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April 29, 2011


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wow! you have an amazingly talented group of women and i cannot wait to see all their creations using your beautiful papers. congratulations on your new blog and thank you for the awesome giveaway!


Amazing Designers!!
Looking forward to seeing their creations!!
I would love to see a vintage or girl collection in the future!!
Congrats on the new blog it looks fabulous!!

Scrapbook Obsession

Great new blog! This will be a great resource for my customers :)

I would love to see separate Boy and Girl lines, and I've had a customer ask for a Camping line.

~Erika, Memory Works Consultant

Diane Holzworth

This is fantastic! I read about your blog on Liz Qualman's blog and I am anxious to see more. What a great way to use extra pictures.

michelle from MN

love these papers i discovered you on Liz Qualman's blog! i would love to see some teen papers!

Patrice O'Keefe

I am so excited about this new blog and absolutely love SIMPLE STORIES and all the lines!! I think a boys and girls themed line would be great as well as a Holiday themed kit would be Awesome!!


Congratulations to the new DT! I love the collections! I would love to see more boy themes and/or papers for tween. School days? Anything would be awesome! TFS

Danielle Brown

Congrats to the new DT! I'd love to see a Summertime or a Fall collection!!!! Thanks


Great new look! I really thought SS wasn't for me...But the more I use it the more I LOVE it! Thanks for inspiring us!

 Becky hunsicker

How exciting!!!! Id love to see birthday kit! Another travel! Baby.....boy and girl....another through the year one....holidays through the year......military vacation......ok that's all I got for now....

Shelley W.

I'm always on the lookout for more inspiration! I think a baby kit would be cool...maybe a sports kit...definitely a holidays kit...a wedding kit...a party/celebration kit...a cooking/cookbook kit.


Woo Hoo I just love simple stories! I would love to see more kits in different color combos like your life documented!!!! No specific theme!!! LOVE the life documented one!!!!!


Yeah!! Congrats ladies and can't wait to see what you'll get up to with all this lovely product. I'd love to see a masculine line - no flowers and not baby stuff. A lot of the "boy" stuff has little trucks and planes and stuff, but my boys are too old for that, but they're still boys! Love the new summer line and can't waiit to see it in person!

Megan A

great new blog and fabulous designers!

Ashley Rock

I love love love ALL of your product!!!! I seriously cant choose just one to say is my favorite! I cant wait to see what you come up with next ;)

natalie murphy

I am traveling with my memory works scrapbook and having so much fun doing fun things and then scrapbooking it - Love everyone of your products

Leslee Cotterell-Barrow

Love your product. Found out about you through my LSS(although it is 90mi away) The Memory Trail in Helena, MT.
Keep up the amazing collections.

Cindy Baker

Great new blog! And I'm anxious to see what the new design team will share with all of us! How about a Christmas kit? That would be great!

Naomi Harner

Just picked up two kits....I already love them and will be celebrating Monday locked in my scrapbooking room until the kiddos come home!


How exciting to meet your team of designers!! Can't wait to see what they come up with next and get my hands on the summer collection!! In the future I would love to see a Holidays kit, heritage/family kit, birthday kit, pets kit and anything you come up with!! I'm sure it'll be spectacular!!!


I'm so excited to see you launched a blog. I'm totally in love with your style and designs. I have Life Documented and am in the process of getting the Travel and School kits. When I like something I have to have it all, lol. I would love to see a b-day line, I can only imagine what you could do with cupcakes and banners and ballons etc. I would also love to see a masculine line that is very versitile, one that could be used for a teen or dad or uncle, etc. And maybe a line that is just patterns like dots, stripes, plaid etc. with frames, and borders. that can be mixed and matched. How about a nature theme, birds, dragonflies, ladybugs, butterflies, trees, etc. If you do baby how about doing one that could be for boy or girl? Instead of being so spacific you could do clouds, dreams, baby lambs, do colors that would be good for boy or girl? Ok, I'll stop now. I know this is way too long and detailed, I just get so excited. Whatever you do, pleases stay true to your design, colors and style.


Great new blog. Lots of new ideas. I would like to see flowers, gardening,etc.

Kelli P.

Yay! Lovely new blog! Can't wait to see all the lovely eye candy!


I love your product/concept and look forward to seeing projects that the design team comes up with :)


The new blog is looking great! I'm also excited to see what the new DT brings us. I'm slightly jealous, how did I miss the DT call??? I would have been all over it, lol! Anyway I would love to see you do a summer holiday kit, Memorial day/4th of July/labor day kit. Maybe with some camping,boating, grilling and parade stuff in it :)

Maggie Crawford

YEAH!!! I'm so excited about the new blog!I would love to see a wedding set!

Linda L in Jackson, TN

I am a Facebook fan and am so happy that you have your new blog up and running. My request for a new line would be a "countdown to Christmas" or "December Daily" for the holidays. Help us capture the Christmas activities and memories, please!


The new blog looks great! I love to see a man collection...hunting, fishing, camping, outdoors type. Can't wait to see the DT Work. Congrats ladies!


LOVE the look of your new blog!!
Simple stories is a great inspiration.
Would love to see a pet kit, Christmas, Birthday and something for Gardening or hobbies.... anything would be great!!

Ann E.

I came to your blog from Liz Qualman's. Her excitement over your products piqued my curiosity and I look forward to learning more about them.


AWESOME DT for an AWESOME product!!!

All about boys, All about Girls, All about ME (too often we forget to scrap our stories this would help immensely)

Lacey I

LOVE the new look! Very clean and trendy! Congrats to the DT... SS picked a good group. I look forward to seeing what you all create with the amazing lines! Looking forward to the growth & future with SS :) Love you guys! (oh and don't count me in on the contest).

Charmaine Barker

Love it!! We Love simple stories!! How about sports line! I love the idea about memorial day, 4th july, labor day grilling boating! Cooking line would be awesome!! Family line - mom dad brother sister- heritage line - an every day line that can go with just about anything - high school school line - Calender! cant wait to see what you come up with next!!

Candace Bunnage

Cute, cute, cute! Congrats to the new designers and to the new blog. Can't wait to see all you wonderful creations!!!

lynne moore

Looking forward to getting the new summer line. I like how the lines are so full of stuff, yet very versatile - they can be used for more themes than just what was intended.

Deb L

Love the new blog! Excited to see the fun projects the new DT brings us!!

Sarah Spencer

Love the new blog and am excited to see what the DT does! Like others have mentioned, Id like to see something girl or boy related...and for the boy, itd be awesome if it wasnt the standard trains/boats/planes or space like is so overdone. My son is too old for those things, something more appealing to that boy/pre-teen age. Whatever that may be;)


Love the new blog - and super excited about the 100 Days of Summer - just bought Life Documented at LSS and can't wait to use it!


FAbulous! I am always looking for inovative ideas that can simplify my crafts. Keep it coming!


I'm so excited for the new blog - I stalk it almost daily to see if there are any new ideas posted! I honestly don't know how you can ever top the 100 Days of Summer line - it is so adorable and bright and cheerful! But, if I had to ask for more I would say a boy/girl line.

Roxie Shevack

I am SO IN LOVE with your products, they are so versatile: you can use them to make a quick album if you are behind in your scrapbooking, OR you can use it make an amazing album mixing scrap pages and simple pages, the possibilities are endless! I would LOVE to see lots of inspiration ideas in your NEW blog! And I a hope that in the future you can create more lines like a Holiday one, 1st year of a baby, Birthday and my favorite of them all: HALLOWEEN!!! Kudos to the creators of Simple Stories!

Melissa Simmons

LOVE simple stories! Can't wait to see what the DT comes up with!

Holly T.

I am so excited to see new faces and get new ideas. I love the looks of your stuff already, but maybe something simple and either patriotic or camping/"outdoors"-y would be fun.


Can't wait to see what the new designers come up with.

I'd like to see baby boy/girl lines, maybe a mother line, father line--or combo of both, also a wedding line.

Bonnie Johnson

Great blog.

I'd like to see dogs or pets next.

laura j

looking forward to seeing the DT's work! great blog!


So excited about the new blog and the design team! Can't wait to become a consultant so that I can dive into more projects and opportunities!
Thanks for the chance to win and keep up the great work!

Shannon white

great group of designs and a fantastic new blog. I can't wait to see what you all have in store for us!!! I love the life documented line and i can't wait to get my hands on 100days of summer!!


wow! great new site! I just love kits with lots of coordinating embellishments. I don't have a good lss anymore so I really depend on you guys to put things together in a way that works!

Suzanne Sergi

The blog is fabulous, and I am really loving your concept! I am looking forward to the school collection! Huge congrats to your designers, and especially Liz!!!!

Susana Okada

It's always exciting to see new ideas and the wonderful new line. These kits make it so easy to get pages done!

alicia king

i was going to say the same thing, how did i miss the DT call! i love the new look on the blog...and i can't wait to be inspired by the designers! looking forward to what you guys come out with next, i absolutely love your style, a bit vintage, rustic and yet colorful at the same time, just my style!!


I can't wait to see everything you creative people come up with!! Especially Kim!!-I've enjoyed her creations from other DT's. And I love Simple Stories!

Sandy Zent

Love the new website, LOVE the new designers...can't wait to see what you have in store!!

I would love to see another year-in-review kit (like Life Documented) that has more boy-like colors :)

(don't enter me in the drawing...I"m just commenting since I love me some Simple Stories!)

No Minivan

Can't wait to see the new stuff from the new designers! I'm sure it will all be fabulous! I'd love to see another general kit like Life Documented. Maybe one of all the major holidays or 4 seasons. I love these kits! You've given me hope that maybe I can get caught up someday!

Debbie Adler

I am a scrapbooking addict and am so eager to learn how to incorporate this exciting method into my collections. Currently am overrun with photos of my grandson...daunting....and you'll giggle as he's only 3 months old! I need your product!!!! Thank you!


I would love a Christmas kit and an outdoors kit. I can't wait to get my hands on the newest 100 days of summer kit for this year!


I am so excited to see their creations!! I to take some time and get focused on my own creations and the summer collection will be perfect for that:) Pick me!!

Emily Dingley

I absolutely love the blog! It gorgeous! Congratulations to the new design team, you are all super talented. I would love to see a wedding line and a holiday line. Keep up the excellent work!

Carol (ScrapMomOf2)

Awesome new blog!! Very exciting!! I can't wait to see what the designers have in store for us!! :)


Wow! I love the blog and the ladies on the DT I look forward to a happy time learning about you all lots of new fun ideas. I would love to see kits that are more about young boys, Like things about video games maybe building with (lego's) plastic blocks, etc for the tween set.


Yay--a new blog and new DT!!! I am super excited to see the new products. I've already seen Wendy's work and it is fabulous. Can't wait to see the others' inspirational pieces.
do you guys think you could do a SS line on BIRTHDAYS? I find that a lot of people want to scrap "Celebrations" and b-days are one of the most popular!

Faline Gee

Wow - can't wait to see what you wonderful designers have in store for us!


Very happy to see your blog. I'm thinking a kit for teens would be very cool and like the idea of a nature theme as well.


congrats to the new designers!!!

Sharon Russell

Can't wait to check out all the new DT members and their ideas! What would I like to see? about an all about me set?


I like the look of the new blog, it looks great! And having a design team dedicated to Simple Stories is an awesome idea. Way to go!


Great New blog!!
I can't wait to see what the new designers have up their sleeves!!
I would love to see an Outdoor/ Camping kit!
I always have new and different pics of summer fun to scrap!
Thanks for the chance to win this awesome give away!!


Love the new blog! Almost as much as I love Simple Stories. Congratulations to the new team.

Kathy P.

What an AMAZING team you have gathered!! Can't wait to see more. But where are pics of Amber and Jodi, I ask! This is such a wonderful concept, as we all want to tell our stories. I would love to see a kit on National Parks, foreign travel, birthday, hiking, pool parties, loss/memory pages.....heck, I would like them all~!


Very exciting! I ordered Life Documented last year but haven't used it until this week. I'm very excited to complete an album summing up 2010 and went to your website/blog for inspiration. I was really exicited to see the new 100 days of summer line. I would like to see a camping line or Christmas/December Daily line.


Love the new blog and absolutely love Simple Stories, especially the destination kit as I have over 4000 pics to sort through from our trip to UK/Italy! I think a school kit would be great too!


I LOVE your collections! I'll have to get the summer and elementary collections soon! Would love to see a collection for boys (not just little ones) and vintage. Can't wait to see what else is coming next!

Kelly Bienvenu

Exciting news! Love the blog - can't wait to see all of the inspiration put forth by these wonderful lucky designers!


Katherine wall

Yeah! This is going to be great,


Love the new blog!!


Yay! I can't wait to see what the DT creates!


Simply stories is something new ive been wanting to try...So this blog is gonna be helpful on getting me started.

Annie Wetherbee

I am excited about this whole process! I want/need more, more, more!!


SO excited about the new blog and design team! Can't wait to see what they have to share with us. I love these kits the more I use took me a while to "dig in" but now have learned that they are so wonderfully versatile and really do make it easy when you don't want to have to put a lot of planning into a layout or project. For future kits...I'd love another ever-day-life sort of kit, like the first one, but different! LOL Also...someone mentioned a masculine theme that could be used w/ boys/men/ this idea! How about a friendship themed kit? or one that's holiday-based? Keep them coming! :)


Love the new blog and what a talentd group of designers! I would love to see a camping line!

What a great looking blog! Sometimes I forget that you have this, so this will be a welcome reminder for me. Thanks so much for the chance to win some wonderful papers.


I'd love to have holidays....and any of the existing kits on white instead of dark cream background.



What an incredible team you have put together! Congratulations!! I am super excited about all of the new stuff you all have going on and can't wait to see all that you have to offer! Best of luck to you!


Well great job lovely ladies! Keep the fresh fun ideas coming! Look forward to all the new lines to come are way! I would love to see a ancestry/Vintage/heritage kit!


This looks great - looking forward to seeing lots of project ideas from the new DT!!

Kelly Massman

Liz Q sent me over! Congrats to the designers! Your blog looks like fun!

thanks also for a chance to win!



Stephanie V

All things new...what a fresh way to start the day. Welcome aboard new designers...I'd love to see whimsey, vintage and masculine boy lines!Simple Stories is a new FAV of mine!Keep up the good work!

Angela Gray

I love SS, and would love to see one about the great outdoors. We have loads of camping photos and hiking photos, as well as photos from the beach. Thanks for the chance to win!!!

Lynn Wigren

Love the new blog. I'll make sure I put a link from my blog to yours. I think the possibilities are limitless for future kits/collections. Definitely more seasonal & holiday items. More Life Documented. I found Simple Stories when I was looking for Project 365 ideas and am doing Becky Higgin's Project Life over at BPC. So I'll be looking for more stuff like that. Can't wait to see your DT's work.

Lisa S.

I just have to say I am in love with your papers!! Every kit is fantastic. I would love to see a beach and water themed kit. Can't wait to see what creative things the DT come up with.

Michelle (Memory Works Consultant)

So Exciting! I have loved the SS Lines and the Destinations is my FAVE so far! Congratulations to the Design Team too! Can't wait to see with what this group of super-talented team inspires us.

Would love to see a masculine, boy, male line. I have two boys and they are passed the baby, toddler, "little" boy stages. Vintage colors geared towards tween boys would be absolutely awesome!

Congratulations on the new Blog!


I saw your products through Liz Qualman's blog. It looks so fun and interesting to use. I would love to see a love themed set, but not specific to a wedding theme. I wish you guys the best.

Erica Hettwer

Oh, how fun!!! Can't wait to see what they create!

Melody Isaacs

Awesome job team!!! I love how you have incorporated all the blogs into one. I can't wait to see our new DT works and for my customers to be able to see as well!! I love SS and MW!!! And can't wait to see you possibly add "Baby's First Year" in a boy and a girl theme!!

Veronica Ulicsni

GREAT Blog and I am SO VERY EXCITED!! I am new to this company and can NOT wait to get started!!!!


Love the site! Great job!


Congrats on the new blog! I love your products, they are simple and beautiful! I am off to peruse all the ladies' personal blogs now, to learn more about them. Thank you for the chance to win!


Great new blog, can't wait to see what the DT create. Love the mini album in Wendy's gallery. I like the collections that have already been released, in the future I'd hope to see a faith collection or an everyday life/here & now collection.

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