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January 25, 2012


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that is awesome collection :)

Dianne Scott

It sure does rock my world. Love it.

Wendy Crowe

This really is awesome! Great colors and designs for boys! But it has so many other possibilities! Great collection!

rosa m. neno

very charming and happy!

Yvonne DeWater

I love this collection. I have three grandsons that this collection would be great for. Simple Stories gives you so many coordinating items that you can use alot of a collection without all your pages starting to look alike.


There are not so many boys collections I like, but this one is absolutely fabulous!! You rocked it!!

Aline Salmon

Another perfect collection!!!! I simply loved the stamps!!! So cool!!!! I'm in loved with the journal pages!!!! What a great idea!!!!!
You're the best!!!! Love it!!!!

Carol Douglass

This certainly does rock my world and it rocks all the layouts I have to do for a son and three grandsons. Love, love, love it!

Jenn Hilger

I love it. It is perfect for my 2 boys!!

kathy skou

LOVE it all... it's awesome! Love the ur cool license plate stamp!


Really wonderful for my grandsons! Thanks for the sneak!

Maria Therese

Love the colors!!!

Jeannine H

Wonderful collection. Great color palette and perfect for older boys - something that it sometimes difficult to find.

Kim Howard

These colors absolutely rock my world, I love them and this will go so great with my 2 boys.

Karen B

As a mom of 3 boys, I LOVE it!!!! It is a MUST have collection for me. Out of all the new lines I have seen from any company, this is by far my favorite!!

Althea Fleming

I am so glad you have a collection for boys and its awesome!!! I have many projects to use for this collection. So many ways to use the collection.


great I am in trouble with this one! Has to be my most favorite pattern ever for my 3 little guys


I love the colors in this collection! I can't wait to use it for my father, son, and hubby:)

Marcia Dehn-Nix

WOW. I LOVE this!!! It's versatile enough to use on my little guy or my big guy :) Definitely will be stocking up (hoarding) this one.

April W

This line ROCKS!!! Amazing colors and patterns...love it!
- April W

Iris (Yosemite)

whooohooow ! That´s so cool !

Crafting Katie

Definitely "AWESOME"!!! I have a teenage boy, and this is perfect!!! I love the grungy look - just right for a teen, without being babyish at all. The license plate border and stamps rock!

Jill Cornell

JUST FABULOUS! The colors and patterns are great!

Brooke D.

Very nice! Love the warm colors in this collection!

Ellie A.

BEYOND Awesome! Oh I have 2 boys & I can never find "just" what I need UNTIL NOW! Oh this is SO making me SO SO SOOOOO happy! You guys super knocked it out of the part! WOW

Marcia Scantlin

This truly is an awesome collection. Love the old license plates and color pallette.

Teri M

Ohhhh, this line is Awesome, I love it!!! Fits boys of all ages!!

Jennifer R

This is an awesome collection! I think it's really versatile and could see using it not just for boy layouts.

Wendy Schoonhoven

Yes!! Finally, a great new line which I could use for photo's of my 2 sons....Will definitely use this one!!!!


I agree...awesome!! I don't have boys...but I do have nephews I love to include in my albums!!!!


What can I say? Love it and the new journal line!!!! Great for my two teen boys!


Great collection! I'd love to win it.

Laurel S

Although I don't have any boys I just love this collection and can see so many uses for it!

Jodi K

I think this boy line is sooo versatile. I have an 18 yr old off to college...it would look great for him and my 4 yr old nephew. Another GREAT line!

MaryAnn  N

AWESOME collection. Each one you reveal is better than the last.
wonderful job SIMPLE STORIES!

Karen W

Love it! With three boys this will definitely come in handy!


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the entire collection ... simply perfect for all of my boy themed memories!


I have 6 grandsons and this collection is truly AWESOME!

Donna Jannuzzi

As a mom to two boys (and one on the way) I have to say, this collection is amazing! I love everything about it!

Amy Gebhard

I love it! It is indeed *AWESOME*! As the mom of 2 boys, I am always looking for great boy products. Thanks for filling that need! Amy Gebhard


Love, Love LOVE this line. So perfect for pictures of my son. I would love to own it.


Totally awesome!!!!!!

Sherry Eckblad

Love this collection! If I have to pick one thing that is my favorite I pick all the different papers. Love the colors, the prints, just love it all.

Guiseppa Gubler

Love it...perfect for my boy!


glad to see some collections geared towards boys. i have mostly boys to scrap for, so this collection is perfect for me. thanks for the chance to win.

Jenny Evans

Total awesomeness!! Can't wait to get my hands on that!!!


Wow, what an awesome collection! This is going to be perfect for all those photos of my brothers, dad, uncles, grandpas etc.:)

Eveline van Heijst

I have a 12 year old son and this line would be great to make layouts. I love every part of it.

Anna s

LOVE this line! Can't wait until I can get my hands on it!

Ashley Horton

FUN, FUN, FUN!!! I LOVE this!! I have a little boy and it is so hard to find collections for little boys! Definitely will be getting some of this line!! :)


really fun for a boy. Can't wait to try it out!

Anna Petitt

WOW!! This is an awesome boy collection!! Very Fun!!

Jaime Gildemeister

Wonderful, wonderful boy collection!! Love it!

Lisa C.

Now this is what I've been waiting for!! A perfect boy collection for my teenage son!! I'm in LOVE!


Beyond Awesome!!! Great colors and graphics. It's perfect for boys of any age!


nice colours, nice collection!

Nicole Doiron

AWESOME is definitely the word! Simple Stories always comes up with the best patterns and colors combos. I totally LOVE it! The stamps are gorgeous, like always!


oh my, I couldn't love this collection more if I tried!! With boys of (almost)5 and 7 this is just perfect and I can even create pages of hubby too! Simply Aweso(ME) indeed!

Margaret Feist

Awesome..................with three grandsons I think I can do more than justice to projects with this fantastic range, my fingers are curling and the brain is whirring...............


i love this collection for my 2 boys but i think its more versatile than just for boys! i see many other possibilities for it! one of my fav collections thus far. thanks!


Love, love, love it!


Thank you. I have 3 boys and this will be perfect.

Christine brasacchio

Oh yeah . . AWESOME!!!

Cara S.

Ooh, I was hoping we'd get an "awesome" boys collection too! This is just perfect.

Dawn Cheshire

Oh wow, love it, perfect for scrapping my 2 boys!


I love this collection - perfect for my "awesome" little boy!

Jodie R

I love it all! I love that it is boyish without being cutesy or indie art. It fits my son! Thank you!!

Janice Daquila-Pardo

I can't wait to use this awesome collection to scrap my brother's and husband's photos from the 70s and 80s. Yay, it's so fun!


Oh wow, I love this collection. It is on my "must have" list. I know the perfect picture to scrap with the "It takes some serious talent to be this awesome". LOL!! Love it!! :-)

Cheryl H.F.

3 for 3 on the new collections! I absolutely LOVE the Awesome collection! Perfect for the boys in my life. Not too little boy, and not too grown up, a great versatile collection. Can't wait!


This is the perfect boys' collection. The colors are really AWESOME. Love it!

Amy Y

This looks like the perfect guy line... love the colors and that name tag stamp!
Thanks for the chance to win!


This collection is aweso{me}

Deanna Misner

LOVE that this is a more grown up little boy line! It looks fantastic! :)

Jessie G

It sure does rock my world...wonderful collection!


Omgosh! This is totally AWESOME! A must have for sure. Fabulous line!!


WOW! AWESOME is the right word!!! I love this collection. I really struggle with boy pages so this is just PERFECT! I love all the different papers and elements you make and the stamps are just FAB! Thank you so much for the chance to win! :-) x


love this collection.... always looking foe boy stuff

Sue D

As the mom of 4 boys I love this collection--great colors.

Cindy Smith

Finally something that matches and is just for boys! I have twins that are almost 9 and this collection is perfect for them. AWESOME is right!

Laurie Wright

My awesome little boy really needs me to buy each and every single item. My awesome little girl might get some of it on her pages too, it looks so versatile.

see mary stamp

So as the mother of two adult sons whose childhood exploits still need to be scrapbooked, I was really hoping that yesterday's post about the girl-themed FABULOUS set would be followed with an announcement of a boy-themed set. You did not disappoint. Love this!

Stephanie Patterson

This is my favorite line you have done so far. I always fall in love with Boy lines. The colors and designs are fantastic.


Great collection for boys. Just what I was looking for to scrap my 2 sons' and 1 grandson's photos. Thanks.

Vicka M

I love it!!! What a perfect collection for my little boy! Can not wait till it releases!


Love,Love Love everything,the colours,the shabbiness..gibbering here love it all!!

Misty Munn

simply love everything about this line!!!

lynne moore

great collection! easily can go from little boy to manhood. looks like it could double for some sports related scrapbooking too. luv!


loving it, being very new to scrapping I loved that ogling the collection gave me so many great ideas for my lil dude already :) And it looks quite versatile too, I like versatile!

Kelly malacko

Love this line. It is very awesome!

Vickie Lee

What can I say but - AWESOME!! This is fantastic and I can't wait to get my hands on this collection. Great job with this one and thank you!

Ruth G

Awesome is so incredibly perfect for boys/men/adventurous and bold girls and women! Thanks for offering such a fantastic collection for those groups who sometimes get left out!

Carmem Lucia Calvo

I love this!!! I Can't wait to use it for my teenager!

Nora Anne

Oh, this is SO MUCH FUN! I have a 5 year old boy and this collection is just PERFECT for his albums! Love it :)

Melinda T

I love it! I don't have boys, but I do have nephews, but I think it'd be great for girls as well! Love the journaling cards and the stamps!

Deb L

Great guy colors! and the stamps!! Very fun!


This is the collection I have been waiting for for our two grandsons!


this is great! absolutely fantastic!

claire howard

Loving all the collections so far I will be very poor when they are released! Please make sure they come to the UK!


With two boys, none of them toddlers anymore, this is the perfect collection! Love the colors and the patterns!

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