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August 26, 2012


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Kim Boken

Awesome!! Love it!


Ooooo the new line looks delicious- I can almost SMELL the turkey roasting!! And I could TOTALLY see the feathers with the new line--they look phenomenal on your layout! MUST. HAVE. !!!!!!!

Kellie Rabideau

Love this! Looks yummy too!

Ruth G

Love the colors in this collection! You certainly picked the right moment to use that inspiration because those feathers look like they came right from a kit! Best of luck to you on your new life adventure! Sounds like a beautiful place to live and an exciting time for you!

Aida Roberts

I think you've enjoy your move since you found a new inspiration. These feathers harvest lane line are very good to the eyes. It really inspires


I like this post, enjoyed this one appreciate it for putting up.

Mikkelson Alcaraz

Your latest CHA layout using the adorable new Harvest Lane line is superb. The colors are so vibrant, very catchy. I always trust your choice when it comes to design and everything because you never let me down. You really inspire me.

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