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December 22, 2011


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Deb J

Lots of good stuff. I haven't even started putting my album together. I have taken pictures and note on what I want to journal but haven't even cut the first page. Guess I had better get to doing that--ya think? Grin.


No daily for me - I would need to get it all together way before Thanksgiving and, well, it just never seems to happen. Hopefully next year will be my year!

Love your mini and all the eclectic/quirky details - just makes me smile and sigh... Merry Christmas!

Ashley Horton

This looks awesome Wendy!! I am happy to say that I am pretty much up to date on mine...which usually never happens!! :)

Stacy Caddy

Wendy what a beautiful job... Love your album... Have a very awesome Christmas....


LOVE your album! Such wonderful memories.

Krystal H

Wendy... I always love your posts and style. Merry Christmas!!


I can't tell you how much your album was eye candy for me. There's so much I loved about it. I can't pick just one thing! Your album is amazing and it wonderful inspiration for me. Thank you!! Happy Holidays!! (My family does Christmas and Hanukah :P)

Melinda T

Thanks for sharing your book! I'm journaling daily, but instead of printing out photos daily, I do them at the end of the week, otherwise it'd be too much for me to do.


This album is so big and with so many ditails. I think I will never do something like this


WOW... so many great ideas!!! Thanks so much for sharing all of this!!


Wendy, this is truly a stunning project, not to mention an impressive milestone! I absolutely love what you have done here. I've embarked on my first-ever December Daily journey this year and have found it very hard to keep up (full-time work keeps getting in the way, hehe). I'm pretty much done through 16th and I have photos/ideas for most of the rest - just needing some time to put it all together!


I'm glad I got around to reading this post. It is nice to see a December daily project that is for adults sans children. I never thought there was a reason for me to create this, yet now I can't wait to make one for 2012! Thanks so much. Your book is beautiful.

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