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July 11, 2012


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Swoon !!! I NEED this one too :):) I live in a very wooded area and I have boys that are very outdoorsy...this would be a perfect collection for us !!!Thanks for the chance to win !!

Crystal aka Caitlynsmommy

Ya'll are breaking my budget ten times over! I love everything so far! I think this is a pretty versatile collection even if you don't do a lot of camping! Great job again!

Michelle StClair

Oh wow! We own a travel trailer and camp at least 3 weekends a month in the summer and fall....And I do take photos of each trip. This line is perfect in every way!!!!!

Nancy McMahon

OH! I want to go camping... such nice stuff :)

Marion from Holland

We don't like camping, but really like hiking. I'll put it on my must have list.
Maybe it's better not to look here next week. The list is getting bigger and bigger...

Maggie Greenwood

ohhhh i really like this one.
Thanks for the chance to win

Sue G

I hate camping, but I love this line. Lots of versatility there again.


This is the most awesome line yet! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE it! The woodgrain paper is my absolute favorite. I am going to have to take out a loan just to buy everything I want. :0)



One look at this, and I was immediately transported back to being a kid in MN, and our family camping every weekend in the summer. Crystal clear water in the lake, the heavy scent of pine, the crackle of the campfire... Can't wait until I can find this collection locally!


I would LOVE to win this! Between family camping and Girl Scouts, I have a TON of camping photos to scrap!

Dawn Cheshire

I love the basics again! May have to get some of the journal cards too as my dad is a keen fisherman


I like it! I think it's quite versatile since each sheet of paper has a side that's not themed outdoors. I'm not an outside person but I could definitely still use this collection for other things. Very nice!


The Simple Basic kits are such a good idea...but I am going to need ALL of it. Love the rich colors!

Sandy Davis

I just recently found your blog and so glad because I just love, love this collection. We hike every weekend, so this will be perfect. Cant wait to get this one.

Kim Boken

LOVE this..I have so many camping pictures from my childhood that would look great on this!!


I love Simple Stories and you have outdone yourself again ! We camp and this line is just perfect for recording all our memories.

Debra E

Love it!!! Perfect for our fall hiking adventures.


Great new line! Thanks for the chance to win!


I love this! With two boys and our love of being outdoors and hiking, this collection is perfect!!

Kathy R

Love this for my grandkids albums and the basic collection for general scrapping. Another winner!


I am the camp nurse this summer, and my two little boys and husband will be with me next week, too, so this collection comes at a PERFECT time for me!!! I am inspired to take even more pictured, now! I love the color combinations and chevrons. Cannot wait to get this in my album!

Susan Lechman

I love this new line, I have camped all my life have many pictures that I could use this line on, LOVE,LOVE,LOVE it!!!

Tanya S

Those colours are fantastic, great for masculine cards (and projects). Really loving your basics packs too.

Diana Poirier

Oh. my. goodness. I LUV this collection! We just bought a new trailer last Fall and have been camping our hearts out this year! This line would be PERFECT for every single camping trip we've taken so far and still will take. Oh, and Simple Stories ROCK too!

Jennifer R

Love the masculine feel to this line. It would work well even if you aren't a camper.

Connie Kidd

Okay, I am really late to this party, but I have just discovered Simple Stories, and now I MUST HAVE it ALL! Love everything about all your lines, and this one is no exception.

Sue C.

Oh I can't wait for this paper. We rented a cabin, at the end of the month, and now I can't wait to take pictures and create with this gorgeous line! Thanks!!


I love all your lines, but this one takes the cake!! I LOVE it! Great job, Simple Stories


This collection is great!!!!.


Tara B

I adore the whole collection, especially those cardstock stickers. Super cute!


I love this release!! We go camping every summer, so this line is perfect with the journaling cards and colors are awesome!! Thanks for the sneak peak.

laura stewart

like the polka dots and wood papers!


I'm not a camper, but this would be great for my son's Boy Scout camping trips. I can also see using it for many other projects. Thanks for the chance to win :)

Jennifer D

I love this line. We hike and camp and this line would be perfect! Can't wait to get my hands on it.

Celeste B.

This may be the best hiking/outdoor line I have ever seen. A lot of times they are too childish. Love the colors too.

Stephanie Moore

I adore this line, it is so versatile for each season spent in the outdoors. I just can't wait to get my hands on it. Thank you Simple Stories, AGAIN!

chris s

this is wicked cute!! love the warm colors!! i love the hiking boot paper!

Stacy Haworth

This new collection is PERFECT for the 75 mile backpacking trip my guys are going on! They leave Monday July 16, so how cool would it be to win this package while they are gone and start the album!

Thanks for an awesome new release!

Amanda J

LOVE this!!! My husband is all about taking our girls camping now that they are older. I have visions of the photos I will get, and this collection is perfect!! Love it!!

Bethany Becker

I love the colors of this collection. Everything works well together. It could work for so many different types of projects!

julie e

Love this color palette - I don't think I have any camping layouts to do, but have lots of ideas for this paper.

Carrie M

Love this line! (and all of the other new ones!) Our family is very involved with Cub Scouts and go camping often. This will help me keep up with all of the pages!

Ashley Horton

This just may be the cutest outdoor collection, I've ever seen!! The colors are gorgeous and the sticker sheet is filled with so many adorable elements!!

Tara S.

LOVE these colors! I'm currently working on a Simple Stories mix and match album for my daughter and these are perfect *virtual high five*

Miriam Prantner

OK, so I'm really not a camping person, BUT we are going to a lake in Georgia for a week this summer, and these papers would be PERFECT for that and for Thanksgiving too. I love that clean bold alphabet also. What a fun collection!

Kelly Massman

Very cute! Love teh woodgrain!


It's a great collection! it has a very outdoorsy feel to it! i love it when my two favourite hobbies come together - camping and scrapbooking! great job, design team!

Diane Anthony

Love the colors and the theme. So versatile for male layouts and cards. Would love the win the collection! Thanks for the chance!

Debbie Truyman

I so need this collection. We have a cottage on a lake and love taking outdoor pictures of our hikes and the beautiful scenery outdoors.

Beth Ruffner

This collection is perfect for my two adventurous boys! Super cute! Thanks for the chance to win!


What I think??? I think I'm in love <3 This would work great for all my outdoorsy photos and photos of my 3 boys. Love it! Thanks for the chance to win!!

Michelle price

I can see using this for so much more than camping! Love it!

Marcia Esders

Gorgeous colors; just getting into the Simple Stories line....love it

tami white

Oh Heck yea--I will finally be able to scrap my stuff from our vacation to the Smokies. Thank you SS

Laurel S

I am just loving all of your collections! This collection is perfect for all of our camping and outdoor photos!

Wendy A

Love that basics paper with the footprint!!!

Betsy B.

This line is AWESOME!!! I'm a girl scout leader and we go camping all the time!!!

Suzanna L

Can't WAIT to get my grubby little hands on this collection! It's phenomenal!


Oh my goodness...It makes me want to buy a camper!


This is a great outdoors line, very cute patterns and sayings! Love the bingo cards. Thanks 4 the chance!

Keri Flaskerud

We LOVE to camp and I LOVE this line! Can't wait to get my hands on it!

Jennifer S

I am so in love with this collection. I have 3 boys and we are constantly camping. I really would love to win!!!!

Tiffany M

I saw the title of this collection and I was at first a little disappointed. I don't camp. Then when I started looking at the papers I got a little excited. There are some really versitile pieces in this collection. Lost of great B sides. Love the color combination. Thanks for the chance to win!


Great line! LOVE these colors! My son likes "camping out" which means couches tipped over and braced against each other to make a cave, cushions on the floor to sleep on, etc. or using his indoor pop-up "tent" (all of 5x4' and 3' tall... maybe). He'll be 5 on Sat. so it's enough to keep him thrilled. I can SO see scrapping some of these "campouts" with this line!

Margie Visnick

Perfect for guy layouts and camping memories!! Love this!


Fabulous! I really love the colours in this kit, That paper with the bootprint is brilliant!

Teri M

Love it, got to have it for my camping album!!!

Cindy J

This is the most awesome camping/outdoor collection I have yet come across and I've been looking for something to use for creating an album of all the many many past camping trips I had taken with my children as they were growing up!!! THIS IS IT!!!!


I NEED multiples of this kit! Makes me want to head out on the trail so I have even more pictures to scrapbook!

Tasha Cosenza-Mechels

Oh I just want this collection SO much. It is awesome!! Thanks for a chance to win :)

Chris Busch

This is SO cute, and just what I need for my Yosemite photos!!!! I really like all of the journaling cards and extras, they really make the kit for me!! I love to make 6x6 and 6x12 books, and i feel like this is catered just to my style!! THANKS!!!!!

Michelle E.

Adorable collection! Love this! Thanks for the chance to win.

Lori M

This is great- I love the colors!

Theresa Grdina

OMGOSH! I love this line!! You keep outdoing yourself with each release. I can't wait to "see" what's in store for us the rest of the week (especially friday!!)! This is the best line! I love it.

melinda koch

This collection is fabulous! I love all the colors... Another one to add to my wish list!

Stephanie U

Definitely drooling over here! This is an amazing collection for camping/hiking/outdoor photos!


You don't know how happy you just made me! This collection is so fitting for our family. Loooooooveeeeee it!!!!

kristin greenwood

we just bought our first tent....how perfect is this collection for me!!!

Angela L.

Oh Wow... I'm not usually one who likes camping collections but this has to be the best one yet! Right away it seemed just perfect for scrapping old Cub Scout photos that I haven't gotten around to working on yet.... So what an awesome line!!!


GREAT what a awesome collection. those colors are great and to use with so many things


This is exactly what I need! Love it!

lynne moore

I do find a lot of requests for this theme. It looks great. I am loving the cardstock with the "white" ledger and graphs, etc. That is a really great option.


wowww awsome as always!!


Perfect for all my pictures here in Minnesota!! Great collections!

Gwen, Ontario Canada

Your killing me! No, your killing my wallet! I am so loving these new collections. Am a HUGE fan! I would love to win anything, ANYTHING from you's!! I think I purchased 5 collection packs of yearography (to do school books) and project life. Wait! whats that? My debit card just ran away screaming!! LOL


Gwen H

The collections just get better and better. The colors in this kit are awesome. I can't wait to try these out. I'm not a camper but can think of many ways to use this kit.

Chanik D.

Wow! this collection rock!

Karen Moore

Now I know why I haven't scrap all the camping pictures I have of my kids ... I've been waiting for this wonderful kit!!! I SIMPLY love it!


I absolutely love this! So far you are 3/3 on getting my new release money!




Colors coordinate wonderfully! Love the little 4x6 postcard!

Nicole Doiron

I LOVE this!!! The colors and designs are just PERFECT! I am so hoping i win! *fingers and toes crossed*

Jennifer E

Oh my! Now I need this line, too!! I love it and agree, it would work for so much even if you're not a outdoorsy/camping kind of person. Love the colors!

Maxine Hodges

Love this camping line!!! The colors and the designs are PERFECT!!!!!

Samantha T

I adore this line! The only thing I don't like is that I can't get my hands on it right now!

Patty Bailey

You guys are knocking it out of the ballpark with these releases! Can't wait to Take A Hike! Can't wait to see these in my local store! :)

Robin B.

I really love this collection! We camp a lot in Michigan so I have plenty of photos to use.

Melinda Maierhoffer

oh boy, I love this one too! I have so many camping photos that need to be put into albums. with the simple stories take a hike collection I can complete this task in a flash..

so happy to see the SS brand branching out.

Thanks for the chance to win

sandra m

Looks great! Cant wait to see what it looks like IRL. Super cute layout.


OMG! We are going to the Grand Canyon in a few weeks and I'm already visualizing what I can do with this collection. Love it!

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