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July 14, 2012


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OH sn@p!!! I am loving this collection!! Its fun and colorful (just like me ;) I would use it for a year in review 12x12 album!! So fun thanks for sharing


Love those stickers! I do mostly card making so I would use this stuff on cards.

Jen Carter

I would snap pictures of my kiddos! I love catching them in moments that are special and that I NEVER want to forget!! LOVE this collection so much!


Oh I love all these bright colours!!! What a wonderful collection! Lots of bright, fun summer pages come to mind!!



LOve these colors and the color vibe pack ...omg so cheerful... love the patterns and designs... Calendar oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!! Journal cards...OMG ...will be Sn@p'n the GOOD Life !!

Melinda Wilson

I am so excited about all these new goodies! I have an awesome amount of vacation pictures to scrapbook so this would be the first thing I would complete with these goodies!


I love everything in this collection! I would snap the everyday and everything! What a perfect collection! Thanks for the chance to win!

Sharlene Piscitelli

I would snap anything and everything! Just such a happy collection! I love how you use so much awesome color in all your collections. Now we just need some 12x12 mix and match albums too.


all i can say is WAUW!! <3

Patty Bailey

These are just wonderful! I am really loving the graphics and color combinations! Thanks again for the chances to win!

Michele D

I'd document some older pics!

Silvia Diaz

Wow!! You guys are killing me! (or my bank account) Everything is just perfection!!!

Margie Visnick

Wow, wow, wow!! Love the colors, the patterns, everything!!

Heather Robertson

these are awesome - love everything bout them - I will be snapping some of our summer hiking adventures

Pam Spradlin

I have been thinking for some time now of down sizing to a smaller scrap book size. You have made the decision for me. I can still color coordinate the photos to the paper but it will be so much easier to tell our family's story using your Sn@p supplies. Thank you for making it so much more simpler. I can hardly wait to see these supplies in the stores.

Val Howard

Thankyou ....... I need all of it now.......


I would Sn@p! everyday life. About to start a new chapter and this would be great to document it.
Love it all!!!


I've been keeping a daily smash calendar/ journal with two page spreads for big events. "Snapping" looks more versatile! Can't wait to try!


These would be perfect to scrap my 3 girls!! I love it!! Definitely going to have to find somewhere to order these from!!!

Janet Zeppa

I would sn@p photos of EVERYTHING!!!


Love these!! I would snap this last year in a new town.


So much fun going on here! Thx for a chance to win!


I already loved this collection yesterday, but now all these extra goodies today....WOW, this is a definite must have! I would use it to make an album of my kids and use the extras for some cards.

Jennifer Grace

I love the 6x6 basics pad with all those ledger papers, they'd be perfect for december daily, learn something new everday, and lots of other mini albums I make! I love the whole collection for it's happy colours too! x

Sandi Pressley

All my favorite colors, font, and patterns!! What could be better? You have it all covered. Thanks for the chance to win.

Bethany C.

Soooo in love with this collection! It's on my 'must have' list!!


OMG! Love this collection! Been wanting to try the Simple Stories line but always felt they were a little distressed for me. This is PERFECT! Can't wait for it to come out. I want sooo much of it for all the pictures I have SNAPPED in the past and am SNAPPING now. :)

Cynthia B.

Wonderful wonderful! I think the sn@p Polaroids paper will sell like hotcakes, and I so love the options that the color vibes paper gives any crafter! What would I do with all this papery goodness? Document my family's lives, of course. The colors are great for recording events and moments, big and small. I do love the Sn@p album concept, but I know I'd also miss scrapping traditional pages, so this is the best of both worlds!!

Sue D

Wonderful colors and patterns. I would snap fun times with the grandchildren.

Jeannie L

I totally LOVE this! I've been meaning to do a-month-in-reviews and I think this collection would make a great start.

stacie d

I would love these snappy products for our family album. It looks so bright and fun to create with. Thanks!!

Chris Dring

This is fabulous! I'll be snapping random everyday life if I'm a lucky winner! Thanks for the chance!

Lisa P

Love these colors!! So cute. I love the basics that come with each pack too!! I would Sn@p my first summer here in our new state. All the fun we've had getting settled.


I would Sn@p photos of our Florida holidays and our family.


Awesome! I'd ove to do a vacation album with this.

Diane Anthony

I would love to use these to house photos of my brand new grandson's first year! Thanks for the chance to win!

Amy Megan

I'm going to scrap in a sn@p with all the 6x6 goodies!


Love all the new products. Very versatile!

Dawn Cheshire

Got to have it all!!!

Beth E.

Love the Color Vibe 12x12 pack! And such awesome colors. I'd sn@p more photos of my energetic boys...if they hold still!

Dawn Cheshire

I'm going to be busy snapping pics of my sons ready for when all these papers get realised!


I'm thinking SN@P would be perfect for Project Life!!!

Margaret Dougherty

I love to create personalized calendars.....this collection will help me finish them in a Sn@p!


I would snap just my life and family....
thanks for the chance to win!

Danielle Higginbottom-Brown

I would sn@p my boys!!!! thanks for the chance!

Amanda J

LOVE IT!!! I would use this fabulousness right here to sn@p pictures of my family and all the exciting changes we have coming up this year. With our oldest daughter going off to kindergarten, our youngest daughter starting preschool, remodeling our house, and our first little baby boy coming this fall, I am going to need lots of help recording this amazing special everyday moments. Thanks for the chance!


I love the brighter colors of this release !! with the calendars and all the other things in this collection, making a year to remember would be a "SN@P" !!! Thanks for all the great peaks this week.

Amy Jackson

ok...ok...I'm officially on overload! I've decided to not even bother making a shopping list. I'm just going to print out the catalog. I've been working and playing in this industry for more than 10 years and I'm not sure I've ever seen a release where I've wanted (at least) one of everything...lol...I am in trouble! I've already started sketches for a monthly album class. Love it all...you guys rock!


I am going to use this line for our daily pictures, but there are so many possible with this line. I would use it also for some themed minialbums, this line can be used for any occassion.

Lori M

Yay! I am so glad you also made 12x12 size for this line! I really love the bright and happy colors!

Bethany Becker

I love the colors. I would sn@p all of the daily life activities that I don't currently take the time to.

julie e

I would sn@p my fiftieth year



If I could only scrapbook with the two Oh Snap collection for the rest of my like I would be ridiculously happy.

sandra m.

I really LOVE the color vibe and basics kits! So awesome!

 Nicole H.

What a great week of reveals!!! I've LOVED everything!!!!!! I especially can't wait to get the chevron/mini dot papers and so much more!!! Thank you for making scrapbooking faster and easier for people with busy lives (and too many hobbies)! :)

Lisa L. ( Lisa's Creative Niche)

Oh my gosh how bright and beautiful!


I would use this to document those everyday moments that tend to get overlooked.


I would snap my summer vacation!


oh my goodness, oh my goodness!! this is epically awesome. its everythign i love in simple stories with these awesome happycolours. LOVE!

Lori C

This is by far my fave SS line to date! I will be sn@pping my life and those that mean the world to me.

Leisa W

Love it....thinking it will be perfect to scrapbook snapshots of 2013.

Shannon H.

I can't wait to get my hands on this collection. Simply fabulous!

Leah Cameron

I would sn@p everything! The whole kaboodle of life for 2013!


Wow! Where have you been all my scrapbooking life?!? I love your products! And these new ones just make the love even bigger!

Heather - housesbuiltofcards

Definitely pictures of my family! Thanks for all the peeks! These are so FUN!!!


I love it! I love all of it!! Cannot wait to play with this!!

ruth tacoma

I really love those vertical journaling spots!!! Snapping photos of friends. For some reason I never seem to have photos of my friends when we get together.

Jamie Greene

OH my, I love this!! Great for project life:)


I am going to snap vacation shots. Love the simple basics kit, I need several of those and the vibe colors are amazing!

Leigh Stiles FitzHenry

I love all of your sets but really think this one will be lots of fun. It has a "diary" appeal and would be a great way to display and journal big events! Sn@ps to you all!!

Michelle Nadraszky

Oh my...I LOVE this sooooo much. I cannot WAIT for this to come out...I want it ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You could sn@p anything with this collection! I would sn@p pics of my nieces and nephews.


I would SN@P! my kid's high school activities!

Elaine W.

Love the fact that you can work with scrapbooking your life on an ongoing basis. Whenever you have the pictures.....sn@p and it's in your album.....simply and effortlessly.

C Matthews

Love it all - just can't wait for the release! Hurry!


I want to use this line with my project life, so I will be snapping everyday things.

Shilo Miles

This is an amazing idea...project lifers look out!!!! I love the bright and cheery colors....many of these papers and embellies will work beautiful in scrap pages too!! YAY!! I want me some of that paper BIG TIME - thanks for the chance to win!


I wish this came out when I just had my twin boys- would've made it so much easier! Now that they're six, im probably going to use this for my project life and/or my personal art journal :)

 Linda B.

I'll Sn@p the birds,
I'll Sn@p the bees,
I'll Sn@p some trees swaying in the breeze.

I'll Sn@p a husband,
I'll Sn@p a wife,
I'll Sn@p a child, the joy of their life.

I'll Sn@p my garden,
I'll Sn@p my dogs nose,
I'll Sn@p everything...because anything goes!

I'm head over heels with the new SN@P brand, and enjoyed each of the releases for CHA. They will all be a HUGE success!


I love the whole line! I could Sn@ap anything and everything with the new line. I love the colors, the options: family life, monthly or weekly pages, cards, birthdays, pets, vacations, just about anything! Simple Stories has everything you could ever want for any type of scrap/craft project, including baby, heritage, and christmas pages! I really love it. One request: more 8.5 x 11 options, but other than that, I love it ALL!

Misty M

OH WOW!!! I am seriously experiencing mild chest pains from all of the excitement that this fab 'n fun release has stirring within my soul!!!! I must have it all!!!! Thanks so much for always inspiring us with great products!!!!


WOW...that was an amazing reveal! I love it all! PersonalScrapper.com kit company has used Simple Stories in their kits a few times and I'm hoping some of these new elements will be included in the future! So much fun stuff that can be used on layouts! I scrapped 3 SS layouts just today at a crop! Keep bringing the awesome product! Thanks!

Nicole McNamara

oh sn@p! This is three best reveal of all! I really really want it all! Simple stories is my go to company, I love all your stu
off and am hoping to get more and more. I think simple stories makes my scrap pages!
I want to sn@p everything about my daughter!

Liesl van Vuuren

I am completely,totally in love with this collection!

Jen Erickson

Love this collection, too. The 12x12 pages are so amazing . My favorite is the Polaroids page. Adorable!! So hard to pick a favorite, though.


This is just amazingly colorful and beautiful !!! I can't wait to sn@p on my upcoming cruise to Alaska followed by a cruise to the Caribbean!!! So perfect!!! ...and to keep on sn@p on........... Thanks!!

heleen struik

I mostly scrap 12x12 so I'm so happy with this reveal! Love the bright colours,makes you happy when you work with such colours!



Shannon Sawyer

Love the vibrant colors of "Snap". I am also completely addicted to your Bingo sheet of paper in every collection, they are so whimsical and great to use in my journals. You guys rock!!

Melinda maier

I love the vibrant colors, the added matching paper kits...

Celeste B.

These bright colors are so much fun.


My goodness, I need all of this collection!! Love all the bright colors.
I would sn@p my little niece and nephew, these colors always match good with kids photo's.

Beth Hallgren

I would use snap for just about anything! Love the basics papers :)


Love this stuff! Gotta have it all. Thanks for the chance to win the beginning of my new obsession.

Chanik D.

i am going to "sn@p" my next project life with your wonderful products! :)


^^^^^ oh, and I am going to sn@p pictures of the Seeing Eye puppy we are currently raising and the kids.


My head is spinning with ideas and excitement for all the new releases. This collection is perfect for my everyday pictures and memories. Need it, love it!

Karrie Adams Johansson

Oh Snap! I love this line, so fun & whimsical at the same time. I really love the month journal spots/ flash cards can be used for any theme.

Jennifer Richards

I love everything about this collection.
The colors and patterns are just fabulous!!!
I can't wait to get it and start creating...


Sn@p My Life!!

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