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January 23, 2012


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love this!

Tami Lincoln

This is so amazingly awesome! I can't wait to place my order! I can't wait to start making mini albums with this product!

Cresta Woodruff

I love this! The memorabilia pockets are so fabulous. I love this concept!

Ann M

Love LOVE LOVE!!! Can't wait to get it!


Simply wonderful and cannot wait til it all hits the UK shores (hopefully VERY soon!)


love. love. love. can't wait to get my hands on these products!

Lowri McNabb

LOVE all of these - can't wait to see the paper collection!


Love the album and new pockets... I really need those!

Renee D

Love it all, cannot wait to start using it. So many possibilities!

Terri Colfer

It feels like Christmas all over again. So excited!!!

Lara Carson

Well, could ya make it any easier? I love the pockets, they are a must for me. Thank you for these new goodies.

Michele S

Yes - this is a fantastic concept. Love it!

Jody Spiegelhoff

Wow, I'm floored!! I can't wait to get my scrappy hands on these!

susan l

I LOVE it all and can't wait to get it!!


Love it all! It is sure to be a HUGE hit! :) Can't wait for it to hit the stores!

Carmem Lucia Calvo

This is adorable! :)

Casey B.

Love this!! Especially the pockets!!

Amy Kate


Kim Rose

LOVE! Can't wait to order these for my customers!



Laurie Athow

I am continually inspired by the products that you provide to us. Being new to scrapbooking, I love how you have made it so simple for me to be creative. Can't wait to see what else you have in store for us.


Oh wow...loving this collection. I really love the pouches. THis is perfect for documenting the events with my kids.

Tracy Wynn

Very cute idea!!

Jenn Hilger

This is awesome. I love all the albums and the accessories to go with them. All you need to do is add the memories. Thank you!

Gloria Hill

Just the right size to put together a DOABLE "52 Photos in 2012" album. Thanks for taking care of the basics so all I have to do is the fun part!

Cindy Pittman

Fantastic on a mini scale. Love that the pages can intermingle with the 12x12. Can't wait to get my hands on one!


So amazing. Absolutely love the pockets and smaller size album and page protectors!!!


I am SO EXCITED! I love it all!


I love this! I can see me using this to scrap my upcoming Disney album. I love the size and the page protectors are awesome!!

Erika Taylor

These look positively FANTASTIC!!!!


looks fantastic. that album just makes me want to create!

Christa S

I just love the kits. I love the designs and I really like the memborabilia pockets. I can't wait to see the other new releases!!

Jamie Greene

I absolutely LOVE this!!


love the different page protectors... and those memorabilia pocket are awesome!

Jessica Kidd

I love everything. Perfect album size for single event albums and minis. The memorabilia pockets would be wonderful to make placing tickets and such on my pages.

Danelle Lux

I love the idea of the 12x12 memory pockets!!! The album will be a quick and easy way to capture photos maybe not worthy of a scrapbook page but still important to tell the story! Can't wait to see what else!

Marti Richards

Oh-so-fabulous!! Love those page protectors and memorabilia pockets!

Vicka M

This album looks like something that I have been waiting for!!!! So beautiful and simple!!!


This is absolutly awsome, completly my style cant wait to get one. The album and pockets are awsome such a great idea.

Anita Mulcahey

Gorgeous and an awesome idea. Hugs.


Wow...super cute! I don't do mini's, but I love the journaling pages and pockets and will use them on my 12x12 pages for sure. This mini would make a great gift size! Thank you for the sneak...can't wait for more.


The memorabilia pockets are fantastic!! Can't wait to get some!

Jessie G

Awesome collection!


*sigh* love. can't wait to see it in person. will make sure to bring a bib to wipe up the drool :P


oooooooooo this is awesome...love the odds and ends and the this n' that AND the memorabilia pockets in different sizes...WOW !!

Connie O.

Love it all, especially the memorabilia pockets and different page protectors!

kolleen moss

I love simple stories any and everything. I will buy this 6x8 albumn format because it will work well with my memory keeping. Mom of 3 grown guys, grandmother of 2 boys. I do not like 12x12 format anything so this is a great solution for me. Thanks!


Oh Wow! I LOVE it! Especially that it is letter size, and that memorabilia is gorgeuss!



yvette whittaker

These are just so lovely, so imaginative, I love all the different combos of page protectors. It has made me start thinking differently about scrapping and allow so much artistic freedom. Great stuff.



megan keehn

Love the odds and ends. what a great way to finish up some pages.
Would love a chance to win!!!!

Doris T

Fabulous - one more Simple Stories collection to add to my long wish list:)


this system is perfection!! i just recently decided that i no longer wanted to document our stories/life using the 12x12 format that i have used for years. your system has encouraged me to now wait for your new products to hit the shelves and start my 365 documenting when i can get my hands on it. lovin' the new size option and how perfect also for december daily. p.s. the memorabilia pockets look awesome!

Natasha G.P.

I love how easy and cute they all are!

sharon gullikson

I must get some. I put off making scrapbooks, but this might be a way for me to really do it.

b. poteraj

What a great collection. I like the colors and patterns.

lori miller

Absolutely love the size! Simple Stories has become one of my must have collections!

Michelle Moore

Oh! This is just so cool!

Laura R

What a great idea & I like the new size! Can't wait to see what else is coming!


LOVE, love this collection. Brilliant. :)


This looks wonderful!! I love it all.. especially the divided page protectors for this size and the memorabilia pockets. Just awesome!

Tracey B

These are amazing!! perfect size.. I'm not a big page girl... love the smaller stuff... can't wait for these to come out.... great idea.

Kim Hill

I LOVE THIS! This new album is perfect for so many projects. I can't wait to get my hands on it. Not only is the size great for a quick mini album or a personal year long project, but because it's a binder it is SO flexible. I can add to it whenever I need to rather than being restricted to a set number of pages or to specific layout styles. FANTASTIC! (Wish the ship date was February 1!

Lora Oliver

I am really digging this! So many options, so many possibilities. There is a lot of design freedom with these lines, the ideas are already swirling!

Caroline Pelletier

I love it !!!

Janie La Pierre

I love it all and think it's a great idea! Will there every be a 12x12 version?

Micah Gullikson-Poteraj

What a good idea. I enjoy the idea of an easy system that doesn't look easy.

Cindy Baker

Absolutely LOVE those memorabilia pockets!


Love the size, love the variety, love the memorabilia pockets, love the colours. Love everything! Its going to be very hard to wait


So pretty and looks like so much fun!

Cheryl Ashworth

Love, love, love everything about this collection! I love the memorabilia pockets, the journaling cards, the album look great ... I want it all :)

Jeannine H

This is fabulous! I love the versatility of these products. I so love that it will be easy to keep memorabilia, cards, etc. In 12x12 pages. I love all the page protector options too! I also can't overlook the fact that everything is visually stunning too!

Leslee Cotterell-Barrow

Where have you been all my scrapbooking life. This is just what I need for a getaway album for all the traveling we do. Awesome!
Love the pockets and the odds and ends. Thanks so much for creating these. So very helpful!

Shelly Santos

Oh no! More simple stories... guess I will need ALL of the new items to add to my collection...


Wow! I can't wait to get an album and start filling it up. What a fun, simple way to scrapbook!


LOVE it all!!

Rebecca Morcombe

What a great way of documenting everything, I love how it all ties together. Don't usually do small albums, but I am VERY tempted now :)

Judy Ray

I work with high school girls that are developmentally delayed and we do a book every year. This is a real winner and will make it so much easier to get the books done. These girls are high functioning and want to document their special moments and this is perfect. Thank you, thank you.


This album is simply beautiful. I am seriously going to go into debt. Thanks!


Wow! so cool! Can't wait to try it all!

Julie  Shearer

I love the new collection. The pockets look like lots of fun. Can't wait to see more.

Misty Munn

Love everything...as always!!!!

Jackie Baker

Just beautiful!


I love, love, love the memorabilia pockets! The will be great in so many places.


True to Simple Stories this is fantastic, contained and looks beautiful. I can't wait for it to come out!


I really love the look of this mini. The pages and accessories make it so customized.AWESOME!

Kelli P.

This is so cool! Its like you combined a smash book with project life and kept it super scrappy for all us scrapbook lovers! Its awesome!! I love the neutral pages, they are so gorgeous and can got with anything! They rock!

Sharmon Savoie

I am in love with the whole thing! I have to have it all and my husband is going to freak out :). Thanks for giving us such an easy to use and adaptable collection.

Krystal H

OMG!!! Love the pockets!!!


I think this just might be the most perfect lineup of products I've ever seen. I LOVE!!!!


These look amazing! I love the memorabilia pocket pages especially. I think the album could be grand fun to make.

Kelly Massman

Love this fun, cute, easy way to do a beautiful album!

Shannon R

Seriously love it all! Can't wait to see more.

Sue Hudek

I really like this idea!


this is AWESOME! Love the album size and the page protectors...loving the pockets too!

heidi siebenaler

So many possibilities. I love it!!!

Sheryle Byron

Absolutely fantastic. A whole complete package of album, protectors, pockets, and pages. Must have these.


one word - LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kate blue

WINNING! and I mean that in a good way! can't pick a fav; I need it ALL.

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