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June 23, 2011


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Oh, what a gorgeous giveaway!! Love all your new stamps!! Thanks for a chance to win!!


What an amazing collaboration - those stamps perfectly pick up the "feel" of the paper collections!


Thanks Simple Stories! These papers - and now stamps - will be perfect for making sleeved albums with the boxes of old photos in our closet!

jackie S

I'm a huge Unity fan. So glad to see you two get together

Bev E

Oh what great stamps to add to your line! Would sure love to win this!

Kim Kesti

Positively gorgeous stamps! Pick me, Pick me! (Love the quality of Unity, too).


what awesome looking stamp sets!! I found your company through Unity ~ looks like a great partnership.

Sara Blubaugh

Love the school and summer stamps - so cute!


Oh I cant wait to get my hands on some, no all of those stamps. They will look so good in my art journal

Ashley Nguyen Newell

This is just awesome! I need to get my hands on some of these stamps and your paper! A huge thanks to Unity Stamp for introducing me to you!

Chris K

I cannot wait until these are available. They are absolutely fabulous!!

Lynnette Erlandson

This is a wonderful partnership!!! Keep the good stuff coming, we love it!!!

Jody Spiegelhoff

these stamps turned out awesome. I can't wait to get mine!! Thanks for getting our input for the Unity / Simple Stories stamps. MW is a wonderful direct sales company to be a part of! :-D Thanks for the chance to win more goodies!

Robin W.

These stamps look great! The variety is wonderful; I can picture so many ways to use them!!


wow, I just discovered your product it's fantastic. The stamps wow, everything

MIchelle Smith

Love these stamps! Love that they work with the simmple stories themes.

Allison Cope

I am just simply in love with all of your paper lines! I'm so happy to see some amazing new stamps to go along with each one of them... YUM! Congrats to you & to Unity!

Michaela Judge

I love LOVE that you are teaming up with Unity. What a great pair! Your new line is beautiful. I'm new to stamping, and I'm so excited to try your new line! Thanks you!

Genevieve Rodrigue

This is the first time I see Simple Stories - I saw your 100 days of summer collection at 2peasinabucket - and was so excited. I need to get my hand on your collections. All I can say is WOW. All so beautiful. I will have to get our only local scrap store to carry your collections.
I am in Love!
From Montreal, Canada

Katie K.

I am loving the stamps!

Kathi Z

Love the stamps. Love to win! I'm excited to get the Life Documented line to start doing Weekly or monthly documenting. The stamps seem a perfect match.
Thanks for the opportunity!

Melanie C

Wow!!! I love it all!!! My faves are: 100 days of summer collection and the circle date stamp!

Nancy McM

NICE!!! Thanks for the chance :)

sandra m.

great stamps! love the pairing with unity, thanks for the peek at the latest product.


These stamps are gorgeous! My wallet is going to be in serious trouble if you keep coming out with amazing products!

Lori S

Wow! Two great companies working together! Can't wait to get my hands on these stamps.

Cindy Davis

This is so cool. Love all of these products. Thanks and keep them coming!
Cindy D.


Gorgeous new stamps and papers. My favorite is Sweet Summer Memories!

Doris Widder

WOW! Love your paper lines and those new Unity stamps are the icing on the cake! Thank you for the chance to win an incredible prize pack!


LOVE Simple Stories! So simple and cheerful. Thanks for the chance to win!!

Wendy Orme

These are such GREAT stamp sets! I LOVE your products!

Wendy Orme

I left a comment on your FB page and the Unity Stamps blog.


Wow, you guys are awesome love both lines, and these are some amazing prizes, by the way Kim sent me...

Karen Lantz

Just starting to get into stamping and I think these are great!


Love these stamps! What a wonderful collaboration. Simple Stories you make it so easy! Love it!


Those stamps are fantastic! I have yet to see the Simple Stories line in real life, but can't wait to do so!

Rhonda Boyd

I have the Life Documented kit and I love it! I would love to win the stamps that went along with it. I've been wanting to get the other kits too. Love these two companies!!

Cheri Howard

LOOOOOVE this new co-brand! You're papers and gorgeous, and I've been a big Unity fan for a while now. Yay!


Oh wow, what a wonderful giveaway :) My favourite of these is the Monthly Circle stamp, but they are all fabulous.

Kelly Ruiter

What a great versatile product and the stamps will make it even easier


what a fabulous collaboration! I literally want ever single one of the travel stamps! eek!

keika nakabayashi

I love Simple Stories products...Really like th 100 days of summer stamps.

Amy K

these are wonderful, must have them! thanks for the chance to win!


I LOVE these stamps!!!


Love, love, LOVE the new stamps!


Amazing! Thanks so much for sharing. Can't wait to see in person-like when I win! LOL!

Julia Boyack

Love the new stamps! Love everything!

Kathy Hering

I was over at the Unity blog today and found your lovely new stamps... AMAZING!!!!

Lacey Igo

This is A-MAZING!!!! love how there are now coordinating stamps witht he kit! BEST thing EVER!!!! (please don't enter me in to win). Congrats to you!!


Wow! This is such a great giveaway. You're quickly becoming my favourite company. Love these stamps.

Melinda Wilson

Wow! What an awesome combination of Simple Stories and Unity Stamps! I love them all!

Nicole Nelson

Why didn't I think of this? I love the ease of your paper kits. I already have Destinations in my future for I trip I am taking in July. I can wait to add my photos to these patterned papers.


What an AMAZING giveaway!! I just got some of the 100 days of summer collection. I want it all! Its so perfect!!!

Brenda Smith

Oh man, I really wish I wasn't on such a limited budget right now. I see so much here I "need!"

Laura Stewart

great stuff !

Anna Mills

Wow! Absolutely gorgeous new products!!

Pat Pobst

I had given up on scrapping all my school memeories from teaching kindergarten. When I found the Simple Stories Elementary Kit I knew I could do it - working on it now and finding so much satisfaction in putting all these fun photos, student notes, and parent letters into a book to treasure. Thank you!


What a great combination - Unity Stamps and Simple Stories :). Love the designs!

BarbaraJean Smith

These are really great sets and can work with so many themes. I can't wait!




The stamps are beautiful and the giveaway is amazing! You never fail to amaze me with all your wonderful creations!

Nancy Bailey

Would love to be a winner.

Judi Taylor

These stamps are awesome, thanks for the chance to win.

Karen Pilon

I agree with everyone, these stamps are great. What a great idea to somplify scapbooking.


Thank you for the chance to win these fun pizes.

Lori Harlan

Wow! Would love to play with those stamps with your wonderful collections! How cute..

Thanks for the chance to win!

Lori H.

Joyce Carlson

Luvin the stamps and what a awesome giveaway!


Fabulous stamps!!! Congratulations!!! My fave is the Bingo card stamp, but I also LOVE the travel ones, etc...

Betsy Burnett

Unity and MW...great combo!! I love what you have come up with! Thanks for the chance to win!


I love love love unity!! And these stamps are perfect compliments to this gorgeous paper! Can't wait to get my hands on some!


Simply gorgeous stuff!


Awesome stamps!


ACK!!! Well there goes the budget ;) Can't wait to get my hands on these...

Barb Mc

Love them all! Love Simple Stories (I have all the collections)! I love Unity-can't get enough of their stamps! And now I need all of these!

Diana Slaughter

WOW! I am loving these stamps. I just became aquainted with Simple Stories--thanks for a great product.

b. poteraj

Sooooo many great stamps.Love them.

Sharon Gullikson

I love the variety of stamps. The camera is cool!

Natasha G.P.

Great picks. So many to choose from, and such great stamps.


Everything here is so awesome! I would love to scrap with this!


Love all of the new stamp sets but most particularly Destinations :) I'll be using those on my Italy trip scrapbook.


The stamps are just gorgeous, just perfect to go with you beautiful papers


Wow great giveaway... I sooooo love Simple Stories... awesome line and I love Unity.. what a perfect match... a match made in Heaven. Thanks for the opportunity to win too!!!!


Wow. what awesome stamp designs. congrats onthe co branding, Unity rocks!!!!

estralita walters

love the combination of two great companies. thank you for the opprotunity to win.

Judy Bowlby

What a wonderful array of stamps! And the papers that co-ordinate, awesome.

Sue Ogden

I especially love the travel set, but they are all great.

Aimee K

I am LOVING all of your collections!! Sad thing is, I don't have any to play with!! Hopefully that will change soon with me winning some here!! If not, then I will get the chance to buy some at the CK convention in August. Either way, I WILL have some of these gorgeous papers to play with soon!!

Cindy Wallach

So exciting! love all these new designs!

Mandie W.

WOW! WOW! WOW!!!!!! I LOVE these!!! What a great partnership!!!!


Love these stamps!Thank you so much to chance to win!

jackie S

I just picked up 100 days of Summer to make an album for my sister and niece. Love the line. I've been a huge fan of Unity for a while. Guess one more excuse to get another stamp

Mel Horn

The combination of Unity and Simple Stories is a match made in heaven! I can't wait to get my hands on these stamps!!


totally diggin' the new stamp lines! awesome!

Maggie Armstrong

I have only recently discovered the Simple-Stories range as it's not around much in New Zealand. Have to say I love it. Such a cool concept. So I would naturally be thrilled to have some stamps to add to my collection!

PS: Keep your stamp designer on - she/he's obviously very talented!

Karen Imes

Seriously amazing stamps!!!! Can't wait to get my hands on some and ink them up!!!

Lynn D

Love this idea...can't wait to get my hands on some of those stamps!!!

Ashley Rock

HOLY CANOLI!!!! This is amazing, I have some of all your lines and could seriously use some more... i love your designs and I am LOVING the stamps.... I wouldnt mind winning them ;)


Love the Simple Stories line, the stamps are just as great!!

Kimberly Cook

Simply amazing....love them all!


Destinations started my obsession, now I also have Life Documented and 100 Days of Summer. I might need these coordinating stamps, too!!!

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