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July 11, 2011


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Lynn Maple

This is gorgeous paper! Love it and can't wait to find it somewhere to use... Do I really have to wait until August?! It's great!

Karen Hart

I LOVE this collection!


I absolutely love this whole set!! Everything is so beautifully coordinated.

Debbie Allen

The colors are gorgeous! Perfect for sepia tone photos! Like the journaling card elements & stickers, papers etc.... Love it all!

MaryAnn  N

I LOVE Simple Stories lines. This new Generations is wonderful. I have just the pictures that will be wonderful on this paper and collection. Pick me PLEASE!

Diane McBryde

Oh, my goodness...this is so beautiful! I absolutely have to have every single line you come out with. The Simple Stories collections have become my very favorite of all!

Michelle Davis

I am in love love love with those gorgeous colors and patterns. Love how it all works together to make your pics be the star on the page!


What a beautiful line. I could do so much with all this! The colours are gorgeous. I'm sure it'll be in my collection in the near future!


This entire website is very difficult to follow. Very cluttered. I would like to buy something but can't find my way to purchase area.

margie davidson UK

Absolutely love this line but I've checked on Google and can't find anybody in the UK who is stocking it! I do hope its coming here soon - I really want to play with those gorgeous papers.


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