julie A. Shearer

Thank you !! I love Sn@p !! Happy New Year !


Thank you SO MUCH!

Elizabeth P

These will work on so much more than just sn@ppers !

Liz Thayne

Love the colours. Thanks so much

Wendy Orme

Thanks so much...this is awesome!


These are fun! Thank you!

Sue Alg

Thank you so much. I wish Simple Stories would go "digital". I love SS, SN@P, etc. and use it traditionally, but I'm primarily a digital scrapper and would love to see everything in digital format.

andrea murdock

yay thank you! just starting my album

Polly Wright

Thank you! Love them!



Jeannie L

LOVE the printables! Thanks... They are making their way to my PL cover page.

la bulle

thanks so much !! love them !!

Vanessa Babin

Thank you, I love Simple Stories products! Awesome

Jessica Toulmin

Thank you so much! Happy New Year!


Thank you! I want to make them my pl title page, but i cannot seem to print page 2....
The other pagfes work just fine...


Thank You! Love the colors!

Laurie Kearnes

I clicked on the link and it says page not found. Help! I really like these and want to download them.

Melinda T

Awesome! Thanks!


So cute! Thanks

Chanda Herndon

Thanks so much. This is awesome. I have now become a huge fan of Simple Stories, so its nice to get freebies once in awhile.

nitasha griffin

Happy New Year! Thank you so much for sharing the cuteness!

Kristi B

Thank you - love it!


Fabulous! Thanks!!!

Robin Nichols

Tried 4 times to download. Message comes up stating that the download is now damaged and can't be repaired. Therefore, Im not able to download your awesome free 2013 printables. Please advise.
Thank You!!


Thank you so much !

angie blom

thank you so much!! love these

Theresa Grdina

Thanks for the printables! They are adorable and just my style!!!!! Happy New Year!


thank you!!!

Amy H.

This is awesome. I've been shopping today for the materials for my 2013 album. I'm going to take a stab at a weekly/annual album for the first time and love your smaller format. Thanks for the help kicking things off while I'm waiting for my supplies!

Karen L K

Thanks so much!


Thanks...Love the printables...Love all your stuff..This week I am finishing 4 albums all made with "Take a Hike"!

Carla Hundley

Just what I needed to start off my album! Thanks and please make more during the year.
Carla from Utah


Thank you! I love these, and I hope to see the whole collection in printable format. No pressure or anything. ; )

Carol W.

fabulous printables! Thank you!


Thank You!!! I love the Simple Stories line and SN@P is one of my favorites... I printed these Free ones out and can not wait to scrap with them.. Looking forward to 2013 and all your new ideas.


Thank you these are terrific!


Thank you so much. I have new Sn@p binders waiting for me to start the new year! Looking forward to lots of memory keeping with this system.

Angel Reuther

Thank you! :)


Awesome! Thanks so much!!!

Robyn W

thank you, off to have a look around your site

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How are you today?I like your blog for a long time!I think that is a good blog,i hope to see more about yours!thank you!


Thank you :)

Lisa m Zepponi

Thanks! These are great!


It says the file is broken and cannot be fixed.


Thank you so much. Love it. :)

Janie Duty

These are wonderful! Snap is my favorite line for Project Life. Love, love, love it! Thank you so much!


Thank you so much. These are lovely and great colors. Happy New Year!


Thanks for the sweet surprise! I love these printables. I printed them on craft paper and they look AWESOME!


I can't get the pdf to open. :(

ava  g

thanks for the 6x6 pad of paper this will come in handy for card makers.
ava g


They look great, but I still can't download them. Any help would be appreciated.

Lucie Hale

What a generous gift for us! Thanks so, so much! I love them!!!!


Thank you :)

Yvonne Stegeman-Nederhoff

Thank you so much. I just started my first Project of Life and these free printables are beautifull!


LOVE the SN@P! line so colorful and cheery! thank you so much

Amalia Blondet

Thanks!!! These are awesome!!!

Laura Bozeman

If anyone is having trouble getting the file, I did too - but I switched browsers and it loaded. Maybe try another browser. Thanks so much Simple Stories!


oh, these are gorgeous! can't wait to see the new line up!


so pretty, thanks so much!


Beautiful products. Thankyou!


L O V E - Thanks so much!

Jen P

amazing! Thank you so much!


Pure awesomeness!! Thanks a bunch!

Marjorie Nienhius

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!! This sooo amazing!!!! Simple Stories and SN@P ROCK!!!!!

Jules Naismith

So many more mini albums to build this year and all these new SN@P papers make the time involved fly by. Thanks for the great papers!! and cards!!....

Nancy R

Unfortunately my computer still won't download these cards. Any other ideas to enable me to download them. I love using Sn@p collections and would love to add them.


Am I missing something? I click the download link and it just sits on the loading screen. :( Anyone else having problems?

Jen S

Thanks SO MUCH!


thank you very much!

donna c

Thank you!!


Addicted to Simple Stories!!! Thanks for the great printables!

Jodie Turner

Wow, wow, wow, I am in love all over again!!!!! l fell in love with Sn@p and now this OMG I can't wait!!!!! Thanks so much, Happy New Year!!! Jodie xx


I am having problems downloading them too :(


they are great. thanks for this nice gift


Wonderful!!! Thanks!!!


Thank you! I recently discovered Simple Stories line at the store and am having fun with it!

Heather Johnson

These are amazing--I love them and would LOVE to put them on my title page. The only problem? I am digital! Any chance you could provide the .png download file?

Account Deleted

Love them - thanks!

Lori Quick

Thank you! I will love usuing them

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