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January 23, 2012


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Wow! Love the new treats!

Sarah Jimerson

Incredible! The simple stories lines just keep getting better and better!


I love the size of the 6x8 album! It seems a lot less intimidating than a 12x12. All the products look fantastic!

Samantha T

This is a really great idea! I think it will be so fun to put (at least) one of these together!


great idea!!! love the different sizes of photo pockets!!

Kathy Adams

This looks great!


I can see endless possibilities with this collection, especially for those special events where you take a zillion photos and have a big bag of memorabilia items: holidays, outdoor weekends, birthdays etc,but also for documenting those ordinary, "boring" weeks.

I'm very excited to see what you have for us for the rest of the week!


So excited to see this new line! It has many possibilities which is great.


Great idea to recreate old fashioned albums into fun project!

Megan A

omg this is so cool! love the memorabilia pockets!

Kimberly Fordyce

Cool! Looks like a quick way to scrap!

Kelli W

I love the pockets and the new 6x8 size. I'm excited at all the possibilities with the new stuff!

Lynn Shokoples

I love it, I want it, I need it! This is fabulous!

Fleur Smith

Love the pockets and the versality of the albums - awesome :)

Cathy H.

This is fantastic!! A beautiful, simple way to collect memories!! I love the album and the memorabilia pockets!!

Erika Bardo

I love the whole SMASHing concept lately so I am so glad that the odds & ends line is something new. Its perfect for the little things you would like remembered! Fantabulous!

Christine Maupin

I think this is my favorite product that is coming out this year at CHA! I can't wait to get my hands on it.

Andrea Jessee

I am loving the memorabilia pockets! Thanks for sharing!


Wow, such a great idea! I really love the albums and the memorablia pockets are perfect to share some precious treasures!


I LOVE mini albums but I'm not great at LO's so think this is a fantastic idea for people like me!! Can't wait to give one a go!

Laura C.

Wow...I love this new collection!!! I really like that size of the album and the memorabilia pockets are great!

Christine brasacchio

Wow! I really like this new size album, not too big, not too small!! Just right. And all those new add-ins, I love the pockets. Thanks for showing the new lines this week. Love sneak peaks!!


OMGosh!! What a great album! There are so many possibilities!!

Love it!


Love it! Love how everything coordinates and the memorabilia pockets are perfect!

Lisa P

Awesome. Love the memorabilia pockets and the fact that they come in all those sizes. Cool!


I love everything about these new products. Most of all, I like that I can use it in conjunction with the older product too!

Milissa Miller

I love this whole concept! And I am completely infatuated with those 12x12 pocket pages!!!


Love the new products, especially the memorabilia pockets! Can't wait for more sneak peeks!


Seriously?....We have to wait until March?
I so want one of these NOW!!!!! 25 Days of Christmas, Baby's first Year, Mother's Day....the ideas/list are endless and now I don't have to make my own covers/books anymore - 6" x 8" is just the perfect size

Kim Ford

Love, love, love this! I've wanted an album this size forever. My daughter is taking a big trip overseas and this would be perfect:)

Linda L in TN

Fabulous! Takes smash and minis to a whole new level!


I recently discovered "Simple Stories" about a month ago and it was love at first sight!!! So excited about the new releases!!! ;)

Heather Cox

completely addicted to Simple Stories!

Cynthia B.

Fantastic! I love the size of this album, and for my 12x12 albums - I LOVE the memorabilia pockets! You make it so much easier to document our memories. THANK YOU, Simple Stories! (And I can't wait to see your other CHA reveals!)


Oh yes I want one of these. would be perfect with the pockets and love the album size!!

Michelle Price

Love the memorabilia pockets-I can already think of a million ways to use these!


Wow. This looks so fun. How fun to win this. Thanks for the chance.


How exciting! LOVE the size of the mini album and the memorabilia pockets are great! I like the idea of mixing the smaller pages in with my 12 X 12 albums, too...genius!


Love it!! I've already thought of the perfect project; can't wait to see these products in the stores!!!

gail englehart

Love the new compact version. Currently use the 12x12 life documented pack and just love it all.

Jenny Kingham

Love the new mix &match album....such a great idea :)


Jennifer Ferrell

Absolute perfection!!! I love it all!!!
Kindest regards,


OH.MY.WORD! I MUST MUST, did I mention MUST have this? WOWEE! I am totally going to get at least two sets of this! I think they would be perfect to do along the year and give to my mom and mother-in-law for Christmas! FABULOUS new goodies! I CANNOT wait to get my hands on them! We have to wait til March? :-(

Lea O'Donnell

Can't wait till it hits Australia.

Heather Balzer

Can't wait to get my hands on all this cool new stuff!! Yeah!!!

Karen B

WOW!!! I love the memory pockets and cannot wait to see all these goodies in person!


Oh I love it all!


Oh, this is all AMAZING!!! What an awesome idea!!

lourdes busto

This would be perfect to start my 365 days in pictures project. Please pick me :D


absolutely love these products and that album is a definite must (I think I'll need a few of these). just love the size and also the various different types of pages and page protectors! how fun and can't wait!!


Love how much you can customize it! Love the memorabilia pockets, definitely could put those to good use!

Lynn  Wigren

Oooh, love all the pieces! This is exciting!

Briana Patterson

I love the new size and all the options, but of course I love all your products...they are the best!!!

Jean Marmo

Just amazing! Everything I could want or need for a mini album!! Love it!!


Love it all! Those memorabilia pockets are my favorite!

Wendy Van Soest

I love Simple Stories ! Awesome idea ! I don't have a lot of time to scrapbook helps keep it simple, quick and oh so beautiful ! Thanks Simple Stories !


These sneaks are AWESOME. I love the 6 by 8 format and you are making it so easy and simple to create albums!

Felicia Williams

I love everything, especially the pockets and page protectors


Perfect! I have to get my hands on some of the divided pages. They fit perfectly with elements in your papers - I'm in Heaven! Need the album and all those exquisite pieces to go with it. This is the first range that has inspired me to do Project Life!

Liza Bermudez

LOVE IT! Just perfect to document everday life. Those pockets are brilliant!

Carol W.

OMG I can not wait - want it all! Love the mini album and pockets!

NanaBeth W

This is fantastic-a sure fire win.I have needed something like this forever.Thank you!


This is SOO the product I was looking forward to this CHA. I'm totally loving it. Hope I can get my hands on these products sooner than later. :)

Amy Z

gorgeous beautiful! I haven't scrapped in a long while, but these products may get me back into it!


Love, love love the new album. I love SIMPLE Stories so much!! Can't wait to see the new papers too!!

Debbie lignell

Love this entire system! Can't wait to put my own together! Awesome products that still allow for total creativity while inspiring simplicity (with beauty)! Debbie

Cheri Vallery

LOVE LOVE LOVE this new stuff .. cannot wait to get my hands on it all

Maria S

I think I need that album. Seriously need it. Love it all.

Lisa Fuller

I love all your products. This one is so cool!!!!

Margaret D.

I love the new size and the memorabilia pockets! I can't wait to try these out!

Kris Stice

I love all the memorabilia pockets!

Deb Palmer

This sounds like a broken record, I love the memorabilia pockets!! I struggle with what to do with all the "stuff" that I have saved.


Love everything to do with the mini albums....can't wait to buy them. Thanks for the chance to win!

sandra m.

These are terrific! I love those pockets, so very cool.


I love it. So easy and quick. And very cute. Amazing!

Lynda Manning

Wow MEMORABILIA POCKETS rock!!!love them!!

Vickie Warburton

These are just awesome! Love the versatality.

see mary stamp

Love the look of the albums and all the companion products.


Floored! Such an amazingly easy album....I'm drooling!!!

Heather Leopard

Oh my, this looks amazing! Love it all!

Kate aka stinkydudette

Those pockets are perfect!!! And the album!! Gotta get them when they ship!!

Dianne Clayton

I eally like your new line. How cool to come up with a smaller memory keeping system. This allows for so many possibilities.

JoAnn H

Love these... Smaller albums for my space limitations


I love the pockets! Great way to keep all that good memorabilia right there with the photos and story!

Sherry Cartwright

LOVE. I think I will be spending oodles of time drooling over this system and oodles of moolah to have it all. Great job!

Wendy B.

Wow!!! I just signed up on this website and your facebook page today as I was very impressed! I usually make my own mini albums but I really like this and all the accessories!!! Good Job!!!


i absolutely love that size album. those page pockets are a must have!


Love it all,can't wait till we're able to purchase..You all did a fantastic job with that new line...


Oh my, I love this!!! I want it all!!! Now... just to wait till March!


Very cool...love the size options and pockets too!

Julie Williams

Love the new memorabilia pockets,and small album with page protectors. As usual, you have have outdone yourself with creativity!!

Danielle Higginbottom-Brown

Perfect!!!! I need this! Thanks for the chance!


Mix and Match is the perfect size for any grandma's brag book. Thanks simple Stories!!!

Annie~Savor This Moment

Love that smaller size, looks really versatile, especially for a special occasion or school album. Keep it coming!

Julie H

I love the album, really i do, but the memorabilia pockets are to die for!!


This is a new concept in scrapbooking for me, but I would love to experiment with this type of scrapbooking. Would be a wonderful way to remember every day life.


I love it all, especially the pockets. Now this is a true memory album.


I love the pockets and the albums and the whole darn thing! So excited for new Simple Stories products! Yay!

K in PA

One word: LOVE!


This is so exciting! I love this concept and the design is so beautiful. I'll be waiting at my local scrapbook store's door for this.

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