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July 11, 2011


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Melinda Spinks

Stunning... love the overall warmth to the collection. Keep up the good work.


I love the color scheme, you can use it for black and white or color photos! I also love that you now have a 6x6 paper pad. :)


I have a pile of photos waiting for this collection!!

Stephanie H

I really love the colors and the pattern combinations.It reminds me of an old quilt which is loved and cozy.

Lori Brown

This is just beautiful! The colors, the patterns, everything - I can't wait to get this for my heritage scrapping!


OMGosh! I love this. It will be perfect for the Heritage album I am working on.

Kelly malacko

Wow! This line is terrific. I love the colours, textures, sayings, designs, everything. I even love the names you gave the papers. I can see so many uses for this versatile collection. Bravo!


What's not to love? The colors are awesome. The printed cardstock & stamps are Fab. I love the trike. My earliest memory is riding one. Thanks for the chance.


OK, what's not to love, but the cardstock stickers may be my favs! Love easy embellishinG! Awesome line!

Briana Patterson

This is beautiful...I just love the colors and the designs. I purchased Life Documented a couple of weeks ago and now I'm hooked.

Theresa Grdina

This isvabsolutely gorgeous....I love it!

Heidi hooper

Amazing and so versatile...love love it

Jessica B.

this is completely fabulous! I love the great vintage feel! I am LOVING all your collections, recently discovered your company and am in LOVE with all of your fabulous designs! Love that you've co-branded with unity too, what a perfect pair!


Oh wow....where to start with what part of this collection I love? There is too much to love. It is just overall a beautiful collection and I love the fact that there is a matching stamp set as well!

Krista Koenig

what do I love about this new collection?? Besides everything??!! For me I love all the red in it. I can see lots of uses for these designs beyond just heritage, just more versatility. Love Simple Stories!! can't wait to see the rest of the release since this already has my socks blown off!

Carol B

Wow! I love the color combinations!

Carol B

Tami F

Love the stamps from Unity. The bike and doilies are perfect!

DeeDee Catron

this collection is so warm and inviting! gorgeous color combo.. lovin' the coordination between intention and graphics. Great work!

Aimee K

Oh my! This is such a beautiful collection! I have fallen head over heals in love with Simple Stories! Love the matching Unity Stamps!!


I love the colors and the patterns!!

Vickie Kipp

Sooo pretty, can't wait to get this!

Raechelle Bellus

this is gorgeous!!! I love the warm, family feel to this.


I love love LOVE those colors - and the coordinating stamps are absolutely perfect matches. The paper pattens remind me of days past - they are terrific!

Heather - housesbuiltofcards

WOW!!! What's NOT to love!!! This whole set is GORGEOUS!!! Love the color combo, the accents, EVERYTHING!!!

Laurie Ferguson

definately something I have to have!!

Rhonda Johnston

This is perfect, I have been looking for paper like this for a family album, but they are either too dark or just too vintage. This is just right.


Love the journaling cards and the stamps! Beautiful collection!


I love the colors, the theme, everything. Wow.

Laura Stewart

love it - great colors and papers!!


the collection is absolutely gorgeous. i'm taken by the rich colors (that deep red is amazing) and those roses. sigh. a must have!!

Laura Stewart

gorgeous - love the colors!!


This is so pretty! I love the colors, and the tree&house stamp set is very, very cute!

Sue K

My favorite colors!


I love the colors! I love 6x6 paper pads because the scale is perfect for both card making and paper piecing with my Cricut.

Alex Hughes

OMGosh, I have just recently discovered Simple Stories here in Australia and I LOVE IT!! And this collection is gorgeous. Love the Unity stamps, can't wait to get my hands on that full set. And your papers and elements are just beautiful.

Shelley W.

Love the 6x6 paper pads and the colors!

Laura Lefavor

I love the color combo-- so warm and cozy. I would love to add this to my stash.

Andrea Green

Gorgeous!! Love the deep, rich colours :-)

Debbie Linton

This set is beautiful. It's perfect for my genealogy pages!

Becky Thomas

Beautiful colors! Love the Unity stamps. Such a nice combination.


this is a beautiful line, going on my wish-list :)


Wow gorgeous collection! Love the colors and the design, congrats one another fantastic line.

Heather B.

Oh, I love that floral paper, and the damask, and the stripe, and the doily!!!

Jenn Hilger

I love this line! I love the colors. Thanks!

MaryAnn  N

Gorgeous Collection and it looks great with the sephia photos in the sample layouts.

Lori Schulz

The colours of this collection are so suitable for a family theme ... absolutely love it all! Especially the striped pp and all the embellies!!

Jenny Johns

What an amazing line! I loooove the colors and the vintage feel! Awesome!

Suzanne B.   Fort Worth

Congrats, you have done it again! Love everything about it...it's another must have!


I love this line - so warm and inviting.


Love Love Love it the colours are perfect cannot wait for it to come into the store I work for.


I was blown away with Life Documented, now Generation is just awsome...I love it so much. I love the colour tones and the stamps they are fabulous.

Barb Mc

Beautiful collection! I love the colors and the patterns. Love the vintage vibe!


I just love the colours! And that these papers will work for alot of different themes.


Oh, i love the collection!

Heather Lough

I love the gorgeous burgundy and the whole theme of this line. Fabulous.


Wow! Beautiful! Can't wait to put in an order and get mine! Love the addition of the stamps too!


Wow! You guys are so talented! Can't wait to see the other three. Really beautiful designs!


I love the colors, warm and beautiful. Those cardstock stickers are my favourite.


Love the doilies !!!!


Thanks for the chance, this collection is amazing.

Maggie G.

Love it and can't wait to see the other 3.


I really love the colors of this line & the gorgeous Journaling cards elements.. they will be perfect with the photo's I have in mind LOL! Hugs and thanks for a chance to win! Marley

Debbie Painter

I love the color palette!! It just has such a Homey feel to it!! I LOVE IT!!!!

Amy K

The colors are great; the elements look terrific too. I love the homey/family feel of the whole collection.

Maren Thunert

The colours and the vintage look! So beautiful!

Vitoria B

Fantastic, love the dots and the embellishments (alphas, doilies stamps...)!

La Zaz

I love vintage patterns. Thanks for the chance to win all this beautiful collection.

Celeste B.

I love the colors and the vintage feel to this collection.

Jillian A

I love the colours, the timeless designs, the vintage feel! I love how you have designed your papers to give such variety, and I'm in love with your 12" sticker sheets! Adding stamps to the mix is going to be incredible!
I am currently working with your Travel line, and I'm so amazed at how easy it is to pull together layouts and mini-books alike with all the components you put into your lines! Thank you Simple Stories!


colors are beautiful!
stamps are an added bonus!
6x6 pads are a must!

Lisa Patterson

Lovely new line! I can see myself using this for tons of different projects.
Perfection for a vintage look. You guys are amazing! Thanx for the chance to win!!

Brianne Goyette

I love the antique feel, the stamps and the journaling blocks. Thanks for the chance to win.

Marci Cyphert

I *LOVE* this collection! The designs and colors are just perfect!!! So, so pretty!!! Can't wait to see the rest of the sneak peeks!!

Lori V.

What's not to love in this collection?!?! I love the colors, paper designs, embellishments...all of it!

Keri Postma

Love this collection!

Denise Swanson

I am in the process of redecorating my living & dining room and these colors are what I'm using. Love the papers.


I love it all! the deep red colour is especially nice and the embellies, just fantastic! love those journalling cards.


This is a gorgeous collection! Love the subdued colors and the vintage look. LOVE how it coordinates with all the other collections! Can't wait to see what other surprises are coming.

Tracy J

I love everything about it...the colors, the alphas,the mats, and the stamps. Simply gorgous!

Susan McMenamin

I love the traditional but vintage feel to this collection. And teaming up with Unity-AWESOME!


I LOVE the colors! I think they are perfectly suited for the theme. I also like the 6x6 pad.


This is very pretty! I like the 6x8 mat pieces-those will sure be handy!

Amy Gaskins

This is soooo pretty! I love the color combo and overall "feel". It's so rich and warm!

Kelly Codd Greatrex

LOVE LOVE LOVE this collection!

Heather Balzer

wow. I love the colors. Those are really pretty!! Can't wait to see what is next!!!

Jennifer S.

I love the colors! Very versatile. And the stamps are fantastic. Can't wait to see the rest!


How beautiful! Just love the rich colors and the vintage look

Ruby Marchand

WOW This collection is just beautiful. I love the vintage look and it is just so perfect for my family photos. The stamps are wonderful too.


I absolutely love this generations collection. I have 100's of photos, many from the 1800's and need something to put together a gift for my mom and my aunt. This is totally doable. They are gorgeous. I have to find these in the store.

Julie Bonner

Just fabulous - love the color scheme!!!


I'm in love with this wonderful collection! The colors are so warm and rich...!!

Laura Evangeline

I love the colors of this line!

 Lindy mccarthy

Beautiful, I normally do not do floral, but this I love!


WOW WOW WOW Gorgeous paper! I love the colors. This will be perfect for my family heritage album! I can't wait to get it.

Bonnie J

I love that you can use this set for current family pictures or heritage pictures!


I love the saying "live laugh love" and that burgandy color

Melissa Osland

Oh this is just perfect. My brother and his three sons came back to Canada for a visit as they live in Australia. I haven't seen him for four years. I took lots of great shots when we were visiting and this will be a perfect way to launch a new section in my family album.

Nana de

Lush and rich, warm as Grandma's hugs, just perfect for any family album.


O MY GOSH!!!!!The colors are beautiful! I so want this for my genealogy scrapbook. ;D

Sandy Liles

The colors are gorgeous!

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