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May 28, 2012


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Guiseppa Gubler

Oh Wendy...what you have done here is simply amazing! So many wonderful details.

jaimee h.

I absolutely love your album so far....love all the little details you incorporate. I too used the mix and match album for my week in the life album. I am a little obsessed with that little album.


What an absolutely stunning idea. I have some "journals" that I received in a special order of scrapbooking supplies. This would be a perfect idea to use them for. Love what you have done with it Wendy. :-)

Shelley Haganman

What an amazing, beautiful album. Where is that airplane transparency from? Simple Stories? I NEED that! :)


@Shelley - airplane transparency is Hambly :)


Great post, you have pointed out some wonderful points , I also conceive this s a very wonderful website.


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