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July 11, 2011


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so beautiful! I love how it's so grown up and not too comic like...just beautiful! I love all the sm stuff though....:)

Moira Coates

Love the earthy red - a colour that seems to have been lacking across the industry lately! So happy to see it being the feature of a collection!

Kim Faucher

the colors are rich and just timeless!!! I love every thing about this collection!!!


As a previous scrapbook store owner I've seen many nice papers..... This Generations Line is THEE nicest I've seen in a LONG time. I can not wait to use this line of papers and vintage embellishments to make my mother the PERFECT mini album to celebrate her 70th birthday this Christmas eve. WELL DONE!! :)


This collection is just beautiful! I love the polka dots, stripes, "doilies", and the curliques, as well as the rich colors. Although I can't wait to scrap all my vintage photos with the Generations collection, I can see myself using it to make a very modern looking page by mixing some of the prints with bright colors like turquoise and black for a totally different look too. Can thinking about scrapping make your mouth water?


I love love this collection with all the rich colors and weathered look.

Ally White

Gorgeous gorgeous line! Such rich colors! The papers are fantastic!

Wende Gennardo

I love the colors.............calm and exciting at the same time, just like Home. All the papers are great, I especially like the polka dots and stamps.

M-C Graves

This is seriously one of the most beautiful collections I've seen. It combines wonderful colors with nostalgia and beautiful colors! I just have to get my hands on this one! I truly love it!


Beautiful collection!! It's so warm and rich. I can see myself creating many cards with the 6x6 paper pad. Was excited to read about the pad configuration. Thank you!!

Eunice Boger

OMG!!! These are beautiful and can"t wait for all the wonderful layouts!! Adorable!! Some of my favorite colors!

Amy Campbell

I love this new collection. The colors are fantastic as are all the other elements and the stamps. It's great. Thanks for the chance to win!

Lindsay Wahl

Wow! The colors are amazing--neutral for many occasions. You've outdone yourselves again! I can't wait to start using this!!


Love the Homey, Homespun look and feel to this collection as well as the bit of whimsy. The colos set everything off nicely. LOVE IT!


LOVE LOVE LOVE this collection. Can't wait till it is available to order


How did you get inside my head and mind read all my favorite things and colors?! This collection took my breath away and it is hard to do that with me. The colors are so wonderful and the designs really work for the heritage albums I am doing for my family. I hope I win this or else I may have to hock a relative. LOL

Gisela Diehl

oh my gosh,they are so beautiful,i have the Life Documented set and just love it,those new ones are so bright and fantastic...can't wait to be able to buy them...

Tracey ~ GardenOfGrace

Wow, this line is absolutely stunning! The colors, design, and textures are exactly what I'm looking for as a scrapper. This is on my must have list. ~ Blessings


Michele Fagerson Pentes

This collection is amazing, k definately will be
Buying this! The colors are very pleasing to
the eye & the stamps are fun, too!

Donna Seermon

This is a great collecion! Love the colors, the doilies, flowers. the vintage look. Fabulous!


I am loving the stamps in this collection. So gorgeous!!!


I love the vintage look!


Oh, I would love to get my hands on this beautiful bunch of goodies. My head is full of layouts for a lot of old family pictures. Love it.

Francisca Montgomery

Absolutely beautiful. I can already picture using this for fall. LOVE IT!!!


I love the stamp collection!

Julie Williams

You are soooooooooooo spot on with your colors, journaling spots and all the goodness in your lines. Love em, can't wait to use them!!!


Beautiful, rich colours... delicious!

Jennifer Ferrell

Love it! Can hardly wait to get it!

Heather Donahue

I love the colors and the vintage look of this collection!


You've done it again. This is a beautiful kit, and I can hardly wait to own it. Thanks for the chance to win it!!

Kim Clark

I love this new paper line. The colors are beautiful end anything centered around family is a plus. I cent wait to order.


I LOVE the rich reds and the vintage look of it all but mostly I love that its about one of the most important things in my life ... FAMILY!

Emily Edman

I love the rich warm colors. It evokes a feeling of warmth. It feels like vintage and priceless treasured memories.

Margaret Mead

This is a beautiful, warm and wonderful all inclusive collection. It's fabulous! I love the look and the colors. Thank you for the opportunity to win.


I LOVE these colors and the vintage look/mutted colors!! So gorgeous!


Love the rich red color that pops!

Katie K.

Loving the stamps! Beautiful papers!


Keep these lines coming!! I have lost quite a few loved ones and am looking forward to putting to use this line along with others that I have and are coming out! Thank you!!!!


I really like the darker rich colors of this collection. I can be difficult to find papers that work with color and black/white photos as well as being gender neutral. I can't wait to get this collection.


I absolutely love this paper. I do a lot of vintage photos and they will look beautiful on the paper.

Cindy McDannold

How can you not love red and cream and family?

Pam Heipel

Love the richness of the colours. Can't wait to get this. Absolutely love this collection!


Wow, makes me want to go out and gather up all my heritage photos so I'm ready to start my album when the paper becomes available


I love the whole collection. Thanks for the chance to win.

Linda Hein

Wow! I can't wait to make a family album with this new collection!

Dorothy C.

What a beautiful collection. I love all the rich colors.


The patterned paper is beautiful. I love the stamps that compliment this collection.

Joanna Brown

My husband's grampa just passed away and Gramma is giving away all the pictures she can find to all the grandkids. I got some fabulous ones of Gramma and Grampa when they were kids in England. This would be the PERFECT paper to scrapbook those pix.

Christine Harrison

love all the colorsand the combinatins so much variety , but the deep red would have to be my favorite

Cathie Hollins

I love the colors. I can't wait to see the rest of the collection!


You have outdone yourselves this time!! As a genealogy and scrap hobbiest I have to say that I must have this as soon as it comes out. The colors are fantastic - they will go so great with sepia tone old photos. Thanks so much and can't wait to see the other 3 - bring them on!!


Love the journaling cards! Gorgeous line!!

Rebecca K

i love the classic color scheme... awesome!

Michelle Cummings

I love the homey feel. That I would be able to use it tontell the story of my ancestors and current family memories. Beautiful collection!

Christine Henry

My mother passed away in May and Dad has just recently asked me to scrapbook her life. This kit is just perfect, exactly the colors I had chosen.

Alison M

Love the style, love the colours and love the sentiments. Ten out of ten on this one.

Leslie Kiley

I just love how easy your kits make scrapbooking! The new Generations collection is just so beautiful! The colors are perfect and not only can you use it for heritage pages but for wedding and all sorts of other things too!


Love the banners in this line!


OMG~I love the colors and the designs. This is a beautiful line. Love it!


jUST gorgeous!!! Love the rich color..... fabulous patterns too!!


First, let me say, "What is NOT to LOVE" about this georgeous Generations collection. I can't take my eyes off of it. I will have to have it!

Shanna Smith

This is a beautiful kit. Would be great for some home decor projects.


Wow!!! I love the colors, the flowers, the design....the....the....the...I just love everything....and you never have enough stuff for a family album!!!!

Teresa Curtis

Wow! This line is Simply Amazing! I love the color combinations, the antiquity of everything and the family feel to this collection! So excited about this line. I have been a MW consultant for a few years now, basically for personal use, which I am so behind on scrapping the past year that last year I made the decision to stop my kit subscription until I get caught up a little lol This collection, in addition to all of the SS collections, has me finally really wanting to create my blog and start marketing to people as well as getting myself going again! (So dont remove me for being an inactive consultant just yet hehe)And with all of the close family deaths this past 8 months (3 losses), and more illnesses and also fun memories with the grandkids and kids, too...I definately have a lot to scrap! This line in particular would make a beautiful book about my grandma who passed away recently too!


WOW!!! Where do I start?! The colors are so rich and the designs are amazing! I can't wait to see it in stores so I can buy it! I've got all kinds of creative ideas I can't wait to try!!!

Angela Gray

I'm incredibly in love with this collection! I NEED it! lol Thanks for the chance to win. ♥


Oh my gosh, this is definitely my favourite SS collection so far! These colours are amazing and I love all the traditional and vintage designs. Those roses....swoon:)

Jill Norwood

I come from a family with 7 children in it and my parents will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary next year. I think this is the perfect paper for putting a special album together for them. I just love this collection - the colors, the stamps, the elements. It is truly stunning! I sure hope I win it but if not I will be buying it for sure....LOVE IT ALL!


The moment I looked at the new Generation papers they just shouted nostalgia. I felt inspired to begin recording memories... just a pity not to have the collection for real. We in the UK are more into card making but scrapbooking is growing. I digi craft a great deal because I like the photo to be the focal point and sometimes papers can take away from the photo. But the new Generation papers are, to my mind, perfectly balanced.

Rhoda Lewis

Oh my, I want it ALLL! This is just what I've been looking for to do up pictures of my mom from when she was young. Love it.


This new line is rich and beautiful. It will be perfect for heritage and everyday family pictures. Thanks can't wait to see the other new lines.


What a stunning and timeless collection! Great job!


Just what I have been looking for! I have been doing genealogy for years and now I would like to incorporate pictures that I have found of past generations. Thanks for the opportunity to win. Love, love, love the color combinations.

Diane Brubaker

I just love the whole thing, color, designs, it just reminds me of the olden days. Wonderful paper for doing family gatherings. This is a must have.


I love the whole collection, especially the patterned papers! The journaling card elements are fab, too! Love the red!

Bonnie Turcott

Love it! it has the perfect vintage feel for me. Can't wait to use it.

Sharon Mund

Ready to use this kit!

Roxanne Infante

OMG! Where do I start with what I love??? All the paper products are a must have but the stamps..... I want them NOW! I'm working on my family history book and those would be perfect!

Sue Sedlak

I love the wonderful colors and vintage feel of this collection. Perfect for doing the older photos of my mom that I have. I love all that come with the collection too.

Jennifer Ricahrds

I love, love, love this new Generations line it is exactly what I have been looking for but have not found until now!!! You guys are incredible with these Simple Stories lines. I have been using them for a while and they are just Fabulous!!!!

Milissa M.

I love the rich colors. Those bingo cards are awesome! Great collection.

Kim Lundstrom

I love everything about this collection! The colors, the flowers, the doilies! I can't wait to get my hands on it!

Nanci E Hiltz

This is absolutely fabulous. I have started a memorial album of my nephew (Brian Jr.)who passed away at 6 years old on August 5th, 2010. I would love to place these beautiful pages into his album. How can I purchase the collection?


What a beautiful collection.....I love the paper, especially the polka dots and the plaid papers.

Becky Rusher

This collection is beautiful! Such a charming, vintage feel to it!

sandra m.

Wow! This collection is simply beautiful and very versitile. love the cardstock stickers.


I love it all! The colors are rich and gorgeous, the patterns are timeless and the elements are just plain smart! Thank you for the chance to in this collection - I can't wait to play with this - I can see some beautiful family minis in my future...

Mira S.

The colors from your Generations collection are beautiful. I just love the deep rich red, and your collections make putting together pages and whole albums so easy!


OMG gorgeous. Lovely for vintage & heritage layouts

Marcia Scantlin

Beautiful shades and goes great with the sepia colored photos. It's a classic.

Melodie Forsyth

You have done it again simple stories! Can't wait to own it.

Pamela Se

I have had a hard time finding papers for grandparents aunts and uncles because the pictures are so old and they look strange on too colorful papers this collection is ideal can't wait to purchase

Christi M.

I love these colors together. This is a beautiful set!


the rich colors and great stamps!

Susana Okada

Beautiful collection! With limited time to scrap these days, this collection is not only easy but it's beautiful.

Brandy Williams

This collection is absolutely gorgeous! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

Jessica Kidd

I love the cream/brown/and red tones of this line. The photos from my grandparents younger days would look beautiful with this line. I love how the simple stories collections make scrapbooking less time consuming so I have more time to spent with my family.


I love the warm colours and all the beautiful sayings. I can't wait to get this one!

Sue D

Absolutely gorgeous....love the colors!! Can't wait to get this collection :)

Susan T

This line is perfect colours are awesome! Love it.

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