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March 17, 2014


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Julie Tucker-Wolek

Looks great -- the blog link didn't work -- so had to go to the site to grab the link :)


Drats...my feedly does not recognize the link which means I can't put you in my reader which makes me an infrequent reader of you blog :( :( :( I quite enjoyed having you in my reader.

Simple Stories

Julie and Dolly - try again, the link has been fixed! It may be necessary to clear your browser history in order for the new website to appear :)

Heather M.

Bloglovin' didn't recognize the link either. :(

Simple Stories

Ladies - try this link for your feeds - http://www.simplestories.com/blog

Kathy M.

Yes, that's the link I've been trying to put into Feedly as well, and it doesn't work. It would be helpful if you would add an RSS subscribe button to your new site. I have cleared my browser and Feedly isn't finding it.


Happy moving !

Laura Baldwin

I've realized today that I missed 2 Allison Davis Life Documented sketches but I can't download the sketches anymore since the blog has moved. Is there anyway that her sketches can be uploaded to this new blog so we have access to them? Thank you!

billige sko nike free

Velmi dobrý blog , byl rád, že hodně naučit tady , doufám, že se může často vypadat , moc děkuji !

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