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July 13, 2012


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Margaret Dougherty

I do love all the new vibrant colors of Snap! You take scrapbooking to whole new level! Thanks for the chance to win!

Michelle McKean

I love the colors and the stickers and how this set up will make it easy for me to document my everyday life. Thanks for the chance to win.


So cool! Thanks for the chance to win!

April W

This is SO seriously COOL!!!


Love everything. Especially the colors. So fun!

Carol B

I love it, it looks so fun and easy to use! Thanks for a chance to win!

Carol B

Jennifer Ferrell

I am loving Sn@p!!! I'm thrilled that brown is still a staple color of your line! The bright colors certainly pop! I can hardly wait to get my hands on the entire collection!
Kindest regards,

Maria B.

Scrap in a Snap! Love the collection. Thanks for the oppurtunity to win.

Misty M

O.M.GRACIOUS!!! I absolutely LOVE everything about the new Sn@p line!!!!


J'adore !!!!
Je suis fan de la marque simple drogues tout simplement !!!!
Quelle couleur d'album vais je choisir ???
Cela ça être dur tout est sublime

I love it, i love it !!!!!!

Bises de France


love the vibrant colours and the trendy stripes,polka dot and chevron patterns...!!

Chanik D.

Oh cheez I love the concept! this is sooooo cool! :D


I love the vibrant colors and the designs of this Sn@p collection!

Monica F.

Incredible! So much variety and color and so easy to use! Congrats on this great line. I love it.


The colors are FABULOUS!!! Perfect for day-to-day life. I love the cameras and all the different size cards.
Can't wait to see it in person.

Brenda inI Sunny SoCal

Love the bright and happy colors!

Marcia Dehn-Nix

Love the vibrant happy colors. Such a versatile collection.

Liesl van Vuuren

This is so versatile! Love the colours and the whole concept. Congratulations, Simple Stories are the BEST!!!

Amber Sheaves

This looks really neat and super! I would love to try something like this!


The new Sn@p line looks fantastic!! I love the bright colors, especially the multi color stripe. There's so many options to make an album your own and personalize, mix and match!!


I LOVE ALL of this collection!!! Love the colours and ..everything!!!
I cross my fingers!!! =^__^=


[email protected]

Maria Therese


Jeannie L

Congrats!! I'm definitely loving the idea, the fun and colorful papers and the options available to customize my very own album. Awesome!


hello from NZ! this collection is just the ticket for every crafter... just what we all want... colourful and exciting!!


I am in love with this,and am thinking this will be the line choose to use for my year of living,,that I want to make for us but will your books fit a whole years worth of photos and the cool pages youve made? they seem alittle small ,almost like a smash book and I want a 52 week album book or even 1 photo a day.Do yo think your book will work for me and can you grop then into kits to get started ?thanks Paula


So excited about sn@p. I loved mix n match and I love bright
Colours . This is the perfect combo!!

Sue Cese

You make my head spin. This is going to make my life so much easier. Oh all the possibilities. You are absolutely wonderful!


Loving the pockets, the ledger paper and the entire Snap line!!!


Just wonderfull! The possibilties are great. I love the colours and that you can use it for everything. The alfphabet stickers, just love them. Great ideas you all have.



Sorry to write again already bt I cant find where it says I can start bying this please, I am ready to get started I think starting on my 42nd birthday and going the year from there will be fun

K in PA

Scrap in a Snap! Oh no, you didn't!! Love it all especially the cards & pockets! Perfect for Project Life! Can't wait to get my hands on this collection!

Melissa Kaye

Super cute and fun stuff! I love the variety and the colors!

Tracy M

Love, love, love this idea!! I cannot wait to get Sn@ped!!


Looooove the colours!


Finally! A smaller size album for those of us who want to do a "project life" but hate 12x12. Thank you! I all ready love my SS 6x8 binder & pocket pages:) I will be ordering the teal collection.


SO much fun! LOVE those screaming bright colors and patterns!


OMG! LOVE the amazing colors. Love POP, FUN, bright and BOLD colors. I love everything about this collection. Pick me, pick me. Want. Love. Need. Now. Just can't wait.


This collection just makes me smile! SO fun and versatile. Great for chasing away any winter blues later in the year. :)

Tiffany M

SWOON! I am in love with this collection! I love the page protectors the pages the label stickers! I have to have it all! THanks for the chance to win!


Oh snap!! This is probably the best so far! Absolutely LOVE this line. This would be fun to snap my upcoming honeymoon

Melanie C

Love it all!


O...M...Goodness! I just bought stock in your company! I absolutely, positively want, scratch that, need everything! It was love at first sight with Simple Stories and I but that doesn't even come close to how I feel about SN@P life! Bright, fun, are you kidding me, wow, this amazing collection completely exceeds my expectations! In my opinion...best CHA product I have seen thus far...and with all due respect to Project Life, which I own and love, SN@P life! takes everything that is current and fresh in the business and wrapped it up into the best, most versatile and amazing collection I've seen! CONGRATULATIONS to your designers on all the planning and vision and just an over the top job well done! You've thought of everything!


Oh WOW oh WOW!!! I am so in heart with this new Snap Studio!!! The colors, the patterns, the words- just everything-so fun!! Great job, can't wait to get my paws on all of it!! Thanks 4 the chance!

Jessie Marie

Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous!!!! First off, the colors are SO me. I LOVE bright colored lines!

Must haves: The pink Sn@p album, all of the 3x4 and 4x6 cards, ALL of the stickers, the little pockets, and all of the Sn@p pages! :D

This will definitely be by far my most FAVORITE line for this CHA. Thanks SO much for the generous chance to win! :)

Cristina Rodriguez

I think it's best scrapbooking collection ever! OMG! It's awesome! I fell in love with the collection "year.o.graphy" and I had to buy it right away, but this... it's even better! I love every inch of it and every part... for sure I would like to have them all! Congrats!

Sharlene Piscitelli

Oh my gosh! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the collection! Now if you would bundle one of everything in one box I'd be first in line to buy it--and then extras of some things of course!


Thank you Simple Stories! I love, love, LOVE everything in this collection!

Melinda Wilson

I am so excited about these new bright collections!!

Kathleen Loughran

Swoon! Absolute Wow!

Darlene S

I do love the colors. I hope we see more themed sets. And I cant wait to see ideas on how this is used

Bethany C.

I LOVE this! One of my very favorite reveals so far!!!


Really loving this new range, the colours and all the bits and pieces. I want it all!


OMG! So in love with this whole collection! It truly makes scrapping fun, happy and a SNAP to accomplish! Thank you so much for designing this.

Cynthia B.

I'm in love with Sn@p! Fantastic mix of colors and patterns, and awesome concept for easy memory-keeping. I did project life (back when it was still called Project 365), but I got burned out of documenting a photo a day. Love these smaller albums - I could use them for everyday moment pages, vacation pages, or albums dedicated to a special topic. The mix and match concept makes this so versatile - and with the designs and colors that you're offering, there are so many possibilities!! Love it all - truly a favorite among the new releases out there in the marketplace.


Oh, please, please let me be the winner!!! I love this line more than anything I've seen coming up! I love the vivid colors and the super versatility! The whole line is amazing. Contrary to many other scrap supplies, I can see myself using these right away and till the very last bit. Thanks for the chance to win.


There isn't one thing that I don't like about this release! The colors are exactly what I look for and i am so excited to get this! GREAT JOB!!!!

Tara Kieninger

I love it all, especially the flexibility and gorgeous bright colors!

Rachael Ernst

The Sn@p line is brilliant. I love it all!

Amy Megan

I'd love to create a journal for each of my kids, then have them take their own photos of people, places and the everyday things they love! These products look so easy to get your whole family involved


This is the perfect size album to document the everyday moments. Love the colours too!


As much as I love the distressed feel of some of your other lines, I also love the bright, clear colors in this one. That green? It's probably my favorite. And I love the smaller size of this line, too. I'm not a big 12 x 12 girl and I REALLY love this size!

Sherry Cartwright

I have to wait until October?! NO! I *love* this line and hope to use it in everything I do. Love the colors and the classic designs of the paper. This looks like it will be my new carry-with-me journal to fill with snapshots and ideas.

Miriam Prantner

Just love these bright colors, fun fonts and patterns and the whole idea of this! What a great new line!

Sandy Ang

Oh I'm just drooling over all your wonderful designs in this collection. It's so now! and I can imagine using the products on LOs, smashbooks, cards and altered projects... basically everything I create. Absolutely hit it out of the park with SNAP!

Sandy Ang

Oh I'm just drooling over all your wonderful designs in this collection. It's so now! and I can imagine using the products on LOs, smashbooks, cards and altered projects... basically everything I create. Absolutely hit it out of the park with SNAP!

Jessica G

Love everything! I just kept on scrooling and it just kept getting better and better! Thanks for the chance to win!

Shannon H.

This is so cool. I love the colors chosen so bright and fun with a great mix of kraft. I love, love, love this!!!

Leah Cameron

I love the bright colours and co-ordination of the whole range.


This is awesome! Love it! You guys have really rocked the scrapbooking world!




♥♥♥ cant wait to Sn@p!!!! Living in color!


oh...love the colors! Thanks for the chance to win!

Kat Rasure

LOVE, love, love it. So cute and fast! I tend to torture myself over my layouts, sometimes I just want something cute and stress free. This looks like just the ticket!


I love that this new range means we can document our lives in a sn@p! Loving it. Thanks for the chance to win this fab product.


LOVE the concept and the materials are perfect for my teenagers!

Olivia L.

This is AWESOME! I think I just found my new album for a simplified Project365. Thank you!

C Matthews

oooh...gimmee! can't wait!

S. Bailey

Love this line, so many uses for it! Can't wait to get it in my hands!


I LOVE THIS! I can't wait to get a hold of these and they are perfect for what knave in mind!


I am loving the colours and the fact that you can add pages. The different sticker, quote packs are awesome


Always love bright colors! Great job on this collection.


I can hardly contain my excitement! I'm glad you continued the 6x8 book concept. I love my mix and match album and this Snap line is definitely my new favorite. ^o^


OH MY GOSH..this is perfect..I love all the pieces..my mind is swimming with ideas! Thanks for the chance to win!

Karrie Adams Johansson

I adore all the various journaling cards and pockets. This line should really get me scrappin' in a snap!

Katie Mallette

OMG...i LOVE it all..the first sneak peek of all the scrapbook stuff that has made me want to Sn@p it all up...i love it all. The colors are great. Planning projects to do with all of it..maybe each of my 4 kids need a mini book...oh what about the new puppy...oh i could do a 365 with these gorg colors...do ya'll make wall paper...lol TOTAL PAPER CRUSH!


Oh Sn@p! I Love all the bright colors!


I love the beautiful colors and this wonderful concept!!!

Thank you so much for the chance to win.

Have a Blessed week ~~ dawn

Michelle A.

love the colors, love the versatility....looks great! Love the cards!


Love love love it all!


Awesome!!! I am really into this time of scrapbooking, the quicker informal recording of our lives. I adore this line, in fact I think I will make each one of my boys a started book for them to use for school. What a wonderful collection!!!!


Wow! You guys have blow this line out of the water! I am madly in love with everything! Seriously! The papers, the album, the tags, the 3x4 and 4x6 cards - everything is spot on perfect! Way to go!!! LOVE it!

Shannon Blinn

What a perfect way to get caught up on that pile of pictures waiting on me to scrap!

anne leglise

Cool collection! I would love to win to be able to use for my daugther's album.

Kacy Tewell

I'm in love with this line! I'm thinking it will be perfect for next year's project life. The colors are amazing! Can't wait to get my hands on it!

Queen Mary

I love these cards, the binders, the stickers -- definitely will be a collection (or set of them) to make my life easier! -- the memory recording bits of it anyway! I'm wondering now if Simple Stories is publicly traded -- I needed to buy stock!


love the colors!


Perfect for PL! I'm gonna grab one of everything!


It is a beautiful collection! Bright vibrant makes me happy! I would love to win!


LOVE this new sn@p range.
I so love Simple Stories collections.
I want all of it PLEASE


Love these!! Great colours and so versatile!

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